Tempting Love: Haley & Eddie

Tempting Love Haley Eddie Independent talented and beautiful inside and out Haley Sloan knew exactly what she wanted out of life With her designer lingerie business booming her career was moving forward but her heart staye

  • Title: Tempting Love: Haley & Eddie
  • Author: Melanie Shawn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Independent, talented, and beautiful inside and out Haley Sloan knew exactly what she wanted out of life With her designer lingerie business booming, her career was moving forward, but her heart stayed in the same place it had for four years hopelessly in love with the single father across the street.Former wild boy turned responsible adoring father, Eddie Thomas always mIndependent, talented, and beautiful inside and out Haley Sloan knew exactly what she wanted out of life With her designer lingerie business booming, her career was moving forward, but her heart stayed in the same place it had for four years hopelessly in love with the single father across the street.Former wild boy turned responsible adoring father, Eddie Thomas always made sure that the needs of his little girl Emily were his top priority Being a single father meant sacrificing his wants and needs for that of his little girl and that meant sacrificing his want and need for Haley no matter how tempting.Will the oldest of the Sloan girls finally be able to break through to the heart of the man who has had hers prisoner for years Will this single father finally realize that accepting his love for Haley may be just what his little girl needs to get the family they both deserve One choice Three lives All tempting Intended for Adults 18 Author s note Each book in The Crossroads Series can be read as a stand alone

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    1. Self Note: This is mediocre and not a romance! How come this is ok for a Hero to go out and hook up with his buddy calls and have sex with them whilst heroine "FREEARLY" volunteers to babysit his child so that he can have sex with all those women? How disgusting is that? He comes home after his sex like nothing happen and the heroine is ok with it? Why allow to be so abused? Why she thinks its ok to wait for a guy for so many years and only getting a scrap of attention? This book is such an insu [...]

    2. After I read this book I tried reading the first one in the series. I think the author writes her heroes well enough but I think her heroines are too emotionally weak for my tastes. (view spoiler)[ I agreed with Haley's sister when she cautioned Haley about putting her life on hold waiting on Eddie to wake up. It is one thing to pine another to be so desperate and blatant about it. Haley babysits Eddie's daughter while he is out hooking up with other women which I found really strange. Sure, Edd [...]

    3. I love a story that mixes adult heat with a truly delightful story! Tempting Love by Melanie Shawn has its share of drama, tears and insecurity, as well as the evil ex making a most unwelcome reappearance. The best part? NO major ANGST and WHINING! Sure, Haley has been in love with Eddie forever, and of course, Eddie treats her like the best friend she is, the one person he can count on to take care of his young daughter. Haley wants more, she is no shrinking violet, just a warm-hearted and cari [...]

    4. Damn. I really need to check the reviews before downloading freebies. She babysits for him while he goes out and F's other women??? Gah!

    5. I encourage you to read this book as well as the entire Crossroads series. You will fall in love with the Sloans. their mates, and their friends. This book doesn't have a cliffhanger. There are dual point of views. I think that you could read this book as a stand alone without having to read the other books in the series, but you would get a better understanding of the characters if you have read the other books. This is the story of Haley and Eddie. Melanie Shawn does an awesome job of making y [...]

    6. This was by far my favorite - Eddie capture my heart back in Chelle and Riley's story. His protective and nurturing nature with his sister only carried over to his daughter. He takes his position as a single dad with so much dedication. He truly is selfless in putting his daughter Emily's care and needs above his own. It takes him a while to realize that the friendship he has shared with Haley is a relationship and well worth the time and effort he has put into it. When an accident helps him see [...]

    7. I am not planning to read this.The blurb to this is VERY, awfully misleading.(view spoiler)[It makes it sound like the hero gave up his single ways and screwing with women after he had his child. No, he didn't. He just had the heroine babysit (as she pined for him) while he went off having sex with OW. (hide spoiler)]

    8. I really enjoyed Haley and Eddies story!! Loved catching up with all the Sloan's :) Looking forward to the next book!!

    9. Another stunning book in the Crossroads Series!After his fiancée runs off a few months after the birth of his daughter, single Dad Eddie Thomas is making the best life he can for his daughter Emily. The towns former bad boy in his youth, has reformed his wild ways and always makes sure his Daughter Emily is number one priority in his life and everything else takes second and last place.After finishing College four years prior and returning to Harper's Crossing, Hayley takes on the role as not o [...]

    10. 4.5 stars! This book was a gem. I enjoyed every book so far in this series and this one did not disappoint. It did take Eddie a little while to get his head out of his ass, but it's all good! I would have liked the ending to be a little longer so we could see more groveling from Eddie, but let's face it, he almost didn't deserve Haley. Haley was amazing and a great mother figure for little Emily. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series! I wonder what Chase's story is!! Why d [...]

    11. Well they have done it again this is the fifth book in the Cross Road series by the awesome writing duo of Melanie and Shawna I cannot resist any book they have written I have never been disappointed This book was Haley and Eddie's story Every time I read of Eddie I disliked him His habits and lifestyle his thoughts and his feelings were so off he needed to loosen upHe needed to see that life was for living not just existing Could Haley be the one to do this to make him change his mind to feel t [...]

    12. A-MA-ZING Melanie Shawn does it again!I LOVED this book, I loved the characters (Eddie is HOT no, I mean, like, seriously, HOT!) I loved everything!I love how Haley is so cool and independant despite her feelings for him. She´s not clingly, not needy, she´s just there. And he is too blind and stubborn to see at first, but man, when they get together Sparks. Everywhere!He can be a bit of an idiot, but its a good thing he comes to his senses quicklyIn the end I missed a bit of closure between Ha [...]

    13. I have not read the previous books in the Crossroads series, but found myself enjoying this standalone novel nevertheless. I wasn't bothered by the fact that I didn't know any of the other characters who were mentioned to have paired up in the previous novels. And I wasn't even bothered by the fact that maybe I should have had some previous knowledge about this couple. More of my thoughts can be found HERE

    14. loved it, as always. The Sloan brothers cousins have always been in the background but now we get to learn all about them and all keep an eye on the Sloan brothers too. Was great to see Eddie get his HEA with Haley, and meet Em's sad excuse of a mother Lacey. definitely can't wait for the next book to meet the rock star Chase and hey to know Krista more. Another fantastic book to the series. The month can't go fast enough.

    15. This is the story of Haley and Eddie! Haley has loved Eddie for years - Eddie is a divorced father raising his young daughter and doesn't want to have a serious woman in his life. Haley has always been there for Eddie -- she helps with his daughter and life. It is a great story of realizing you have no idea sometimes what is right in front of you and how much you need it! LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES AND MELANIE SHAWN'S WRITING!

    16. 4.5 Stars. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the characters, and I am a total sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope. I liked that Haley had been in love with Eddie for years, and even though she was aware that she did not have much hope to have a relationship with him she remained true to her feelings; she didn't hook up with a bunch of guys when she had feelings for someone else (I know some heroes from other books who could learn a lot from Haley).

    17. Oh my.what a beautiful story of love and temptation, of unconditional love and support, of love and relationshipsfabulously narrated, emotionally penned and passionately etched much as I loved Eddie, Haley was the heart and soul of the storymply beautiful, oozing so much love, support and just so down to earth!Leaves you wanting for more

    18. Melanie and Shawna's books always works for me, I wanted a temporary reprieve and escape from RL and their books always delivered. It's good to know that Eddie had finally found his HEA with Haley, now I'm really looking forward to Krista and Chance's story. It was nice reacquainting again with the characters that were so familiar with this series.

    19. 4.5 stars!! I love the Crossroads series and this book did not let me down. I'm a sucker for a HEA and Melanie Shawn always comes through. I loved the relationship between Eddie and Hayley the build up and anticipation were great. An added bonus was being able to catch up with the other couples in the series. I can't wait to read the next one.

    20. Well if this is what the Sloan girl books are going to be like I'm very excited. Not only did it have the love and drama any good book needs I also loved how much Emily was apart of it. Any time a kid has a big part I just love it, I feel like she had a bigger part in this book then Joey did in Alex and Jamie's but whatever still loved it.

    21. Eddie,is my favoritelolWowwhat a beautiful love story Eddie's is so hot! Haley what a sweat girl.Love the chemistry between them.I highly recommend.Melanie Shawn you did it againyou never disappoint! can't wait for Crazy Loveg

    22. I loved Haley and Eddie's story. This was my first Harpers Crossing book. Now I will have to buy and read the others! You could tell what a tight knit community this is and all of the characters are very well written. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

    23. Romance with a whole lot of sexy **Sigh** Melanie Shawn just keeps getting better and better!!! Loved every page of the entire Crossroads Series so far, Cannot wait for the next book!! Don't miss any of this seriesTrust me, you will LOVE it!!!

    24. I can't stop reading this series! It's fantastic! There were a few things that bugged me about this one (her watching his kid while he goes out with other women, for example) BUT I still loved it. I got over the things I didn't love and thought this one was ultimately a great read!

    25. Another homerun! five stars all the way for this beautifully written emotional sexy hot steamy romance and for all the wonderful heart warming loving characters Loved it as much as every one before it!:)

    26. Loved this one - the build-up of these two was combustible and believable. Very well written - hot romance!

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