Qualify You have two options You die or you Qualify The year is An extinction level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and the descendents of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silve

  • Title: Qualify
  • Author: Vera Nazarian
  • ISBN: 9781607621331
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • You have two options You die, or you Qualify The year is 2047 An extinction level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendents of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.But there s a catch.They can only take a tiny percent of the Earth s population back to the colony planet Atlantis And in order to be choseYou have two options You die, or you Qualify.The year is 2047 An extinction level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendents of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.But there s a catch.They can only take a tiny percent of the Earth s population back to the colony planet Atlantis And in order to be chosen, you must be a teen, you must be bright, talented, and athletic, and you must Qualify.Sixteen year old Gwenevere Lark is determined not only to Qualify but to rescue her entire family.Because there s a loophole.If you are good enough to Qualify, you are eligible to compete in the brutal games of the Atlantis Grail, which grants all winners the laurels, high tech luxuries, and full privileges of Atlantis Citizenship And if you are in the Top Ten, then all your wildest wishes are granted Such as curing your mother s cancer.There is only one problem.Gwen Lark is known as a klutz and a nerd While she s a hotshot in classics, history, science, and languages, the closest she s come to sports is a backyard pool and a skateboard.This time she is in over her head, and in for a fight of her life, against impossible odds and world class competition including Logan Sangre, the most amazing guy in her class, the one she s been crushing on, and who doesn t seem to know she exists.Because every other teen on Earth has the same idea.You Qualify or you die EXCERPT Now you can read Chapter One in its entirety click here

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    1. The thing about Vera Nazarian's novels is that they never go where one expects. Some are more successful than others (and that sort of thing is completely subjective) but cookie-cutter, they are not.Same with this YA dystopia. From the description it sounds like another Hunger Games or Divergent: teens fighting for their lives for a goal, as the world watches. But I think the relationships are largely smarter than those, especially Divergent, whose characters read to me like cardboard Types inst [...]

    2. I downloaded this book because I really liked the concept - a giant asteroid is heading for Earth and the people from Atlantis, who have left Earth thousands of years ago have returned to help out - but they can only rescue a million people. The powers that be decided those aged 12 to 19 can compete to qualify to be rescued. The main protagonists is a 16 year old girl who is smart and who pre-qualifies. There's lots of details about the training and her interactions with the other candidates. Th [...]

    3. 2.5 stars.Ma cosa ho appena letto?This sentence in Italian perfectly sums up my reactions to this book. I guess the rating says it all, but unluckily, I'm not done rambling.Dear Qualify,I really, really, really wanted to like you. Like, seriously, really.The premises were promising and the setting quite original and unique, somehow different from the others dystopian novels I read.It sounded awesome, right? Right.And I really wished this book would be awesome. But, guess what?Qualify wasn't awes [...]

    4. This book completely took me by surprise!!! At first I was comparing it to Red Risingn't know why but it had that sort of feel. But damn!!!! This book was good! I can't wait to read the next book and be ready for book three when it drops in Feb!!! I cried at the end because I sure as hell wasn't expecting that crap!!! Come on Gee's you can do. Gee-two I know your ingenuity will overpower and hopefully prevail. PS: Aeson is out of this world hotlol

    5. I am not generally a fan of series because I usually find either the first book is clumsy in establishing the characters and plot and never gets into any real action or the subsequent books don't build well off the first one. However, I got an offer for this book free from for . I needed some good mindless escape literature, so I figured why not. Well, I found this book to be entertaining and populated with fun characters. Gwen Lark is an awesome narrator. Her voice resonates in my head. She mad [...]

    6. This book took me by complete surprise! I found it as a free nook book and the concept intrigued me, so I decided to try it out. From the very beginning, the story and its characters captivated me. It was like Interstellar meets The Hunger Games meets Divergent. Quite the combination.Since I tend to love stories that include a bit of real history or myth in them, this book was right up my alley. Obviously the story of Atlantis is age old and has been used in stories aplenty, but Nazarian's inter [...]

    7. It’s a long story that could have been cut short.I didn't skim, I swear by the old Gods and the new ones. Its part boring, I don't know if my friends here (in ) will read this, but I'm sure hell not.The writing is atrocious, that on first few chapters they'll decide to dnfed this already. But not me, alas. Oh well, for the past few months, I am reading on cloud nine. All my read books is so good that it turns to just three stars in my shelf. I badly needed a not so well written book, you know [...]

    8. WOW what a gripper! Qualify is a dystopian, sci-fi and YA novel set in 2047 after the human race is all facing a fatalistic oncoming asteroid that will wipe out the Earth. The descendants of the historic and sunken Atlantis are the only hope as they offer to save humanity by taking them back to their new home on a different planet; the new Atlantis. What’s the catch? Only those between the ages of 12-19 can apply to be saved and they will ONLY be saved if they qualify.We follow the protagonist [...]

    9. I really wanted this book to be amazing! But it's notd that's upsetting, because now, instead there's a black hole burned into where my imagination should begh I guess I should start at the beginning, well not quite the beginning but close enough. I don't understand why there had to almost a minute by minute description of Gwen's first weeks of classes. I would have stopped reading right then and there were it not for the thought that had gone into creating the 'science' side of the Atlantean's [...]

    10. 4.5 starsThink Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games. With aliens.It missed a half star because there was a concerted effort on the part of the author to establish a love triangle. Despite her best efforts, she didn't quite succeed! :)

    11. Wow, what a ride! I think this is the first five star review I've given a book in a really long time, and it's definitely kicked me out of my low rating book slump. Like kicked me out of my slump with one of those awesome Jean Claude Van Damme roundhouse kicks. And, what a headache I now have because I couldn't put down this book, but it was worth the two ibuprofen tablets I just took. Totally worth it.This book was like an awesome mashup of Divergent, Ender's Game, and The Hunger Games, all rol [...]

    12. I really tried to read this book. It was a free download so I thought I'd give it a shot. Three sentences in and I felt like I was in for a "Hunger Games" remake. By the second screen, I couldn't take it anymore. It was hard to read. I understand writing for a young adults audience, and enjoy many of those books. But I do not understand writing like a teenager speaks. If your characters use teen vernacular to describe a boy as "hot", that's understandable; the third person narrative should find [...]

    13. The scene where Gwen levitates a shuttle is probably the most powerful prose I've read ever. I felt as I was there and could really feel the emotion of the situation. Fantastic read!!

    14. May I just say Qualify. Let's begin at the beginning, when I first picked up the book. I had no idea what to expect, so hey, why not? Let's read. The first thing that struck me was the realistic description of the Qualification scenario, so much so that I felt nervous reading about Gwen, the main character, being nervous before taking the first part of Qualification, her test. It was so realistic I could imagine myself there. Next is the family dynamic, introduced early on, which I really liked. [...]

    15. Excellent YA Dystopian similar to Hunger Games. I was amazed at the World Building and thought put into this story and really liked the main character Gwen.The writing was strong, the story was excellent and the only downside was the descriptions of the lessons bogged down the pace a bit. BUT, I read the book quickly, skimming a few pages and it did not disappoint.The author writes a lovely, interesting, compelling three-sided romance, with just enough of a tease to keep an adult interested in y [...]

    16. Whale, whale, whale what do we have here?! A super, boss awsome, fantastic book! I can't WAIT to read the next one!!!! oh wow.

    17. celebrityreaders.wordpressTheresa and Kelly pushed this book on me and since its perma free I checked it out. And I loved it. I really liked how Lark was not perfect. Not even a little bit. In fact, I think she messed up more than she succeeded. But the greatest attribute that I admired about her was the fact that no matter how many times she fell down, she got back up. Every. Time. And she was always there to offer help, even if the help was shunned. Those are traits of a heroine that you want [...]

    18. An asteroid is speeding toward Earth, and its impact will cause humanity's extinction. Shortly before impact, space ships carrying the descendants of Atlanteans (it really was a real place on Earth! except then they left for another planet!) appear above major cities and alert everyone that they can carry 10 million people to safety. It's only a tiny fraction of Terrans, but at least it means those who are smartest, fittest, and most likely to thrive on Atlantis will be saved. Gwenevere Lark is [...]

    19. I couldn't put it down. I purchased book 2 because I didn't want to wait until the price dropped to continue!

    20. Loved this book!!!I absolutely cannot recommend this book enough! The characters are amazing, the story is amazing, the author is amazing! So I guess you get my point! Lol If you want to read a book that you just cannot put down , this is it!!!

    21. Very real and gripping The story drags you right in and makes you feel like this world is your world. So you’re gripping your seat, wondering if you have what it takes to succeed, instead of just watching the characters do it. Very well done!

    22. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****Five plus stars! Set in a grim near future, this is an epic saga of the beginning and end of earth. It has a wonderful way of pulling you into the drama of the Lark family and their friends' survival story.The book is filled with well-rounded characters who have to battle good and evil, loyalty and betrayal in a high stakes game of survival.When an asteroid threatens to wipe out earth, salvation comes in the force of an unlikely visit by surprise visitors to earth. But, [...]

    23. Young adult Gwen is smart and quirky. She’s probably really pretty, but she’s shy and modest. She’s probably talented, but she’s timid and bullied. She is desperately crushing on the handsomest, coolest, most talented boy in school He’ll never look at her.And she’s got other problems. Her mother is dying of lung cancer. She has three siblings and a professor father and she’s understandably worried about how all of this is going to turn out.But even more troublesome: in 18 months a [...]

    24. This book, this brilliant piece of literature, this masterpiece of a story has left me emotionally drained. As I am typing this I am still shaking from the roller coaster of emotions that comes with this story. It is pure awesomeness and I cannot wait (literally I can't I bought book 2 minutes after finishing book 1) until I read more about Gwen and her story.Aaaaaaaaah *shivers* okay deep breath in and out. Aaah I can't freaking type!! Alright here we go the story is set not too far in our futu [...]

    25. 3.75*I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book in a new four-book Sci-Fi/Dystopian YA series. The year is 2047, and an asteroid is heading for Earth about to wipe the planet and all the people living upon it. Luckily, the inhabitants of the planet Atlantis have come to rescue humanity, but they can only take a very limited amount of people and because of that, many teenagers in the world get the chance to Qualify in a diff [...]

    26. This book is thrilling! If you love dystopian novels in the same vein as "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent," this will absolutely blow you away, because it is perhaps more interesting, and though related to its genre-counterparts, is completely not what you would expect. Check to see if you can still get this as a free Kindle book, but honestly I would pay any dollar amount to read this for the first time because it is THAT impressive. Favorite book I've read so far in 2016! However, in all fai [...]

    27. This book is similar in many ways to The Testing, by Joelle Charbonneau. Both heroines face multiple tests of their abilities, including life or death races. The Testing is heavier on tests while Qualify is heavier on challenges. Both books involve an untrustworthy love interest and sabotage from the inside.What makes this book unique is that the heroine's siblings are all struggling to qualify for a slot on the ships to Atlantis at the same time. And that they're all being trained as part of th [...]

    28. This is an exceptional story,written cleverly and engaging us by telling the story through the main character who speaks directly to the reader. The earth is going to be struck by an asteroid in the near future, all those left on earth will be killed. The Atlanteans from the planet Atlantis who originated from the ancient Atlantean race that lived on earth, have agreed to save a certain amount of youths. However to be saved they have to go through a qualification process and only those who pass [...]

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