MacKenzie Fire

MacKenzie Fire Ian MacKenzie s been a cranky pain in the ss for going on three years now still bitter over his failed engagement and his life on the ranch Enter Candice his sister in law Andie s best friend out f

  • Title: MacKenzie Fire
  • Author: Elle Casey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • Ian MacKenzie s been a cranky pain in the ss for going on three years now, still bitter over his failed engagement and his life on the ranch Enter Candice, his sister in law Andie s best friend, out for a two week visit as they await the birth of Ian s first niece.Candice is a successful business owner, an expert with hair and fashion, determined to look gorgeous even whIan MacKenzie s been a cranky pain in the ss for going on three years now, still bitter over his failed engagement and his life on the ranch Enter Candice, his sister in law Andie s best friend, out for a two week visit as they await the birth of Ian s first niece.Candice is a successful business owner, an expert with hair and fashion, determined to look gorgeous even while slipping and sliding all over the Oregon winter ice Without even trying, she somehow manages to get right up under Ian s skin and make him say and do things he would never normally say or do.When the two of them end up spending time together, the sparks and the snow flies The question is whether they re going to do anything about it, and what will happen to the rest of their lives if they do.

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    1. 4.5 *This book is better than chocolate* Stars MacKenzie Fire is pure awesomeness. I don't think any other book or series has made me laugh as much. I love this book. I want to marry it. I went into MacKenzie Fire not really expecting much. I figured it would be interesting, but it has far exceeded my expectations. Candice is the queen of everything. She knows the importance of google. The most important skill any person can develop is googling. Don't forget to google, y'all.'Why are you laughin [...]

    2. 4.5 Holy Hot Cowboy Stars*Spoilers*"Back off, John Wayne. Don't touch." MacKenzie Fire is the sequel book to Shine Not Burn and it was hilarious. I laughed so hard that I had tears running down my face. Any book that can do that for me is a winner In my eyes.“You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.” What this book is aboutCandice is in Oregon in the middle of winter for the next few weeks because her best friend Andie is having her first child and Candice [...]

    3. Mackenzie Fire is book two in the Shine Not Burn series by Elle Casey. I fell in love with the first book in this series and I waited way too long to read this second book. This book is one hilarious situation after another. Being inside Candace’s head is a scary place to be, but you can’t help to fall in love with her.Andie and Mack are about to have a baby. So of course, her best friend, Candace, who will be the baby’s godmother, wants to be there for the birth. Candace lives in Florida [...]

    4. I needed a fluffy book after reading two heavy books back to back so I had recently read Shine Not Burn and it left a stupid smile on my face for days and I figured the second book would do just fine for me.As Andie and Mack from the first book are expecting their first child Andie's best friend Candice heads out to the ranch to get to godmothering. She has this in the bag. If not her job as a hairdresser will make everyone look much better in cow country.Once she gets there Mack's brother Ian i [...]

    5. 4.5 ‘Internet MD’ stars!MacKenzie Fire is a fabulously funny sequel to Shine Not Burn. It was hilarious, sweet, sexy, light and fun. I love reading books like this. Books fairly low on the angst and ones that make me laugh. Candice is Andie’s best friend and she’s come to the country to visit Andie and be there for the birth of her child. Candice is a hairdresser and if you remember her from book 1, she is a handful. Spunky, wild and carefree. She isn’t used to this country life, and s [...]

    6. 5 Googled Stars"Could I help Ian without falling in love with him? And if I did fall in love with him, could I leave him behind and go back to my old life?"This was a truly fun story whose main character Candice was FANTASTIC! I have a girl crush on her,she was hilarious and downright hysterical at times… ”I’m going to donate my brain to science. Maybe they can unlock some secrets of the universe from in there.”“More like unlocking Pandora’s box,” Andie mutters. “Do you use that [...]

    7. "Life is never boring with you around, Candice, that's for sure."Candice is the best friend to the heroine from book one - 'Shine Not Burn'. For her two week vacation she's come to Oregon from Florida to visit her bestie, Andie. Unfortunatenly for this sunshine girl - she's arrived during the snowy months. Right away we learn that Candice is a mixture of being high maintenance and a kick-butt-and-take-names type of attitude. "A dramatic moment?"For me this book had some overdone drama that made [...]

    8. 4.5 yeehaw stars"But you're country and I'm city."This was such a fun read. Candice arrives in Oregon to visit her friend Andi who is just about to give birth. Ian is Andi's brother in law, a moody pain in the ass if ever there was one. He broke up with his fiancée a few years back and has been wallowing in self pity since.“I try not to look at him, but it’s impossible not to. His presence is totally commanding. I’ve heard that expression before, but until being around him I never really [...]

    9. 4.5 'Superhero' StarsCandice and Ian are from two different worlds. Candice is Andie's high maintenance, hair stylist, bff from Florida. Ian is Mack's younger brother, a moody country boy who is still licking his wounds after a bad breakup. When Candice heads to Oregon to visit Andie, these two get into all kinds of shenanigans. I cross my arms, trying to picture how I’m going to arm myself for outdoor Ian stalking activities while also protecting myself from these man-eating beasts. A gun is [...]

    10. 3 **not as good as the first one** STARS“You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.”MacKenzie Fire is a really difficult one for me to rate and it would appear I'm completely alone with that problem, since everyone loved this book. So in all fairness, take my opinion with a grain of salt and read some other reviews as well.I really adored the first book, but with the second instalment I had a very hard time getting into the flow and warming up to the characte [...]

    11. 4.5--City vs Country--Stars!!Who could forget Candice from Shine Not Burn?? No one! Candice was back and better than ever. Definitely one of my favorite heroinese was always happy, didn't take herself too seriously and had a heart of gold.Candice finds herself in Baker City for the impending arrival of Andie and Mack's baby. She's greeted at the airport by not only her BFF but Andie's cranky BIL Ian Mackenzie as well.Candice and Ian have this love/hate thing going on. It was so fun and funny and [...]

    12. 4 True Cowboy Love Star * * * *They say opposites attractd in many ways they do for in relationships it would be very boring to have people so alike.ere never was any mystery or surprise in the way they lived. In MacKenzie Fire, the second installment of the series Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey, this is exactly the caseor at least that is how it seems. You have the city gal out to visit her bestie at this ranch in Oregon. Angie is about to have a baby and Candice is determined to "imprint" hersel [...]

    13. DNFOkay, this is my third crack at this and I just can't do it. I just cannot STAND Candice for whatever reason. And I don't like to hang out with people I can't stand. So

    14. 5 CANDICE STOLE THE FREAKING SHOW STARS. OhAND IAN WAS SWEET AND SEXY TOO!What a great read this was. I loved Mackenzie Fire but I have to say the one on “FIRE” in this book was my girl Candice. She rocked! Candice was quite the heroine. She was funny, sassy, sexy and she was one kick ass BFF. Here is a perfect quote from the book.“You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.”The gist of the story is Candice has come to Oregon to visit her best friend Andi. [...]

    15. I Loved this book! I can't believe I'm saying this, but the heroine actually made this book for me. How often does that happen? I think Elle Casey usually writes great dialogue in her books, but she's outdone herself with this one. Candice's inner dialogue was hilarious, I would love to have her as a best friend. And holy hot cowboy is right, I can't get enough of these Mackenzie brothers:)Some of Ian and Candice's antics in this book were so immature, they reminded me of what goes on in my daug [...]

    16. 3.75 StarsI love Shine Not Burn and it’s been almost three years since I’ve read an Elle Casey book. I did the audio version of MacKenzie Fire. I really liked the narrator and the southern accent was spot on. I found her feisty and bubbly. I believe the audio enhanced my reading experience and I highly suggest to go that route.MacKenize is not the typical Heroine I go for. I think it would have been a five star read if I could relate to her more. She’s kind of narcissistic and really into [...]

    17. 4 starsCandice and Ian couldnt be more different. Candice is a city girl, high mainentance, paying her friend a visit. Ian is a country boy still bitter from his failed relationship. Can these two find love?Candice was an awesome heroine, she was crazy at times and her POV was a funny place to be, but behind it all she has the biggest heart and was a very loyal friend. The couples bickering was fun to read at first but the sexy time was limited, at one point I thought I was reading YA.Apart from [...]

    18. 4,5 Shining Stars!This second book bring us the story of Ian. If you’ve read the previous book you know what happened to him and why he’s so bitter. Well, in this book he isn’t much better. He doesn’t know what he wants from life, he believes he lives under his brother’s shadow and everyone thinks he still pines for his cheating ex-fiancé. Yeah, not a great phase in his life. Until the day Candice (Andie’s best-friend) comes to town (or ranch, in this case) to be at his niece’s bi [...]

    19. 4 Badass City Takes Country Grouch Stars! What a funny read! I laughed so hard my eyes were watering and my stomach hurt! Candace comes to visit her best friend Andie. She is not prepared for the weather. She's dressed to impress. Needless to say the laughs start right away once Candace hits the ice and snow when she gets off the plane. Her cute little boots with the pom poms look sickly by the time they make it back to the ranch. I nearly peed my pants when they refused Ian's help on getting in [...]

    20. *****5+++Google Brilliant Stars*****Full on belly laughs from beginning to end. If you were worried that the sequel wouldn't be as good as the original, Well, this one is even better, and I really didn't think that was even possible since I'm a huge fan of Shine Not Burn. I even have a postcard signed by Elle Casey herself stating that I'm Mack's #1 girlfriend; that's right, I'm bragging about it, so there! ( you can find proof on my profile pics)Anyways MacKenzie Fire was such a fun book to rea [...]

    21. 5 - "Some people are just clueless." Stars!This series literally came out of left field, took me for a horse-back ride, it made me cry with laughter, wet myself with laughter, and generally gave me all sorts of good times.I think it takes an author with a lot of skill to write such a character as Candice and keep her entertaining without veering into the annoying. ”Go away I’m unconscious right now.”Her inner monologue alone was the stuff of comedy gold, add into it the escapades she gets [...]

    22. Actually 4,5 hillarious stars from meThat was really funny. Really, really funny.I couldn't stop laughing with all the hillarious things that Candice did all the timeI don't know what i have to recall first.The gun shot???? The snow war???? The cooking??? The cougar??? The baby birth??? The cow's baby birth???? The driving???? The darts??? Oh, God!!! I have to stop now, because i don't want to reveal much more thingsThe only thing that i can say about this book is that i was having so much funIt [...]

    23. 4.5 You're Country and I'm City Stars!Mackenzie Fire was a great funny and sweet follow up to Shine Not Burn. Again, I listened to the audiobook and think Laurie West did a great job. "Is it really possible for city and country to live in harmony together?"If you read the first book, then you will remember Andie's best friend, Candice. She's a hair dresser from Florida, but she's come to Oregon because she wants to be there for the birth of Andie and Mack's baby. Candice met all of the Mackenzie [...]

    24. Candice is one of the most entertaining characters I have read in a long time. What a riot. I really enjoyed this book. I giggled most of the way through this book. I loved her confidence and her relationship with Google.“Sometime around one in the morning, I take out Millie my new gun and practice loading bullets into the clip and taking them out. After an hour, I'm pretty much qualified for the FBI.”Based on how moody Ian was in the first book, I was expecting a lot of angst and conflict. [...]

    25. 5 Cowboytastic Stars!!Oh lordieI am about to make a proclamation. I am about to proclamate(word? sure) that Candice is the shiz of all shiz. Never have a read a diddy with a heroine quite like this one. She sure is special.We meet Candice as she is heading back to Oregon to see Andie, her BFF, pop out a Mack baby. We immediately see Ian again and the insta-hate interlaced with oodles of sexual tension begins. The battle of City vs. Country begins. And its freaking awesome. Who knew ice and snow [...]

    26. 4,5 stars.You want a good laugh, a really, really "pee your pants because you laugh so hard" read? Go for it, buy it now!Candice is really "something else" as Ian said. She came as a airhead in the beginning, hairdresser and beauty counselor extraordinaire. All skinny jeans, flat soled boots with pom-poms, she spent more time on her behind in the freezing snow than vertical the first day she landed. She is in snowy and slippery Oregon to visit her pregnant BFF, welcomed on the Mackenzie's ranch. [...]

    27. 4.5 StarsCandice has to be one of the most refreshing & honest female leads I have ever read. I adore her lack of perfection, and her comfort in her own skin. Just phenomenal. She was the highlight of this book. The romance was so fun. The whole book was just wonderfully unexpected. Definitely lived up to the first!

    28. "Is it really possible for city and country to live in harmony together?"'MacKenzie Fire' was a super cute follow up to 'Shine Not Burn'. Filled with tons of hilarious banter, fun and of a whole lot of heart. "I look like a redneck slut from the nineteen forties on a bender."We first met Candice in 'Shine Not Burn' as the spit-fire, funny, and loyal bff to Andie. She's back at the ranch waiting for the birth of Andie and Mack's baby. While there she brings hilarity, accidental moments (which re [...]

    29. first read: September 4 - 4, 2015first reread: March 22 - ?, 2017“Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit, you looked at his package! And oh my Oh my, my, my There’s a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them!”It was only 5 days ago that I declared Shine Not Burn, my favorite book read in AugustI've only read and finished about 4 books so far in September.but THIS is my favorite so far. Hone [...]

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