Blood Brothers (musical)

Blood Brothers musical A Liverpudlian West Side Story twin brothers are separated at birth because their mother cannot afford to keep them both She gives one of them away to wealthy Mrs Lyons and they grow up as friends in

  • Title: Blood Brothers (musical)
  • Author: Willy Russell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Liverpudlian West Side Story twin brothers are separated at birth because their mother cannot afford to keep them both She gives one of them away to wealthy Mrs Lyons and they grow up as friends in ignorance of their fraternity until the inevitable quarrel unleashes a blood bath.

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    1. Love this! Studied it for GCSE and really enjoyed it! So many themes and well developed characters as well as great songs

    2. I don't really read a lot of plays/musicals and if I do read them, they aren't usually in this genre. But during my GCSEs, this was one of the plays selected for me to study for my exams- so basically I was forced to read this. However, I was surprised that I did enjoy this a little.The things I most enjoyed about this was the little pieces of comedy, and how there was this whole superstition thing that tied the plot together.I really liked both of the brothers, but for me Linda was not my cup o [...]

    3. This is one of my favourite plays of all time and far surpasses some "classic plays I have read. This play is raw and intricate because it touches upon issues that are relevant in today's society, and may always be relevant in today's society, contrary to Marxist belief. This play explores whether there is inherently much difference between the classes, or if we have just been conditioned to think there is.So the synopsis is a bit cheesy, two brothers who were separated at birth, to only meet ea [...]

    4. This play. Lord, it was amazing! This is genuinely an amazing play to both read and watch, about a mother who has had to give up one of her twin son's because she cannot afford to keep him, only to find that the woman she sold him to, has banned her from seeing him. The years pass and both twins reconnect despite their mothers wishes and life for the boys become even more confusing when there is a girl involved. Seriously, this play gives you all the feels and I am so immensely glad that I picke [...]

    5. Tragedy is a theme written from the very start of this Liverpudlian play. Russell's tragic work of fiction about two brother's torn apart from each other from birth both supplements the reader and audience with a heavy dose of sadness, comedy and superstition set in the slum environments of 60's-80's Liverpudlian England. What happens to the two Johnstone twins? I dearly recommend you to read this relatively short play and then watch the performance. I must add that the theater production was fa [...]

    6. I read this play for school and it is probably the first play/musical I have ever read and it was interesting. I think the book was a bit drained due to the fact that it was school and so we have to analyse it and re-analyse it until I no longer see it as the story it is but just a bit of text. Other than that it was an enjoyable read but I am not ecstatic about it. It is interesting to then see it performed as a the musical it is afterwards and to see how it differs to how you play it in your h [...]

    7. I really really enjoyed this book. The first time I read this it was during my GCSE's. I loved it as much then as I still do now.I think it is really upsetting that as a mother she wasn't able to keep both her children because she simply couldn't afford too. I don't think that I would ever find myself strong enough to give one of my children up even if it was to go into a life of luxury. I found this to be quite fast paced which I loved. I'm really glad that I chose to reread this book. It is su [...]

    8. I was in a bit of a dilemma here - there are clear faults in the text as a piece of (musical) drama and I might be jaundiced by having now seen in performed three timest, yetevery time I teach this to a class they seem to be really engaged by it. So I salute you, Blood Brothers as a GCSE text! Thank you to W.R!

    9. I have read this as it is a GCSE text. Very easy and quick to read but as it is a play I would now like to see it performed as I think I'd benefit from it more.

    10. Fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my all time favorite plays and theatre performances. We did it in 2008. Sad day when the show ended. Such good music.

    11. (3.5/5)A bit bleak to my taste, but really interesting in the way it's written. Will have to see the musical for myself!

    12. I saw a much shortened version of this play as a student-directed, thirty minute piece in college, and have chased it around periodically ever since. I'd found the Original London Cast Album on Spotify and finally located the script through Samuel French. (Obviously I wasn't looking that hardI'm sure it's available in numerous other places.) It's amazing. It's as powerful a tragedy as I've seen written in musical form. While it's music is perhaps not as beautiful as Jekyl & Hyde, it's just a [...]

    13. Willy Russel commented himself on the episodic structure of Act 2 compared to Act 1 which, for me, combined with the choice of language in the final scene made for a less powerful ending. In the student edition of Blood Brothers the editor includes the final scene from the initial in-school version that Russel wrote. The key difference between the final scene in the text and in its intial form is that Mikey elaborates on his discontent and on his helplessness to change his circumstances. Overall [...]

    14. The Blood Brothers is a book which shows the imapct of life based on your gender , social status , class and mannerism. The book dipslays 4 socially 'approved' stereotypes in contarts tot the Author's intentions of displaying the fact that to suceed in life you need to put the ffort and work reasoanbly well.This book is primarily put into the perspective of two brothers sperated at birth by money. The twins who are not permiited to know eachother or even akcnwoledge eachothers presence , stongly [...]

    15. I remember watching this in the West End while still at school. So powerful an experience it stayed with me ever since, but to actually read/study the text after all these years brings back/highlights just how skilful a playwright Russell is - and what a play "Blood Brothers" itself is for audiences and actors alike.

    16. The tale of two brothers separated at birth, their fates intrinsically linked. Brotherhood, social hierarchy and the volatile affect of raw emotions come into play in this harrowing story.Tragically beautiful and beautifully tragic, a must read (Or watch) for anyone who enjoys a story that cuts through to your very core and stays with you.

    17. This is a heartbreaking tale, full of character, crafted around a simple, but profound, tragedy that jumps on you, despite knowing that it will happen. An excellently structured tragedy, staged wonderfully (as far as I can tell from the stage directions).

    18. this is an exceptional book with an exceptional story line in which I loved every bit of. There is a great mix of humor and sadness and the songs are just amazing. I would with no doubt recommend this book to anyone

    19. Yhyh, I know the story like the back of the building I live in, the back of the building that I stare out of smoking daily. Story. Story. Story story story. 3.Story

    20. Such a lovely novel that opened my eyes. Well written about such a strong topic, really hooks the reader. Just an extremely enjoyable read.

    21. I had to read this for drama, I have also watched it and it is one of the best musicals I have ever seen on stage. Cried then. Cried now

    22. It's a good play and I can see why people like it but I'm not a fan. Parts of the play really annoy me. I do think that it would be better on stage though.

    23. My students are loving this play, and so am I. I've found so many of the GCSE works to be depressing, and while there's no happy ending to be found, the way the story unravels is fun and funny, while still giving my kids plenty to dig into.

    24. This is a wonderful play but you really ought to do yourself a favour and see it live, rather than just reading it. It's spectacular on the west end.

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