An Unforeseen Match

An Unforeseen Match Hoping to earn an honest wage on his way to the land rush Clayton ends up on Grace s doorstep lured by a classified ad He may have signed on for than he expected though and he may have found the one

  • Title: An Unforeseen Match
  • Author: Regina Jennings
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hoping to earn an honest wage on his way to the land rush, Clayton ends up on Grace s doorstep, lured by a classified ad He may have signed on for than he expected though and he may have found the one woman who can keep him from moving on.

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    1. What a unique story! I’ve not yet read a novel by Regina Jennings, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed! I wish this was a full length novel because there is so much more the author could have gotten into. Two very vulnerable people meet, overcome what seems insurmountable, and fall in love… all in the space of 100+ pages. The author does a great job, though, of creating such a believable story in such a short space of time. I was very impressed!

    2. Read this in one sitting! It was sweet, romantic, cute and just plain fun. I really loved it and only reason I don't give it a 5 is because I preferred the first book of the collection, A Cowboy Unmatched by Karen Witemeyer, and because there were a few silly misunderstandings that could have been avoided. I can't recall the hero's name (that's NEVER happened before!) right now, but he was great and I really liked him, although he wasn't precisely swoony. The heroine was a strong, kick-ass woman [...]

    3. When Clayton Weber shows up at Grace O’Malley’s doorstep, he does not imagine that the blind woman he is supposed to help needs more than a simple handyman. The more he talks to her, the more he cannot stay away from her. But his past is haunting him, and when everything starts to be easier, someone from his past reappears and threatens to destroy his life again. There was something so sweet and inspirational about this story that I felt so good while reading it. I have met many strong and d [...]

    4. I loved this story of two very vulnerable people! They both have walls up but help each other and a sweet romance develops amid struggles and misunderstandings. LOVE the kitchen scene- toe curling! This is a novella I enjoy re-reading when I need a quick fix ;)

    5. This was my first time to read any of Regina's work, and really enjoyed it! It is definitely my second favorite novella in the A Match Made in Texas novella collection. I loved how unique main character Grace is, since she is dealing with going blind at a young age. It was an interesting part of her character that really opened her up and added depth to her personality. I also enjoyed Clayton and how he was always encouraging Grace, but didn't pity her and taught her not to reply on other people [...]

    6. This was my first time reading a novella and I doubt I'll do it again. The reason I cracked was because I've always wanted to read a clean romance where the protagonist was blind. And at last I found one - except it's not a full story. This story easily, easily could have been a full blown novel, and I wish it was. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading about Clayton and Grace. They were both fun and interesting characters. I really enjoyed their humor, as well. For a novella, the story was good. I [...]

    7. A sweet story of accepting God's plan even when you don't like the circumstances. Book 2 in the Match Made in Texas series, I look forward to reading more of this series and perhaps discovering the mysterious benefactor that ties these novellas together.

    8. I'll never forget this book. The characters are interesting: a young teacher recently leaves the classroom as her sight slowly dims. She reluctantly lives off the charity of others on the old homestead that the previous character in the series left behind, which was a nice toss back to book one. She decides that marriage, even a marriage of convenience, is her only option. A drifter bearing deep physical and emotional scars happens upon an add requesting a handyman and gets sent her way. All tha [...]

    9. An Unforeseen Match is a story of misunderstandings and a battle of wills. Grace is losing her eyesight, but what's more, she might just lose her heart when a man with a secret shows up on her doorstep, answering an ad she never placed (and one far different than the one she had planned to place). Grace and Clayton's interactions and conversations are authentic and endearing, and I loved watching the romance play out. Some aspects of both the premise and the interactions reminded me a bit of Whe [...]

    10. This was the first story I've read by Regina Jennings. I liked feisty, Irish, Grace. She started to let her lack of vision stop her from living, but encountering Clayton, gave her a fresh vision of living again. Clayton has let a terrible physical scar stop him from living. When he encounters Grace he doesn't think she can 'see' it so he relaxes and lets her get close to him. How they both overcome the obstacles they've created is entertaining and the romance is sweet.

    11. I loved this short story about Clayton and Grace. Grace is going blind and Clayton feels he needs to hide his scars. I wish there was a sequel of their story.

    12. An Unforeseen Match – Regina JenningsSweet.This is actually the first I've read from Regina Jennings. So I entered the story a bit cautious because of the lack of familiarity but also eagerly anticipating the romantic adventure.I found that it was indeed romantic, but not so adventurous. There was no fight (unless you mean a bit of a verbal tussle between Clayton and Grace) and no getting hurt. Grace's brother added a little more excitement but that didn't last very long. I didn't really care [...]

    13. The first time I read A Match Made in Texas I enjoyed all of the stories. However, recently when I thought back I really only remembered the first novella, A Cowboy Unmatched. So, I'm reading them all over again so I can munch on them slower this time.This one out of all of them I can picture, very clearly, as making an amazing movie! There would be emotional childhood flashbacks, tragically beautiful shimmering eyes staring off into the sunset and the unique tender loving care of an ornery hero [...]

    14. After reading A Cowboy Unmatched (Niell's story) this one seemed to lack something. The characters were well developed but the story itself was boring. It had no action in it and seemed to drag to the inevitable: them getting married. The romance itself was cute though. (view spoiler)[When she asked him to kiss her so she could see what the big fuss was about and he missed completely twice before he finally just went all out. I love it how he never held her in a position that she couldn't do any [...]

    15. Grace loved being a teacher but now that she's going blind, her teaching career must come to an end. She is given a house and plans set forth for her to be cared for. She's decided she might be best off advertising for a husband to take care of her. When Clayton shows up at her door with an ad, she decides someone put the ad in the paper for her. But then she finds out it's just for a handyman, not a husband. But soon they are both enjoying each other's company. Clayton likes to hide out because [...]

    16. I'm a good way through reading this novella as part of the A Match Made in Texas novella collection (borrowed from the Overdrive library) and I'm loving it just as much as the first. I definitely need to read the rest of Regina's novels that I've missed or delayed. informational post: creativemadnessmama/blog/2

    17. Starts with Clayton in Dry Gulch who's horse just broke it's leg and he is looking for a new horse to partake in the Land Race. When he went back to bury his horse he found a pice of paper under the saddle bags. He needs to raise funds to get a new horse before the race. Clayton takes the job on the paper and finds himself on Grace's land, a blind woman forced to leave her job as a school teacher. You won't be disappointed with another amazing book by Regina.

    18. This was a very good and different storyline. I enjoyed the characters and their interaction with each other. They challenge and encouraged the other one and you don't see that in a lot of books. The writer was very descriptive and creative. I could see things visually through the blind woman's eyes and having her overcome obstacles in a variety of ways. I highly recommend this book to anyone!

    19. Super cute! It seemed VERY SHORT, even for a novella, but the author still manages to work I so much back story for the characters! I love that the hero doesn't baby the heroine, but instead he's her core with her newfound physical limitation. (She's very nearly blind, and it's getting worse.) And I like how it turned out in the end, of course! :)

    20. so it's the lady that doesn't like novellas that rated this novella 4 stars Apparently its the author of the novella that impacts the story and not the shortness of a novella. Regina Jennings is a good author. I felt she gave adequate context and depth to the characters even in a novella.

    21. Very short story - liked the story of where she was blind and Clayton comes to help on the ranch. He doesn't make things easy for her but helps her learn to deal with her blindness. Loved the ending - love always wins in the end :)

    22. I loved this book. Normally I don't give five stars to a novella, but it really was that good. I loved how it was tied to the first novella in the Match Made in Texas collection.

    23. Very cute! I love reading books with characters who are blind or deaf. It adds a whole new level to the story and makes me think. Very fun story.

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