Jane Austen: Uma Vida Revelada

Jane Austen Uma Vida Revelada Uma biografia contundente perspicaz e divertida como uma leg tima obra de Jane Austen a vida revelada da escritora mais importante do s culo XIX Embora seja uma das escritoras mais amadas de todos o

  • Title: Jane Austen: Uma Vida Revelada
  • Author: Catherine Reef Katia Hanna
  • ISBN: 9788542802368
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Uma biografia contundente, perspicaz e divertida como uma leg tima obra de Jane Austen, a vida revelada da escritora mais importante do s culo XIX Embora seja uma das escritoras mais amadas de todos os tempos, Jane Austen ainda uma figura de grande mist rio Seria ela a gentil e doce tia Jane Ou uma mo a de l ngua afiada, ardilosa, como sugere sua escrita Como passavaUma biografia contundente, perspicaz e divertida como uma leg tima obra de Jane Austen, a vida revelada da escritora mais importante do s culo XIX Embora seja uma das escritoras mais amadas de todos os tempos, Jane Austen ainda uma figura de grande mist rio Seria ela a gentil e doce tia Jane Ou uma mo a de l ngua afiada, ardilosa, como sugere sua escrita Como passava seus dias E, se ela nunca alcan ou o mesmo final feliz de suas personagens, teria ao menos encontrado o amor verdadeiro Ambientando sua narrativa no contexto da aristocracia inglesa do s culo XIX, Catherine Reef extrai informa es de cartas escritas por Austen para conceber um relato ntimo da vida e dos sentimentos da escritora A narrativa inclui detalhes dos seis fascinantes romances publicados pela escritora.

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    1. Austen from the InsideLike many people I’m an Austen fan and Reef gives lots of facts about Austen’s life in particular and the general life of her contemporaries though if you’re someone who’s read lots of 19th century British literature there won’t be anything extremely eye opening here. The book is being marketed toward young adults however, who naturally won’t have that information at hand. The problem is that this half of the book is fairly dry and not likely to keep a young aud [...]

    2. Some readers take on Jane Austen out of necessity for school. Others linger over her words for pleasure.This short biography, meant for young adults, is a well-researched history lesson full of anecdotes on the various life events that shaped Jane's novels. It's also peppered with interesting facts, photographs, and historical information, including the story of how Jane initially had to self-publish her books since no one would take a chance on her, and my personal favorite, a little tidbit on [...]

    3. Jane Austen. A young women with a passion that continues to interest everyone. Jane Austen was a women with an amazing talent of writing! She had so much truth and soul in the books she wrote. Many readers "couldn't wait to flip the page!" This women never married which is unusual for a lady of her time. Jane Austen lived an interesting life full of secrets and passion. When Ms. Austen never wed her bank account was as dry as the desert! But isn't being poor better than marrying a man you don't [...]

    4. Very little is known about Jane Austen’s life. She left behind no diaries, and after her death Jane’s family destroyed almost all of the 3,000 letters she had written. Photography didn’t exist in her lifetime, and the one painting of her was said to be a poor likeness. From these challenges, author Catherine Reef scoured the facts available about Jane, her family, and the goings-on in history and society at that time to give middle school readers a glimpse of who Jane Austen really was and [...]

    5. A nice, concise juvenile biography of Jane Austen. Includes black and white drawings, photography, scanned letters etc. throughout the book. It will give you a good overview of Jane's life without too much to bog you down.

    6. Jane Austen: A Life Revealed is a biography by Catherine Reef. It is aimed at Teens, but going in knowing nothing of Austen's personal life, I found it to be worth reading as an Adult. It is easy to read and shortish. For Teens, it would be a good book report option, or really for any school project; quotes from personal letters and portraits provide good primary sources and the content itself is a great secondary source. For an Adult, it is a good starting point, you'll want to find a more in d [...]

    7. This is quite short for a biography, however it's a very simple and easy read that introduces the author and facts about the time that you may not know.

    8. Reef began the book with the notion that Jane Austen was a mystery. She was described in conflicting terms by family members and friends. Her own words had been lost through destruction from these same family members and friends as if Austen had asked for her correspondences to be destroyed after her death (as implied by Reef). Reef even said Austen was described by family in a way that would be favorable-- like how you would describe someone in your family to outsiders. In other words, we can't [...]

    9. Little is known of the life Jane Austen (1775-1817), but amazingly there are some hefty, scholarly biographies in print. Two of my favorites were both published in 1997 and confusingly share the same title. Jane Austen: A Life, by Claire Tomalin and David Nokes are both detailed and far-reaching in scope, elaborating on Austen’s life, her family and historical context. That is great for the ardent enthusiasts or budding scholars but might scare the heck out of a young reader or someone who is [...]

    10. Excepcionalmente maravilhoso. Não só narrando a biografia da Jane Austen como, também, narrando os fatos historicos e culturais da Inglaterra georgiana. Jane Austen dispensa apresentação, mas saber como foi seu processo criativo e o que foi dito sobre suas obras nos dá outra visão do seu trabalho. Infelizmente, muitas coisas são suposições, mas fica o encanto e a admiração de conhecer a vida de uma mulher que viveu de certa forma limitada mas que ousou escrever sobre as relações hu [...]

    11. This was a wonderful little peek into the life of Jane Austen. It is unfortunate that the majority of her letters have been destroyed, but the hundred or so that have been left behind offered an idea of her as a person. I enjoyed reading about the history of the time period, as well. I also liked the original reviews, as well as, the summaries of her books. A fun, light, read.

    12. A short biography that is a little heavy on plot summaries, but Reef admits we know precious little about the author herself.

    13. I wondered when I chose this book how much of a biography the author could write about Austen's short life. I was right to wonder: Easily half the book are synopses of Austen's famous novels: Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. 35 of the 192 pages are source notes and the index. Having said all that, what was there was very interesting. It's a quick read stuffed with period details and I enjoyed the illustrations. I'm not sure I would [...]

    14. I have read several Austen biographies and this one did not add too much to the general knowledge pool, though it was well-written and organized.I checked it out from my library's regular biography section, but I think it is more of a juvenile or student book. The author took time to explain basic differences between life in Austen's day and today, and the approach made it seem that it was written for a younger audience.All in all, an easy read, lots of letter excerpts, some interpretive content [...]

    15. Overall I enjoyed this book. The author thoroughly researched Jane Austen's life, and I enjoyed the letter samples and images throughout. Much of it seemed to be about Jane's family, and I really wished for more about her specifically. It seems that this information has been lost to history, though. I did skim a lot of the book summary portions, as I'd already read many and didn't feel the need to re-read what I'd already read.

    16. *2.5/3This book did give a lot of information about Jane Austen, her family, and her novels, but some parts I thought we unnecessary. I don’t think Reed needed to include long summaries of all of Austen’s books. Also, I got confused with all of Jane’s siblings quite often.

    17. I wouldn't recommend this book to readers who want to read Jane Austen. All her books are basically spoiled for those who haven't read some/all of them.

    18. This one seems to be one of the best out of what I've read this go-round as far as a time-line and a set-up for a day in the life of Jane Austen.

    19. This is a young adult biography (though it did feel elementary). It skimmed over facts quickly and included a whole bunch of background information (mostly short history lessons where the author felt it was necessary). The author clearly admires Austen and, by default, the reader can't help but feel a little rush of excitement for Austen's work as well. So! I think this is a great introductory to Austen's life.BUT. I do have some bones.First, I felt like everything written in this book could hav [...]

    20. The Short and Sweet of ItJane Austen is a biography written for younger readers, and while it works for its intended audience, it may come across as superficial and disjointed to older readers.A Bit of a RambleReef covers Jane's life quickly and efficiently in this work, focusing primarily on her interpersonal relationships with family and friends. The problem is that Jane had a large family and a lot of friends - or rather, acquaintances - so things feel a bit rushed in this biography. In just [...]

    21. Jane Austen may be the author of easily one of the most popular novels of all time, but how much to her readers actually know about her? In my case, not much. Sure, I knew a few things about her, such as that fact that she never married, and.well, that's it.After finishing 'Jane Austen,' this is in no way true anymore. Catherine Reef's book, while favoring a younger audience, is extremely well written, interesting, and very informative. The book covers Jane's entire life and almost every aspect [...]

    22. This book caught my eye for its clean, well styled cover and hooked me with its promise of a simple and concise biography of Jane Austen written for young adults. I love Jane Austen and am a huge fan of her novels, their movies, and their many spin offs. But, aside from what I knew from watching Becoming Jane, I didn’t know too much about the author herself. This book was the perfect toe in the pool and revealed Jane Austen in a way that was engaging and interesting and left me eager to re-rea [...]

    23. Description: Jane Austen's popularity never seems to fade. She has hordes of devoted fans, and there have been numerous adaptations of her life and work. But who was Jane Austen? The writer herself has long remained a mystery. And despite the resonance her work continues to have for teens, there has never been a young adult trade biography on Austen. Catherine Reef changes that with this highly readable account. She takes an intimate peek at Austen's life and innermost feelings, interweaving her [...]

    24. I've admit when i got the book i didn't read carefully the summary with a result of me thinks that got Jane Austen's story into a novel than a biography book. When i learned about it, i was pretty sure i did a big mistake. Funny is that i really liked it.Reef's writing is simple and basically (for that kind of books which i'm not fan) is not tiresome. It was so easy to read it and i finished in some hours. And not only that, but i managed to indeed learn some things about Jane Austen! The face t [...]

    25. Jane Austen is one of my favourite classic authors, I enjoy her novels so much. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and PERSUASION are my two favourites. My love is easy to explain, because I simply show interest in time, customs, manners and the extraordinary ways of extraordinary characters to finding their love.JANE AUSTEN- A LIFE REVEALED is a biographical attempt to picture Jane Austen’s life, surroundings and novels. Catherine Reef presents the author, her family life and incorporates the books written [...]

    26. I could write you a summary, but the title says it all: this is a book about Jane Austen's life. As much as anyone can tell about it years and years after she died.I love Austen's books. If you've read some of my Top Ten Tuesday lists you probably know how much I love Jane Austen. And Pride and Prejudice in particular. I've read it countless times and watched the movie so many times I practically know it line for line.Which is why I'm a bit ashamed to admit I didn't really know that much about t [...]

    27. Young adult readers can be especially passionate about their favorites, as has been seen when Harry Potter and Twilight took off in popularity. Transferring that loyalty to other books that are at least a bit similar has not always been successful, although the vampire subgenre remains healthy for both YA and adult paranormal romance genres. Those who hope interest in a great romance could lead to young readers discovering Jane Austen don't often meet with success. In addition to the language ba [...]

    28. Originally posted on AustenBlog.One of the throwdown topics amongst Janeites–along with which film adaptation of a particular novel is best–is which biography of Jane Austen is best. For casual fans who just want to read one biography, it’s hard for us to recommend just one. Like adaptations of Emma, each has its drawbacks and merits, and one sometimes thinks combining several might make one very good biography. Our go-to if-you-can-read-just-one biography is Elizabeth Jenkins’ much-repr [...]

    29. Jane Austen: A Life Revealed is a readable, easy to understand report on Jane Austen's life during the late 18th century and early 19th century in England. It's geared toward younger readers who may or may not have had prior experience with Austen. The book provides context on the social norms, politics, customs and ways of life of those living in England during Austen's time, which is helpful both for one who has never read Austen and is unfamiliar with Georgian England, and also a good review [...]

    30. ARC received as e-book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt through NetGalley.This is the first biography of Jane Austen aimed at teens. I loved Jane Austen for as long as I can remember, including my teens, so I can't speak for the teens of today, but the teen me would have loved it. The adult me did.Catherine Reef looks at Austen's life in detail. She draws from historical facts, letters, etc. and includes recollections from family members, illustrations and photographs. When telling readers about J [...]

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