Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision Some mysteries are better left unsolved It s been fifteen years since Mandy Reasoner was murdered a crime for which her boyfriend Duke was convicted But when high school students and best friends Be

  • Title: Tunnel Vision
  • Author: Aric Davis
  • ISBN: 9781477824955
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some mysteries are better left unsolved.It s been fifteen years since Mandy Reasoner was murdered a crime for which her boyfriend, Duke, was convicted But when high school students and best friends Betty and June discover that Mandy was June s long forgotten aunt, they decide to pursue the mystery Galvanized by the growing community who doubts the evidence against Duke aSome mysteries are better left unsolved.It s been fifteen years since Mandy Reasoner was murdered a crime for which her boyfriend, Duke, was convicted But when high school students and best friends Betty and June discover that Mandy was June s long forgotten aunt, they decide to pursue the mystery Galvanized by the growing community who doubts the evidence against Duke and is rallying to free him, the two girls start on a path that will bring them not only to Duke himself but smack into Nickel, a canny, tough as nails teenage P.I attempting to keep his own life together They make a good team, but Nickel is on his own mission of revenge, and the web of lies surrounding Mandy s murder is growing ever thicker.The closer they get to the truth, the less clear the path becomes Will they survive the fight to bring Mandy s killer to justice Award winning author Aric Davis brings back his captivating anti hero, Nickel, in Tunnel Vision, a work of edgy noir about unlikely friendship and long overdue justice.

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    1. I can't do it. I'm DNFing this one.d yes I'm giving it a rating. I read enough to know that I thought it was crap.Too many changing viewpoints. Unrealistic bull with teenagers committing murder and selling drugs and so much more WITH no consequences.I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    2. Don’t feel sorry for the young woman who sold her body to afford heroin for her addiction. Don’t feel bad for the punk living absolutely alone after running away from an overly-affectionate foster family. These kids are not asking for your pity. They’ve had their periods of innocence. Those were shattered. Now they’re just pushing their way into our psyches, peddling what they can, cleaning up other people’s messes, in order to survive the most genuine way they know how.Aric Davis brin [...]

    3. This is so hard to do. I HATE giving below 3 star reviews, but once in a while [not often thank God] it happens, and this is going to be one of those times.I know someone has written this, spent time on it, maybe hours/days away from family/friends putting down this writing and making it into a book.BUT I have to be honest. Its what I do, and its what gives ME credibility as a reader/reviewer.There were some things that I loved about the book. I did love the characters. A LOT.But, the plausibili [...]

    4. This book has too many unbelievable plot lines. A teenaged private detective who gets away with murder, deal drugs and has the equipment to counterfeit state ID? LOTS of domestic violence and unhealthy relationships. The only positive and realistic portrayal was of the lesbian parents. I enjoyed how the author made this a minor plot line because in this day and age it's not the whole story, just a detail. I would not recommend this as YA.

    5. A new novel by Aric Davis is always a treat for me. No, his writing is not going to win prizes for literature, or impress the impresarios of the Gray Lady, but his roughhewn characters do entice me with their violent nature, good hearted motives and strange originality. In “Tunnel Vision” we see the return of Nickel, Davis’ teenaged drug dealer cum vigilante who roams the mean streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan with a malevolent mind, a bag of vicious tricks and a heart of gold. Down on his [...]

    6. The author who mesmerized us with Nickel Plated, Rough Men, A Good and Useful Hurt, The Fort and several other compelling novels returns with Tunnel Vision, and in the process brings back his memorable character Nickel who is raging inside, determined to have his revenge. Award-winning author Aric Davis’ anti-hero is a tough teenager who believes that the end justifies the means, and he has no qualms about pursuing whatever method it takes to settle scrores.Nickel lives life on the edge, and w [...]

    7. This is a sequel, so I was confused about the first few chapters about what was really going on, and I wasn't really drawn to the main character, Nickel, at first. But I liked the way Betty and June were characterized. They are passionate, funny, loyal friends who are also very human. Betty is a little self-absorbed and shallow, but it makes her real and not annoying. She was the reason I kept reading. Usually, when a girl character goes towards danger it's annoying because we all want to scream [...]

    8. Aric Davis is one of my favorite authors, and his newest book, Tunnel Vision, reinforces that with every page. I was so excited to see Nickel back in a new adventure! Our damaged hero returns to help discover who killed a young down and out girl 15 years ago. Betty and June are best friends that discover a huge secret - June's aunt was murdered when June was just a baby. Police arrested Duke, Mandy's boyfriend, for the heinous killing, but he has long claimed innocence. Even though Nickel is hir [...]

    9. This book was just awful. The title had nothing to do with the story. I literally thought it was written by a college freshman for a writing class, but it seems it wasn't. It's a story about 3 high school-aged kids, they're going to solve a 15 year old crime. They of course do, completely unreasonably. We're supposed to buy that the teenaged boy is a successful marijuana dealer and private investigator (who can't drive a car). And then at the end, the couple forms like, a vigalante justice duo o [...]

    10. This book was completely unbelievable. From the narrative to the plot, these teens managed to murder, assault, sell drugs, break and enter, use fake IDs, spend inordinate amounts of time in a library at school etc basically without negative consequences. If the book is written for young adults, as it appears, the profanity used is unnecessary and prolific. This book would not be appropriate for a reader with basic cognitive skills. I finished reading the book because I kept hoping it would get b [...]

    11. I guess this is what passes for noir these days. Too many voices, narrative points of view compared with classic noir. I could have done without the teenage girl angst and the family details, it really slowed down the first half of the book. Much better when the girls hookup with Nickel and the action flows more quickly. I really wanted to give this book a 3.5 but decided in the end to round up instead of down, even though the end was a bit flat. Still, I liked it enough to read to the end, some [...]

    12. Thank goodness this was a free book from because it was not very good. Why keep reading? I am optimistic. For me the best part was the acknowledgements and the author information (not kidding). This is a sequel (which I figured out quickly due to off-putting references to previous criminal behavior by the narrator, Nickel. Kudos to Aric Davis for getting published, though!

    13. So, why are the protagonists in high school? Is it to attract a young audience? I thought that the story was thin and had more holes than Swiss cheese. I could not believe that Nickel was so all knowing – and sooo cute. Why would he get hired from Twitter? Not my cup of tea.

    14. I sort of want to know what happens, but not enough to actually finish the book, which says a lot. The writing is kind of terrible and the situations and dialogue is just not believable. This was the free Prime book for the month, so at least no money was lost in my attempt to read it.

    15. I love this book!!!!I just love the whole story line. It was a good read. I would recommend it to anyone. It was good and very readable

    16. Predictable and easy to read. I would not recommend this book unless you are up at 3:00 am and could not sleep. It passed the time.

    17. I have many problems with the book, on two separate levels: poorly plotted and ridiculous on the first level, badly designed and poorly printed on the second. When it comes to the plot and the like, please believe the other reviewers with the one and two star ratings: the plot is so ridiculous as to be throw away. I’m all about the suspension of disbelief, but, this book pushes far beyond any galaxy I know of into the bounds of the stupid. An 18-year-old running a marijuana growing operation, [...]

    18. This book gets two stars for two reasons. Number 1, I stuck with it and finished it hoping I would find something redeeming. Number 2, it inspired me to add "I will not feel obligated to finish bad books even if they are free from Prime" to my New Year's Resolutions. Early on we are introduced to a teenage private investigator who lives in a house by himself, grows and sells pot, doesn't drive, and can make perfect fake Michigan ID's.Somehow he is hired through twitter by a middle aged single m [...]

    19. I downloaded this book free. I thought I was reading a book written by a high school student. It felt rushed. The characters were completely unbelievable. I laughed out loud that the main character's name was Nickel and that he was a teenage drug dealer, detective and killer. I am sure there is a back story, but it was so difficult to slog through this mess. That, and the mystery was so unriveting. No detective work. Just a way to finish the book. The girls in the book were writing a paper on th [...]

    20. I would give this 3.5 perhapsOn the plus side: I really liked the Nickel storyline and his POV chapters. I also liked the Mandy storyline (as much as one can like such a sad story) and Betty's family.On the negative side: I didn't really care for the two female MC's. I could not particularly warm up to them or their friendship although Betty grew on me a bit. I still didn't like her enough to want to see more of her though.I would however read more of Nickel.

    21. The book was much more juvenile than I had anticipated. The plot lines were a bit unbelievable, but would probably be a good read for a younger crowd. There is a lot of mention of violence and abuse as well as drugs and murder (the premise of the book.) I wasn't interested in it until near the end when more action started picking up, but found the ending to be subpar and predictable.

    22. Nickel is a little older in this story and we begin to learn more about him. I love the fact that the hero is not the usual stereotype but instead is a young teenage boy living alone. These books are very easy fun reads and although twisted very enjoyable.

    23. Aric Davis tells the story of "Tunnel Vision" through several disparate points of view, each of which begin with their own narrow focus. Two of the characters narrate from a gritty, street crime, urban wasteland world. The third and actually the main focus of the story are two teenage girls -- Betty and June-- who, in between texting each other and talking about boys, decide to solve a mystery -- whether the man in prison for murdering one of the girl's aunts is the right one. Their stories all [...]

    24. Aric Davis is one of my favorite indie thriller authors. His characters stick with me long after I finish one of his novels and his writing just keeps getting better and better. Although it takes a few chapters to get into the rhythm of things (chapters switch between first person and third person), I was hooked on Tunnel Vision (October 2014) soon after I started reading it.Fifteen years ago a woman named Mandy was murdered and her boyfriend Duke was found guilty and sent to prison. However, th [...]

    25. Good read. Lots of actionGood action book. Teenage romance was ok, but a bit light. The overall story was good. I would read another book if it was a series.

    26. Tunnel Vision by Aric Davis Genre: Crime/Mystery Fans of Nickel Plated will rejoice as teen anti-hero Nickel returns to center stage following a breakout from a Michigan juvenile detainment center to solve a cold murder at the behest of a client. Enmeshed in the plot are June, the dead girl's niece and her best friend Betty, punk rock teen aficionados seeking justice for June's murdered aunt and her boyfriend, convicted of the crime nearly twenty years ago. Though the book focuses on characters [...]

    27. I really like this author's stories. I also love the character of Nickel. I really hope the author continues writing stories with Nickel.

    28. This one was all style, no substance. The writing style was smooth enough, fitting for a neo-noir. But some of the writing tics broke my immersion in the story, and there just wasn't enough plot or character depth to hold my interest. I got sucked in by the gorgeous cover, which makes the book look much more interesting than it was.What I liked:*The occasional nice turn of phrase, including the following: "Duke was pale and yellow, but his tattooed forearms sheathed iron sinews," or "The next ti [...]

    29. 2.5 stars.Other reviewers have commented on the implausibility of this book--the teenage private detective who singlehandedly runs a marijuana operation; the girls whose teacher encourages them to tackle a murder investigation as a school project (why no, that won't be dangerous at all)-- and I would have to agree.There is such a thing as suspension of disbelief, and Davis doesn't fully convince me to suspend that disbelief and just enjoy the world of the story. Too often I found myself asking, [...]

    30. Tunnel VisionLet me address two points from other reviews first. First, I didn't know this was a sequel, but as it turned out it didn't matter because the story stands on it's own. I had no trouble immediately getting into it. And as a matter of fact now that I know it has a predecessor, I'm inclined to read that. Secondly, I also didn't know it was YA since the cover certainly doesn't indicate so (it seems quite mature to me), but I also don't care as I got hooked right at page one.I thoroughly [...]

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