A Dragonlings' Easter

A Dragonlings Easter When Abby creates a set of Easter Eggs for each Dragonling she has no idea she is about to start a new tradition on Valdier What happens when the men and the dragonlings take the hunt for the colorful

  • Title: A Dragonlings' Easter
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Abby creates a set of Easter Eggs for each Dragonling she has no idea she is about to start a new tradition on Valdier What happens when the men and the dragonlings take the hunt for the colorful eggs to heart Laughter and a whole lot of crispy eggs this is a short story.

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    1. Dragonlings cute~~~ It was worth it then? XDI was going to do this detailed instruction manual of what incredibly complicated order to read the books in, but life is too short! Basically, I read books 2-5 at the same time, skipping between them at points of intersection of the books! Because! Spoilers! Ye flippin' gods the spoilers between books. And it irritated me. I had to keep going to the next book (books 6 to 9?) because the previous book was spoiling. I skipped the sex scenes. I started r [...]

    2. Easter was always very special to my grandmother. She would buy plenty of eggs and dyes for me and my cousins. We would all spend time dying and decorating them. She would then send my uncles to hide them around the yard for us to find. The Dragonlings Easter was pretty much the exact same thing, only the grown ups didn't have quite as much fun as the Lords of Valdier. Great short!

    3. This a fun holiday catch up book with all the characters in this series and babies. Charming. A must read for fans of the series.

    4. A short funny read, a catch up with the characters, was funny to see the guys try to out smart the kids and poor Vox lol and a visit with Grandma Pearl that turns out interesting :)

    5. I totally love this quick read. It was nice catching up on the gang and the little ones.They outsmarted there fathers and it was hilarious.Can't wait for the next one in this series.

    6. A Dragonling's EasterSmith is an amazing author. She has brought her series and characters to life. What an awesome bit of storytelling with lot of love and laughs. I can't wait for the next part of this series!!!

    7. A novella and really not 6.5 but instead 1.1 of a series of novellas about the children of the humans who have come to Valdier.

    8. Good book. Poor Trelon. I don't know how he survives his hyperactive mate and twin daughters. I feel sorry for him sometimes.

    9. FunShort story that was fun to read. Thanks for the giving grandma pearl her own dragon. Loved the grown ups acting like children.

    10. Cute storyNot as good as the Christmas one cause the kids are too young to talk but still an adorable story. Plus now I know how Pearl met Asim.

    11. DELICIOUSLY CUTE, DEVILISHLY FUN AND OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY!!!Title: A Dragonlings' EasterSeries: Dragonlings of ValdierDesignation: Book One, Standalone Short Story, NO CliffhangerAuthor: S.E. SmithMy Rating: FIVE DEVILISHLY CUTE STARS*****OMG!!! I love, love, love this story! S.E. Smith has knocked it out of the park with A Dragonlings' Easter, the very first book in her brand new outrageously funny series, Dragonlings of Valdier. Although I noted above that this story can be read as a standalone, [...]

    12. I loved this!Abby decides to hold an Easter hunt for the Valdier royal offspring and being the artist (as well as the queen) she gets everyone into the spirit. You'll see all the kids including the Sarafin and Curazin as they pair up to hunt down their eggs. The kids all go head to head with their fathers since the Dragon Lords have never had an experience like Easter before. The fathers soon learn that it'll take more than their determination to beat their children to the eggs. Of course, as is [...]

    13. I love this world and the dragonlings make it more than amazing. I can't even find the words when I read their stories- it's emotional and it warms your heart and makes it burst with joy and love. It's MAGICAL. So, when you feel down and you need to remember that there are good and wonderful things still left in this world then take one of this dragonlings book, heck, take any of S. E. SMITH books because the lady does some wickedly good penmanship. Her stories remind me of all the things that m [...]

    14. Adorable but spoiler filled!!If you hate spoilers, you will want to wait to read this until after you finish the whole series. That means all the dragon lords books, at least up to Paul's Pursuit, and Vox and Hav'en books. If you do not wait, couples and babies wil l be given away. This is a fun little visit with the characters we have come to love. The babies are adorable!! This is mostly a fun read, but is dies start off with a bit of smexing in dragon form. Consider yourself warned!!

    15. Eggtra special fun!, April 17, 2014By Robin ManorThis review is from: A Dragonlings' Easter (Dragon Lords of Valdier 6.5) (Kindle Edition)S.E. Smith surprised us with an awesome fun Easter story. I loved revisiting all her heroes and heroines from her Dragons of Valdier and spinoff series'. We are brought up to date on how their adorable, mischievous dragonlings, cat shifter and other children, as well as a hilarious visit from Grandma Pearl. All the books in these connected series are awesome a [...]

    16. If you are a fan of the Dragons of Valdier than you are sure to love this companion novella to the series. Title is pretty self explanatory. The human mates are missing some of the traditions from Earth so they decide to color and hide Easter eggs for their children. Well the men have never experienced egg hunting and their dragons love boiled eggs so they set out to hunt as well only to be thwarted at every turn by there young. Just because the story is not complete without them we get to see V [...]

    17. Fun read!I don't normally read short stories, but I'm glad I downloaded this one I laughed reading about the antics of the dragonlings, but mostly it was their Dad's trying to get the Easter eggs before their "dragonling babies" got them. The extent that the "babies" went to keeping the eggs away from the grownups, I loved it. S.E. Smith is now on my list of collecting the rest of her books Definitely a Keeper!!

    18. It may be a short story but Ms. S.E. Smith never fails to deliver! Just like her other books it was filled with love, adventure and most importantly fun! I enjoyed reading more about the little ones and their antics. There are revelations that will surprise you yet will leave you hanging and wanting more. As always I am very thankful for reading this book and cant wait for Halloween or Christmas to come!!

    19. Oh my gosh. Totally fun readYou absolutely have to read the series before you read the Dragonlings series. Trelon and Cara's girls are scarey. Creon and Carmen's girls are smart and adorable. Balint is feisty and made friends with the shifter son. Zohar silent but sweet. I love this series and this short story was very funny.

    20. My review:I loved this book. A quick lighthearted read!Synopsis:When Abby creates a set of Easter Eggs for each Dragonling she has no idea she is about to start a new tradition on Valdier. What happens when the men and the dragonlings take the hunt for the colorful eggs to heart? Laughter and a whole lot of crispy eggs!

    21. A Dragonlings' Easter: Dragonlings of Valdier [Kindle Edition] by S. E. SmithAbby bring and Earth tradition to her new family, she makes glass eggs, and invites her sisters and friends to help decorate and hide Easter eggs. Not to be out done the daddy's get into the act mayhem ensues, the daddy's dragon want a share of the eggs.

    22. My goodness, the cuteness! I love Cara's girls & Roam. (I want to read more about the cub, so cute. >_<) I think I need to re-read the series though, as I was a bit confused about Phoenix. I couldn't remember why she was different? :SAnywho, awesome short, can't wait for the Halloween one! xD Off to re-read now! ^_^

    23. A Dragonling's Easter : Dragonlings of Valdier by S.E. SMITHHilariously funny and entertaining reading. This entry is thoroughly enjoyable addition to the series and even though it is a novella it was just as wonderfully written by Ms. SMITH you can't go wrong with her creativity and humor. I know you will be glad you picked it up.

    24. I haven't read the previous books that brought the couples together, but enjoyed the interactions when they held their first Easter egg hunt for their children. It was sweet and cute and funny. Now I want to go and read the series.

    25. This is a great short story to fill in the gaps in this series. I absolutely loved seeing all of my favorite S.E. Smith characters. My favorite in this book were Riley and Cara. Their kids are just too cute in this book. I feel so bad for Trelon. His kids are insane!

    26. What a delight to see the big bad alpha men get bested by a bunch of toddlers. This short story is packed with loads of laughs. And it was nice to catch up with all my favorite characters from previous stories. 4.5 Stars

    27. Dragonlings RuleI thoroughly enjoy reading the Dragonlings stories. I have read them both numerous times. I can't wait for the third story. I imagine it will be as good as the first two.

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