Deceived Their destinies have been set in motion by their ancestors Taylor Marlowe Bartholomew carries three of the most notable names in New Orleans society She hoped to forge her own path in the world as an

  • Title: Deceived
  • Author: Stella Barcelona
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: ebook
  • Their destinies have been set in motion by their ancestors.Taylor Marlowe Bartholomew carries three of the most notable names in New Orleans society She hoped to forge her own path in the world as an Assistant District Attorney, but that dream is dying as obligations pull her into the family shipbuilding business In Taylor s final days in the DA s office, she receives aTheir destinies have been set in motion by their ancestors.Taylor Marlowe Bartholomew carries three of the most notable names in New Orleans society She hoped to forge her own path in the world as an Assistant District Attorney, but that dream is dying as obligations pull her into the family shipbuilding business In Taylor s final days in the DA s office, she receives a murder assignment that could unravel her perception of reality.Ghosts of the past shadow every step they take.Brandon Morrissey is haunted by demons that force him to keep his life simple and detached He pours all of his energy into his thriving legal practice, until, overnight, he becomes the single father of an infant For the sake of his son s future, Brandon searches for a killer and faces the truth about his family s unfortunate past.Together they have to find the truth before it s too late.Someone is willing to kill to use the past for their own ends Thrust together, Brandon and Taylor have different views of their families intersecting histories As they confront a sea of uncertainty, one thing is sure no one is safe until they discover where the truth lies.

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    1. This was a really good debut by Ms. Barcelona. Taylor Bartholomew is the only child of wealthy businessman George Bartholomew, Jr. From the time she was born she was expected to work in her family's shipping company. That day has arrived and she's about to come on board as the general counsel. Enter attorney, Brandon Morrissey. His ancestor was once a partner in that same shipping company until he was arrested for and convicted of trying to sell a valuable boat design to the Nazis. While Brandon [...]

    2. Suddenly becoming a father on the heels of learning about the murder of the baby’s mother, Brandon is a bit unsettled. With the arrival of an assistant district attorney Brandon knows he’ll be suspect number one. What he finds is an incredibly gorgeous woman who seems sure of herself and less sure about him.Living in the shadow of her father is something Taylor would love to break away from. Yet her father is now calling her home to their ship building business and she is powerless to tell h [...]

    3. Assistant District Attorney Taylor Bartholomew starts out as the quintessential "steel magnolia" in Stella Barcelona's Deceived, based in sultry New Orleans. She detours for awhile into weepy and bewildered, but then she finds her inner Lady Justice in an exciting, extended climax to this romantic-suspense novel.Taylor: "Are you always rude, or are you intimidated by debutantes and carnival royalty?"Brandon: "If life was a beauty pageant, she was Miss Universe, and she didn't need him to coddle [...]

    4. Past and present involving something that happened during WWII collide in this suspenseful murder mystery. This debut author has her home state of Louisiana as the backdrop for this intricate web of lies that after all these years still has consequences on the 4 families that were involved. The murder of a college student whose is a single mother starts the unraveling of a long held secret that someone is killing for. The backdrop is the 4 families that were involved in the making of a boat that [...]

    5. A good friend recommended this read and I'm thrilled she did. I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense. I especially enjoyed the concept of the hero and heroin being from families that were enemies for many generations. The historical aspect was interesting, there was many twists and turns. I liked the different feel of this book. The author started it off with the death of a new mom. Thrusting the 2 month old baby at the new dad, who has a painful past and the story from there continues to k [...]

    6. I was gifted an advance copy of her debut novel and can honestly say that I am looking forward to more books by this author. The storyline follows an investigation into a seemingly simple murder of a young woman that leads back to three prominent families. Socialite Taylor Bartholomew becomes involved in the case in her last few days at the District Attorney's office. Brandon Morrissey a grandson to a man accused of treason during WWII is involved in the case in more ways then one and this leads [...]

    7. This is Ms. Barcellona’s debut novel. I loved the way she kept the history of WWII interesting and the accuracy of New Orleans culture but still kept the quick pace of the relationships and storyline flowing.I got invested in the characters and did not want their story to end. Loved it!

    8. This is a great first book for this author. Lots of mystery, suspense and romance. The characters were dynamic and the storyline was intriguing. Excellent beginning.

    9. First book I've read by her. Truly excellent. So much going on, but easy to follow. Generations of family deception.

    10. I am very excited to write this review. I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Barcelona and received a copy of her book for a fair and honest review. Stella Barcelona was a new author to me but I was very interested in reading her books because I am a huge fan of romantic suspense. With every new author I read, I am always wary of how well the book will be written and after reading this book, I have added a new series to my must read list! I loved so much about this book it is hard to pick just one pla [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book and the mystery although I did figure out pretty early on who the murderer was. It had a great mystery, interesting historical aspect and a decent love story. I really didn't like Taylor though. The whole virginity thing seemed really stupid and unrealistic. It just added to the whole snooty, rich girl persona that I thought the author didn't want to portray Taylor as. I also really struggled to understand her firm and staunch belief in her father despite the evidence to the [...]

    12. This is the first book I’ve read by Stella Barcelona and I was truly impressed. It had everything rolled into one package. Romance between Brandon and Taylor. Mystery and intrigue which kept you guessing and on the edge of your seat till the very end. Friendship between all the characters not to mention loyalty to each other. The struggle to keep commitment to family and still doing “the right thing.” Above all being true to yourself and upholding your values. Taking responsibility for you [...]

    13. A smart new District Attorney is only in office one day and already on a puzzling case when here Dad dictates must start work the next day in his very successful firm. She finds the case she is working on is related to her Dad's business and a person of interest in the case. She becomes very attracted to him and could be in a dangerous position when others are out to bury old secrets permanently.

    14. 3 1/2 stars. Descent ReadI enjoyed the book but it had a few quirks. The book was pretty predictable from the beginning. Some of the wording was a little off at times too. The description of the love making scenes were strange at times.

    15. Couldn't put this one downThis book was amazing! I read it in one night - once I started I couldn't put it down. Not only did I immediately fall in love with the characters but I learned a bit of history that was downright fascinating!

    16. Tried a new author, not so sure if I like her. More romance than I like and the plot was not very feasible. The heroine is a D.A. in New Orleans but from a wealthy family who may have cheated others out of their inheritance.

    17. Fantastic début novel.It is hard to believe this is the author's first novel. This story is romance, action and mystery all rolled into one. It has a good plot and some interesting twists. I look forward to more novels from Ms. Barcelona.

    18. Great read with relatable characters!I really enjoyed reading this book and looked forward to returning to it each time. The characters were genuine and the events well thought out. I’d definitely read more by this author.

    19. Good NOLA landscape based mysteryThough the romance ending was a bit predictable, the mystery was well crafted. Good use of scene placements in the NOLA area. Speaking as a former resident, some things really are "only in Louisiana". Liked it enough to read more by the author.

    20. DeceivedThis book was mesmerizing from the first chapter. I could not put it down. I loved the way the author wound history into the modern day world. The romance as exciting as the intrigue. I will definitely be looking for more works by Stella Barcelona.

    21. Exciting StoryThis book has everything;, an exciting plot, attractive main characters, and a lot of twists and turns. A very enjoyable read!

    22. Deceived A Page TurnerI really enjoyed this book for its history, it's location, it's characters. I could put it down. Thank you Stella Barcelona

    23. When Taylor and Brandon are thrown together completely by chance, little do they know how much their lives will change. And, how quickly it will do so. Brandon only very recently discovered that he had an infant son, and when the baby’s mother is murdered, the case is handed over to Taylor by the DA’s office. Taylor heads over to Brandon’s house to aid the NOPD with their questioning of Brandon. Once she arrives, they immediately start sizing each other up. After all, their families have a [...]

    24. This debut novel is a fabulous start for Stella Barcelona. It is a wonderful story of mystery and suspense wrapped around a heated romance that had me totally engrossed in this story from start to finish. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Barcelona has planned for us next.Taylor has grown up in a society where her name says it all. Her life has been planned for her since her birth, even if she did not want to have any part of the family business. She loves her job in the DA’s office, but her t [...]

    25. As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly4 out of 5 LicksI love changing up my regular reading schedule. I don't read a ton of romantic suspense but I love a good mystery! Deceived was awesome! I had a hunch about who the bad guy was and ultimately I was right but Stella did a great job keeping me on edge the whole time. I loved history thrown into it too, it adds another layer to the book. I'm a big nerd and loved school but history didn't generally keep me interested very long. Appa [...]

    26. This was a great read, I found it hard to stop when it was time to do anything else! Fantastic debut for Stella Barcelona.The action and mystery in the story peppered with WWII history tidbits was refreshing. I enjoyed the way the Brandon and Taylor interacted, nothing seemed forced, some of it was VERY REAL. Brandon's troubled past and Taylor's struggle to be the perfect daughter were believable and raw at times, in a great way. The author allowed us to see the darker side of the antagonist wit [...]

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