One thought on “Who Do You Love”

  1. Who do you love by Valerie SayersStory that starts out with Delores and she's a hometown girl with 4 kids and a husband who sells real estate.It's Nov 1963 and she's educated to know about current affairs. She's pregnant with their 5th child and the reporter flirts with her about a story he wants to write.Her daughter Kate is going through changes as she's just 11 years old and doesn't want to ask her mother for a bra.Story goes back in time to when they first met and headed to SC to live. The s [...]

  2. This novel was oh so Catholic in its preoccupation with sex, who is having it, who gets to have it, what it's called, what it means, how you do it. The exploration was familial in the big Rooney brood, but it mostly had to do with the mother Delores and the youngest daughter Kate. I thought the absence of the older sister Maggie at a convent made for a missed opportunity, since both Kate and Delores feel like sex is missing from their lives in different ways and Maggie is choosing for it to be a [...]

  3. This coming-of-age novel is set in Due East, a small South Carolina town, in 1963. The story is told by Kate, who is twelve and typically naive. She recounts how her Catholic family of four is affected by the racial tensions in the South and the assassination of JFK. It is well-written with a tone similar in style to Anne Tyler.

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