Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall Legends of the Fall an epic tale of three brothers and their lives of passion madness exploration and danger at the beginning of the Great War confirms Jim Harrison s reputation as one of the fine

  • Title: Legends of the Fall
  • Author: Jim Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780006548539
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Legends of the Fall, an epic tale of three brothers and their lives of passion, madness, exploration and danger at the beginning of the Great War, confirms Jim Harrison s reputation as one of the finest American writers of his generation.This magnificent trilogy also contains two other superb short novels In Revenge, love causes the course of a man s life to be savagely aLegends of the Fall, an epic tale of three brothers and their lives of passion, madness, exploration and danger at the beginning of the Great War, confirms Jim Harrison s reputation as one of the finest American writers of his generation.This magnificent trilogy also contains two other superb short novels In Revenge, love causes the course of a man s life to be savagely and irrevocably altered Nordstrom, in The Man Who Gave up his Name, is unable to relinquish his consuming obsessions with women, dancing and food.

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    1. Utterly unlike the movie – but no better. The movie might be better. (The last time I saw it I was high and I was very entertained imagining digressive counter-films about Col. Ludlow’s embittered back story and virginal Samuel’s “poetic” friendships with other Cambridge aesthetes and the homosexual or simply compensatory motivation of his avidity to enlist. And Anthony Hopkins looks badass in a buffalo robe.) For one, the movie has a better structure. Hollywood's usually harmful compr [...]

    2. My copy is a post-movie paperback, complete with Brad Pitt's young mug looming over a Montana skyline, and gives no clue, even on the jacket copy, that this is actually a collection of three unrelated novellas. I like the form: these feel almost epic in scope, just not in length.I love Harrison's writing, rather solemn, almost elegiac. His imagery is poetic but unsentimental, which makes sense, since he's also published numerous volumes of poetry. All three stories are told in the third person, [...]

    3. I've heard positive things about Harrison for years, but much as I wanted to enjoy this trio of novellas I found myself disappointed. While he is capable of turning a beautiful, poetic sentence now and again, Harrison's stories seem obsessed with summarizing instead of actually narrating. He tells you everything everyone is doing and everything they ever have done, ad infinitum. There is no sense of immediacy here, of the present moment unfolding in any significant or meaningful way. He tells yo [...]

    4. These three novellas are certainly cinematic. Which might explain the Legends of the Fall movie, something I've managed to miss to this point. Suffice it to say, there are Mexican warlords, drug smugglers, bootleggers, and the general unhinged. Each of the three stories ends with a climatic scene where the protagonist will murder, be murdered or just shake hands. I don't care. Jim Harrison's my guy.Revenge: 4/5Perhaps this can be summarized in one sentence: The morning before Mauro and his daugh [...]

    5. The book, thankfully, is way better than the movie. Harrison's underrated as a stylist. While he does sort of fit the Michigan writer cliche of an epicurean, hard-drinking Northman, he also writes cogently on Rilke, Cioran, obscure Russian poets like Yesenin, and is equally adept at poetry, formal prose, and, say, restaurant reviews. How many writers can tell you how to make a great stock out of leftover bits of wild game, advise you on a good recording of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, and write [...]

    6. This is a collection of 3 short stories/novellas. Legends of the Fall is by far a 5 star read. The other two are 3.5-4 star reads. Legends of the Fall is what drew me to this read. If you have seen the movie, all the players are there, but the plot is arranged a little differently. 5 stars to the movie and 5 stars to the short story knowing each are a little different from each other.

    7. The movie was passionate, enthralling, and unforgetable. The book, a 100 page short story tucked between the covers with other equally poorly written short stories, is boring, confusing, and disappointing. How anyone ever wrote a screenplay as good as the movie from this short story is beyond me. That person deserves a medal of some sort.

    8. I decided to read this after Kate and Conrad had a bit of a disagreement over Harrison a few weeks back. I realized I'd never read anything by him, so I picked up this collection of three novellas (unfortunately graced with Brad Pitt and the rest of the movie cast).At first I disliked it, but then I realized that was because I had expected something else -- I was expecting something more along the lines of McCarthy, and Harrison lacks all the southern gothic Faulknerian pretensions that I love i [...]

    9. This book had three short stories in it. The title story was the third in the collection and was really quite different from the movie. It wasn't a particularly compelling story unless you want to look at it as only being about Tristan's character. And madness. There were several mad people in that one.The second story, The Man who Gave Up His Name, was my least favorite as the character was quite nauseating. And I never understood the significance of the title.The first story was the gem of thi [...]

    10. Certain stories stay with you long after you've read the book. LENGENDS OF THE FALL is a perfect example. (And not because my wife has a crush on Brad Pitt, I'm giving all the credit to Jim Harrison.) I read this book almost five years ago and I can still recall almost every moment of the story. The feelings of the vast wilderness, both geographically and spiritually, that the characters have to roam about makes me suffer both claustrophobia and agoraphobia simultaneously. A plot synopsis is poi [...]

    11. Легенди за страстта, легенди за мъжете, които взимат това, което пожелаят: knigolandiafo/book-review/l Три много мъжки творби са събрани зад тая уестърн-корица. Вероятно повечето хора ще се присетят за филма, аз лично не съм го гледал и четох с чист ум – и мисля, че “Легенди за страстта” [...]

    12. More Montana fiction, which is quickly becoming my favorite little sub-genre. I want to read it all. I love the movie starring Brad Pitt based on the first novella in this book. I've thought about why I love that movie. I think it's the idea that a man can win a woman's heart without talking to her, instead simply going out to the pasture and breaking a wild horse while she's watching, letting the horse brutalize you a bit in the process. Of course it doesn't hurt to look like Brad Pitt. I also [...]

    13. Love His Writing styleHarrison has such a sharp, incisive, minimal style. He uses metaphor as well as anyone I've read. And, while he has a dark view of humanity it rings true in many ways. Loved this book.

    14. I've had this book for such a long time and I'm glad I finally got around to reading it. This book contains 3 unrelated novellas (longer than short stories). I absolutely loved the first one, Revenge. I now want to track down the movie and watch it. This story pulled me in and I felt I was hanging on every word. I also loved the writing. Jim Harrison has such a way with words. He also allows the reader to discover things without the telling and explaining. I loved that. The second story I didn't [...]

    15. I think what's really remarkable about Harrison, which, this is only the second collection of three novellas of his that I've read, but each of his pieces are so rich, and but also so varied from one another. The first in this concerns a bloody story of revenge on the Mexico/U.S. border, the second concerns a middleaged executive somewhere near New York, and the third is set in Montana at the time of and after the first world war. And that third novella, Legends of the Fall, is insane. Eighty-fi [...]

    16. Having seen and enjoyed the movie many years ago, I figured this would be a good read since it had so many elements that appealed to me: the American west, Native American culture and history, war, family, tragedy, personal and interpersonal conflicts, love triangles, travel, adventure, etc. After buying the book I realized that Legends of the Fall is just one of three in this collection of novellas. For now, I only read the title story. I will look forward to reading the other two later.The wri [...]

    17. Tristan là một chàng trai hoang dã và trong anh có dòng máu bản năng mạnh mẽ đến mức khi vấp vào những ước đinh của xã hội, chính anh cũng không thể chế ngự nổi mình. Trong bộ phim trải dài gần hết 1 đời người ấy, ba lần Tristan bỏ lại tất cả để ra đi là ba lần anh kiếm tìm mơ hồ một thứ gì đó mà chính anh cũng không phân định được, chỉ biết đó là một phần khuyết mà con ngườ [...]

    18. Breakdown:• Revenge, 3 stars• The man who gave up his name, 1.5 star• Legends of the Fall 3.5 stars

    19. Three novellas from one of the best poets of our time. I liked the first, skipped the second, loved Legends of the Fall, and was a bit perturbed by the simplistic portrayals of women (which were not, I think, intentional or self-conscious on Harrison's part)."Revenge" reads like an early Hemingway. Starkly drawn, not quite nihilistic story about a man who falls in love with a cartel head's wife, is beat to within an inch of his life, then launches a dual mission of revenge/recovery of his lover. [...]

    20. This book contains three novellas, the last one being the title story. Jim Harrison has been one of my favorite authors for years. He lives in and writes about Michigan in his stories and poetry, capturing the untamed nature of parts of that land. The Legends of the Fall was made into a pretty powerful movie a few years ago, but the story itself is even more powerful. However, the other two stories, "Revenge," and "The Man Who Gave up His Name," are also quite intense. In fact, I couldn't "Reven [...]

    21. What a wonderful book to read! Its narrative is completely different of anything usual, the characters are lovely, walking the thin line between law and nature, the stories evolve in peculiar ways, the sentences are beautiful and the natural spaces (especially in the first and third novellas) are just mind-blowing. A real pleasure to read.

    22. Three novellas, one of which lent plot and name to a Brad Pitt film, where the screenplay was also authored by Jim Harrison. The prose is at times poetic; the stories are sweeping, panoramic, and contain a lot of killing.The Revenge is about two men killing over one woman, and she ends up pretty beat down also. I appreciated the large flashback and the sweeping scenes.The Man Who Gave Up His Name rambles considerably, and food plays a large part.Legends of the Fall is the final story, taking pla [...]

    23. This is (can be) a hard book to get into if you are put off by the writing style. Other reviewers have noted that Harrison often provides summaries of events, condensing weeks or even years into a couple sentences or paragraphs. He certainly turns the "show don't tell" adage on its head, and like many other authors with truly unorthodox styles (Kerouac, for example), he is not someone to be emulated. That is because I can't imagine anyone pulling it off the way Harrison does. He manages to use t [...]

    24. I decided to read Jim Harrison's, Legends of the Fall, his most famous work but one that I had not read yet. The book was first published in 1978 and is a collection of three novellas. The first is titled Revenge. It is a brutal story, written in Harrison’s lean and crisp style that highlights the stark emotions that drive this story. I will not give away any of the plot because it is such a good story. Harrison ramps it up quickly as ex fighter pilot Cochran and wealthy Mexican businessman Ti [...]

    25. Three introspective novellas. Audio Third one was the source for the screen play which generated 30 minutes of film from 3 sentences.I saw the film 3 times and did not truly understand it. Some books don't carry over for me. i.e. the "Last of the Mohicans" was such a great story which got lost in the cinematography.Recommend this to someone who hasn't seen the flick.

    26. This book contained 3 novellas: Revenge, The Man Who Gave Up His Name,and Legends of the Fall.The first story was about an American who fell in love with the wife of a Mexican drug czar, and eventually paid a significant price in return.The second story was about a successful businessman who grew apart from his wife after 20 or so years of marriage. Not only did he give up his name, he gave away his wealth and former lifestyle, and redefined himself.The final story, Legends of the Fall, was very [...]

    27. There is so much good writing and so much suspense in the three novellas of this volume that their glaring weakness--the same weakness in each case--is a damn shame. The flaw has a name. And that name is Ernest Hemingway.Hemingway gave us the hard-bitten life, the particulars of survival, the calculations of the survivor, and these are all accounted for in Harrison's writing. In some cases, Harrison even improves upon the model. "Legends of the Fall" may be a better bootlegging story than To Hav [...]

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