Freedom to Ride

Freedom to Ride Running for her life from her violent boyfriend Deanna Grace and her baby are taken under the wing of the Raven s Motorcycle Club in Glasgow She falls in love with Nate Gunn the devilish president o

  • Title: Freedom to Ride
  • Author: SuzanneClark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Running for her life from her violent boyfriend, Deanna Grace and her baby are taken under the wing of the Raven s Motorcycle Club in Glasgow She falls in love with Nate Gunn, the devilish president of the club, who will do anything to protect her from Lee, her psychotic ex Lee s desire for revenge consumes him so he returns to torment Deanna Will Nate cross the line toRunning for her life from her violent boyfriend, Deanna Grace and her baby are taken under the wing of the Raven s Motorcycle Club in Glasgow She falls in love with Nate Gunn, the devilish president of the club, who will do anything to protect her from Lee, her psychotic ex Lee s desire for revenge consumes him so he returns to torment Deanna Will Nate cross the line to protect her and stop Lee carrying out his final act of vengeance Please note, this is not a one percenter motorcycle club novel Contains scenes of sex, violence and domestic abuse.

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    1. 3.5 starsI struggled with this rating. The main reason was that my enjoyment was higher than the quality of the writing. However, this is the first novel by this author so I am giving her some slack. The troupe is one that I enjoy but I know some do not. Abused heroine seeks shelter away from her abuser and finds a new man. This heroine was abused but she did not allow herself to be a victim for that long. She did the right thing protecting herself and her baby. I liked Deanna. She was not TSTL [...]

    2. Okay I'm not really sure how to rate this book. I don't even know where to begin.I will start with things I liked:-I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress with a knight in shining armor. Deanna fit the bill. I loved how she didn't let her abuse make her a weak victim and she grew stronger.-I love babies and children in romance books.cially when one of the main characters becomes the mommy or daddy. Holly seemed to be an adorable child.-I always want to try and read a MC book but there always seems [...]

    3. I thought this would be a great story, and the idea behind it is what caught my attention.le did I know I would be reading a book report instead of a book.That's how this story is written, the author is so detached from her characters that it's hard to get into this book. Because of this I HAD to quit reading after 33%. I tried to force myself to continue but I just couldn't!!! Her writing stylewhatever it is, is HORRIBLE!!

    4. I am surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this. The first half was only a 3 stars read for me but the second half was really really good. I started to get invested in the story and it left me wanting to read to more about Nate and Deanna. Nate was a fantastic hero and Deanna was sweet yet strong. I also like the fact it was set in Scotland. Also it is a sweeter biker story (not a 1% story). Looking forward to reading book 2.HEA (view spoiler)[Yes though more to come on the suspense side so [...]

    5. I enjoyed the story/Plot as it had great potential. The writing style however was lacking. The author kept "Telling" instead of "Showing" if you know what I mean. There were parts that were descriptive when not needed, but then she summarized whole important scenes. She would change whose feelings and history she was summarizing out of the blue too. The cliffhanger ending annoyed me too because I will not bother picking up a sequel. The romance was even very lackluster.Honestly I'm not trying to [...]

    6. Deanna Grace is running with her young daughter to get away from her abusive boyfriend. She knew it was just a matter of time before he killed her, her best friend has found protection for her with the Ravens MC. President of the Ravens, Nate Gunn is smitten from the minute he meets Deanna and her little girl. Nate knows Deanna needs time and he is willing to give it, but when it looks as if her ex has located her, Nate does everything he can to protect her.Great story, however I did not realize [...]

    7. For those of you that are like me and are horrible about writing reviews.< B>Book Facts: < /B>< B>Genre: < /B>< B>Part of a Series/Installment: series< B>Standalone/Cliffhanger: HFN< B>M/F-M/M-M/M/F-etc: M/F< B>Multi-Luv'n/Ménages: no< B>Was There Descriptive Sex: yes< B>Contains Cheating: no< B>Amount of Sex in The Book: not a lot< B>Overall Steam Factor/Chemistry: 5 out of 10< B>HEA/HFN/etc Ending: HFN< B>Any [...]

    8. This was an interesting book. It was a more tell then show me book. However, it was a summarized telling, and glosses over parts as well as time frames being fast forward I surprisingly liked it, for the most part.I had only wished that I was able to have been allowed to invest more emotionally into the characters. The author doesn't allow the reader to become involved like that. There's not enough in the way of the characters to get to know them on a deeper level other then what they briefly te [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to be gifted this book by Vampy's Ramblings so that I could read it and have a discussion with her about the characters and the book in general.I don't think I've read an MC book before, so I wasn't sure how MC's actually operate. I lay in bed and read this book in little over an hour. Overall, the story was quite good but I do have one kinda big issue that I found somewhat unbelievable.I have always had respect for a woman who removes herself and her children from an abusive [...]

    10. It's told on a third person and I have to admit i enjoyed the story.I've categorized MC's in 3, Bad, In Between, and Good. So this is a Good MC. They don't get involved in anything bad. They are totally free of drugs which is a good change for starters, all there business in legit and still there MC is well known.So we have Deanna, who was beaten by her boyfriend and runs away with her baby girl with the help of her friend. Her friend being the sister of the VP of the Raven's MC offers them a pl [...]

    11. Decent writing style. Doesn't pull me into story as much as I like--more describing events instead of thoughts and dialogue. Good characters. Really liked the H in this one--super alpha/possessive. Time line jumps forward rapidly--a lot. Makes the flow a little confusing. All together, a sweet, more laid back MC book.

    12. Although I liked the sound of this one, it was like reading a year 10 book report. Stilted dialogue and short on details.

    13. DNFSorry! I stopped when a bunch of bikers started to play truth or dare. That just rubs me the wrong way. Not what I expect to get form a biker book.

    14. I don't know how to begin with this story as their is so much awesomeness and yet not wanting to give anything away, so to sum it all up, I'll start by saying that, that the overall story itself is just beautiful & raw (based on the heavy topic that is addressed and I feel handle with care, and even at times given others in a similar situation hope that things will & can change & that their are choices and people out their that do care, which I thought was awesome) & a story line [...]

    15. I picked up this little gem for 99 cents yesterday and wowwhat a cute, sweet and at times very violent story.Deanna and her baby girl are taken in under the protection of an MC in Scotland to escape her very abusive and crazy EX.I loved the setting being in a different country than the US or Australia (which is where most of the biker books I have read come from) and even though the language and expressions were foreign at times, it was not too jarring and easy to follow.The story itself was dif [...]

    16. This was amazing story, 1- about domestic abuse Deanna was abused by her boyfriend Lee but she had a BFF Megan that helped her and her daughter Holly escape from England and went to Megan's twin brother, Logan(VP) MC to hid away until she can find a job and a home. 2- Love, She fell in love at first sight with Nate the president of the Ravens MC and they become inseparable all the times she has been there. 3- Revenge, The ex Lee is on the hunt for Deanna and now he found her and will take his re [...]

    17. I just finished this book and although I liked it I really feel it could have been alot better.It needed more feeling to it and although I love some love at first site romances, I cant fall for the she is half beaten to death and feeling romantic feelings for a man that just stepped off a motorcycle.I have been in an abusive relationship and I can guarantee at no point in time after being knocked around did I ever see a man and be like oh I want that mant everyone's opinion I know but it is mine [...]

    18. This book is one of my all time favorite books. I love the straight but yet. Vulnerability Diana shows, and the protective news yet gentle and loving side of Nate. The way Holly goes to Nate so freely and openly and how secure she feels with him helps to show what a good man Nate really is and it also helps you Hannah feel safe and secure and know that what she has chosen to do is the right thing for her daughter The way the love story unfolds between the two is a unique but very sensual story t [...]

    19. This was an enjoyable read. Different from other mc books I think because it has more of a romantic feel. The club life is more subtle rather than hardcore like the other books. I think that's what I liked. Don't get me wrong, I love all the other mc books, but I guess this was kind of like a breath of fresh air so to speak. The h has been through the ringer with her crazy ex and moves with her friend to the brother's house who is a member of an mc. When she sees the prez it is love a first sigh [...]

    20. Running for her life from her violent boyfriend, Deanna Grace and her baby are taken under the wing of the Raven's Motorcycle Club in Glasgow. She falls in love with Nate Gunn, the devilish president of the club, who will do anything to protect her from Lee, her psychotic ex.Lee's desire for revenge consumes him so he returns to torment Deanna. Will Nate cross the line to protect her and stop Lee carrying out his final act of vengeance? It was cute fun read, however the time line was all over th [...]

    21. OMG. I loved this book. I have to say for a first time author that you did great. I don't normally do reviews, as I am not as picky as most but felt that this one needed the attention. Their were some misspellings and things I didn't understand due to the British dialect.One thing I was not sure of was the idea of a MC being straight (I.E. no drugs, guns etc). But as it turns out it worked great for this book. The sex scenes could be a little more detailed, and use a little more spice. All in al [...]

    22. This book was boring, it lost my interest when the author kept narrating the story. It lacked emotional depth and description. The domestic abuse captured my attention but then was lost, as I couldn't connect with the characters. For an MC book it was over the top goodie two shoes. Get real, to us outsiders biker's are suppose to be dangerous Harley ridding badass, who don't take crap from anyone. Sure that stereotyping, but as a reader that's what I expect.

    23. A mom escaping an abusive boyfriend who wants to see nothing but this woman destroyed. She makes a friend who helps her escape and moves under the protection of the Ravens MC.There, love at fist sight for both her and her baby girl. A very sweet tooth kind of read. The drama is pretty brutal but its more love/love and hunting than anything else. Cute read, but at times wanted to just skim through to get it over with and find out what happened.

    24. Not your average mc novel. I absolutely loved this book because the characters are very sweet and it's not like your tipical mc novel where there is a bunch of cheating and killing and of course the terrible story plots. This one had a very different plot then the rest and trust me I have read my fair share of mc novels this spring. But I enjoyed it and I do recommend

    25. CLIFFHANGERKinda hard to describe. First 75% enjoyed the story felt emotionally detached. Last part started to feel a connection & finished really creepy.About a woman & baby fleeing from an abusive man, finding new life, love, contentment & family. Then to have her past lead practically to her door by vindictive women.

    26. Suzanne Clark does an interesting spin in this book. Deanna runs away from her abusive boyfriend and takes her daughter with her. Nate is the President of an MC that her friend's brother is a part of. Nate takes Deanna under his wing and tries to protect her from her bat-sh*t crazy ex. It was an okay read and I will read the next book to see what happens.

    27. Loved it. This book was amazing, Nate is the perfect guy, sweet, protective, kind, generous, and how he loved Holly like she was his amazed me. The girl, Deanna isn't whiney and helpless and always playing the victim and I liked that. This was a good book and I would recommend it. It does have a little bit of a cliffhanger though.

    28. What a great story !!! Deanne escape from her abusive boyfriend with the help of her friend Megan who had a twin brother that was VP for MC club Deanne and Nate fell hard for each otherTo me this was a softer and sweeter side of a MC book But I can not wait until the next one This story will keep your attention thur out the book

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