Done Being Friends

Done Being Friends Faith and Zac grew up together Faith grew up in a supportive and loving family while Zac s family was basically non existence Both have the money and looks and they couldn t be suited for each other

  • Title: Done Being Friends
  • Author: Trisha Grace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Faith and Zac grew up together Faith grew up in a supportive and loving family while Zac s family was basically non existence Both have the money and looks, and they couldn t be suited for each other Even as each ventured onto different paths of lives, they continued to remain friends best friends It was a line that neither dared to cross But when Faith s fatherFaith and Zac grew up together Faith grew up in a supportive and loving family while Zac s family was basically non existence Both have the money and looks, and they couldn t be suited for each other Even as each ventured onto different paths of lives, they continued to remain friends best friends It was a line that neither dared to cross But when Faith s father collapsed and was sent to the hospital, Faith s perfect little world was turned upside down Upon arriving at the hospital and seeing Faith in the arms of another, Zac saw the real possibility of losing her and decided to step up But not everyone was happy about the change, and amidst the chaos, trouble awaits This is the new re edited and revamped version of Done Being Friends released in 2012.

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    1. Longtime childhood friends have a sweet spot in my heart and my reading eyes because I always get stories with youthful friendships. I really believe that it makes for interesting stories and long lasting relationships when there isn't any unfortunate surprises because we don't know enough about the H/h. Zac clearly loves his childhood best friend Faith. Faith always preferred Zac but he never showed anything but friendship in all their interactions through out the years. This is told from H/h P [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book I really did. It started out pretty good and showed promise. But about half way through the book things started to get very unrealistic to me and I was consistently rolling my eyes. I would have been able to enjoy it if it were just one or two things but this was completely overboard for me. Between the jilted best friend trying to not only ruin Faith and Zac's relationship but Zac's business as well, to the psycho chick who thought she was in love with Zac after one d [...]

    3. There was a good story there, but the multitude of spelling and grammatical errors, incomplete sentences and the like were just too much. with a little more work this could have been a good book.

    4. PG13 - descriptive kissing.I love the premise of this book, the whole 'loved each other their whole lives' but were friends motif, but this book didn't really hit the spot for me. I did like the undying devotion between Faith and Zac, but I felt like my brain was being batted back and forth like a ping-pong ball in a crazy death match. There were long periods of no big activity, then kapow! some big drama exploded. I didn't find it to be very well edited - it wasn't very tight. There are better [...]

    5. I’m always a fan of friends to lovers plots (this is Christian romance, so I mean ‘lover’ strictly in the Victorian sense), so I was keen to read Done Being Friends. Zac and Faith have been friends since they were children, each with feelings for the other, feelings they have each kept secret for fear of ruining their friendship. In Done Being Friends, a series of events along with the interference of Zac's best friend, Dylan, force them to address their feelings. I liked both Faith and Za [...]

    6. Zac Hayden was a friend since the age of six. His parents had a horrible marriage where his father cheated on his mother so much until she couldn’t take it. They fought terrible fights till finally she started cheating on him to teach him a lesson which turned into a vicious circle. Never getting him to stop so one day she just up and left. Zac was a 10 year old little boy who cried endlessly for her. Until Faith’s grandma and mom asked if he could stay over. Then two nights, turned into two [...]

    7. This is a cute book. Had me invested from the first page. After reading it, I kind of was on the fence about it. The romantic in me had me (mild spoiler)sighing at Zac's amazing love for Faith. But the feminist (which I really am not) deep deep down inside kept thinking Zac was a little overboard protective of her, but he did it was such a loving attitude not condescending at all soe romantic in me won out.This book however, is in serious need of an editor. There were a lot of mistakes, some of [...]

    8. 2.5 starsAt the beginning I was interested, intrigued and excited, cause the book sounded really good. And it WAS entertaining, but then I started noticing stuff.Like how the dialogue went from very laid back, to very formal, when it came to the Main Characters and other side characters in the story. I would even say, TOO formal. Sometimes it felt like I was reading a Historical Fiction book, instead of Contemporary Fiction. But then there would be those few " 'Cos" words thrown in out of no whe [...]

    9. Done Being Friends is a G-rated, Christian novel with a fairly decent love story. It was a bit predictable and I found the characters a tad flat personality-wise, but it wasn't a bad read overall. On the plus side, this was one of the better Christian romance novels I've read. I read all genres of books, but will admit I tend to avoid most Christian fiction because of how preachy it often gets. This one was not that way. There weren't pages of sermons or a judge-y attitude by the characters. I'd [...]

    10. This was a cute story with a lot of potential. Sadly, the story fell flat about halfway through and never recovered. So much more could have been explored with the supporting roles in the book. We were sadly left to wonder how things turned out for Jessica and Dylan. Neither really had closure. Faith and Zac were adorable but predictable. This book probably could have gotten another star from me, had the editor done a better job. There were not only grammatical and spelling errors everywhere but [...]

    11. I love the love story in this book. But that's about it. It seemed to drag on and on at points. I learned that this was the author's first book and it is WAY better than anything I could write. The story line leaves much to be desired. In a Christian romance, I want to be inspired as to how to pursue romance in a godly way. Zac and Faith don't do that at all. They have zero boundaries and Zac is overly possessive. As a counselor I wanted them to work on their relationship but it seems to be base [...]

    12. It had some good twists in it, but over-all predictable. Would have liked to see more character development and thought the premise of her taking over her father's company when he became ill was a little far-fetched, seeing as she had no experience at all. I don't care how much her father loved her, I don't think a good businessman would put the fate of his company in the hands of someone with no experience. I would not dismiss the idea of reading something else by this author. I think she shows [...]

    13. cute, but not so.It also shows a side of the rich people, that they also have problems of their own. But overall, it wasn't that catchy. Well I like the title, childhood friend and all; but there was no impact. You can already see them getting together; it's a prediction readers want to be wronged; to be surprised.And Zac: he was too good to be true. Totally. Well, it's a book so let's dream on![spoiler]And it would have been cooler if their engagement really lasted for 6 months.

    14. This story had such promise, but the execution left so much to be desired. A good editor could have sorted out the spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, repetitions and – I'm sorry to say – general bad writing. I was also put off by the unrealism of the story. With zero experience, within a week Faith is managing a corporation with 20 000 people? I don't think so. If you are going to write about the rich, then please have some real insight into how they live and make their money!

    15. This was a wonderful book, it left me wanting more! The ONLY reason I didn't give it all five stars was because I did NOT like that Zac referred to Faith's parents as Aunt and Uncle. It made it seem like they were related when they weren't. Only half way through the book did they finally hint around to how he came to calling Faith's parents Aunt and Uncle.Overall this book was great and I would recommend it!!!

    16. What a sweet story! I loved Zac and Faith. I loved how they started out as just friends then both fell in love with the other very young even though they didn't discuss their true feelings and they were adults. I admire the trust they have for each other. So many things were against them but they conquered them all!

    17. Good not great. I loved the love story CEO, alpha male, falls in love with his childhood best friend AND its clean? Yup I'm hooked. Characters were good, although a little too rosy and Mary sue.As gar as the plot goes, I kept waiting for the "bottom" to fall out and it sorta would and then it would resolve the next page. clean except for one swear word.

    18. Friends and Lovers ForeverThank you for this heartwarming love story of Faith and Zac. I enjoyed the entire storyline and couldn't put down my Kindle until I finished the story. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    19. It wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't great. Just seemed a little lacking in reality. This book made it seem as if anyone could be a CEO of a big corporation, without any training. And friends can become lovers so easy.

    20. Obvious choicesTwo best friends who have a thing for each other. Why they aren't together no one knows, which makes it way too easy when they decide to. The author tries to keep them apart but it seems forced. Still it's a sweet story and different than what I normally read

    21. I love books about childhood or even adulthood friends finally realizing that both have feelings for the other. This is a cute story, not all hearts and rainbows but not all relationships are perfect either.

    22. I liked this book, especially the main characters. There was a lot of drama in the story. The story had some unexpected twists and turns. I would like to read the sequel if there is one.Content: Passionate kissing, 1 moderate swear words, mild violenceRating: 3.5 stars

    23. Loved it!Love this book. From the start up to the last, I was hooked on the story. It's the first book I read written by Ms. Trisha and I can't wait to read her other works.

    24. This book was a sweet book BFF growing up together secretly loving each other and finally getting together with a bit of drama on the side a tad predictable and a wee bit preachy but still sweet HEA

    25. This book was a fast and fun read. I was a little irritated by the main character but she redeemed herself by the end. Overall, a good book.

    26. Very nice storyI love a good CLEAN romance. this was a nice sweet romance with a lot of meaning. I really loved it.

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