Tasting Texas

Tasting Texas Beth Garrett spends every waking moment with the love of her life The Long Branch Saloon The popular southern bar is a much needed escape from the reality of living in a small Texas town Never one fo

  • Title: Tasting Texas
  • Author: Kimmie Easley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beth Garrett spends every waking moment with the love of her life, The Long Branch Saloon The popular southern bar is a much needed escape from the reality of living in a small Texas town Never one for drama, Beth swears off screwing around with men from her own backyard, and spends most of her nights alone That is until fate has pity on her and sends the occasional hanBeth Garrett spends every waking moment with the love of her life, The Long Branch Saloon The popular southern bar is a much needed escape from the reality of living in a small Texas town Never one for drama, Beth swears off screwing around with men from her own backyard, and spends most of her nights alone That is until fate has pity on her and sends the occasional handsome stranger through town That s exactly what happens when Eric Alexander comes to Sommerville on business After a long meeting, Eric ends up at The Long Branch to blow off some steam With the help of Beth s best friend Wren, the sexy New Yorker challenges her to a game of pool in exchange for an unforgettable Texas experience Just as Beth thinks she has Eric eating out of the palm of her hand, Wren decides to stir the pot Now she has to decide if the reward will be worth the risk in this steamy novella, the first in The Tasting Series.

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    1. Check out more reviews at Books A to ZI have been waiting to read Tasting Texas for a couple months so I was excited to finally get my hands on it. The latest work by Kimmie Easley did not disappoint! In Tasting Texas, Beth is hard-working gal who has a barely existent sex life. However, when when the AC in her popular bar breaks down and a handsome stranger comes to town, it seems that things start to look up but not in the way you will expect them to!Beth is a woman after my own heart. She's h [...]

    2. Last year, I stumbled across Kimmie Easley's Souls Set Free. Something about the cover and title grabbed me. Read it, loved it. I've been waiting a long time for something new from this author. With that being said, Tasting Texas is SO different from Souls Set Free. I have to give kudos to an author who can pull of different genres. I love it! Now, onto Tasting Texas.This is a quick, HOT read that's made for reading in a pinch. Not too long, but not too short and it definitely sucks you in. Beth [...]

    3. Full review to come soon, but in the meantime. Who knew that kimmie had this inner Sex goddess hiding inside that sweet little head of hers waiting to come out! I thank you for allowing her to spread her wings, because this little book just left me Breathless. My heart is still pounding as I think about Beth and her reluctance to let her heart feel love and lust with just the right person! This story was fast paced and I finished it in the matter of an hour or so, but you will not be disappointe [...]

    4. This was a great read with a bit of a twist to keep you guessing what way is this going to go. You won't want to put it down! Beth owns a bar and works hard. She gets to work alongside her longtime friend, Wren. He's always been there for her and just happens to be very hot. I couldn't put it down and finished it in one afternoon. Didn't want it to end. Definitely buying the rest of the series! Well thought out and well written.

    5. A hopeful and unexpected ending!!I hadn't expected to read this book in one sitting but once I started I had to see it through! I have to admit that after the tussle between the sheets happened I knew I wanted something different to happen and when it did I couldn't have been happier! Meaningless sex sometimes leaves you empty and wanting a different out come with someone you never expected but it's well worth exploring!!

    6. Tropes, bad writing, boring sex, no character development, awkward transitions, nonsensical descriptions, and unbelievable situations. I'm seriously losing my faith in GR reviewers. How does his novella have so many 4 & 5 star reviews? How does it have so many 3 star reviews? I just don't get it.

    7. A great story, short enough to finish in a few hours. Kimmie was able to create a realistic story, the setting could have been any small town bar in Texas, of which I've been to many. Beth reminds me of many of the young ladies across the state and so does Wren. The whole thing ends in a way that will make you happy and glad that you read it. Look forward to the next in the series.

    8. Great story about a strong and Independent woman from a small town in Texas. She owns a bar and works with a longtime friend -Wren, who seems to be very yummy! He has always been there for her. Who wouldn't want their own "Wren"? Great read and short enough to finish in one night.

    9. I love this book. It is a shot but oh so hot read. I love it when two people are so for each other they can't see what's right in front of them. Their journey no matter how long or short is always with the trip. In Tasting Texas it is a very hot tip. Can't wait until I read the next book.

    10. TantalizingThis series of books sure is something. Kimmie does a great job developing characters. Can't wait for more books in any genre by her.

    11. I stayed up until 4am to finish this book, I absolutely could not put it down! I can't wait to read more by this author, her stories and characters are awesome!

    12. Quick read sweet friends to lovers novella love a strong sassy heroine and a sweet hot best friend who's loved her all along beautiful HEA

    13. I loved this book if you haven't read it you need to. Kimmie Easleys books are amazing. I loved all of the characters and everything about this book.

    14. Beth Garrett is 27 and has used the inheritance from her Grandpa to buy The Long Branch bar but now she is struggling to keep it open and may lose it to foreclosure. She tends to keep her heart away from men in town and finds Eric Alexander just what she needs at the moment.Eric challenges Beth to a wager that could result in her getting a new air conditioning unit. But will she get in over her head and maybe there is someone else who can give her what she really needs.I really enjoyed this quic [...]

    15. Short and sexy story. Beth owns a bar in Texas and has sex with strangers instead of locals so she doesn't have to develop relationships. Wren and her have been flirting forever, can they take the relationship to the next level without ruining their friendship? Good start to the series. I voluntarily reviewed this book.

    16. 63 pagesStand alone within a seriesYou’ll get the gist of this story from other reviews.I'm constantly butting my head against five star reviews. Perhaps my expectations are too high, perhaps I read so much I'm constantly searching for that 'harder to find than you think' point of difference that sets a book apart from others out there in romancialand. I didn't get into this novella as much as I wanted.Beth is beautiful, independent and strong willed with a mind of her own. She owns a bar, dri [...]

    17. An awesome short that will have your head spinning in no time. This is the first of this author's work that I have had the pleasure of reading, and what a pleasure it was. She has packed so many emotions in this well written book. Beth has been relationship fearful for as long as she can remember, especially with anyone that could possibly know her better than she knows herself. Her best friend, Wren, has always been there for her, just as she's been there for him. He works with her at her bar, [...]

    18. Beth Garett. The girl who did one night stands and nothing else because she's scared to get hurt. A woman who owns her own bar and shes a workaholic.That's the only thing that I can say about this story because I feel like if I say anything else I will give away some of the story and I do not want to do that. But know this the way Beth find love is very unpredicting. I did not see it coming and it's a little shocking.So with that being said here's my official review.This book is rather short but [...]

    19. I received a copy of Tasting Texas from the Author Kimmie Easley for a honest review so here it isI gave this series a 5 stars!!!This story is such a great story to read. This story's are not that long and you can devour all of it in a matter of hours. I find her writing style easy, flowing and always has a few surprises in there. Kimmie can write some steam sex scenes and can give a true love story come to life.This is the story of Beth and Wren. They are best friends. Beth owns a bar in and Wr [...]

    20. Beth is the owner of the Long Branch Saloon. She works hard, is very independent and sassy. She does not indulge in small town one nighters, preferring to satisfy her needs with the occasional out-of-towner. When Wren, her long time friend and the manager of her saloon sets up a "challenge" issued by out of town business man Eric.s get steamy more ways than one.This was a quick and hot read. Although I know it was a Novella, I still feel that things could have been expanded upon more in regards [...]

    21. Really, really good with lots of steam packed in a short read difficult to put down! I've just found a new go to author. Beth is the owner of the town bar and her best friend, Wren, is the manager. There is an obvious attraction between them, but she's too scared to take the step where things will never be the same again. Eric, NY business man, wants a true Texas experience in the form of Beth. Right when she's sure she has Eric all figured out, Wren goes and makes a confession that will change [...]

    22. i found this book on iBooks for free & thought, errrr why not? this was a quick & hot read! not too long, but not too short & it definitely sucks you in. Beth was a strong, independent woman. she's a hard worker, running her own bar, & getting to work along side her best friend Wren. he's always been there for her, and just so happens to be pretty hot! there were a lot of flaws for me, but overall, this was a really good read. i finished it in half an hour. literally! the ending [...]

    23. This was a very interesting read and very sexy.Beth own and ran a bar in Texas.One Friday night she was working in the bar because she was under staff. At the end of the night one of the customers challenge her to a pool game if she beat him he would replace the bar aircon if she lost she had to have dinner with him.Received this book for an honest review.Don't let the fact this book came out in 2014 put you off because it is a very hot read.I will definitely be reading more from this author.

    24. This was a very quick read. The setting started out great, normal really but then it got rushed. She has a date with a new guy in town, who she sleeps with instantly then runs away from. A week later her lifelong friend returns and she sleeps with him which she 'feels' is him loving her without words said. Idk it all felt way to rushed. She's known him a long time as friends, so you think to finally be intimate would be a special scene, not a quick one. This read was ok. I won't bother with the [...]

    25. Loved this story! It was short but not short in the sexy, steaminess! I was very surprised at the turn of events and was not disappointed! Beth is married to her bar and in no way wanting a relationship. Wren is her best friend for most of her life and the manager at the bar. Eric is not from in town and has his sights set on Beth. Chock full of steamy sex! Wonderfully written and steals your attention!

    26. So I absolutely LOVE Beth & how she reminds me a little of me; no nonsense, not looking for a relationship (at least not with ppl she grew up with), etc this was a very excellent story I love when Beth meets Eric for the 1st time & the chemistry between them & also between her & wren I honestly felt disappointed when I saw the "THE END" because I DIDN'T want it to end :D can't wait to read more of your books, Kimmie! Keep up the awesome work :D

    27. Short, sweet, and sexy!Beth has always been content to have the occasional hook up with an out of towner. Never one to back down from a bet, she is independent, and owns her own bar. When a sexy rich stranger fulfills her night with some hot meaningless sex, he opens her eyes to what she is really missing. And what's been missing all this time has been right under her nose in the form of her hot, sexy, and ripped best friend, Wren.

    28. this is a great short read with hot characters, Beth is a hard working owner of a bar, she has sworn off relationships and stays away from any of the locals but her best friend and second in command Wren has not hidden his feelings for her but they made a pact to be just friends. The events that happen definitely are HOT and will leave you with a feel good factor. I have really enjoyed this and will be looking at the others for sure.

    29. Beth thinks she shouldn't date or even mess around locally. Her story in finding out that there really is a forever guy for her and the steps she ends up going through to realize this make this a great read. Totally enjoyed this story. Steamy and romantic.I received this free for an honest review.

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