The Art of Domination

The Art of Domination Alternate cover for ASIN B AU Q Warning Written for mature audiences and includes profanity graphic sexual encounters moderate BDSM themes and mild edgeplay Romantic erotic suspenseful emotion

  • Title: The Art of Domination
  • Author: Ella Dominguez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover for ASIN B00AU43Q84Warning Written for mature audiences and includes profanity, graphic sexual encounters, moderate BDSM themes and mild edgeplay.Romantic, erotic, suspenseful, emotional and humorous.Five months into their intensely physical and BDSM laced relationship, Dylan is ready to make a lifelong commitment to Isabel But Isabel has reservations andAlternate cover for ASIN B00AU43Q84Warning Written for mature audiences and includes profanity, graphic sexual encounters, moderate BDSM themes and mild edgeplay.Romantic, erotic, suspenseful, emotional and humorous.Five months into their intensely physical and BDSM laced relationship, Dylan is ready to make a lifelong commitment to Isabel But Isabel has reservations and for good reason as Dylan has continued to remain secretive and closed off about his past When someone from Dylan s past makes an unwelcome appearance, he is forced to confront his demons head on as he is threatened with exposure about his sexual proclivities More concerning is the threat of exposure about how his parents death rests on his shoulders Forced into an awkward situation, Dylan must help the former lover and ex submissive who threatens to expose him, all while trying to keep it a secret from Isa Dylan and Isa embark on a new journey as they take vows to never let anything tear them apart, a journey that tests Isa s physical and mental limits as Dylan lets his true Dominant and sadistic nature out, giving Isa artistic inspiration than she ever thought possible But can Isa keep her own Dominant nature at bay long enough to allow Dylan to fulfill his sadistic fantasies With Isa s upcoming debut gallery show and just when things are heating up, their relationship is threatened when Isa comes face to face with Dylan s past activities with his ex and a woman from his past who won t let him go.To make matters worse, Isa s father tries to force his way back into her life and she finds out just how truly cruel he really is as his secrets are revealed.With everything that comes to light, can Isa stay true to her vows of for better or worse

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    1. *****5 HOLY ORGASMIC stars*****The story starts right off from where The Art of Submission ended. Dylan and Isabel are 5 months into their BDSM relationship and they get engaged and later (view spoiler)[married. (hide spoiler)] Dylan's past keeps coming back to haunt him, but will this relationship survive all this craziness??? Art of Domination was dark, intense, and at times disturbing. I loved every single minute of this book. I'm now off to read "Art of Control" to see where Dylan & Isa [...]

    2. 5++++ Holy blue balls starsAs soon as I finished The Art of Submission, I was eager to jump into this book. I couldn't think. I only wanted more of Dylan and Isabel. I fucking love these characters.Warningthis book takes on more hardcore bondage play, blood play. Very graphic. But also so beautifully done. We take off 5 months later after the first book. Dylan and Isabel have taken their relationship to the next level. But is rudely interrupted by, secrets and past demons coming to haunt them on [...]

    3. Holy Crap! The second book in the D/s Trilogy soars above the first and firmly solidifies Ella Dominguez's ability to write intense, intriguing fiction with an Erotic BDSM twist"There are far worse people than you and I in this world and being a little dirty minded never hurt anyone, so fuck anyone who has a problem with it." I had firm words to say about the first book in this series, and I'm here to tell you that continuing this series was my absolute pleasure. Every issue I had with the first [...]

    4. The second book in Ella Dominguez’s Art of D/s series and Isa and Dylan play a whole heck of a lot harder in this one!! WARNING - profanities in my review are under spoiler tags!The first book in this series came in for some considerable criticism from reviewers about the repetitive dual POV. Ella Dominguez has since addressed this and The Art of Submission that you can now buy has been significantly reworked. Personally, I think this was a brave and inspired move as the storyline and characte [...]

    5. ★★★★★! The Art of D/s, book 2 of 3. The continuation of Dylan’s & Isa’s whirlwind saga of BDSM sexual exploration, personal growth, demons, villains, lies & deceit against passionate love.“She breathes in as I breathe out and her lungs fill with the air that was inside of me. I love her completely and I love giving her life as she gives me life. I breathe in her quintessence and it’s cathartic.”The Art of D/s trilogy is an epic saga of self-discovery, pushing all sexu [...]

    6. 5 stars“She’s belonged to me her whole life, but I only got my hands on her five months ago” Dylan and Isa’s story continues where it left off, Erika is back and ready to tear everything Dylan and Isa has built together. Only Dylan is ready to go down without a fight, he needs to protect their life and if my keeping Erika’s demands a secret then so be it. Dylan knows he’s playing a dangerous game, he knows Isa can’t stand any kind of lie, but he can’t risk her knowing his secret. [...]

    7. 4/5/2016The journey to re-write my Art of D/s trilogy begins today. Technically, it began several months ago, having unpublished all three books and completed one chapter.When I say re-write, that's precisely what I mean. I am completely over-hauling all three books. What was originally written in first person narrative is being changed to third person. It's quite a daunting undertaking, especially when considering how lengthy the books are. But, I genuinely believe that this change is for the b [...]

    8. Wow! I devoured this book. The Art of Domination is the second book in the series after The Art of Submission. It continues the story of uber hot Dom Dylan and his sub Isabel, his artistic muse. It delves much deeper into their love story, their need for all things BDSM and control. Isa has been abused as a child thru adulthood by her father and she needs the control from Dylan to keep her grounded. She also needs the bite of pain to give her pleasure. They're a perfect fit. Dylan and Isa have a [...]

    9. Quick review:Cover: Love it Rating:NC-17Steaminess:Scorching Thumbs Up:5Overall: So much better than the first bookCharacters: Love themPlot: Sex, lies and videotapes. That about sums it upPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: DylanSUMMARY (50 words or less)This book improved on the first by not having repetitive POVs. On top of that, the story just gets deeper and quickly becomes a page turner you end up staying up all night to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and s [...]

    10. This was definitely me after I finished this book, I called a few friends. tell they have to read this book/series I loooooved this couple and can't wait until the 3rd bookI had this on my ipad for awhile but I kept skipping it, I could kick myself for doing thatSo if you haven't read this series do so you will not be disappointed!!! Bravo Mrs. Dominguez well done :)

    11. 5+++ Panting Soaking- HOT Sex- Twisted- Psychotic-Demented- Heart Wrenching- Raw STARS WOW WOW WOW. This series took me on a crazy roller caster ride that I didn't want to get off. There was so much emotions that I didn't know what do with myself. From the heart wrenching drama to the WILD HOT SEX. You! Ella Dominguez did a amazing job on this book. Your writing is so captivating and raw that I felt every single emotion written on those pages. The hero Dylan, heroin Isabel and all the rest of th [...]

    12. NEW FAVORITE!!! A MUST READ! This book was like a roller coaster ride. Now there are some roller-coasters that are just plain scary and you want off NOW! This one is a thrill ride full of twists and turns and when you get off you shout AGAIN!I absolutely loved this second book from Ella Dominguez. I was hesitant to read it because book one was not the best for me. (I understand that I read and earlier copy and the author since reworked it to much better reviews) I am SO glad I took the time to r [...]

    13. Fabulous!!!!“All I think about is you…”“I love and live for only you…”“I want only you…”Dylan YoungDylan and Isa are, without doubt, one intense, crazy couple!!!!They are 5 months into their BDSM relationship and Isa vows to stay with Dylan, but will they survive the drama that is their life?Dylan is closed off and secretive about his past, he’s threatened by an ex-lover and everything he knows and loves is put at risk. This story has it all!!! It’s highly erotic, humorous, [...]

    14. Story Rating 4.5 StarsCharacter Rating 4.5 Stars Romance Rating 3 StarsHeat Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 4.5 StarsSo, book one was just kind of okay (to me). I did rate it 4-stars, but I did so begrudginglyYWAY! This one was sooooooo much better.The last one had an amazing cliffhanger, and this one picked up perfectly and did not disappoint.Last one was mehbut this one was in your face likeThe last book of course had loads of hotness, but this one was topped anything the other book even tried to [...]

    15. Once again I find myself conflicted here. I had originally given this 3 stars but after writing my review moved it up to 4. The story is fun and steamy, a continuation starting five months after the first. In the interim, Isa and Dylan have been getting to know each other and building their relationship. I loved the chemistry between them. Plus there was quite a bit of action (ha ha, besides just the hot sex) and suspense. I enjoyed having the different points of views, much better done in this [...]

    16. ~Holy Soaked Panties! Another great book in this Trilogy~This was a nail biting, sexually charged follow up to The Art of Submission, in which we see Dylan and Isa's relationship develop and evolve as they learn more about each other desires, secrets and fantasies.[image error]This was another knicker smokin' gift delivered by Ella Dominguez, all wrapped up with suspense, plenty of angst and mystery. In saying all of the above, however, I cant quite put my finger on why exactly, but I was easily [...]

    17. Isabel has discovered what she really is in this book and so too Dylan. There were shades of their alter egos in the first book and again in the Art of Domination. I enjoyed the read, albeit not as much as the first book and was even tempted to skim a few times, but didn't. There was drama, suspense and intrigue in this book which will lead us further on the trail of Isabel's past. The sex scenes were (and I can't believe I'm about to say this), a little too much. Not for quality but more for th [...]

    18. "Does an angel contemplate my fateAnd through it all she offers me protectionA lot of love and affectionWhether I'm right or wrong".Robbie Williams, 'Angel'.Isabel"I'm such a good girl for him. He loves me. I know he does."In this second book, it has been four months of Isabel & Dylan's intense relationship. Dylan, restraining his dominant side, and Isabel wanting to know more about Dylan and with her Domme side coming alive. After a serious, delirious, mindfucking, sick, intense, overwhelmi [...]

    19. Holy amazing book two! What a complete 180 from book one. It's obvious reading book two how much hard work Ella put into it. Congrats woman, you rock!Dylan & Isa.They are like 2 peas in a pod. At first I was so outraged by Dylan I was scream yelling in my head "Run Isa run!He's a sicko!" but as I continued to read I started thinking "well shit, she likes it, huh. She's worse then he is!" 2 peas in a pod.Facebook Covers I loved it when Isa went all Domme on Dylan. I hope to see more of that i [...]

    20. Holy spicy guacamole. Stutter, gulp, sighWell, this book isn't for the weak sauces of the world, or the conservative sexersor the prudes and it probably not for the grandma's either least not any I've ever known. I really enjoyed these books and not just for the juicy knock your socks off disturbing SEX. I really loved the main characters Dylan and Isabel. They were both so well developed and I really felt like I knew them. I totally want to experience a hour or two inside their bubble, although [...]

    21. I'm bursting with excitment to get my hands on this book! Ella DominguezWho knew BDSM could be so romanticIt's a gift and curse having read this so quickly, but i couldn't put it down. Cannot wait for the third book.

    22. Ella Dominguez is proving to be a strong voice and a HOT new talent to watch in the world of BDSM 'erotica' Fiction.Book Review: The Art of Domination (Book 2) – Ella Dominguez'Holy sweet world of domination,' did Ella whip this up a crack or two. <--- ha, see what I did there. Eat your heart out Dylan Young, I can play on words too!What an incredible second instalment. The writing and flow has gone up ten-fold in this sequel which incorporates a thicker plot that flows consistently well, e [...]

    23. Never have I had a book go from "I'm seriously thinking about not finishing this" to "OMG, it's freaking awesome and it's a solid four star". What a total cray cray mess filled with drama from page one all the way until the end. At least Dylan and Isa recognize that it's nothing but drama from beginning to end. I did not like this book's Dylan as much as I liked the Dylan in the first book, although I will agree that once she finally safe worded at the cabin, he really redeemed himselfif anyone [...]

    24. Wow this was some angst .I'm not the type to enjoy so much sadistic tendies and I can't understand the need for control yet (view spoiler)[ you hotwife your sub as a dom ?? Doesn't that go against your Dom tendencies ? I was quite confused by that act really . (the hero didn't do that , his fellow doms do which doesn't make sense to me ) This is my biggest problem with these BDSM books . They all like to paint a picture and most of the pictures don't add up . I must say the heroine was much bett [...]

    25. 4.5 stars Loved this sequel, Dylan and Isa have been in d/s bliss for 5 months but that all changes after a call from Dylan's past. Isa is so strong in this book and puts up with so much stuff (not the word I want to use) from Dylan. I wanted to scream at him so many times but that's what I loved about this book, I am a complete angst fiend. Their bdsm increases from vanilla with a twist to more hardcore scenes after Dylan finally reveals his true dom nature and extreme desires. Dylan's past is [...]

    26. Holy smokes batman!! My type of story! I just hope in the third book she gets pregnant because they f$@& like rabbits!!!

    27. I loved it. Just loved it. Dylan finally get to show his dominant side and it made me want to fall at his feet. Lol. The dynamics of this relationship is so interesting. At this point in their relationship, Isa and Dylan both are struggling with their role in their new marriage. Isa wants to know things about her new husband but Dylan is very secretive. There are things that he don't want exposed in fear that Isabel will leave him. Someone from his past is threatening to expose those things and [...]

    28. 4 Stars!Love, desire, intensity, darkness, drama, sexiness and challenging are just a few ways to describe book 2. As we know, book 1 left us with a huge dramatic cliffhanger and we know very well who is about to resurface and pop our already fragile bubble known as Dylan and Isabel Young. In 5 short months, they have taken their relationship to a new level and Isabel is still adjusting to becoming a complete submissive. In the beginning of this book, I felt Dylan working my last nerve with his [...]

    29. I cannot say enough good things about this series!!!! I am completely in LOVE!!!!We get deep inside;) Dylan's head in this book. We find out what he is really like.Isabel finally sees what her Dom really expects from her, can she handle it?!?The drama with Erika starts right away. GAH I hate that woman with an ever-loving passion!!! I seriously wanted to hit her the facewith a chair=)Mistress Isabel might be my favorite part of this whole series! NUFF SAID!This book was full of hot hot love, dra [...]

    30. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! I am so completely wrapped up in this series. I’m not sure I can put into words how much I love it. It’s sexy and steamy, but there’s also romance, suspense, and a little bit of humor. Dylan’s wordplay actually had me laughing out loud. “Did you really just fruitally assault me?”(I absolutely adore his quirky sense of humor!)This book picks up right where The Art of Submission ended, 5 months into their relationship. Dylan is ready to take his relationship with [...]

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