The World: According to Rachael

The World According to Rachael A heartbeat away from the President is where White House Chief of Staff Rachael Early spends almost every waking minute of every day She s sacrificed everything to be in this position including her ch

  • Title: The World: According to Rachael
  • Author: Layne Harper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: None
  • A heartbeat away from the President is where White House Chief of Staff Rachael Early spends almost every waking minute of every day She s sacrificed everything to be in this position including her chance at love, or so she thinks But, if you ask her, all of her dreams have come true Graham Jackson is a teacher and coach at the President s son s school Graham met RachaA heartbeat away from the President is where White House Chief of Staff Rachael Early spends almost every waking minute of every day She s sacrificed everything to be in this position including her chance at love, or so she thinks But, if you ask her, all of her dreams have come true Graham Jackson is a teacher and coach at the President s son s school Graham met Rachael when he was a staffer during the campaign a chance meeting that Rachael does not remember However, her rally speech inspired the next seven years of his career They re pushed together by the First Family Rachael s world shifts on its axis, and she is left to figure out her new future What happens next is a journey of self discovery, learning how to be a partner in a relationship, and redefining what it means to have it all.

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    1. I'm going to try to be brief here, because I have to get back to Graham and Rachael (and my kindle), before my head explodes. I've just finished The World: According to Rachael at the behest of a very good, trusted friend, and now I HAVE to read The World: According to Graham immediately. None of this delayed gratification BS—I need the rest of their story because I am so invested in this couple, I can't…I can't even. Yup, I CAN’T EVEN. Rachael Early has sacrificed everything to get to whe [...]

    2. I received an ARC for my honest review. I LOVED this book! You don't have to read the Infinity Series to read this but I highly recommend you do! I loved getting to know Rachel and seeing just how driven she really is! And Grahamwow, just wow. Sexy, smart, sweet, and hot! Rachel is the alpha woman! She knows exactly what she wants, she has a plan and will not let anything get in her way. Not a man, a marriage or anything else can get her off of her path. She graduated from Texas A&M with hon [...]

    3. I am in LOVE with The World According to Rachael! Layne Harper I freaking love you! This book is fantabulous! I'm so on love with Rachael and Graham! Rachael is one strong woman! She knows what she wants,how she wants it and how to make it happen! But what she can't control is her feelings for Graham! And when Layne said she was doing Rachael's book I was very excited! And not disappointed at all! Graham is unbelievable sexy! He is one piece of fine specimen ! He is the utopia of best book boyfr [...]

    4. I don't even know where I want to start except for saying this is a must read. Rachael is feisty. Graham is hot. Throw in DC politics and explosions go off. A real story that could be talking about real people and did I mention the sex was hot and extremely passionate.What I really like about the author is that she writes about strong women who have to make tough decisions. No naïve heroines in her books. She makes her books feel relatable. There is a Graham and Rachael walking around DC right [...]

    5. 4.5 Fantastic Stars!Review by Jen HagenRachael is a secondary character from the “Infinity” series, and this story can be read as a stand-alone. Rachael is very career driven, focused, and has lived her entire life for this one moment – to be Chief of Staff to the President. She is currently beginning her 8th and final year in this position. The end of her career will soon be over and she is left wondering what will she do after that? She has hit the high in her life at a young age and eve [...]

    6. Completely obsessed with Layne. I…I…I don’t know how she does it. She continuously writes stories that are interesting, fascinating, and simply terrific! :DWe first met Rachael in the incredible “Infinity” Series, but now in her own spin-off book, we get inside her head and see how she really lives. Rachael seemed like the girl whose first priority was always her job. Now, we realize why she’s so passionate about what she does and how hard she’s worked to be in the position she’s [...]

    7. Frustrated and Angry for RachaelI could not wait for this book and to find out more about Rachael and the rest of the crew from The Infinity Series and once again Layne Harper drew me into her characters. The story is really good and I fell in love with Graham and was rooting for their relationship to blossom and lead to a HEA, but by the end of the book I was frustrated and angry that Graham treated Rachael like she was the selfish one that needed to choose He was the one that started seeing Ra [...]

    8. To start I am a huge fan of the Infinity series so I had high hopes for this book. Let me tell you that it DID NOT disappoint. I read this in one sitting Thanksgiving night. I tried 3 times to put it down and could not. Rachel is White House Chief of Staff starting her last year in the job. She is married to the job and has no time for a love life until the first family introduces her to their son's coach. Then all bets are off. The chemistry between them is hot. He is willing to deal with her c [...]

    9. I loved the Infinity Series (it's my go-to recommendation). I absolutely loved The World: According to Rachael. If I could give more stars, I would!Again, Layne Harper gives us another strong female lead who is the first female WH Chief of Staff. She's not the naive heroine that we see in tons of other books. Her life is her job, then she meets Graham. Rachael has to make decisions about her life, her future, & her job. It was fun to see CharCo in the story too!I can't say enough about how w [...]

    10. I really like Layne Harper's work. The spinoff of Rachael was great, because she truly did have her own story. The twist was a little predictable, but maybe it was supposed to be? Either way it definitely worked in creating the tension it needed to. And whether or not your predict something doesn't make its impact any less! Can't wait for the follow up "The World According to Graham." Solid 4.5 stars from me!

    11. Oh my goodness! Read this in a day, just couldn't put it down! I didn't think this could top the infinity series but it's totally right up there! It's funny, some parts I was like omg Rachel I want to shake you, you are making me so frustrated but then I could totally relate to her and was sympathetic to her situation. The ending made me cry that I would now have to wait for the next one, but Layne did it again! Another story I will forever love and will reread over and over!

    12. The World: According to Rachel by Layne HarperWords cannot express how much I love this book. I have read this book before but have just completed reading it again to refresh my memory for the purpose of this review. Layne Harper is a true artist in her writing and provoke a visceral reaction.Layne Harper’s books are so incredibly relatable and realistic. If you read Layne Harper’s other books then you already know Rachel You do NOT have to read the Infinity Series to enjoy this book but it [...]

    13. 5++++ hearts!The "Infinity" series by Layne Harper has been one of my top reads for two years now. Each book in the serious was a perfect addition to the last and a page turning, heart stopping, rollercoaster ride of emotion. Now, you may ask, why am I talking about that series? Here's your reasonThere was this smart-ass, driven, gorgeous, side kick throughout the series. Rachael Early turned heads wherever she went. She was beyond driven to make it in the man's world of politics and make it she [...]

    14. I was looking for something a little different, when I came across The World: According to Rachael, from new to me author Layne Harper. This story is centered around the presidency, politics and the pressures encompassing those that choose to serve our country at the highest level. Rachael Early works for the President of the United States. She not only is the first female Chief of Staff, is she also the youngest to have ever held the position. She is a strong and independent woman who has sacri [...]

    15. This is the fifth book in the Infinity series and I was so happy when I found out that Rachael will have her own story.Rachael Early is a secondary character in the Infinity series, she's Caroline bestfriend.I always admire her character from that start she was introduced in the series. In this book she was described as the strong willed woman, career driven and very dedicated to her job as White House Chief of Staff. While Graham Jackson was the lacrosse coach and history teacher.The feelings o [...]

    16. Rachel is the chief of staff of White House, u can imagine what kind of power she had. She also loyal to her work, to serve the U.S. President, what a great honor it is.She may be selfish, think about her work with president but if not, she can't be what she is.Sometimes, success meant u need sacrifice something. When I read, I remember the TV series west wing, Leo n CJ r bother chief of staff, Leo finally getting divorce n die in heart attacks. CJ left reporter Danny withe the similar situation [...]

    17. This is a great series!! I'm glad Rachel got her own story. I loved the supportive friend she was with CharCol and couldn't wait to read more about her! She is a tough cookie, very independent and career driven. Being the first female and youngest White House Chief of Staff. It's a Nan's world and Rachel has not let anything or anyone derail her career. She meets Graham A lacrosse coach and teacher to the President's son. Rachel slowly starts o let Graham into her life and begins to think maybe [...]

    18. Rachel was Caroline's best friend in the Infinity Series I couldn't resist picking up the book and enjoying every minute of it. Rachel becomes the Chief of Staff in the White House all her career goals are coming true. Griffin meets Rachel 7 years ago when he was rather lost in his future fighting against his father's wishes. She sparks his interest and he follows her career. I love Rachel she is a strong, confident take charge woman that might find room in her heart to find love. Griffin is hid [...]

    19. Didn't like this one as much as the Infinity series. Their relationship essentially unfolds over 2 weeks and not enough time lapses nor events for me to truly feel connected to each of them and their relationship. Wouldn't mind continuing the series, does end on a cliffhanger but feels more like a chapter ending so nothing too dramatic as we wait til the next book comes out. Also had a hard time liking hero, couldn't get over the derogatory things he says on his radio show and how such an intell [...]

    20. Can't believe it took me almost a year to read this, but I am glad I waited until the sequel was out because this is not a series you want to wait for! I desperately wanted Rachael & Aiden to get back together in the earlier Infinity books and was heartbroken when he married Amy. However, this story totally redeems that heartbreak! Of course they couldn't get back together when someone even more perfect was waiting for her! Graham and Rachael are an unexpectedly cute (and sexy) couple. It mu [...]

    21. EteeThe world:According to Rachel (Infinity Series Book 5)By Layne HarperI have loved this series from the beginning Rachel was one of my favorite characters it was good to hear her story. Gram was good for her just kinda of sad it took her so long to find her happy place. I never could see her was Aiden. It got five stars because it made me feel all the emotional you are supposed to feel. You need to read these books in order to get all the stories. PS Wish Aiden could get his on story instead [...]

    22. A friend recently asked me to read the Infinity series. I disliked the male lead so much that I discontinued reading the series into the second book. However, I decided to give The World: According to Rachael a try & I'm glad I did! DC is much more my cup of tea than TX was & author Layne Harper's writing has dramatically improved. Furthemore I like Graham Jackson 100 times more than Colin McKinney. I'm actually looking forward to the second installment in Rachael & Graham's story.

    23. I absolutely loved this book. It was so well written. The story was fast paced and full of depth in story telling. There are steamy sex scenes, but they more continue the story than are just used as mental porn. If you haven't read the Infinity Series, you should. Rachael is a minor character in that series. You don't need to have read the books to appreciate this one though. Can't wait for the next book.

    24. Wow, I have loved every book by this author and I don't know how she does it but I can't put down anything that she writes until the end. When I started reading this I did not expect the ending and the Epilogue from Graham's poindt of view left me speechless. Plus we get updates from Colin and Caroline and a bit of Aiden and Amy.

    25. Rachael's WorldI loved this story! Would have been great to see what would have happened if the ending went another way. Loved how raw her feelings were betrayed for her job as well as Graham. Again nice to have all the characters from recent books. Can't wait to read the next book!

    26. Nice way to catch up with the crewGood way to get a glimpse at CharCol and the gang. Rachael is as crazy and hard headed as they come. Graham being part is SOL was pretty obvious to me. He was absolutely wrong for not being upfront from the beginning but he is so good for Rachael. I really hope that they can make their relationship work. Good read.

    27. Loved this book very much. The Infinity series was so good that I've read it a few times and always recommend it to people. Rachel's story is really good and I'm really looking forward to the next book. Thank you Layne - you are an awesome author!!

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