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  1. My toddler is obsessed with this book. We have to read it every morning as soon as he wakes up. He's three, and he's been going through that phase where they won't sit still and you can't read to them, and then suddenly WHAM he loves this book and can't get enough. I usually have to read it, then Little Owl Lost, Sheep in a Jeep, and then Little Blue Truck again. And that's okay! All the rhymes scan, I love the art, and it's not annoying! Hooray for board books that a mommy can read over and ove [...]

  2. What a treat! I love the blend of farm animals, vehicles, and rhymes--all popular with little ones; when combined in such a winsome and skilled fashion, with Schertle's fine text and McElmurry's adorable, expressive illustrations, they make one great story about friendship, compassion, humility and staying true to yourself. This would make a superb read-aloud!

  3. What a charming little book this is with a lesson to little ones on how being kind, friendly, and caring brings its own rewards. The rhymes and the country setting make me automatically add a twang to my delivery as I'm reading it to my son.Sheep said, "Baaa!"Cow said, "Moo!""Oink!" said a piggy."Beep!" said Blue.It sort of makes me feel like I'm calling out a square dance which adds to the entertainment value. No doubt this one will age well, I can see my little twanging along and singing out t [...]

  4. I LOVE this book. It has such wonderful rhythm and rhyme making it the perfect book to read aloud. "Horn went 'Beep!'Engine purred. Friendliest sounds you ever heard." Little Blue Truck is friends with all of the barnyard animals, he is always nice to everyone. Meanwhile big, mean Dumptruck has no time for anyone smaller than him and thinks he's the biggest, most important thing around. Then Dumptruck gets stuck in the mud and since he's been so mean no one wants to help him out "His heavy-duty [...]

  5. I don't know how I missed reading this one before today! This book is adorable. Fantastic rhythm, great sound effects, and a lovely story to boot. I suspect this will become a favorite in our house.Used in "Cars and Trucks" storytime 5/23/17.

  6. My favorite book to read to my daughter at bedtime. Of all the board books, I never get tired of this one.

  7. A book about an animal:This book was such a cute story for Max and I to read together! I literally can think of nothing better than a book that has an awesome message AND rhymes. Too cute!

  8. My grandson is not yet two, but he's figured out what the best thing in the world, aside from his family, must be, and that's trucks. He got a nifty little stack of truck-related board books for Christmas, and this was among them. I was particularly pumped at also locating a roll of gift wrap that had little blue trucks on it (bearing Christmas trees).

  9. this is such a good book! I have read this so many times to my little brother and likes making all the noises.

  10. Best story needs better formatting for kindle We love this story but it could have better formatting for a kindle. It's too wide to read the words well.

  11. Little Blue TruckByby Alice Schertle, Jill McElmurryI know that I don’t normally do reviews on children’s books, but this Christmas I came across a book that has taken our house by storm. Little Blue Truck is a story about a friendly little blue pick up truck and a big yellow dump truck, along with a few barnyard animals. None of the characters are really big on long speeches and even big on words. Each of the animals know what they say, the little blue truck says “Beep”, and the big Dum [...]

  12. Emily Togstad“Little Blue Truck”I read a book called Little Blue Truck written by Alice Schertle. The story is about a small blue truck that drives around the country side. The truck beeps its horn at every farm animal that it sees such as a sheep, a cow, a pig, and a horse. The truck meets a rude dump truck on the way. The dump truck gets stuck in the mud. The little truck is nice so it tries to help, but it also gets stuck. The farm animals that the blue truck met earlier help the little b [...]

  13. I read the book "Little Blue Truck" by Alice Schertle. This book is about a friendly blue pickup truck. The blue truck drives around the countryside and is very nice to all the farm animals he sees. He always says, "beep beep." The blue truck also sees a dump truck that is very rude. At the end of the story the dump truck ends up getting stuck in the mud and is in need of help. The farm animals refuse to help him, but the blue pickup truck decides to be kind and help him. It turns out that the b [...]

  14. The Little Blue Truck drives along sleepy country roads. As he drives he makes friends with the animals along the road. His horn beeps at each one and they croak, cow, oink, or baaa back. Suddenly, a huge yellow dump truck zooms rudely past the Little Blue Truck. Unfortunately, rain has turned the road to mud and the dump truck is soon spinning his wheels in the muck. Little Blue Truck to the rescue!The illustrations use a palette of browns, yellows, and greens to depict the countryside, which m [...]

  15. Cute. The text moves along well. The pictures are fun to look at. And there is an underlying message of being nice (which always comes back to you in the end). I think when I try this I'll "assign" the kids the various animals and have them say the animal sound when it comes up. We'll see how that works.1/23/13 Went well. Good opener for Trucks theme. The kids didn't quite grasp the message about being nice. But they liked the animals helping the truck. And they loved flexing along with the frog [...]

  16. This is my number one favorite book to read to my son who is currently 3.5 years old. I purchased this book when he was 11 months old. It is so much fun to read. It feels lyrical the way it rhymes and flows when reading it. It was too long of a story for my son's attention span at first so I would read it to my husband and sisters at random times just because I enjoyed reading the book aloud. I think my son was about 2 years old when he really started to enjoy this book and it is still our numbe [...]

  17. Everyone says hi to the Little Blue Truck. Little Blue Truck is friend to all of the barnyard animals.One day Little Blue Truck comes across big Dump Truck. Dump is much too important to stick around and say hello. He's in such a hurry he gets his big ol' self stuck in the mud. Guess who comes to his rescue? Yep! Little Blue Truck! As Blue tries to push Dump out of the mud he himself gets stuck. So he calls for help from all of his friends and they all come to help.In the end both trucks are fre [...]

  18. The Little Blue Truck drives through the country, making friends with all the animals. This comes in handy when he gets stuck in a mud puddle trying to help out a big, yellow truck who doesn't see the value of friendship at first.Filled with rhymes and the opportunity to mimic animal sounds from frogs to goats to sheep to ducks, this one was a big hit with Shortcake. It's a fun book with colorful illustrations that has a good message in there about friendship. I could see us reading this one sev [...]

  19. The twists and turns grip you from the very first line. It is possible that literature has reached new heights, never before obtained. With each beep you will be inspired to let barnyard animals become your companions in epic adventures on the scale of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Mr. Brown can moo!

  20. My husband read this book to my son and me. After he finished, my husband turned to me and said, "I really liked that one!" He is sitting next to me and wants me to write that it has good rhymes and great pacing. He liked doing all of the animal sounds to our son and the lessons of teamwork and politeness. :)

  21. I need at least one more copy of this book. And then, by December I expect I'll be replacing them with 2 more.Adorable pictures, terrific rhymes and a PLOT. AND it's gotTRUCKS!In other words, a surefire winner for truck loving boys.

  22. Great children's book that shows the importance of helping each other, friendship, and how to treat others. This is done with fun and great illustrations.My grandson has me read this book to him over and over!

  23. Used this for preschool storytime and was literally cheered for! Even the babies (who we get a lot of at PreK ST) enjoyed it, which was surprising because it's textier than I would choose for babies-- great rhythm and engaging story.

  24. My kids loves this - we literally read it at least 5 times a day (for the past month, at least). He calls it "Beep beep beep!" I mean, come on. That alone makes me love it. But it's a good rhyme, and the pictures are great too.

  25. We love this book! We read it at least 5-6 times a day and it has become one of my daughter's favorite books.

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