Healing Her Heart

Healing Her Heart Informing the next of kin of a patient s death is hardly cardiac surgeon Greg Stanton s favorite activity Tired of spreading bad news he decides to take a week off and enjoy a few extra curricular ac

  • Title: Healing Her Heart
  • Author: Audra North
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Informing the next of kin of a patient s death is hardly cardiac surgeon Greg Stanton s favorite activity Tired of spreading bad news, he decides to take a week off and enjoy a few extra curricular activities one in particular that hopefully involves a certain blonde director.Carrie s experience as the Director of New Beginnings, an Assisted Living Residence, has taught hInforming the next of kin of a patient s death is hardly cardiac surgeon Greg Stanton s favorite activity Tired of spreading bad news, he decides to take a week off and enjoy a few extra curricular activities one in particular that hopefully involves a certain blonde director.Carrie s experience as the Director of New Beginnings, an Assisted Living Residence, has taught her that the wisdom of the elderly is often healing than any drug So when Greg drops by her office to tell her one of her residents passed away and mentions he s taking some time off, Carrie suggests that he spend the time volunteering at her facility.Greg is in need of a way to de stress After being burned by her ex fiance, Carrie needs a little fun What s a little sex between friends But when their casual arrangement is complicated by real feelings, one of them will have to step up to save what could be something special before they both tear it apart.

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    1. 3.5 - "He'd left her limp and sore but ready for more." Stars!I really enjoyed Healing her Heart, it is my first read from Audra North, but I will definitely be looking her up again, when I am in the mood for something quick, sexy and a little different.The beauty of life was in its complexity, and death and desire were both a part of it.It is not often that you read a love story that is in the main conducted in an Assisted Living Facility and I liked this little twist in the story, it gives you [...]

    2. This was just what the doctor ordered. After a couple of average reads, Healing her Heart pulled me out of my funk and I devoured it.Cardiac Surgeon Greg Stanton's high pressure job is starting to wear on him. Physically and mentally tired, he realises he needs a break after he gets a bit of a wake-up call. Carrie Jankowski runs an assisted living centre filled with insightful, snarky residents. They already know each other in a professional capacity, but when Carrie propositions him to voluntee [...]

    3. 3,5 starsHealing Her Heart is the start of what I assume a new series by Audra North, called Stanton Family. This is also the first time I try her book and well, I like her voice. I rarely reading about medical romance, and the first medical novel I read was Demonica series. And it's paranormal, so some part can be considered as not real. As for Healing Her Heart, it's relate with our daily lives. I once want to be a doctor, but I chicken out in Biology class and so, I bury my dream to be a doct [...]

    4. 3 1/2 starsGreg is an heart surgeon who also helps in the ER; which means he has had his fair share of having to relay unfortunate news to family and loved ones of patients. This time he must talk to someone he has gotten to know over the past year. Carrie, the director of an assisted living facility, and who is anxiously awaiting news on a resident she brought in earlier; and Greg must let her know she didn't survive. Carrie is full of life; and I enjoyed her perspective about growing older. As [...]

    5. Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book gets a big thumbs up for setting this book in an old people's home - very rarely does a book get set in such a locale and it makes for some great secondary characters.As to the main characters, Greg and Carrie were likeable but not memorable enough for you to really get invested in their relationship.

    6. 3.5 StarsThis is a short read with a bit of angst, a bit of steam, and a lot of color – mainly from the elderly residents at the Assisted Living Residence. When Doctor Greg finds himself over-stressed from his job as a cardiac surgeon, he decides to take a week off to recharge his batteries and try to rid himself of the anxiety that he has been feeling. What he doesn’t expect is being propositioned by Carrie, the director of the assisted living home, whom he has gotten to know through the vi [...]

    7. Sometimes it’s not easy being a cardiac surgeon. In fact, it can be more than a little stressful as Dr. Greg Stanton is finding out. For months he has been fantasizing about the beautiful director of an assisted living facility. Now, instead of taking Carrie Jankowski out for a romantic dinner, he has to tell her that he couldn’t save one of her clients.Carrie is understandably shocked, but she accepts the news better than Greg. He is overcome by a sudden panic attack. She helps to calm him [...]

    8. Healing Her Heart by Audra North is an engaging novella that I was able to read in just a couple of hours. The characters are likeable and the plot is complete with emotion, friendship and heat. Ms. North is an excellent storyteller and I will continue to seek out her new works. In addition, this book has a wonderful and charming ending.Carrie Jankowski loves her job as the Director of New Beginnings, an assisted living facility for the elderly. She enjoys spending time with the residents and do [...]

    9. Greg Stanton is an overworked cardiac surgeon. When he has to tell Carrie, the director of a local assisted living facility, that the resident she just brought into the ER didn't make it, Greg decides to take a week-long vacation. Greg then finds himself volunteering at the assisted living facility at Carrie's suggestion. There's always been an attraction between the two, so when Greg offers up a week of no-strings-attached, Carrie's deliberation time is short before deciding to go ahead and tak [...]

    10. Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewIt’s not often a couple in a romance novel meet in a hospital emergency room following the death of a patient but in Healing Her Heart by Audra North that’s exactly what happens. Doctor Greg Stanton finds himself once again having to notify Carrie Jankowski that one of her nursing home patients didn’t make it. However she’s the one that ends up helping him through a crisis. While enter [...]

    11. Healing Her Heart is another great addition to this series! It was short, but full of sweetness and sexiness! Dr. Greg Stanton needs a break. He's a cardiac surgeon in the ER, and he's struggling with anxiety over his patients dying. One night he loses an elderly woman, has a panic attack, but Carrie is able to calm him down, despite her being the one to bring the woman in. After that night, Greg takes a week off of work and Carrie offers him a volunteer position at her assisted living facility. [...]

    12. SERIES: Stanton Family #3He felt good for the first time in a long time because she was in his life.This was probably my least favorite of the series only because I never really liked Carrie and her attitude toward their arrangement. Overall, the story wasn’t bad and Greg was a pretty decent character.The overall plot but wasn’t too bad and I liked the idea of a doctor being confronted with anxiety over losing patients. It really humanizes the medical profession which I feel like is often gl [...]

    13. Carrie is a director for a retirement home. She has meet Greg in the ER more times than she can count. He is a hot sexy heart doctor that is just getting burnt out. Carrie has some attraction, and Greg seems to have some attraction to her. Then Greg has a mini melt down after one of her residents doesn't pull through. Carrie offers him to come by her office to talk when he is ready. To her surprise he shows up the next day. She is short a staff member for a week and since he has a week off work [...]

    14. 4 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.I like Audra North, and I like FWB to more stories, so I was glad to pick up Healing Her Heart. Both Greg and Carrie have difficult jobs--he's a cardiac surgeon, she runs an assisted living facility. They've always felt a little spark when they've seen each other, but they've never been able to explore anything when their jobs have been so difficult (and time-consuming). Greg comes up with a plan--basically a week of hooking up. Of course, yo [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way.This is a story that makes the doctor seem more human and shows that they go through the same types of things us “normal” people do. Greg is also one smooth talker – will Carrie stand a chance? You’ll just have to read in order to find the answer to that question. This is a case of love can be found anywhere. For those single readers – this may give you so [...]

    16. Greg Stanton is a workaholic. His life has taken a backseat to his medical career. That is until he meets Carrie Jankowski. She is a strong, compassionate and very sexy woman who haunts his dreams. She is there to comfort him when he needs support during a panic attack. He wants and needs her and she feels the same way. Can they get this attraction out of their system in a week? Or does their love have the power to last? Audra North has written a very powerful, touching story that portrays the h [...]

    17. HEALING HER HEART is a quick read focusing on the relationship between a doctor and an extended care facility director. Greg, the doctor, and Carrie, the director, have known each other for the past year from the many times she's brought her residents into the ER. But after one too many deaths, a panic attack leads Greg to a one week vacation and an interesting proposal for Carrie.I liked both the character and they did have chemistry together. I just had a hard time believing that they would fa [...]

    18. 4 1/2 starsThis was a quick read, and a good story. I enjoyed the way that Carrie and Greg found comfort with each other. They helped each other through tough times, becoming friends and then lovers. They had expected to be short-term lovers, but what they both feel while they're together is fantastic. They both keep those feeling to themselves, however, until Carrie decides she can't be that way any longer. That's when Greg realizes how deeply he cares for Carrie and makes a move to keep her in [...]

    19. Greg Stanton is a cardiac surgeon who has spoken to Carrie Jankowski a few times when she has brought in someone from New Beginnings, an assisted living home where she is director. Both of them are attracted to each other but attempt to hide that fact from each other. Greg takes a week's holiday due to anxiety and takes up her offer of volunteering at New Beginnings. While he works there sparks fly between them.As a male lead goes, Dr Stanton is definitely my ideal alpha male, a kind hearted doc [...]

    20. Healing her heart tells the story of Carrie and Greg. He is an overworked Cardiologist, on verge of a nervous breakdown and she is the director of a retirement community. They are friends, but when Greg loses one of Carries residents, he has a panic attack if front of Carrie. She talks him down, and convinces him to have some much needed time off. They embark on a passionate weeklong romance that brings them close together.I enjoyed reading this book, it was well written. I especially liked Carr [...]

    21. This novella is short and sweet and will have you eating this up in one day. I not only judge a book I eant to read by the blurb but also the cover. Looking at the cover and blurb I prepared myself for an average read yet got something so much better. Carrie's heart was damaged by her ex while Greg has no life because as a heart surgeon he has devoted his life to his work. Life is not always willing to sit back and watch our mistakes but takes matters into hand. This story will educate you on th [...]

    22. What a great emotional fantastic read! Greg and Carrie were so cute together. I liked the way that even though they met a year ago and had the slow build of friendship, that their physical chemistry was explosive. And his words to suggest the physical relationshipswoon! It was hot! But I think what really made me like this book were the residents of Carrie's assisted living senior center. They were a hoot!

    23. What an absolutely sweet read! Greg and Carrie's characters had so much fiery chemistry that burned the pages on every turn! The character dialogue was both delightful and sizzling. Both characters had baggage and drama but both with outcomes that were convincing. The added mix of characters from New Beginnings, with their chatty, down to earth dialogue was a breath of fresh air. A quick entertaining read.4 Stars*ARC received from the Publisher for an honest review

    24. A fun read! The nursery home characters were a nice touch; I loved watching them get on Greg's case. The chemistry between Greg and Cassie was believable, and their story enjoyable.My only real complaint is that everything was resolved really quickly here--drawing it out a bit longer would have made it a touch more believable. Still, this was a very entertaining way to spend a morning. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series (very!) soon.

    25. I enjoyed reading this quick read. Greg is a cardiac surgeon who is starting to deal with too much bad and not enough good. A positive light in his life is Carrie who he only sees and talks to once he's done operating on someone she knows. Carrie has been attracted to Greg, but never has done anything about it until he shows up at her place of employment. Will one week be enough to get each other out of their systems? Or will they need more?

    26. This is a fantastic novella showing how important it is to live everyday to the fullest. Great characters all around but the main two are Greg, burned out cardiac surgeon and Carrie, ever hopeful head of the local assisted living facility. This story reminds us that every relationship has moments of give and take and how important it is to experience those. Highly recommend this one!

    27. Healing her Heart is a charming little story by Audra North. I dont normally read novellas but as soon as I saw this was from this author, I knew I had to read it! I love her writing style and I really enjoy her books!! And of course anything from Entangled Publishing is awesome!!

    28. This is third book in the Stanton family series. You can read them all as stand-alone or in order. The story was well written and lightly touched subject matter which occurs in everyday life. If you are chasing a quick read, you will love Audra North's books.

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