Blind Side of Love

Blind Side of Love One summer One guy One reckless act changed her world forever My life as I knew it began on the day I met Drew Bryant He taught me that it was okay to not always be perfect that it was okay to loosen

  • Title: Blind Side of Love
  • Author: Beth Rinyu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: None
  • One summer.One guy One reckless act changed her world forever My life as I knew it began on the day I met Drew Bryant He taught me that it was okay to not always be perfect, that it was okay to loosen up and have a little fun in life, and that it was okay to fall in love.My life as I knew it ended on the day I met Drew Bryant He taught me that giving my heart to someoOne summer.One guy One reckless act changed her world forever My life as I knew it began on the day I met Drew Bryant He taught me that it was okay to not always be perfect, that it was okay to loosen up and have a little fun in life, and that it was okay to fall in love.My life as I knew it ended on the day I met Drew Bryant He taught me that giving my heart to someone completely was the most dangerous thing I could ever do, and that the perfect world I was living in didn t matter any without him in it But the most important lesson that he taught me A broken heart turns into a reckless one, and what we feel inside that heart at one particular moment can set our destiny, making us a stronger person, a weaker person, or leading us into a darkness from which we can never escape.

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    1. 2 stars!This book blurb is awesome. The reviews for it are awesome. And since I’ve read books from this author before and liked them, I know this author is awesome. Unfortunately, this book was not. In fact, I wish I could rewind time and take back the few hours I spent on reading this book. If you are in the mood for a story that is on the surface, lacks depth and quality, and has twists & revelations that are totally out of the blue and are there for shock purposes only, here’s your ne [...]

    2. Book – Blind Side of LoveAuthor – Beth RinyuPublication Date – October 13, 2014Genre – RomanceType – Stand-AloneCliffhanger - NoRating – 4 1/2 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided Author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts - Story Ms. Rinyu is one of my favorite writers and is always an automatic YES when she asks me to review one of her books.  She has a way of drawing the reader into the story to experience each emotion the hero or heroine is.  She [...]

    3. 5 Beautiful Stars by Jen SkeweI am such a huge fan of Beth’s writing. She always writes with such emotion and creates these characters that you can relate to and fall hard for. Blind Side of Love I think is by far her bet one yet. This is one of those books that left me with a book hangover. I even went back and read the ending again because it was that . I just fell in love with the characters and the storyline was fantastic and different. Becca is this smart, beautiful and amazing young girl [...]

    4. Beth's books always make cry (some Fugly tears) but they always have a message that each of us need to remember throughout our daily lives. Life is far from perfect or even fair at times. In this book she reminded us of the beauty in everything that most of us take for granted. She reminded us that stupid decisions can sometimes have severe consequences, but it's how we endure, learn & not only survive them but what we take away from them. How, if you want something bad enough, you will keep [...]

    5. Wow, what a fantastic book! This story sucked me in and I lived it, reading right through the night until the sun came up, it seriously was that gripping!This is a hard book to review without giving away spoilers and that would be terrible as you really need to go in to this story with no knowledge to experience this to its full. There were many twists and turns to this story but all of them were believable and real. There was never a dull moment, never a natural break to take a rest as I felt I [...]

    6. Great story about love and choices. And how sometimes a stupid choice can change your life forever. And how people we think we can trust end up breaking our hearts. Becca is what most would call a "Miss Goody Two Shoes" she made good grades she didn't drink do drugs or have SEX. She was the perfect daughter. In her senior year in college she meets Drew the new Hot guy in town. They become inseparable but not everyone is happy about this. Becca dad is not happy with the changes hes seeing in his [...]

    7. 4.5 starsBecca was the perfect daughter and good girl who followed the rules. Then she met a young man that made her feel beautiful, taught her to live for herself and enjoy the small things in life. He encouraged her to challenge things that kept her locked in and to follow her dreams. But there were parts of the situation that she was not aware of. And when it did not work out like she hoped, she was devastated and it sent her into a tailspin with long lasting repercussions.When Becca has a se [...]

    8. ***************** Wow Wow Wow ******************We first meet Becca when she comes home on break from school, The only thing this town has to offer Becca now is her best friend Krista and her family. One night when she attends a party that Krista has dragged Becca too she meets the eye of Drew who happens to be best friends with the sleazy Ashton and her world is turned upside down. Her heart that's been guarded from everyone finds a true connection to Drew and a relationship is formed but Becca [...]

    9. I was given an advance copy in exchange for am honest review. My god woman you can write!!!I have never been let down with any of Beth's work each book is better than the other one. I did not see this story line at all, it was pure genius!The characters were amazing! Of course we had our usual arseholes in the book but we also had the love story and my god was it sweet. I highly recommend this book to you all, I will put money on that you would not call any part of this book. I even balled my ey [...]

    10. This was such a great book by a new-to-me author! I really enjoyed the character development particularly that of Becca. Watching her mature and fall in love was so wonderful to see despite the catastrophic events that unfolded. I loved the twists woven so perfectly into the storyline! The author certainly had me second-guessing myself quite a few times and I loved that! Overall, this was a great read and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. I look forward to reading more of this authors writing.

    11. Love this bookThis story was so great I couldn't put it down. I loved mason how he was so sweet but at the same time had a hard job and Becca had a big heart that didn't see people's wrong and even though she went blind she moved on made a life without feeling sorry for her self. Loved this story .

    12. Beth Rinyu your characters and books can do no wrong. Every time I sit down with a book from Beth I know that not only will I fall in love with the characters immediately I will have another book to add to my all time favorite book shelve. Blind Side of Love that is an understatement. I was Blindsided by Love with these two characters and their all to swoon worthy fabulousness. Becca is the perfect daughter and the perfect girl. Not snotty or snobby just well rounded and makes good choices, most [...]

    13. Holy Plot twist! This book was awesome. I love Becca, she was such a strong AMAZING character. I love all of Beth Rinyu's books but I think this may be my favorite. Loved the originality of this book and how it wasn't the same old recycled plot. I can't say too much in this review because it's very easy to give away a lot of the secrets. I will say that each character was deeply developed something that this author excels in! She makes you feel every emotion that they are going through. It had a [...]

    14. This is another wonderful book by Ms. Rinyu that captures her characters to perfection. When you meet Becca and Drew there chemistry is not to be denied and you feel every bit of it and then everything takes an unexpected turn and you are left heart broken. I had to get my tissues, before I dove into part two. Ms. Rinyu is the master of surprise. She did it again.

    15. Becca comes from a well-to-do family. She is considered by most to be a “goody two shoes” and can count her friends on one hand. Home from school, she attends a party with her best friend, Krista, and that’s where her life changes. The party is being held at Ashton’s house, the town’s sleazy player, who wants in her panties. Becca meets Drew, Ashton’s friend, and her world is turned upside down after that first encounter.This is a story of love and the way choices can completely chan [...]

    16. WOW!! I have loved books before but this one jumped up immediately to my top 5! I absolutely loved it! My fav Beth book so far! Amazing story of love, loss, determination, making choices & living with the consequences of those actions! We have Becca who is in college. She's smart, sweet, and knows what she wants and it's not what her family wants! Her family has money but she doesn't really care about that! She does, however, live her life how her daddy wants her to! She's the perfect daught [...]

    17. One of the things I love most about Beth Rinyu's stories - her masterful way of transforming me into the heroine - and no one more so than Becca! Whether star gazing or horseback riding or painting or falling in Love, I was right there with her. And Drew - how I Loved him and Hated him. And although the choices that were made and the consequences that resulted were devastating, the resulting story is just heartbreakingly beautiful. Full of unforeseen twists and turns, I could not put it down til [...]

    18. Wow what a beautiful story! The twists and turns were heart breaking but it made it a really gripping story. Becca is perfect. Well atleast to her parents standards. She hasn't really lived life so when she meets Drew and falls in love, it was such a beautiful thing to read. She was finally doing something for herself. It's was such a tragedy that her first love had some heartbreak but even more tragic that she rebelled and it changed everything for her. As sad as it was she pulled through and w [...]

    19. This book had me going through so many emotions. It had me happy, mad, sad, then happy again. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next, and I didn't want it to end. I've loved all books by this author, but so far, this one is my favorite. It was a very unique storyt one that you're expecting. It has an awesome twist to it. I'm not sure if it was a good thing that I started reading it on my Disney vacation because I didn't want to put it down. Every second I got to myself I wante [...]

    20. I love all of this author's books. I especially enjoyed this one because the storyline was so unique and I thought that the plot twist was brilliant. I like the way that it was done in two separate parts and that some past chapters were included in part two to give the reader more insight into the unanswered questions from part one.I immediately connected with all of the characters, even then ones I didn't like. I thought that the epilogue was great and the perfect way to end the story.

    21. Oh my goodness! Such a page turner. This book will have you hooked. There are so many emotions, twists and turns. The author has written characters who you can relate too. Characters you fall in love with some you will hate with a passion. This author knows how to write a book with such deep emotions and she knows how to captivate your mind. I'm not writing any spoilers and I'm not giving any of the book away. If you love a book with deep emotions and such a brilliant story, READ THIS BOOK!! I w [...]

    22. Beth Rinyu never fails to make a wonderful story and this one was no different than her other books. Every word from this book touched my heart. It's not her typical "ugly cry yourself out" but there were moments that made me tear up. Overall though it was lighter than I expected because of the characters and it's definitely different than her other work. It's fresh and absolutely awesome!5 FULL MOON STARS!!!

    23. I went into reading Blind Side of Loveblind. I did not know what the story was going to be about. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a touching story and it was sweet. I even cried a little. I fell in love with the characters. There was an unexpected twist (to me) and I am so glad I found this book. I will be sure to check out Beth Rinyus other work. If you want a book that will touch you and make you fall in love with the characters, I recommend Blind Side of Love.

    24. I received this for an honest review. I have to say that this book really opens your eyes and shows you how love is seen with your heart rather than your eyes. This was an enjoyable read. I enjoyed Becca's story how she was blinded and overcame it to find the love of her life. It was an enjoyable read. This is was the first book I have read of Beth's and it definitely will not be my last

    25. This book will definitely blind side you! I love books with unexpected turns and emotional twists that will pull at your heart. I fell in love with the characters . It was an amazing story and cannot wait for more from this author.

    26. The name was perfect for this book. I was blinded by the twist that came with the story . My emotions really got wrapped up in this story . Great Job and Ii think should add 10 stars at least for ratings cause this book was def a 10!

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