American Vampire, Vol. 7

American Vampire Vol Writer Scott Snyder Batman Swamp Thing and artist Rafael Albuquerque bring together even threads to the complex tapestry that is the world of American Vampire When we meet Pearl again it is in

  • Title: American Vampire, Vol. 7
  • Author: Scott Snyder Rafael Albuquerque Matías Bergara Dave McCaig
  • ISBN: 9781401248826
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Writer Scott Snyder Batman, Swamp Thing and artist Rafael Albuquerque bring together even threads to the complex tapestry that is the world of American Vampire.When we meet Pearl again, it is in 1960 s Kansas, an era fraught with fear of nuclear war, angry demonstrations and vast social change But what has changed in the years since the V.M.S attack And where isWriter Scott Snyder Batman, Swamp Thing and artist Rafael Albuquerque bring together even threads to the complex tapestry that is the world of American Vampire.When we meet Pearl again, it is in 1960 s Kansas, an era fraught with fear of nuclear war, angry demonstrations and vast social change But what has changed in the years since the V.M.S attack And where is Skinner Sweet Collecting American Vampire Second Cycle 1 5

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    1. The American Vampire legends continue.In this installment we witness vampires in hiding similar to the Underground Railway to get slaves out of slave states in America back in the day and tales of something deep underground which might hint to the origins of vampires yet is arguably too horrible to contemplate.Vibrant, shadowy and bloody artwork as usual.OVERALL GRADE: B plus.

    2. The delays and change of artist have me a little nervous about the future of this book. The writer and artist are both busy, and the plot is starting to feel less focused as we go on. This volume introduces an interesting new status quo for the '60s and a frightening new foe, but it feels like half a chapter of an unfinished story, rather than a volume in an ongoing series Lots to like here, but it's not a satisfying chunk of story and probably shouldn't have been published until there was more [...]

    3. So American Vampire: Second Cycle begins here and is good but not as good as the series usually is.What’s it about?Vampires are being hunted down across America and Pearl Jones is helping some vampiric kids stay safe while some really crazy s*** happens with them and Skinner Sweet is now a biker like the motorcycle kind of biker.Pros:The story is interesting.The art is still fantastic.The action is very exciting, cool and well done.This book is not predictable.The horror is well done.The chara [...]

    4. ARC provided through Net GalleySO happy I didn't have to wait long to read this! I should really stop reading this series until all of the issues are out because I have so much trouble containing my excitement both before reading each volume and immediately afterwards when I have to wait for the next one. American Vampire is one of those series that just hits all the right spots and endlessly leaves you wanting more. Volume 7 is no exception and I’m possibly more excited for the upcoming volum [...]

    5. Mixed feelings. On one hand, this volume does introduce a new foe, one that's both imaginative, suited for Snyder's vampires, and a convincing threat. I still like his vampires, incidentally. But this particular volume doesn't feel like a complete story so much as a prologue. And I miss the sense that the story is set in a particular time period. This volume felt much more timeless. But for me, part of the appeal of the series was watching the vampires through the decades. Very cool use of old s [...]

    6. Well, I've read 6, might as well read the 7th. This one features more plot development and a terrifying new something to be afraid of. The bonus story is really great, executed in a somewhat different style with higher word count than normal and yet just as effective. For any real vampire fans out there, these stories are a must. Recommended.

    7. First, I feel like I should have wrapped up this series awhile ago. Mea culpa on dragging my feet. This is a series that I enjoy a good deal, but like Bill Willingham's Fables there were times when the series dragged for me. This volume was a bit of walking through mud to finish. I nearly two starred this review, I even thought about a one star, but I started volume eight last night and so far the problems I have with this volume seem to be resolved come the second half of the story (so far anyw [...]

    8. I was hooked on the American Vampire series from the word go. I love the dangerous, scary, vampires who are not, I repeat not, pining away romantically for anyone. (With one non-obnoxious exception.) I love the savage artwork. I love the new take on vampire mythology, and the progression of the story through recognizable history. It's all awesome. But I have to admit that the last couple of collected volumes have been wanting something. They were still good, but that sparkle had diminished a lit [...]

    9. As usual, I can't get enough of these vampires! The story (finally!) continues following Pearl Jones and Skinner Sweet as they deal with an even older and more dangerous threat than the traditional Carpathian vampires. Volume six was an interlude of short stories, and while I enjoyed it, the lack of the main story drove me crazy! I can't keep waiting a year to find out what happens - I need more of this work in my life! Naturally I was excited about this next installment and I devoured it and no [...]

    10. Ehhhhhhh.So compared to the previous volumes, it's lost a substantial amount of momentum. And it was rather thin. Probably the second thinnest of the volumes. It was still good, but definitely not great.I'm sure I'll stick with this series. But the tagline for the next one is "American Vampires venture to the deadliest of frontiers: space!" I'm just not sure I can handle that because it sounds gut-wrenchingly tacky. But we will have to wait and see.

    11. “Time is the only constant. For the living it never stops… For the dead it doesn’t matter… And for the undead? For the undead, time is a joke to be laughed at!” The story of Skinner Sweet and Pearl Jones. A new step on evolution when it comes to vampire kind. Series Review: booksandstuff1357.wordpress.c

    12. It's baaaaack.After a volume of random anthologies, AmVamp is back and firing on all cylinders. This story picks up 10 years after the end of volume 5, with Skinner and Pearl trying to get along with their lives, only to find themselves in the crosshairs of the Gray Trader and his evil plans to resurrectmething horrible, no doubt. The mythos is getting even more interesting, but Snyder keeps Pearl and Skinner (as well as some other fan favourite characters) front and centre as the mystery deepen [...]

    13. As usual the illustrations are on point. For the majority of the story we are following Pearl whose taken to running a safe harbor of sorts for vampires passing through looking a spot to rest their heads before they can be off to start a new life. One night Pearl happens across a scared, young vamp with mysterious infectious wounds. How and what caused these wounds is the same thing that has Skinner sweet showing up at Pearl home for assistant.When something has badass vampire Skinner Sweet runn [...]

    14. As good as it gets It surprised me that we didn't get a hint from vol 5 things in vol 7 are not shackled to the 5th It's like a new different story with the same main characters It could've been better if we got cues from the previous volume on what's gonna be like next I am satisfied that Skinner character is still solid and original the same goes for Pearl Jones The destiny of American vampire is related to the two of them facing this new treat of malicious species with Sweet getting infected [...]

    15. this one more than makes up for volume 6 being so lackluster. I'm sad it ends on 2 different cliffhangers, but I hope volume 8 comes out soon. the art is good as always.

    16. Volume 7 expanded the world, adding new baddies and lots more plot to play with. Glad I can rely on this series to deliver the goods.

    17. Ce tome ainsi que le suivant malheureusement marquent une rupture dans la saga American vampire, je trouve Les auteurs ont voulu faire une pause et cela se ressent. Il y a bien de gros rebondissements mais franchement j'en ai perdu mon latin avec tous ces persos différents, les espèces de vampires et puis ce dernier chapître où là carrément le récit ne se fait plus en BD mais en récit écrit comme dans un roman ? Quoi vous avez eu une crise de fainéantise les gars, pas le courage de dé [...]

    18. First off I love how the cover pays homage to the first cover. Beautifully done. Secondly this new villian has a lot of promise. I was actually creeped out when he made his first appearance. Finally the last section regarding the mine has me so ingrid to see what happens next.

    19. the only problem I had with this volume is that in the end story, some of the font was very hard to read. It was supposed to be from a journal and it was cramped and almost illegible. otherwise, this was another volume packed with pearl and Skinner action.

    20. Este volumen inicia el segundo ciclo de la historia, empezando en la década de los 60. Una amenaza conocida como el Comerciante Gris, el que podría ser el Vampiro original, acaba de aparecer. Y este volumen te deja en un cliffhanger exquisito y tengo que leer más.

    21. Great addition! This one hit me more as insidious and creepy for some reason. It's got that grand, sweepy quality in its depth of story and background while remaining detailed in its characters. I liked this one a lot!On to the last!

    22. Bless the Second Cycle of Synder's AV. Bless this fascinating horror series that mixes classic Byron with King's early works into Lovecraftian dimensions.

    23. My god, the last bit was like a straight up creepypastaIS NEW VILLAIN IS CRAAAAZY. Jesus. I forgot how wild this series can be.

    24. Pearl is living a semi-idyllic life in the 60s, but where is Skinner--and to what lengths will he go to find her?

    25. It's nice to have this book back from hiatus. I really like the new villain, although I'm a little disappointed on where this volume stops.

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