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  1. This is a wonderful book for anyone who loves cozy books, food, or both. In this book, 128 Cozy Mystery Writers share their all time favorite recipes and I loved seeing what they all chose.Table Of Contents:Starters and BeveragesSoups and CrumblesSalads and DressingsPasta and CasserolesMain Course DishesVeggies and SidesDesserts and PiesCakes, Cupcakes, and FrostingsCookies, Bars, and BrowniesBreakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and TeatimeQuick, Easy, Quirky, Saucy, and Even Pet TreatsThere is also a sect [...]

  2. This cook book is full of scrumptious recipes. Quick and easy, yet so pleasing to our taste buds and moods. The uniqueness is in the "fun" with the connections to mystery writers who have added their special "finger-print" upon our culinary palates. As literary lovers, we know the joy of getting with others and discussing our books. It is always a good book time when we are gathered together, when there is a bounty of food, and our newest book discoveries. Now we can add to our table these tanta [...]

  3. This is a delightfully clever book! What better way to promote culinary mystery books and an introduction to the authors than by this yummy Cookbook. The first major portion of the book introduces the Recipes used in which series by which author followed by a bio of each author in the last portion of the book. I have only tried a couple of the recipes and they were scrumptious! I cannot wait until I try some of the others. There are recipes for almost anybody's taste buds. Just imagine128 culina [...]

  4. The creators of the recipes are creators in the truest sense of the word. Each is the author of cozy mysteries. And each is not only a talented writer, but also a good cook.In the book, there are recipes for everything- salads, main courses, desserts and even pet treats. The parts I like almost as much as the recipes, are the short biographies of each cozy author. The reader gets to see a picture of each author as a person. It is evident that they look at cooking as an art. It is also evident th [...]

  5. This was a greet surprise when it arrived. Full of interesting looking recipes that I want to start making immediately. There is also a nice section for goodies for your pets. In the back, is a great condensed section about every cozy mystery author who has contributed to this book, with a short bio and list of all their books. I am really enjoying reading this as a book. There are a great selection of munchy type items that can be used for book group meetings, as well as yummy whole meal choice [...]

  6. Delightful Cookbook!As I flipped through the pages of "Cozy Food" edited by Nancy Lynn Jarvis, I found a gem. MmmmmmmmmYum.Stimulating Decaf Coffee on page 19 is a wonderful recipe. It is simple, I have all the ingredients and it is delicious. Why didn't I think of this on my own?????? Well, that is what cookbooks are for and "Cozy Food" promises to provide many new recipes for my repertoire as well as new versions of some of my old favorites. I am especially fond of cozy mysteries and I can see [...]

  7. I love reading cozy mysteries and ones with a food theme and recipes are my favourite. I enjoyed reading about the authors and discovered a few new ones to try. The recipes look tempting although they are in american measurements so will need converting before I can try them.I enjoyed the outtakes.

  8. Cozy Food – 128 Cozy Mystery Writers Share Their Favorite Recipes (Edited by Nancy Lynn Jarvis) is more than a cook book.This book includes recipes, information about some favorite authors and tidbits about books. I’ve tried some of the recipes and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Nice to be able to find out what foods our favorite authors recommend along with how to prepare these dishes.Thank you Ms. Jarvis.

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