Taming Rafe

Taming Rafe This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN WOMAN COULD TAME HIMRafe Bancroft was nothing but a scoundrel But the sexy infuriating man was now the owner of Forton Hall Felicity Harrington

  • Title: Taming Rafe
  • Author: Suzanne Enoch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380798867 WOMAN COULD TAME HIMRafe Bancroft was nothing but a scoundrel But the sexy, infuriating man was now the owner of Forton Hall, Felicity Harrington s ancestral home The fiery beauty was determined to save her family and herself from ruin at the hands of the handsome rake But how can she, when she lies in bed eaThis is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380798867 WOMAN COULD TAME HIMRafe Bancroft was nothing but a scoundrel But the sexy, infuriating man was now the owner of Forton Hall, Felicity Harrington s ancestral home The fiery beauty was determined to save her family and herself from ruin at the hands of the handsome rake But how can she, when she lies in bed each night longing for her irresistible enemy s touch UNTIL HE MET THE RIGHT ONERafe might have won Forton Hall in a card game, but he had no intention of settling down No, his plan was to sell the place and be off on his next adventure until he met Felicity Suddenly days and nights spent with Felicity in his arms seem far alluring than any exotic land His roguish heart can t explain itunless love is the greatest adventure of all

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    1. Great Bancroft Brothers sequel - wandering rake meets responsible down-on-her-luck country girl and falls in loveTaming Rafe is the second of Suzanne Enoch's Bancroft Brothers books, the sequel to By Love Undone. I really enjoyed it, but I would also highly recommend reading the prequel - it's the better of the two and one of Enoch's best IMOMMARY:Rafael Bancroft (28), the younger brother of Quin Bancroft (hero in By Love Undone) and the son of the Duke of Highbarrow is the "bad boy" of his fami [...]

    2. Taming Rafe is one of Suzanne Enoch's older novels, and one I was unsure whether to read because of the premise. For the entire story, the hero and the heroine are living under the same roof, unchaperoned except for the presence of the heroine's 8-year old sister. If this set-up bothers you, consider yourself informed.I accepted this set-up and jumped in, mostly because I love Enoch stories and I'm running out of them. I was unsure how to rate this one. I think ultimately, it falls between a 3 a [...]

    3. Nicely done but empty Regency, the sequel to By Love Undone, a slightly more worthy book.Rafe is the quintessential younger brother who lives and loves to disappoint his domineering Duke of a father. Domineering but still loving so we're talking typical rebellious second son not broken bad boy. Rafe wants to travel, primarily to get away from his father and older brother's expectations. While trying to win enough money to get to China, Africa or wherever he wins a broken down estate instead.Brok [...]

    4. I LOVE RAFE AND FELICITY.There, I said it. I had my heart up in my throat most of the time, when Rafe and Felicity are together. This is a extremely cute story of a second son of a duke and a damsel in distress, aka the twin sister of a idiotic young who lost his inheritance to said second son. Rafe is a good-natured rake. He lacks nothing except a sense of belonging. A rather first world problem he has, I would say. His problem is never measuring up to his older brother and his father's expecti [...]

    5. This is a great book to read if you want to see just how far Suzanne Enoch has come as a writer. She's fabulous now, and it's easy to tell that this is one of her earlier works.The writing itself is eh, and the historical accuracy is wanting. The hero and heroine spend most of the book living together in the same house, without much in the way of scandal. Rafe is all right, and Felicity for the most part is okay, although she does have REALLY annoying moments where she'll ask him about his trav [...]

    6. I liked both Rafael (Rafe) and Felicity (Lis). I think it was interesting to see a man who has always been restless find comfort. He didn't realize what was happening and neither did she. It is a story of a man over-managed and constantly criticized by his father and older brother. Luckily he has the love and acceptance of his mother to balance him.I liked Felicity because although she experienced real disappointment, she took only the time necessary to dwell on it. She met obstructions head on [...]

    7. I absolutely loved Rafe!! He was made out to be a cad and wanderer but the story revolves around how he falls for Felicity, is absolutely adorable with her 8 yr old sister May and finally how he rebuilds the Fornton House itself. I thought it would be a fluffy romance novel but this book really amazed me. It had emotion and humor involved.This was a scene which made me all gooey inside and I re-read it just to visualize the whole thing again and again.She looked down at him again, heat rushing t [...]

    8. Uma das leituras perfeitas. Há um sincronismo entre os personagens que me cativaram. Rafe, um aventureiro que herda uma propriedade que já tem dono, Felicity vive com sua irmã pequena, May ( personagem cativante que fez aumentar ainda mais o encanto deste romance)numa casa semi destruída e luta com todas as forças para não perder o único abrigo seguro que conhece. Os dois, então, se veem envolvidos em estranhos acontecimentos e então, a paixão que nasce entre eles vão fazê-lo repensa [...]

    9. I liked the hero Rafe. He was witty and funny and I like the heroine. She was strong and her sister May was likeable as well. However I did think it strange the hero and heroine were intimate without any thought of the future which seemed strange for the historical time. It took Rafe a long time to commit and it made him seem selfish. I did like the story but was ready to finish the story and get to the happy ending. At times both the hero and heroine were too stubborn and got on my nerves. Just [...]

    10. Number 28!!!!I loved this second of the Bancroft Brothers stories! I have such a thing for feisty but practical heroines, and sexy dashing heroes! This book has both and a marvelous plot to boot! So very glad I found it!

    11. Didn't love Felicity and I think a better heroine would have been great for Rafe but I did love May! I think we see these guys again in a later Enoch book.

    12. "Taming Rafe" closes Suzanne Enoch's series on the Bancroft brothers. Having been introduced as the adventurous and good-humored second son, I was a little disappointed in his character development as I read through his own story. It lacks the parlor rooms and balls that are so common to the genre and instead focuses on the restoration of a dilapidated estate (that he won in a game of cards, no less). The book effectively creates a closed-off world around Forton Hall, which suits the story just [...]

    13. Author: Suzanne EnochFirst published: 1999Length: 373 pagesSetting: Cheshire, England. Regency-era.Sex: not significant. Infrequent.Hero: Second son wanting to make his way in the world with adventures.Heroine: Left by twin brother to care for their broken down estate. No money. No future.Almost Cheating: H is with another woman when book opens. h meets his previous paramours.A solid story but The unwillingness of the MCs to commit to the relationship wore at my patience. And our climatic finale [...]

    14. This was a pretty good book. Having read [Book: By Love Undone], I was looking forward to Rafe's book. It seemed like Rafe was a little bit in love with Maddie in the previous book and a little bit more tortured than his brother, so I was eager to read this. I like how Rafe's story turns out - with him realizing the root of his desire to travel and his restlessness and coming into responsibility. Rafe is good people. Felicity and her sister May are living in the house he won from their brother's [...]

    15. Rafe has classic Peter Pan syndrome. He doesn't want to grow up- just have adventures around the world. His brother (who has his own story that I didn't know about), and father,( the Duke )are usually disappointed by his extreme behaviors and use their influence to remove him from dangerous situations. Rafe gambles and wins an estate which he plans to sell to finance a trip to China or somewhere just as far away from England. When he gets there he sees a manor that has collapsed on itself and is [...]

    16. A very sweet and fun romance between a typical noble wastrel who has no desire to settle and in fact would prefer to travel the world and a practical and not typical lady who will do anything to saver her ancestral home.There wasn't any real laugh out loud funny moments but it did at least make me smile and the H and h weren't complete idiots which sets it up way above my recent romance reads.

    17. Rafe was so not who I was expecting him to be in a good way. I absolutely loved how he decided to stay with her. Its hard choice to make, when leaving was all he had been planning for so long. But may be what I liked about him was that he chose to stay with her. I absolutely adored May. Took me a long time, including all my hiatus, to finish this one. I am glad I did, though.

    18. Despite the idiotic title, at last, a book I liked! Our hero has wanderlust but considers settling down when he comes in possession of a ramshackle estate with two strong-willed sisters still occupying it (one adult, one kid). This is just such a warm, lovely book about warm lovely people. It made me ridiculously happy.

    19. If you're going to learn a life lesson from Regency romance, let it be that good communication skills will save you at least fifty pages of angst in your life. Seriously, people. USE YOUR WORDS.Also, bad dude went waaaaaay whackadoodle at the end. Like, waaaaaaay whackadoodle. There needed to be more build up to that.However, May was adorable and I would read an entire series about her.

    20. While I enjoyed the first book more, this story was still a lot of fun. Rafe is definitely a hero to love! The only thing that irritated me was that the author used a different first name for the hero's mother in the first book than in this book.

    21. A sweet read! I loved the development of feelings between the characters that are not too out of place or too fast. The author makes it believable and it was nice to see Rafe as a hands on hard worker despite being untitled. I absolutely recommend this !

    22. I think because I started reading this with completely different expectations I never fully felt immersed in the story. But the plot is good, the characters are good, and little May is so cute. I swear, you can get me to love any story as long as it includes an adorable child.

    23. Not Enoch's best, but still an entertaining read. Story lagged in the middle but the ending made up for it. No epilogue.

    24. Although this story's first love sceen seemed peculiar to the setting and slightly modern and rushed, it was a sweet and fun story.

    25. So Far so good, but in love Undone, the first in this series, Rafe's mothers name was Victoria. In this book, her name is Julia ?!/?!?!?

    26. The hero and heroine are delightful and probably deserve their HEA. However, the story and plot are such a hole-y, implausible, anachronistic mess that I couldn't force myself to finish it.

    27. Just a really enjoyable read!! Lighthearted and humorous, loved the family dynamics, and Rafe and Felicity made a dynamic couple. Tons of fun!!

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