Secrets of the Lighthouse

Secrets of the Lighthouse Ellen Trawton is running away from it all She hates her job she doesn t love the aristocratic man to whom she is engaged and her relationship with her controlling mother is becoming increasingly str

  • Title: Secrets of the Lighthouse
  • Author: Santa Montefiore
  • ISBN: 9781629238302
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Ellen Trawton is running away from it all She hates her job, she doesn t love the aristocratic man to whom she is engaged, and her relationship with her controlling mother is becoming increasingly strained So Ellen leaves London, fleeing to her aunt s cottage in Connemara Cutting ties with London society, Ellen gives in to Ireland s charm and warmth, thinking her futureEllen Trawton is running away from it all She hates her job, she doesn t love the aristocratic man to whom she is engaged, and her relationship with her controlling mother is becoming increasingly strained So Ellen leaves London, fleeing to her aunt s cottage in Connemara Cutting ties with London society, Ellen gives in to Ireland s charm and warmth, thinking her future may lie where so much of her past has been hidden Her imagination is soon captured by the ruins of a lighthouse where, five years earlier, a young mother died in a fire The ghost of the young wife, Caitlin, haunts the nearby castle Unable to move on, she watches her husband and children, hoping they might see her and feel her love once But she doesn t anticipate her husband falling in love again

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    1. Ellen Trawton desperately needed peace and solitude away from her pushy mother and a fiancée she didn't love, so she arranged to go and stay with her, Aunt Peg in rugged countryside of Connemara. Ellen's mother had not spoken to her sister for thirty years and if, Ellen hadn't been rummaging through some old letters of her mother's she still would not have known her aunt existed. Ellen left a note, but she never said where she was going as she knew her mother would only try and bring her back, [...]

    2. *4.5I have to be honest, I didn't love this story because of the romance. That isn't what kept me up late reading. What I loved was the romance of Ireland. I thought Santa Montefiore did an excellent job creating the scenes taking place on the Connemara coast, I felt like I was there. I loved all the aspects of that little place; the ruins, the castle, the coast, the waves crashing against the lighthouse. I was there having a Guinness at the Pot of Gold and having conversations with my large Iri [...]

    3. I realize I'm very much in a minority regarding this book, but that's okay. While I also realize many will, and do, find this utterly romantic, I just couldn't. I found little to nothing to like. While the Irish setting is well done (an area I yearn to see again)and the cover is lovely--the rest left me wincing.Initially, the "ghost" narration every few chapters is effective and spooky yet like most everything else, it falters as the novel progresses. What starts off as a very Gothic, spooky, ob [...]

    4. I think this is the third book I have read by this author and I have enjoyed all of them, although this one not quite so much as others. At just under 450 pages, that is a lot of reading for what turned out to be not as much as I would have liked in the way of a story. It didn’t seem to sweep from continent to continent and era to era in the same way.At the start of the story Ellen Trawton has run away to Ireland to escape from her mother and fiancé, taking refuge at the home of her Aunt Peg, [...]

    5. Oh dear, once again I seem to be at odds with all the other reviewers. This simply didn't work for me, and I finished it by skim reading at least a third of it. Once again, maybe it was me, because once again it was the main, female protagonist who really put me off. Ellen is 33. She's beautiful, she's rich, she has loving parents, she's been brought up in a gilded cage. She's engaged to be married, she has a job, she has money, she has friends. Yet poor Ellen is miserable and feels trapped and [...]

    6. Knjiga je odlična, radnja mi se baš dopala ali je izadnje baš u skladu s cijenom. Ne znam da li vas to pomete dok čitate, ali mene greške toliko zbune dok čitam, pa onda i izgubim želju. Bezveze mi je što mi je trebalo 10 dana da pročitam knjigu koja stvarno ima dobru radnju, odlične opise i čak i ljubavnu priču ukomponovanu u sve to. Irska mi je oduvijek bila primamljiva zemlja a ova knjiga je još više produbila moju želju da nekad ako budem u mogućnosti ju i posjetim. Odlična [...]

    7. I would like to thank Net Galley and Simon & Schuster for an Advanced Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. What an amazing book! I don't know where to begin. Ellen Trawton knows that she needs to get away, she doesn't know why and she doesn't know what she wants but she just knows she needs to be anywhere but London. It doesn't feel right to her. It doesn't feel like she belongs. So she quits her job and leaves for Ireland because she knows that her family will not follow her [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book though I do really enjoy Santa's novels. I have only read two other books of hers but I will be aiming to read them all eventually.For someone who didn't grow up or as far as I know, spend a lot of time in Ireland, Santa really nailed the atmosphere that can be seen and felt in any small Irish town. The friendliness of locals, the big families, people who know everyone, the judgement, the curiosity, the gossip but all in all, a place full of big hearts and loud laughte [...]

    9. My dnf's are piling up this year so far, but I've pretty much completely check out of this book. I didn't really like Ellen and I was growing to actively dislike Caitlin. In the 100+ pages I read every conversation was Ellen telling people about why she came to Ireland (I heard the same spiel at least 5 different times - when she meets Peg, her uncles, Dylan, Elana, and Connor - and she seemed pretentious every time) or about Caitlin's death - speculating if it was an accident or if Connor kille [...]

    10. Santa Montefiore has written a beguiling novel set in Connemara, Ireland where Ellen Trawton has fled from her home in London at the age of thirty-three to escape her job, the aristocratic man she is engaged to but doesn't love, and her controlling mother. Ellen flees to the one place her mother would never think to look for her, her aunt Peg's home in Ireland. The sisters have been estranged for thirty years following a family drama and Ellen knows she will be safe there while she sorts out her [...]

    11. When Ellen Trawthorn wants to run away from her past for a bit where her family won't find her, what better place to go than her mother's family that she wasn't ever supposed to know about. Once in Ireland with her mother's large family, Ellen starts to get to know them and enjoy their more laid back lifestyle. She is welcomed by the family her mother rejected, and she finally has a chance to think about what she wants for her own life.When she meets widowed Conor, Ellen feels a connection right [...]

    12. I reviewed this book for luxuryreading.When the demands of Ellen Trawton’s life in posh London become too much for her to handle she runs away from her overbearing mother and the fiancée she doesn’t love to the one place she knows no one will look for her: the Irish coastal village her mother grew up in and refused to ever discuss. Staying with her Aunt Peg under the guise of writing a book Ellen soon discovers a large and loving family she never knew she had. As she digs deeper into why he [...]

    13. The representations of Ireland, and finding a large loving family, and being a regular in the local pub and becoming part of the fabric of a community -- belonging -- really spoke to me. And the main character's dawning conviction that life is short, and we have to take a risk to follow our own hearts instead of just toiling away at a miserable job in a place we feel unconnected fromat really spoke to me in my current life situation. But the negatives outweighed the positives with this book:-The [...]

    14. Review also found at kristineandterri/2I received a copy of this book from the publisher Simon & Schuster via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I have a mixed opinion about this story and I do not know how to start explaining it.I really enjoyed the portrayal of Ireland and the descriptions of it's landscapes and the dynamic of strong family bonds within its small towns. This was the highlight for me experiencing how everyone looks out for each other and family comes first at all t [...]

    15. SECRETS OF THE LIGHTHOUSESanta MontefioreBecause I’m so particular in my ideas about a good romance, I’m often disappointed with boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back. Also very tired of a couple’s constant battling which is supposed to be an expression of their mutual attraction. That said I love a sweeping and romantic novel that is a true escape.Santa Montefiore is a master at finding the magic combination in her books. I truly loved THE FRENCH GARDENER despite the over [...]

    16. I just really liked this book and don't want to overthink what could've been done better. It was different and entertaining, and I felt like I was in Ireland!

    17. I really enjoyed this book, describing it as a light romance. Montefiore can really make you travel to the places she writes about and want to meet and spend time with the characters. There was enough suspense to keep me going and just a touch of magic to lighten the heart.

    18. This was another excellent story from Santa. This was a ghost story as well as a love story, and was beguiling and heart-rending. I loved it.

    19. What an evocative book! Brush off your passports, kids, because you will want to head to Connemara when you finish this one.Ellen is suffering a disconnect with her life. She is dark haired where her sisters are blonde; she is content being single whereas her mother wants her profitably married. She doesn't like her job all that much, and she doesn't feel at home in London. With a wedding five months away to a fiancé she does not love, she feels desperate. And we all know that when you're despe [...]

    20. There are many contradictions within Secrets of the Lighthouse that may prove too distracting to readers. For example, even though Ellen does not act like a spoiled rich girl, she is still a thirty-year-old woman living at home and following the path her parents set for her. While most women her age are worrying about careers, paying bills, and finding that special someone, her biggest problem is having to tell her fiancé and her parents that she does not want to get married. As such, her life [...]

    21. Review first published on my blog The Fictional ReaderThis is another book I got from the library. I’ve been on a library-kick lately! I’m actually using the library to lend out books in genres I wouldn’t usually pick up. If I don’t end up liking them then, I won’t have wasted money. This sounded like an interesting and atmospheric read about a young woman trying to find her place in life, and the romance she finds along the way. That’s not how I would describe it though.My favorite [...]

    22. I was drawn into this book right from the word go, the idea of someone running away to Ireland to escape what's going on in their life was really intriguing to me and then there were all the secrets. Family secrets, her secrets, secrets of what went on in the lighthouse, it was so compelling and I wanted to find out what was going on. The setting of the book was also great, roughest coastlines and quaint village feel, a roaring fire and a good old pub thrown in for good measure too, what's not t [...]

    23. I enjoy uncanny authors like Santa Montefiore because a story brimmed outside her milieu. Romance incorporating a ghost is no longer plain. An interesting about-face is that the spirit in "Secrets Of The Lighthouse" is a secondary protagonist, using Ellen Trawton to apologize to her husband for unstable behaviour that precipitated her death. We notice Caitlin Macausland's demeanour grows lighter or darker, dependent on whether she urges Connor towards a fresh life, or provokes hurdles out of spi [...]

    24. 2.5 Stars. Santa Montefiore books are either hit or miss with me. This one was a definite miss. One hundred pages into it, I nearly gave up but decided I wanted to see how it played out. The story is about 33 year old Londoner Ellen who runs away from her life to Ireland. She chooses Ireland because it is where her long lost Aunt Peg lives. As her mother never speaks of Ireland and has never gone back, Ellen figures it is the one place she'll never look for her. Upon her arrival in Ireland, she [...]

    25. I loved this book! It had so much that I enjoy reading, secrets, mystery, ghosty spirits, plus it weaves back and forth in time. It also takes place in Ireland and my first novel by this author.It's no secret that I am a big fan of audio books. I'm by no means an expert on audio books but I know what I like and what I don't. Not all books work in audio format and others do marvelously. But the main thing that makes or breaks an audio is the reader. They can't be too fast or too slow and the acce [...]

    26. “Secrets of the Lighthouse” transports you from your favorite reading spot to beautiful Connemara, Ireland- a lush land of rolling hills where the mist rolls off the coast while the deceased watch over their loved ones longing to be with them again fueling the mystical stories of fairies and leprechauns.Ellen Trawton had enough of her claustrophobic, aristocratic life in London and escapes to her mother’s homeland, a secret her mother thought she had carefully guarded, to break the chains [...]

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