The Chase, Volume 2

The Chase Volume the number of notches on my belt the notch I can t get out of my head the notch who leaves me wanting than I m prepared to give back Who is Blair Parker She is unlike any women I have

  • Title: The Chase, Volume 2
  • Author: Jessica Wood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: None
  • 736 the number of notches on my belt.736 the notch I can t get out of my head.736 the notch who leaves me wanting than I m prepared to give back.Who is 736 Blair Parker.She is unlike any women I have met before She s powerful She s feisty She s headstrong And above all, she s the one I had to break my one and only rule to chase down But there s just one pro736 the number of notches on my belt.736 the notch I can t get out of my head.736 the notch who leaves me wanting than I m prepared to give back.Who is 736 Blair Parker.She is unlike any women I have met before She s powerful She s feisty She s headstrong And above all, she s the one I had to break my one and only rule to chase down But there s just one problem She wants nothing to do with me before and after our night together If that s not enough, life then throws me another curve ball I m offered an opportunity of a lifetime It s an opportunity to achieve the success I ve worked so hard for It s an opportunity anyone in my position would kill for It s an opportunity that I d be crazy to say no to But there is a catch There is a price to pay There is something I need to do in exchange for this opportunity To be the youngest partner at the most prestigious international law firm, I need to make Blair the casualty of my success The Chase, Volume 2 is volume two of a four part contemporary romance novella series.

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    1. OH MY GOD!!! WHERE DO I START???At the end of book one Dean is offered a proposal, kind of, by Trent Parker. Blair's older brother. Trent wants Blair out of the business. And he wants Dean to seduce her and ruin her. Now this is complicated by the fact that Dean is Blair and Trent's company lawyer. Making Blair Dean's client. Dean thinks about it and listens to what Trent is offering and it really is an offer that is hard to refuse. Yet Dean is torn, he doesn't want to have feelings, feelings on [...]

    2. Если над первой частью истории я посмеялась, то вторая часть мне таких радостных эмоций не принесла. Автор углубилась в драму. Неплохо придумано, но финал развернут как-то чересчур быстро и нелепо. Не оценила я повествование от обоих героев. Части от лица Блэр очень не к мес [...]

    3. And the Chase continues!This is the second volume in the series, be sure to read volume one first and before reading this review The fun and excitement continues. We get flashbacks for both Dean and Blair and understand more about what is going on in their lives and a little more insight from Damian! And now a bit about the storyHe got his #736, so now he can move on, right? Except he's been made an offer, make her fall for you and I'll make sure you are partner at your firm next year, which is [...]

    4. First of all, I won an early copy of The Chase 2 through a contest that Jessica has. I can't imagine having my heart broke so badly that I never want to love another person. Dean has experienced this kind of heartbreak, but I believe his heart might be softening for Blair. Trent is trying to get Dean to do something underhanded to Blair, but hopefully Dean will not let his career come between him and Blair. But what happens at the end of this book totally takes me by surprise and the people that [...]

    5. I love Dean Chase, the ruthless sexy bastard!Great writing. I swear at times I feel like Jessica Wood us in my head, she's writes like I think. This only makes the already well defined characters come to life. Multiple times I found I was sitting there reading with a grin on my face.Blair is awesome. She's smart, funny, sassy as hell and has the confidence to trump ego-maniac Dean. I loved their email banter!!! Dean's aggressive, inappropriate replies made me laugh out loud.Excellent, excellent [...]


    7. The Chase 2 Omg loved how you went back to explained how Dean was and what made him be this man who didn't believe in love Had me on the edge of my seat thinking of what games he was planning to play with Blair. You got me screaming at the end, didn't see that coming at all, can't wait for the 3rd part By the way love how you also included Damian and Alexis in the book Thank you for this chance. Well written as always

    8. Oh my goshWTF! Can I be 737, please?!This cliffhanger just made me shiver My mouth is still open Seriously? I am not even sure if I comprehend what I think I know probably because I am still in shock!This book is written well, Dean is a sexy, dirty-mouthed lawyer, my absolute favorite type of alpha, and Blair smart, confident, how could I not like her? One, if not THE best cliffhanger I have read to date. Book 3: yes, please!

    9. Loved it! This is a page turner from start to finish. Cannot wait for volume 3! The fire is so alive between Dean and Blair! You can see their chemistry in your mind as you read. Jessica Wood does a wonderful job making sure that all aspects of the story line are told so your not wondering about what happened previously (love that). This is one that will definitely leave you with your mouth hanging open and begging for the next!

    10. Chase and Blair spend a HOT night together but Blair don't want to put everything on the line for a men that won't commit, Chase is hungry for more Blair he's realizing that this goes deeper than he thought so when he has to choose between he's future and Blair he makes unexpected decisions. This is a jaw dropping series that left you hungry for more because the end of this part is totally unexpected :)

    11. Cannot believe that I have finished this already. This was an amazing read that as soon as I bought it, I started reading, lost track of time and then it was finished. OMG.I loved it. The story is incredible, it sucks you in and does not let go, and the characters, you cannot help but fall in love with them.This has to be on your must read list, no doubt about it. You will not be sorry.

    12. Ahhh! Another part to this series has blown my mind! My head is spinning from this ending. Jessica really knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats! What's going to happen to Dean and Blair?! Let's just say it's going to be nothing but fireworks once that secret is revealed! I've already got my popcorn ready for this drama to roll out!

    13. Well Dean is still the man in book 2. He is wearing Blair down. Trent propositions Dean and he is not really sure how to take it. We find out about Dean and Blair's past. So that sheds some light on what is going on now. The chemistry between the two is off the roof. So now this cliffhanger they will have to face is jaw dropping. Book three can't wait. Ladies this seems to just get better.

    14. wow. that ending. ok, yeah, it's a cliffhanger but wow. This is an amazing series and should be added to your TBR pile.

    15. This was another great story by Jessica Wood. I loved reading more about Dean and Blair. This was a story that has had me on the of my seat since the beginning. I cannot wait to read volume 3.

    16. For the full effect click hereAs Damian’s story this second book will approach this couple with a double POV, and that will give you that extra view you have always wanted, and always does when you have a guy and a girl being the center of everything.The final cliffhanger told us something that might change how this couple will react towards one another. But something else entirely, as getting to know the past from Dean and Blaire, which will drop on your lap and become the second cliffhanger [...]

    17. Oops. Parece que no puse mucha atención a este volumen.Lo que sé es que lo leí súper rápido.Como sea, por fin encuentro más historia que escenas sexuales, las cuales no son por mucho de las mejores que he leído. La verdad lo que menos imaginé que pasara fuera que Trent y Katherine estuvieran intercambiados xDCuando se supo que la hermana de Blair era la Perra Rubia me dieron ganas de gritar un: Pobrecito Chase, ja ja ja.Y bueno, como ya me leí el tercer volumen ahora mismo escribo la re [...]

    18. Jeez is Jessica Woods a tease. Once again she gets you to the point where you are hooked and awaiting the next moves the character will make…d then BAM! It ends. 5 Stars is not nearly enough for this series. I am dying with anticipation of the next book, but the good thing is it’s already out. That’s right bookies; we can get more of Dean Chase, the sex god himself, without the wait. THANK GOD! I am literally going through withdrawals from all his sexiness.So many questions are left unansw [...]

    19. You know, Blair character is not as strong as what Dean described. The book #2 got Blair POV. Oh darn, this book only solified the fact that i hate this type of heroine so much. So much for strong resolution, but in reality too weak even to act indifference. Blair character is underdevelop, i couldnt connect with her. i literally cursing outloud after learning the twist and truth at the very last chapter. What a book. This series has an interesting storyline, but sadly unbalanced MC characteriza [...]

    20. The Chase 2 pulled at my heart strings. In this volume, we get a look into Deans past and see what made him the man he is. Dean's high school sweetheart, Katherine, really did a number on him. You will hurt for Dean. Dean and Blair's chemistry is as intense as ever. He is warring with himself over Trent's proposal to ruin Blair. You will not believe the bombshell that was discovered at the end of this book. Jessica Wood is a genius! I can't wait to see how it's all going to play out!

    21. I love this series. I could not believe the last sentence in the book. I would have never expected that Trent was not Blair's brother. It was even a bigger surprised that Katherine was her half sister. Especially since she broke Deans heart. I'm dying to find out what happens if Blair decides to tell Dean.

    22. I found this predictable and too insta-love feeling for my liking. Dean throws away his golden oppurtunity because he can't imagine a life without her? They've known each other all of three real days. I don't get it.

    23. I loved book 1 but completely died for book 2. if you had any doubts about Dean being a woman hater. well let's just s as you'll find out why he is like he is and if 1 left you wondering about Trent let's just say you won't believe your ears. can't wait for 3

    24. It's so short but so good!! Can't wait to read the next one ☺️ I'm glad things are changing but this story plot is a bit too much haha

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