The Irish Devil

The Irish Devil Only sixteen when she discovers that her mother is a spy for the South during the Civil War Viola Ross desperately tries to conceal her family s dark secret at the end of the conflict she must marry

  • Title: The Irish Devil
  • Author: Diane Whiteside
  • ISBN: 9780758207920
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Only sixteen when she discovers that her mother is a spy for the South during the Civil War, Viola Ross desperately tries to conceal her family s dark secret at the end of the conflict she must marry the one man in town who knows Edward Ross, a drunkard who soon uproots Viola and takes her out West in search of gold When Edward is tragically killed, Viola survives the bOnly sixteen when she discovers that her mother is a spy for the South during the Civil War, Viola Ross desperately tries to conceal her family s dark secret at the end of the conflict she must marry the one man in town who knows Edward Ross, a drunkard who soon uproots Viola and takes her out West in search of gold When Edward is tragically killed, Viola survives the best way she can, and ends up becoming partner with another widow in a laundry and dressmaking business, barely making ends meet When her partner deserts her and her husband s debts threaten to destroy her, Viola offers William Donovan a self made Irish man a deal he can t resist She offers to be his personal mistress for three months in return, Donovan agrees to house and feed her, which allows Viola to turn down the advances of Paul Lennox, a treacherous man whom she loathes As Viola and William start to trust each other much to both of their surprise things heat up as Lennox plots to kidnap Viola But will the growing bond between Viola and her Irish devil prove strong enough to overcome the dangerous circumstances that are headed their way

    One thought on “The Irish Devil”

    1. 3 generous stars because I felt bad for William.Gosh, I really wanted to like this book. Have you ever felt a sneeze coming on…you know, the first little itch in your sinus so you start doing the Bewitched twitchy thing with your nose to make the itch go away? But that doesn’t work and pretty soon the itch becomes a tickle/itch, but still no sneeze. Before you know it you’ve got the palm of your hand smushing your nose all over your face trying to get rid of the annoying tickle/itch and yo [...]

    2. Oh, Lordy!The town laundress, widowed Viola Ross, looses her house and business because of a friend’s greed, the man she’s refused to marry time and again just won’t take the hint, she will not remarry, because let’s face it, marriage is overrated, but since she get’s an ultimatum along the lines of "Marry me or go homeless, because no one will give you shelter" and she refuses to join the flock of parlor house ladies, she decided to seek protection as the mistress of an intriguing Iri [...]

    3. I love hot love scenes as much as the next girl but when it's all the book is based on, it becomes tedious. I blame myself of course, I knew I was reading an erotica and kept on reading, so there. I got pulled in by the theme since I can't resist the heroine mistress theme but this was not a romantic read to me. I'm not a big fan of erotica's to begin with because the plots are usually just pages and pages of sex filled scenes and you know, I want to read a romance not a sexmance. Okay, even if [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book, but I just didn’t feel the romance build up between the hero and heroine that I like. The biggest reason the sex just over powered the storyline. I like erotic, but in these longer novels sometime it’s just too much reading page after page of sex, the characters story just gets put aside. This book also didn’t read like an historical romance to me either it felt to modern times with the wording. The sweetheart calling just got on my last nerves, along wit [...]

    5. Rough and ready Western frontier romance that's heavy on the steam and light on everything else. And that's a shame, too, because the plot had lots of potential and the story could have been elevated to "great" status if the author spent as much time describing the motivations and actions of the characters as she did discussing the dew. And I'm not talking about Mountain Dew. Despite these drawbacks, I enjoyed this story, and I look forward to the next few books in the series!

    6. Let me just start by saying that this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a good book. It is porn, pure and simple. But, so enjoyable! It totally satisfied as a guilty pleasure, having everything I secretly love in a romance--saintly, meek heroines, tough-but-sensitive heroes, a little light B&D, and almost no conflict whatsoever. Perfection, especially for lazy vacation days! Also, Whiteside writes hot, kinky sex scenes. Lots of them! This is an "erotic romance" for sure, which means [...]

    7. I read this book because of a challenge I was in where I had to read a book with Irish or Luck in the title.I enjoyed the story, as it had everything in that I enjoy in a good book - romance, sex and a story with a bit of angst (if you know what I mean) but there was someting lacking that does not make it a 5 star read.Viola Lindsey, married Edward Ross because he blackmailed her but because of the marriage her family disowned her (something Edward had not expected) and they went west to mine go [...]

    8. Free Kindle download. I'd heard of the popular author, so I actually got down to reading this right away. I was disappointed, though. I was hoping for something remarkable for the genre, something that would transcend the stereotypical, but the characters were so two-dimensional, it was hard for me to like the book much. The heroine is so pure and so downtrodden, born of the best families and so beautiful so that she was coveted by the evil rancher. And of course, the hero is the epitome of all [...]

    9. I did not like this book at all. For a man enamored of Viola, Donavan certainly jumped at the chance to have a willing concubine when she was in desperate straits. I found his behavior dishonorable and disgraceful - making a whore of an honorable lady. Yeah yeah, he protected her from her enemies and he married her in the end - big deal - he's still a swine. I don't enjoy books where the heroine falls for the rapist or kidnapper (not that Donovan is either but you get the point.) I just don't fi [...]

    10. Lighthearted and enjoyable kindle freebie here. I found this story to be surprisingly sweet and fluffy for its genre. And, the real shocker, the lead characters IMO were actually decently developed, not completely one dimensional. There are several minor issues I had with the writing, such as lots of repetitive phrasing and actions and some nonsensical sentence structures but ultimately with this genre, it's hard to be too highly critical as I rarely have any expectations from the get go.

    11. OMG! I think I melted last night from the heat pouring off my blackberry while I read this. Wow! I am normally not a fan of westerns, but for William Donovan I might change my mind. Holy cowboy Batman! I want one! He is heart stoppingly sensual and his aim is to please his lady. What more can a girl ask for. :D

    12. Can I give it 6 stars? I love this book and I do not like historical westerns. I just love the story and the characters and the plot and I just love it. I was surprised to see how low everyone else rated this book. For me, I don't give out 5 stars often, only for books that I will read again, and this is one that I read over and over because I just enjoy the interaction and the love scenes.

    13. The upside of my reading through the library adventure is that I find hidden gems I wouldn't otherwise chose to read. The downside is that I also find books likeThe Irish Devil . This book is tripe, pure and simple. It's poorly written, there's very little in the way of plot, and the "characters" feel more like props than fully fleshed out people. I can't really think of any reason to purposefully read this book unless you like racier romance novels and seek them out. Even then, I'm sure there a [...]

    14. 2.5 stars, ordinary story, no new ideas, nothing really grabbed me.There were a lot of erotic sex scenes with bondage and current day sex toys. Don’t look for historical accuracy. That is not the purpose of this book. Other than the sex scenes, the plot and events were predictable and similar to a typical romance novel. It was ok, but I wasn’t surprised or delighted.Story brief: Viola came from a wealthy family. Her father disowned her when she married Edward. Edward brought her to a small m [...]

    15. I did not like this book. At first it was interesting because I did want to know how Viola was going to get through her ordeal but after she hooked up with William Donovan, the whole story just went south. I think this was meant to be a love story but it was more of an "F" book than anything else. There is BDSM and a lot of it. It seemed like every time I pushed the button on my reader to the turn the page, something even more sordid than before was going on and frankly, it got old. Yes, people, [...]

    16. #1 Devil - Western Historical romance/eroticaWell written, as far as authenticity, characters, intriguing and interesting main and sub-plots. Set in Arizona in approximately 1870, this small mining town is a rough and dangerous place. Apache Indian attacks are a constant threat, as is the harsh environment.Viola is a launderess, a widow, fighting off the marriage proposals of a the wealthy mine owner. William Donovan is a freight contractor who ends up protecting Viola from the mine owner's incr [...]

    17. It was okay. I enjoyed the characters but the drama in the story was kind of silly. nothing major, the bad guy was just stupid. If he was going to do what he was going to do in the end he could have just done it long ago, but then yea if he did there wouldn't have been a story lolI did like the two main characters William and Viola she was adorably cute when William taught her all he knew about sex but he was a little sicko at any event they were made for each other and their love growth was bel [...]

    18. Picked this book from the bookshelf of the house my family was vacationing in (mostly because the word 'Irish' is in the title) and am glad I did. Mostly because I wouldn't be able to pick it up from a bookstore shelf without furtively glancing around to check who saw me. The plot was average, but it was the descriptive writing that kept my attention. Definitely not one to buy, but if you're ever on vacation and see the book on a shelf, pick it up.

    19. This used to be one of my all time favorite romance series. But rereading it years later has not been kind to this story for me. The characters were boring and the erotic scenes made me laugh instead of hot and bothered. I still enjoyed the romance but I was glad when I finished this book. I was tempted to reread the rest of the series but I think I'll just leave that to fond memories.

    20. WOW!! One of thee BEST historical romances I've read in a really long time; with a twist of really hot and spicy sex!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, the plot, the setting and of course the scorching sex scenes!!! a Must read if you love cowboyswith a hint of Irishd if you dont love cowboysyou will after reading this!!!

    21. The first in the Devil series by Diane Whiteside. Viola Ross is a widow and in need of protection. She goes to William Donovan and offers herself up to be his mistress.My first book by this author and quite a steamy little thing too. I enjoyed it. Some elements were out of my normal comfort zone and a few extra steamy scenes I could have lived without but I still liked it.

    22. Hold on to your hats. Diane jumps in and explores depths that are not for the faint of heart (so to speak). I personally LOVED this book the best. D-A-M-N. I'd give this 10 stars if they were available.

    23. As far as romance novels go this was excellent! The plot was a bit trite (and you totally have to ignore the outrageously outdated gender dynamics) but there were some amazingly steamy scenes. Usually romance novels are very tame, this one definitely isn't.

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