No Weapon Formed

No Weapon Formed In this sequel to Michelle Stimpson s beloved debut novel Boaz Brown LaShondra and her Boaz Stelson are living the ideal American lifestyle except for the subtle and not so subtle ways society ke

  • Title: No Weapon Formed
  • Author: Michelle Stimpson
  • ISBN: 9781499642865
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this sequel to Michelle Stimpson s beloved debut novel, Boaz Brown, LaShondra and her Boaz, Stelson, are living the ideal American lifestyle, except for the subtle and not so subtle ways society keeps reminding them that they aren t the norm She s African American, he s Caucasian, and their oldest child is already tackling the question of identity It s bad enough whenIn this sequel to Michelle Stimpson s beloved debut novel, Boaz Brown, LaShondra and her Boaz, Stelson, are living the ideal American lifestyle, except for the subtle and not so subtle ways society keeps reminding them that they aren t the norm She s African American, he s Caucasian, and their oldest child is already tackling the question of identity It s bad enough when outsiders show their ignorance or disdain But when the issues come from family, LaShondra finds herself wondering if Stelson can truly comprehend the challenges looming on the horizon When a church picnic leads to a head on clash between LaShondra s fears and Stelson s optimism, the truth prevails But that s just the beginning LaShondra learns that the drama during the family outing was only a set up for an even rigorous spiritual battle to save her family After turning her back to the pressures at work and yielding to Stelson s leadership, LaShondra finds herself interceding for a husband she hardly even recognizes any Is this the beginning of the end for the couple that truly endeavored to honor God s ways, or will this season fortify their marriage for His glory

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    1. This was a good sequel to Boaz Brown. It showed the trials that the couple faced and how they worked to overcome them with God' help. I really enjoyed the story!

    2. It has been a very, very long time since a book grabbed me from the first word and held on tight until the final period. I read No Weapon Formed in a matter of hours. I became fully engrossed in the story and fully invested in the characters and their lives. This is book two of a series, but one does not have to have read book one in order to enjoy this novel. No Weapon Formed was a smooth, easy read full of life lessons and spiritual food. An enjoyable read no matter where you are in your Chris [...]

    3. I love her writing style. She's becoming one of my favorite authors. Sheldon & LaShondra are back, now with kids. What is the proper way to raise bi-racial children? Seems to be the best way to raise a child period. There's so much going on that its amazing that LaShondra went to her Heavenly Father for answers. They say love conquers all but God always has the answer!

    4. My Review: No Weapons Formed is Book 2 of the Boaz Brown Family. The setting is in the state of Texas. I found Book 2 to be a good read for a solo novel as I have not read book one. What piqued my interest was the life of an Interracial Christian African American women (married to an Caucasian man) with children and the natural incidents and issues from within the marriage, the family and the community reaction. Characters: My favorite character was secondary character, Peaches, I liked her hone [...]

    5. The constant reminder that LaShondra and Stelson are different keeps haunting them in the second installment of the Boaz Brown series, No Weapon Formed by Michelle Stimpson. The couple has been able to deal with outsiders questioning their interracial marriage but when a family member start it causes a whole new issue. LaShondra decides to give in to her husband’s leadership by leaving her job to stay at home with the children. It was a struggle for LaShondra and she is determined to make it w [...]

    6. I once heard someone emphatically say that "marriage is ministry!" After reading this book, I can definitely say that the aspect of marriage being a ministry (of intimacy, faith, & devotion) is clearly illustrated for the reader. The MC's (Shondra & Stelson)found in this book are two of the most well-written IRR characters to date, and the pathway that they have to travel from their courtship to their wedding day, is nothing compared to what's up the path for them, 10 years later, in thi [...]

    7. Once I turned the first page in this second book in Boaz Brown Series I was hooked, I couldn’t give up until the end, and then I wanted more. Now you do not have to have read the first book to read this one, but highly recommend that you do. There are parts of this book that you really need to have the tissues handy, as I had tears running down my eyes while trying to read. This will hit you in your heart in so many places, dealing with family emergencies, and an illness that doesn’t exist?I [...]

    8. I really liked this book. It still has some thought provoking moments and enough things happening to keep you reading. I really like this author and how she is so real. The thoughts were real and thoughts a lot of women feel about their husbands when it comes to the kids. I am so glad that she put so many good verses in this book. It made me think about the relationship I have with the Lord and the excuses I have used to why I didn't spend the time with Him like I should have. The ending she wro [...]

    9. Was looking foward to the continuation of Shonda and Stelson's story. The stoty comes off like Stelson doesn't help his wife with house life which after reading book 1 came across as inconsistent with his character. The change in him is very 180 because of his illness and Shonda has to be not only supportive but loving. I felt for her not knowing what was going on with her husband and the way he was treating his family. But her decisiveness to stay steadfast was a reminder to me as a Christian t [...]

    10. No Weapon FormedThis was a continued story of Boaz Brown. I loved the continuing saga of a Christian romance on an interracial marriage and the challenges they faced regarding the rearing of their 2 children. Very good story. I also diagnosed Stelson's illness before it was revealed. Lashondra and Stelson had a true love for one another. The devil continued to try and tear them apart. God prevails.

    11. Another great book!I read this book just when I needed it most. I love the way the author includes scriptures in her books. This family had their share of problems with God's help it all worked out for their good!

    12. Awesome book on how faith can get you through the worst of times!I love the fact that, in the end, all characters learned something. Also, it was nice to see a woman who actually let's the man be the head.

    13. Another good read!! Shondra & Stelson face some trials and tribulations after 9 years of marriage. Will they hold on to their faith or be defeated?

    14. Excellent book!Interesting sequel to "Boaz Brown"! I particularly liked the teachings about how to react when in doubt. Pray and then pray some more. Enlightenment!

    15. Good readI think the scriptures that were used was a great part of the book. I would recommend this to others.

    16. Boy am I glad this one was available from the Kindle Lending Library rather than buying it. Although I wanted to continue the story with the characters introduced to us in Boaz Brown, I didn't feel it was nearly as powerful as the first. Now, instead of gaining new perspectives, I was faced with the old hackneyed stereotypes religious fiction I like to call "christianese." I guess No Weapon Formed is as much the story of Job as Boaz Brown was the story of Ruth, but if you read my review of that [...]

    17. Won't He do it!Loved this! This is an awesome example of how God works in our lives. It shows that LaShonda"s and Stelson"s union was ordained by God. It took a decade to heal old wounds, strengthen a marriage, restore a spiritual relationship and save a life that nobody would know was in danger. It shows that if we just remember who be long to, be still and wait on the Lord, He'll reveal His plan and work it out.

    18. Enjoyed it!First, I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know how Lashondra handled balancing her work and home life -sounds like me! Second, I had to see what happened with Seth. Then I had to find out what was going on with Stepson. I wanted more, but overall I enjoyed it.

    19. Excellent BookI really enjoyed the book . I liked the way the way that LaShondra started to reconnect with God. The scripture series excellent.

    20. This was a great sequel to Boaz Brown. Thank you for reminding us to stay grounded in The Word and our faith in HIM no matter what trials we are faced with.

    21. AYE! I read this book a long time ago, but I still remember clearly. For some books, I have to go back and read the introduction to remind myself of the story, but this one no ma'am. Michelle Stimpson has become one of my top five characters.cially when I feel myself drifting spiritually. She always brings me back to wanting to get my fire back going with my personal relationship with the father. What I love about her is, her stories make me look at my own situations. I have not been a biracial [...]

    22. Great read and messageI can so relate to the frustrations of chronic illness and no diagnosis. It affects the entire family and relationships can turn into shambles. I love the use of scripture as these characters have struggled health issues, a lost child, life balance, prejudice, raising children and so many other life issues in this world. Convicting and encouraging.

    23. No Weapon! This follow up to Boaz Brown was absolutely amazing ! Stelson and LaShondra are facing a different battle this time around. Hectic schedules, the pressures of balancing being a wife, mother and a career woman all while trying to hold on to her faith. Not to mention her father who is described as an unofficial member of the Black Panther

    24. loved this book! I have been waiting to read it, and when I saw it for free via BookBub for a limited time, I snatched it up. This is the sequel to 'Boaz Brown' where LaShonda and Stelson have already been married for 9 years and they now have 2 kids. The story takes you thru the issues they face as an interracial couple, along with the fact that the oldest, Seth has lighter skin like Stelson, and the baby, has darker skin like LaShonda. It does not cease to amaze me how this author captures the [...]

    25. I first fell in love with Shondra and Stelson in Boaz Brown. Their love story spoke volumes to me, but not just their love storyeir relationships with God were inspiring. I could not put that book down. This one was a little different. Let me start by saying that I loved this book. LOVED it. I learned as much from this one as I did the first one. I did as much self reflection with this one as with the first one. Michelle Stimpson's writing is outstanding, she incorporates the Word of God into he [...]

    26. This is my first read from Michelle Stimpson and I must say it was a great read. “No Weapon Formed” gives an in-depth look into the married life of LaShondra and Stelson, an interracial couple. The struggles are real. As the realities of married life set in, there is a constant struggle to find balance between taking care of their two small children, home, and work.This is great story of faith, love, and keeping God in the mix. Certainly, you will find nuggets that will bless your life as yo [...]

    27. Choppy story lineI've mostly given up on writing reviews unless a book deserves 5 stars but really feel I need to warn potential readers not to bother downloading this book. The story line went here there and everywhere with deep issues like a child going missing and being found all within a few short chapters with no real emotions being discussed.And what's with this writer's need to tell us every couple of chapters whether the wife and husband were having sex or not? Definitely not an author I [...]

    28. Wonderful BookMs. Stempson has done it again. I have read all of her books and each one I didn't want it to end. This book is about a interracial married couple with two children and it goes into some of the struggles they face as an interracial couple while trying to work and raise their children in a Godly fashion. It shows how God is always with us and will take care of us an if we let him. As my dear departed mama would say "No Weapons Formed" blessed my socks off!

    29. Bi-racial marriage with lots of judgement of white people. God dealt with heart issues and broke down walls. The story deals with bi-racial marriage issues, gender issues, parenting issues, being a working woman and being a stay-at-home mother. Well written though the white hatred was pretty pronounced, detracting some from the overall story.

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