Come over to my house,

Come over to my house Come over to my house

  • Title: Come over to my house,
  • Author: Theo LeSieg
  • ISBN: 9781121761223
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Come over to my house

    One thought on “Come over to my house,”

    1. Kudos to you Theo LeSieg, long may your work continue to influence!!! This was the first book I ever read. I remember sitting under the sycamore tree just staring at the pictures. I was 3 at the time and I was just learning to read. I did not read the book the 1st or 2nd, or 3rd time I tried. It was only over some period that I finally read every word, and that was a major turning point in my life. This one book started my love for reading, and all the intellectual adventures I would later embar [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading this book for my son tonight. I've read it before, and had it read to me many times. This one has good pictures of different places. Igloos and Russian palaces, there's some good bridges over canyons and houseboats. Fun book, a little longer than what you'd expect.

    3. This is one of my favorite Dr Seuss books for sure. And when my almost 2-year old sits rapt through the entire 63 pages and then looks up at me and asks "again?" I know it's a hit for him as well!

    4. This was a Dr. Seuss book that I have never seen but, it was a newly discovered treat. This was a sweet book about meeting people all over the world. The one thing that connects you to someone is inviting them into your home.

    5. I love this book, it was one of my moms favorites and I took it with me when I had kids. I love reading it to them, however the copy I have is getting kind of beat up so I started to look to buy another copy, I don't understand why it's so hard to find. It's an awesome book, they should make it more available so more people can enjoy it!

    6. Fantastic book for kids! So imaginative and creative. Easy read that children will find delightful!Dr. Seuss is always brilliant! His stories and rhymes are fun and entertaining! Some of my all time favorites!! Such a great way to entertain children and get them interested in reading!

    7. Enchanting and lovely in a DR Seuss way:).dren from around the whole invite you into the many varying homest as read to~day to clear shelves actual reading date 2~3 years ago. Will I give my copy away? Never!

    8. My absolute favorite book as a child. Loved seeing how others lived in different countries. I think this book is the reason I love to travel.

    9. I still have this from when I was a kid - I loved this book so much growing up! It was so fun to look at all the cool houses. I wanted to visit them all (and I still do).

    10. Reissue of a Dr. Seuss classic. A great look at all the different types of houses people can live in all around the world.

    11. A fun rhyming early reader that takes us all of the world exploring different styles of homes. Pointing out the differences while emphasizing that warmth experienced everywhere when people say "come over to my house!" A great book for realizing various architectural styles and the numerous ways people live all of the globe. I wasn't fond of the way the 'rich' were compared to the 'poor' but that too, can be fertile ground for rich discussions.

    12. Story was nice and very inclusive of all children in the world - had to knock off a star because the illustrations were not original Seuss ones, done by someone else and to my mind there is only one possible look for all Seuss books.

    13. Introductory book about homes around the world. No matter where - friends welcome friends into their homes.

    14. Seuss does it again - celebrates all the different kinds of houses in the world by showing that they are all wonderful when a friend invites you in to play.

    15. This is really a lovely book, inspiring children to recognize commonalities amongst each other around the world, while providing them with opportunities to see differences in how others live. I adore the sweet illustrations, and children will enjoy the many geographic details. Although some of the houses and characters may be stereotypical (e.g. Not all Inuit live in igloos nor do Africans live in huts), this is still a winner. Make sure to show children other resources (books, online pictures), [...]

    16. I loved this book as a child. It is currently out of print, so I bought a used one online a few years ago to share it with my children. It's message of diversity and friendship is simple yet profound. I'm sure it peaked my interest in travel and architecture at a young age. I read it to my daughter's second grade class this week and the children were so enthusiastic about finding clues about the locations of the dwellings, as it never actually says where they are. So, we can only guess and there [...]

    17. This book was read to me repeatedly, and when I was four, I suddenly saw the relationship between the spoken words and the written words and could read. It seemed like magic and set me off on a course to read hundreds of books by the end of first grade. My three children learned to read the same way using this book and others. As a child, I found it fascinating how different homes can be all around the world yet all the while comforting and welcoming.

    18. No matter where in the world you may roam, "Every house in the world has a ceiling and floor. But the ones you'll like best have a wide-open door. . . But they're all, all alike when a friend asks you in." I have made some awesome friends in my life time and the most dear have always asked me in to their wide-open door.

    19. This is a great book for students! The book shows different children from all over the world and where they live, and how we can all be friends. Great book for introducing the importance of community and friendship.

    20. I loved the original artwork and book all my life. If new artwork makes it publishable and accessible to new generations, great! But I think Richard Erdoes' art was what pushed the original to the top of my favorites list.

    21. Nice multi-cultural book that stands up well after so many years. Fun Seuss rhymes but not his distinctive artwork.

    22. I remember spending vast amounts of time looking at the amazing illustrations growing up, before I could read.

    23. This is a wonderful book on how we are all different- black/white, big/small, rich/poor- but still alike in many ways. This is a great read to help teach our little ones acceptance and equality.

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