Summoner of Storms

Summoner of Storms Federal exorcist John Starkweather s life is in tatters His best friend Sean betrayed him SPECTR the agency he viewed as a surrogate family than an employer wants him dead His only allies are member

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  • Title: Summoner of Storms
  • Author: Jordan L. Hawk
  • ISBN: 9781941230053
  • Page: 191
  • Format: ebook
  • Federal exorcist John Starkweather s life is in tatters His best friend Sean betrayed him SPECTR, the agency he viewed as a surrogate family than an employer, wants him dead His only allies are members of the mysterious organization called the Vigilant, whose motives remain in question The only thing keeping John together is the presence of his lovers Caleb JanseFederal exorcist John Starkweather s life is in tatters His best friend Sean betrayed him SPECTR, the agency he viewed as a surrogate family than an employer, wants him dead His only allies are members of the mysterious organization called the Vigilant, whose motives remain in question The only thing keeping John together is the presence of his lovers Caleb Jansen, a powerful telekinetic, and Gray, the vampire spirit possessing Caleb.Together, they must not only evade capture, but somehow stop SPECTR from building an army of demon possessed soldiers If they are to succeed, John must question everything he s ever believed about SPECTR and spirits And Caleb and Gray must decide how far they re willing to go not just for John s love, but for his very life.

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    1. I have just consumed this book.Like the raspberry dark chocolate truffle it is.And I shall go back and nibble on it again.Because it is THAT damned good.Wow, JLH love, I have no sports metaphors that can even come close to how good this was.It is like a handful of baby stoats--deadly, adorable and oh so blood thirsty.Dude. Wow.

    2. Written May 15, 20153 1/2 Stars - A grandly bombastic and dramatic final installment - Luckely quite romantic as wellBook #6It was really good to at last listening to this last sixth serial-part. I'd hopes that all mysteries should finally be solved, all villains destroyed and we should get a grandly sweet and peaceful threesome HEA. ~ Were my expectations met? Sorry to say: I didn't feel for it so much this timeIf I'm completely honest it's a true fact that I'm not a very good series reader. I [...]

    3. I absolutely LOVED this series! It was sexy and satisfying, through and through. Gray, Caleb and John are just perfect.

    4. Ahhhhhhh. /happy sigh. Love the series, love the plotting, love the overall story and the horror and the terrifically weird menage set up with Gray and Caleb sharing their body. A great final instalment. Loved it all.

    5. I have loved every book in this series and even though this one took quite a while to get going, I still really enjoyed it. It was difficult to get my head around Gray, the vampire spirit, sharing a body with Caleb, at first, but their intense love for John brings them all together and it works. I thought the ending was fantastic, everything I hoped it would be.

    6. Satisfying ending, lots of action in this book although have to say that book 5 remains my personal favorite. I'm very glad the series is continuing with SPECTR 2!!

    7. Keep your friends close, your lovers closer, and your enemies six-feet under.Something’s rotten in the halls of SPECTR…and it isn’t the three-year-old tub of forgotten leftovers. No, it turns out that the higher-ups are looking to create something much worse than an army of NHEs-–not that a seething mass of semi-controlled NHEs is something to scoff at–-and it is down to John, Gray, Caleb, and a band of Vigilants to take them all out.So…no problem. It isn’t like Caleb and John are [...]

    8. First and foremost, this series needs to be read in its entirety to be properly appreciated. The six books together take place over roughly 40 days (plus the epilogue), and the plot doesn't really slow down between the installments. The characters grow, though, they change and develop, and the final result is nothing short of beautiful.

    9. Review for entire spectr series--a fun end to a fantastic reading year. This is a difficult series for me to review, and I've decided not to rate it until I've had some more time to mull.Unequivocally: Jordan L Hawk has a brilliant, creative mind with a fantastic grasp of plot and characterization. She could very easily become a favorite writer for me. (But To follow)This story plays with concepts of familiar/other, mythology, paranormal, horror, the occult, voodoo, and strangely enough, polyamo [...]

    10. Wow what a great series - I have consumed these books in the same way Grey consumed the NHEs ! This was a real non stop adventure from beginning to end. I enjoyed the fact that each book continued to build on the same theme and often had me holding my breath as to what the hell came next. I adored Grey and his protective feelings for Caleb & John and I loved the fact that all three characters worked out the best way forward. A really great series and an awesome way to spend my day !

    11. That was one hell of a ride!I liken this series to working similar as a season of tv. This is a complete arc and can be read on its own, with a beginning, middle and end. There is room left though for more stories to be told, and if the second series Ms. Hawk is working on is anything like this one, I'll be eager to read it. But I don't know if I can wait months in between books, and she's only halfway through the next series. Dilemma! I'd sworn off vampire books way back in high school when I t [...]

    12. The SPECTR series is a six act play introduced in Hunter of Demons, where a world of unreality is written into contemporary Charleston, South Carolina. SPECTR agent and exorcist John Starkweather; artist Caleb Jensen, a then unregistered paranormal; and Gray, the non-human entity who takes up residence in Caleb’s body, deliver a motherload of action and imagination to the M/M paranormal genre.One of the things I’ve loved from the beginning of this series, and most especially in Summoner of S [...]

    13. A good ending to a great series. A lot of time was taken up by running around in the first half of the story. The battle between the drakuls was well done showing just how monstrous Gray is. The back to work ending felt a little empty like saving several states is just another day's work for John, Gray and Caleb.

    14. I hate that this series is over. But I loved this book so much. Gray is much more badass than I originally thought. And esoteric spunk, too funny. So thank you Jordan Hawk. For one of the best paranormal series that I have ever read.

    15. Oh. Hell. YES! That sums up my attitude while reading this book. TEN STARS! If you haven't read this entire series, you are missing out. EPIC.

    16. This was soooo good!! loved this storytelling, the action, the romance, just everything! I am so sad it's over.

    17. An absolutely perfect end to an amazing series. This with action, filled with action, suspense, and creepiness. I loved how Caleb &Gray blended together and they got their HEA with John.

    18. OHMIGOD after 'Destroyer of Worlds', book five in Jordan L. Hawk's stunning series 'SPECTR', where everything sort of imploded and went off the rails—in this insanely fantastic way—I've been waiting for book six. And, now, 'Summoner of Storms' is here and I'm as giddy as…well, wait, that's not a good word to represent me. Hmm. How about capricious, whimsical, or flustered instead? Whatever word it is, I've been jumping around and squealing since I got this book, because I love this author, [...]

    19. This series is an original: a modern-day alternate reality with Non-Human Entities (NHE's, aka demons) and paranormally-abled humans (exorcists are featured, but other types such as empaths and telekenetics play a part). The writing is awesome, the editing is sublime. At its heart it's a romance and thus includes some seriously sexy erotic scenes, but these advance the story - no gratuitous PWP. I have been anxiously awaiting the the conclusion to this series; the author totally kept me on the h [...]

    20. In Summoner of Storms John, Caleb and Gray are back together and have managed to escape with the group that calls themselves The Vigilant. We learn more about this group, how it was formed and some history about Gray as well. While trying to find out what Forsyth, head of SPECTR’s Research Division, is planning on doing with his army of possessed humans, they must also figure out who they can trust and one of the people they must turn to is one who has hurt John the most.I have to say, this bo [...]

    21. Feeling sad, which is a sign of finishing a great series.The final instalment was all I could of hoped for. This was such a well thought out series. I loved every moment of it. John, Caleb and Gray managed to do what few can, they had me believing in a 3some lol.I thoroughly enjoyed the darker side to this story. The Demons worked well and I loved the whole SPECTR side. The climax was intense and gripping.Sean was a great character too. But I found I couldn't hate him. I certainly hated what he [...]

    22. This series was quite the ride, from start to finish. I was happily surprised to be, well surprised, by how things went. Just when I thought I had an idea what would happen, it didn't, and I LOVED it. I loved Gray and Caleb and John, and how they made things work, and will be continuing on with the next part of this series.

    23. While I'm sad this series is over, I loved the final chapter! This series is just so inventive, so interesting, so fascinating and so engaging. Unfortunately I have to run out for the holiday but I promise to write a real review later this weekend. If you haven't read this series yet, I highly recommend you pick it up.

    24. First read on July 7, 2015.Re-read on February 25, 2016.What a culmination!!! The final battle was fantastic and everything I expected. Gah, I loved, loved this series! Jordan Hawk never disappoints :)

    25. This was a fantastic conclusion to this series. it really answered a lot of the great questions that were raised during the series. The characters reached a high Climax and their arch. Not to mention multiply climaxes with each other.The story crescendoed and gave a good sense of closure. I would recommend this to anyone who likes male male Romance especially Supernatural romances but you do have to read the entire series.

    26. First Re-read 9 January 2018This was good, but not as thoroughly satisfying and I'd like from the last book in a series. I feel like things are left still quite unsettled, and I'm left with many questions.I'm glad there's a second series with these characters, and I hope those books help settle things more.Original Review 6 July 2014Some Favorite Quotes:"I don't know who the fuck you think you are, lady, but it's none of your business what two--three--whatever--consenting adults get up to in the [...]

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