Shadows of the Ancients

Shadows of the Ancients No one ever questions the pairings their pack master chooses for them No one except Jessica St Marks who can t stand the thought of being bonded for life to Zach Brighton douchebag extraordinaire J

  • Title: Shadows of the Ancients
  • Author: Christine M. Butler
  • ISBN: 9781311471253
  • Page: 126
  • Format: ebook
  • No one ever questions the pairings their pack master chooses for them No one, except Jessica St Marks, who can t stand the thought of being bonded for life to Zach Brighton, douchebag extraordinaire.Jessica plans a night out with her human friend, Ashley, to have a little fun before she s forced to settle for the loser her pack has chosen to be her mate Little does sheNo one ever questions the pairings their pack master chooses for them No one, except Jessica St Marks, who can t stand the thought of being bonded for life to Zach Brighton, douchebag extraordinaire.Jessica plans a night out with her human friend, Ashley, to have a little fun before she s forced to settle for the loser her pack has chosen to be her mate Little does she know, her fate is about to change when she runs into a mystery wolf who takes her breath away, and marks her as his own.Evan De Lune may be new and exciting, but he has secrets that threaten to not only put Jessica s life in danger, but his ability to keep his claim on her as well

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    1. This book sets up a love triangle in the last 15 pages. I liked the heroine, but no one else. Both Jess' parents try to force her into a bond with a guy she hates. Once a stronger werewolf shows up, they're happy to kick Zach to the curb and give her to the new guy. It turns out they knew that Zach was trying to force himself on her, but they didn't care. One of the annoying things about this book is that it lets them off the hook for this. Suddenly, they're loving parents now the new guy has sh [...]

    2. This was the first of Christine's books that I have read and I was pulled into the storyline from the start. I have now read all four in this series. I really enjoyed Her descriptive qualities and use of plot. However, the reason I am only rating this a 3star is because the books are not proofread, which drives me nuts. There are not that many mistakes, luckily, because if I find too many in the first few pages then I don't bother to continue reading. Some of them are just silly errors but, for [...]

    3. This one was a kindle freebie. Honestly, I would have paid good money to read it because it was excellent. About a week ago a made a comment about shifter books creeping me out and this little gem certainly has me eating my words. This book went straight on my favorites list! It's still free on amazon so I suggest EVERYONE go and download it immediately! You will not regret it!

    4. I love this author! Everything I've read of hers has been amazing! When starting this book, I was thinking, "Oh, another werewolf book hopefully this won't suck and be the same as so many others" upon completion "Wait, that was the last page?? What happens next? I need to know more!". The story line was unique, the leading female character was smart and strong, emotionally and physically, and actually stood up for herself. The chemistry between her and her bff was amazing and such a joy to see, [...]

    5. The most important thing you need to learn about Evan is you don't mess with what's his, and that includes his woman, "you dared hit the woman I marked as my mate?" His fury was palpable. He turned to Marcus, and it was the first time I'd ever seen the man scared. "You will pay for this." He's considerate, "we were only a few steps in when Evan reached back and grabbed a hold of my hand, pulling me up beside him. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "you should be right here by my side, not w [...]

    6. This book was instantly addictive. Yes, a little cheesy & perhaps similar to many other shifter series but hey I like it. Jess is kick-ass. Evan is hot. I knew I like Mikael despite how he was introduced to us & I have doubts about Evan so I'm thinking cue angsty love triangle I love that shit.

    7. OK so this was my second time reading the first book in the series (yes it's that good) Almost beating out my love for Mercy Thompson series. (that alone say a lot if you knew me. As independent books go defiantly gets the #1 spot!I was weary of Even when he first showed his face but the next scene had me hooked on him, (gotta love a man who wont let anyone hurt their mate). I love Ash and Jess's closeness, it reminds me of my lil sis. I'm gotta keep this quick so I can read the next installment [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this one. I liked how although Evan was an alpha he wasn't all about imposing his will on Jess and seemed to be interested in developing a partnership. Also liked how Jess called him on his dickish behavior when he tried to 'protect' her by ignoring her. I thought her concerns about what his behavior meant long term were reasonable. I did find that she spent way to much time talking about how she looked, what she and her friend were wearing and how sexy they were and that was an [...]

    9. Wonderful debutI really enjoyed Jess.She is a strong character that has had so much knowledge withheld from her. Now all the secrets are coming out. Evan is an interesting character. At first he seems very arrogant but he soon becomes the dream guy. What makes him interesting is he has some flaws and they could become serious. Mikael is intriguing because he has potential to be the deal breaker. The rest of the Ancients are assets! Cannot wait for book 2.

    10. I NEED TO SEQUEL TO COME OUT NOW!!!! Like OMG HOLY CRAP WTH!!!! This book has way too many twist and turns that will keep the reader focused and intrigued about what will come next. OMG. Can't even process.

    11. Meh. I'm not to sure about this one.I definitely liked the premise way more than the execution.The book was a lot of talk, talk, talk. A lot of fake drama and overly long monologues.Seriously, everybody in this book was way too verbose. Nobody in real life explains things as thoroughly, or tells things as thoroughly as they did here.It took a lot away from the action, too. A lot of the action were explained in conversation instead of being written out in scenes. It made the whole thing somewhat [...]

    12. I honestly enjoyed this book. It was one that I could not put down when I was done. I was in the mood for a wolf shifter type book and I am really glad that I found this one. It was really good one. Overall, Great book!

    13. I have had this novel on my Kindle for a while now and the other day I decided to see what it was about. I would say that I was impressed with the idea of the story since, despite it being one of many werewolf books, it differs from the others. The author brought her own twist into the mix and it turned out well. However, I was disappointed in other aspects of the novel. The GoodiesSo to begin with the good stuff, I will say that I did enjoy the characters. In some areas they were lacking, but o [...]

    14. Initial reactionHmm, a book about werewolves and hot guyslemme see-ReviewThe story was a nice treat. I thought the storyline was interesting. Usually, it would be something with a human and a werewolf, and they are in love, yada yada, but in this case, being a 'Lesser' (not from a pure bloodline; turned to a were or mated with human) meant you couldn't imagine of standing on the same ground as an 'Ancient' (pure bloodline). It's a plot that I've seen before, but upon reading it, it had surprised [...]

    15. I haven't read anything from this author before so didn't know what to expect but I loved it. so much so that I immediately downloaded the rest as soon as I finished it.Jess is a werewolf who has been paired to the Alpha's nephew, a decision she is most unhappy about. To forget about her troubles for a while she goes out with her best friend Ashley to a local club to drown her sorrows. Unusually for werewolves, Ashley is human and many in Jess' pack frown upon their friendship but Jess can be qu [...]

    16. Shadows of the AncientsAndFalling into the WhiteChristine Butler5 Bookgasums!Wow! Just finished and can’t stop smiling and have ‘happy’ tears running down my face.Normally this book would have only gotten a 4 due to a few proof reading problems but the story itself just really deserves a 5+. The coming of the Great White Wolf ruler who hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. The writer shows the growth of a girl into the greatest of Alphas, first love found and lost, true soul bonding, an [...]

    17. This story has potential, but the author dropped the ball. At times I felt I was reading something written by a high school student. The editing/proofreading was horrendous, way too many errors/misspellings/etc in a published work. The story itself has a split personality, it seems to be intended for Y/A for the most part, but the foul language & sexual encounters speak adult, character personalities all speak angst driven high schoolers as well. The heroine comes across as wishy-washy, one [...]

    18. My rating is more of a 2.5 stars. To start off, I'm going to be completely honest and say that I truly cannot stand love triangles. It's my opinion and it does have impact on how much I like a book. For the most part, once a triangle comes into the story I put the book down and don't finish it- and this is not possible for me since even when I find a story lacking or slow I still finish it which goes to show how much I dislike triangles.There have only been very few triangles I can manage to rea [...]

    19. Though this is the second longest of the four books in this series, Shadows of the Ancients is still a very short, fast, and entertaining read. It goes a little too fast for my tastes at times, but overall I believe that Christine did a great job in fitting an entire plot into less than 300 pages worth of reading material. Jessica was an enchanting little thing, sassy and sexy and innocent all at once. I especially adored the banter between she and Ashley. I cried, I laughed so hard! With Ash an [...]

    20. Jess is a great strong female character, and I absolutely love her best friend Ashley!! Whenever Ashley opens her mouth, or even sends a text to Jess, it is almost 100% guaranteed to make you smile or even laugh out loud! So, not only does the book have that going for it, but it also has some pretty great eye candy, which is always a plus in my book!Butler does a FANTASTIC job of throwing in surprises and keeping lots of humor in a story filled with looming danger and consequences. Right after I [...]

    21. What an amazing book! I found this for free on Nook and let me say I would have paid a lot of money for it! It was such an awesome story, with kickass characters! Jess is having the time of her life. At just 21 she is a newly fully changed werewolf with a killer best friend and an asshole- almost mate. On a night out to decide what she wants she meets Evan the sexy Alpha whose the only one strong enough, so far, to really be her mate. She and Evan, along with Ashley and Asi, have to try an figur [...]

    22. This wasn't too bad, although the story and concepts were hardly original. I'm gobsmacked it's actually garnered 5+ stars. Some of the writing left something to be desired, and seem to vary from OK to wooden and stilted. I have to wonder whether this is the author picking up the writing at different times. The characters were fairly likable and realistic, with some of the scenes being very contemporary and out there in the dance sequences and so forth. I liked this, I'm sure I've done the same k [...]

    23. This book started out as your typical romance type story. Girl meets Boy. Girl falls for Boy. Neither set of parents approve or will approve. Boy and Girl defy parents and continue with relationship. Drama, dramaen the plot twist that I didn't see coming smacks me in the face. Now, I'm chomping at the bit trying to figure out how to acquire the rest of the series so I can find out how in the world they deal with THIS and what else is going to be thrown their way.It took a bit but you hooked me M [...]

    24. MehIt wasn't awful but it wasn't necessarily for me Too much angst with the families, I hated that ending because it's clear where the author is going and I liked Evan too much for that, the whole Ashley and Asi thing was annoying (even though it was in Jess' POV I personally don't like watching secondary romances strike up and flourish while the H & h are stuck in a world of problems).

    25. I disliked Evan. I know that he is the love interest and he vows to love her so much and they have this intense connection but when things get hard he runs. It frustrates me. And Jess gets mad at him over nothing. Their little lovers spat in the book is overly dramatic. Wah he didn't text you right away no reason to go crazy about it. I was hoping for a stronger female character but maybe she will grow into herself as the books progress.

    26. Shadows of the Ancients book oneShadows of the Ancients book oneI did not care for a lot of the curse words. At times I felt they were inaccurately placed. The main character is in a college level school and should be in more of a command of feelings and language. Over all the pace and plot are interesting enough to leave me wondering if she will mature to an adult outlook on life in knowledge and language.

    27. Not a bad start!I think that the main issue with this book is that it's hampered by the authors abilities. The central story is engaging but its the details and dialogue that hold it back,I'm not sure if its maybe because of the genre? But I'm sure that in a few books time the author will have mastered 'Young Adult' and will definitely be able to offer something more well rounded.

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