Bound Inspired by the song Cop Car by Keith Urban Bound a novel Courtland spent his childhood watching his mother turn tricks and bow to her abusive pimp It taught him a lot about relationships and how ne

  • Title: Bound
  • Author: S.N. Garza
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inspired by the song, Cop Car by Keith Urban Bound, a novel Courtland spent his childhood watching his mother turn tricks and bow to her abusive pimp It taught him a lot about relationships and how never to get involved in one When he meets sweet Adelaide, his life is forever changed Her gentle personality has his thinking maybe his vow to never commit is misplaced.Inspired by the song, Cop Car by Keith Urban Bound, a novel Courtland spent his childhood watching his mother turn tricks and bow to her abusive pimp It taught him a lot about relationships and how never to get involved in one When he meets sweet Adelaide, his life is forever changed Her gentle personality has his thinking maybe his vow to never commit is misplaced Until she disappears out of his life Adelaide knew the only way to escape the darkness she s lived her life in, is to go back to the one place that s haunted her dreams Home Reuniting with Courtland is the last thing on her mind until she becomes helpless to his every kiss Hopeless to his ever touch And no matter how far she tries to run, her heart is irrevocably bound to him A story of tragic pasts colliding, finding a friendship that turns into searing passion, and a love strong enough to last forever for mature readers due to sexual content, graphic language, and some violence Not for Young Adult readers.

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    1. I received this book to give an honest review.After reading the blurb I just knew I had to read this book, and I am so glad that I was able to receive a copy.Now this is a bit dark, romantic, and very sexual.The story flowed really good, and I enjoyed how we got to go back and forth between Adelaide and Courtland. With going back and forth we also go to read from both characters when sharing an experience if that makes sense. Such as there is a part that we read from Adelaide's point of view and [...]

    2. I received this book for my honest review! This book makes you feel everything from love to the worst betrayal ever. Be prepared for the heart break that comes a long with this story. This book makes you feel every bit of everything she (Adelaide) has felt thru out her life as a child growing up and why she made the choices she did to leave when she did! She had her 2 best friends that were there for her until one day things changed.Courtland oh my he is wow hot all around! He is every girls dre [...]

    3. This book has so much to offer a reader. Love, trust, betrayal, lust, family, innocence, sexual chemistry and so much more. The character development is amazing. I honestly felt like the book was like looking into a real family and not just a fictional "picturesque" family. Real family. Real problems. Reality. I smiled, cried, and even laughed a few times at Grams. Be prepared for real life events from abuse, steamy sex scenes, unconditional love, hatred and heartfelt emotion.

    4. I was given the honor of reading and reviewing for this awesome author. This was awesome and heart warming. Really enjoyed the close friendship between JR, Courtland, and Adelaide. It goes to show the good and bed in people who you think you know better about.

    5. I was truly captivated by this book. I think the author did an excellent job of making me feel a connection to the characters. I felt the broad range of emotions portrayed in the book. I loved it. I will recommend this book to my friends.

    6. I received a complimentary copy by the author for an honest review.Loved, loved Courtland. He is such a sexy cowboy and I'm not much into cowboys, but this one had everything! Personality, sex appeal, tattoos, piercings (yummy!) Courtland came from the wrong side of town. His mother was a whore and he didn't know who his father was. But he would always get beat up by his mother's pimp when his mother didn't bring enough money from whoring around.But Courtland ran when he found the opportunity to [...]

    7. 4.5 stars!!! I was thrilled to get an ARC and really enjoyed Bound by Stephanie Nicole Garza. The characters were easy to connect with and I could really feel the anguish each one was going through. There is a REALLY amazing scene toward the end. Synopsis:Courtland spent his childhood watching his mother turn tricks and bow to her abusive pimp. It taught him a lot about relationships and how never to get involved in one. When he meets sweet Adelaide, his life is forever changed. Her gentle pers [...]

    8. My review of Bound starts by loving the way Stephanie tells the story from both the main characters perspectives. Her version then his gives you great insight to both characters. The storyline is brutal and at times dark and depressing but shines through with trust, love and adoration.A certain scene very near the end of the book was my passion and anger and relief.The ending I wanted to be a tad longer but only because I wanted to know more about what happenedyou'll see when you re [...]

    9. I had a hard time getting into the story, and connecting with the characters at first, but by the end I was routing for them!

    10. Romance:4.5Steaminess:5Action/suspense:0Overall:4I have to say I think I fell just a little bit in love with this book.For starters, I really loved the heroine, Addy. She was funny, quick, smart and fiercely independent. Courtland was ridiculously perfect too. He was alpha male, hot and sweet at the same time. The chemistry between the 2 was terrific and the dialogue was really engaging. The romance was very sweet and I loved it. Besides that, this book was steamy which was a nice surprise. One [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the emotional ride that Bound took me on. From the tragedy of both Courtland and Adelaide’s pasts, to the angst surrounding the journey they both needed to take to find their way back to one another, this book had my emotions all over the place. The story being told from alternating POVs helped give insight and emotional depth to the characters, which really helped connect me to the story.Adelaide has been damaged from her past. She sees herself as broken, and although she has [...]

    12. I received a gifted copy for an honest review.Adelaide is the 15-year-old beautiful but shy daughter of the small-town of Granville's preacher. Adelaide's extended family and community have no idea that the good preacher is nothing but a monster behind closed doors. Underneath her quiet demeanor, Adelaide is a fighter, waiting for her moment to break free from the hell she is living in.Courtland is all alone after getting away from his whore of a mother and her pimp. He moves to Granville for a [...]

    13. Well this book was a bittersweet and emotionally draining surprise! I met the author at a book event and completely forgot I had this one on my Kindle (what happens when you are a book junkie like me with way too many books TBR) and decided I better read it because the synopsis was hitting all my triggers. Courtland, a mechanic with a tragic and misunderstood past who lived through a horrible childhood and escaped to the Marines when life got to be too much.Addy, the preachers's daughter, a swee [...]

    14. A friend told me about this series, and suggested I read it. I had never read any S.N. Garza books, so I decided to check it out. All I can say is WOW! It starts off parodying the song Cop Car- Keith Urban, I loved that song before, but now it has a whole new life behind it.Courtland and Adelaide both had hard childhoods. Courtland watched his be abused from her pimp and then some. Adelaide was raised by the town pastor who everyone thought led the perfect life, but as soon as the door closed he [...]

    15. I received this book for honest review and let me tell u I'm so glad I read this book, it's one of those suck me in books right from the start.You can't just read a few chapters u end up staying up untill the early hours just to finish it. I loved the detail and depth Stephanie went into with Courtland and Adelaide's relationship and past and also there history it's wasn't rushed .And the bond they still had after all that time. I absolutely loved how much of a strong character Adelaide was and [...]

    16. You know the phrase "book hangover"? Bound definitely left me with one! And I have absolutely found a new book boyfriend!The author took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions along with her characters, from intense sadness to elation to everything in-between.The story was well laid out. Although the narration switched from past to present, it did not cause confusion. The writing flowed well.If you are in the market for a fantastic love story that includes romance, some dark secrets, and some d [...]

    17. Another offering to the god of ironyOnce again, I have come across an author whose protagonist is an author and who really would benefit from a refresher course in language arts. There are words that don't belong or that are missing, incorrect tenses (e.g the past tense is grind is ground, not grinded), and sloppy punctuation. I got to the 13% mark and quit. I just could not make myself read further.

    18. So sexyAdelaide's return to Courtland's world is such a sexy story. It's a real roller coaster of emotions. I love this alpha who has a heart for his woman, Adelaide, that's as big as Texas. How very sad so many children in this day and age, actually on a daily basis, live with the grimness that was Adelaide's nightmare.

    19. I loved it couldn't put it down. fell in love with Courtland. can't wait to see Jr find his woman hope we get a sneak peek at how Courtland and Addy are going. stroy pushed right along and the characters are lovable

    20. I absolutely loved this book! I got it for free on and it was absolutely more than I was expecting!! I looked forward to reading more from Stephanie. I love her way of writing. And the next one to this series can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!

    21. Such an unexpected surprise. This was a freebie on so I was not expecting much but this was amazing! I LOVE this book. And Courtland, where can I find him? I have found my new book boyfriend. <3 I look forward to reading more from this author.

    22. It was very good. Strong characters that had a past but are working to get over it. Loved Gram. Will buy the sequel.

    23. Love itgreat characters and storyI laughed and cried. can't wait for JR's story. I definitely found a new author to follow

    24. Oh myLoved this, a little rough sometimes but well worth the read. it is incredible and so perfect with detail good job

    25. fabulous read I would recommend this book as a must read will definitely be reading more from this author !

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