One thought on “Lick the Razor”

  1. I love this book. I wrote this book, and I am my favorite writer. Maybe I am biased but the words speak to me. If you are interested you can buy a hardcopy on LULU: or you can pick up an ecopy at : amazon/LICK-RAZOR-collI also know having 2 editions of the book is confusing but consider this the gold edition. It is lower priced and with more material, an additional 2 bonus stories and an all new intro by yours truly. If you are a fan of the short story fun, bizarre, sexy, and scary then give thi [...]

  2. It’s always difficult for me to sum up my feelings about an anthology or collection, because most collections have their good and their bad points. One or two stories may ‘speak to me’, while others fall a little flat. This collection is no exception to that rule, but over all these stories hit a high note.Also, the title might suggest to some readers that this book contains a lot of gore, but the title comes from a single passage in a single story and the book itself is not all that gory. [...]

  3. DB Tarpley has a way with words. Few authors have managed to evoke such vivid imagery, emotion & fear. The words are effortlessly absorbed in a way that seems like, osmosis, where they find their way to the hidden or repressed recesses of the psyche. I thought I was desensitized to the horror genre, I was worried that I never experience terror the that Poe, H.P Lovecraft etc had evoked in the past. I was wrong. Lick The Razor shows that DB Tarpley has a unique insight of the human condition [...]

  4. A terrific collection of short stories that will challenge your imagination. If you enjoy horror you will love this!

  5. I would've given it a 5, but then I thought, "Lets not."It was nothing short of amazing. I've got to say, Mr. D.B.Tarpley has a wicked way with words. I couldn't stop reading. I might not have flinche once, but this book really made me laugh like a maniac after a long time.I'd added this book to my to read list a while back when I was searching for books that related to existential crisis when this title popped up. Of course, the cover art and the title caught my eyes. I got my hands on it as wh [...]

  6. A bit of a surprise packet, these are really well written stories, a mixed bag for me in that some were just a little bit 'too much' and others a little silly. I felt the earlier ones were stronger, they all left that unanswered question that could have multiple answers and I really enjoyed them, the opener 'Religulon' was awesome.

  7. If I had to describe this book in one word the word would be "meh". The book wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. It just didn't appeal to me personally. I'm sure there are people who have/will read this book and think "holy shit that was good" when they finish but I'm not one of those people.

  8. A terrific collection of short stories that will challenge your imagination. If you enjoy horror you will love this!

  9. A quick read for a rainy day. Enjoyed the book. I would like to read something more detailed from this writer.

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