How to Love

How to Love Reena Montero aime Sawyer LeGrande depuis l enfance Un jour l impossible se produit il tombe amoureux d elle La jeune fille se met croire aux contes de f es Mais le jeune homme s en va sans un mot l

  • Title: How to Love
  • Author: Katie Cotugno
  • ISBN: 9782266234788
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reena Montero aime Sawyer LeGrande depuis l enfance Un jour, l impossible se produit il tombe amoureux d elle La jeune fille se met croire aux contes de f es Mais le jeune homme s en va sans un mot, laissant derri re lui sa petite amie enceinte D vast e, Reena va d couvrir avec leur fille, Hannah, que l amour peut prendre bien des formes Elle reconstruit sa vieReena Montero aime Sawyer LeGrande depuis l enfance Un jour, l impossible se produit il tombe amoureux d elle La jeune fille se met croire aux contes de f es Mais le jeune homme s en va sans un mot, laissant derri re lui sa petite amie enceinte D vast e, Reena va d couvrir avec leur fille, Hannah, que l amour peut prendre bien des formes Elle reconstruit sa vie, sans vraiment l oublier Mais un jour, Sawyer revient

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    1. I think a large part of whether this book works for you may rely on whether you find Sawyer LeGrande charming. And I do not. And while I'm prone to be pretty forgiving with girls who don't always make smart choices, I was constantly frustrated with Reena, too. Make him work for it, honey. And it is NOT OKAY to (repeatedly) act in a way that is hurtful to other people, particularly if you know what it's like to be hurt yourself. I'm surprised at how negatively I feel about this one, given the sea [...]

    2. This book sucks big time! It made me say the words “dumb” and “stupid” in several places and several times. It made me shake my head so hard, it felt like it was going to come off. It broke my heart. It made me shed tears and in the end it made me grin-this goofy grin. And that’s why it sucks because it made me feel all these emotions I wasn’t planning on feeling and in my vocabulary, when a book does that to you, it’s definitely good!I know you probably peg me for an angsty reader [...]

    3. ***Warning, this rant will contain spoilers for How to Love and some angry GIFs. A very incoherent rant will be coming your way.This was me when I finally got to buy this book since there was a sale at our local bookstore:But then, I realized something as the book went on. The title of this book--yeah, it doesn't work. At all. Instead of How to Love, I strongly believe this boos should be entitled How to Cheat and Be a Whiny Little Girl.See, in both the "before" and "after" timelines, Reena end [...]

    4. 3.5 starsIt's so hard for me to collect my thoughts about this book. I nearly unhauled this and at this point, I'm unable to determine if whether I should have or not. I kept this because I've never read a book on teen pregnancy before, and I really wanted to try this. I fell in love with the writing of this book. Katie Cotugno isn't necessarily the most brilliant writer, but she makes such clever analogies and her sentences flow so well that I was really rather impressed. And usually I hate now [...]

    5. Rating: I am SO VERY CONFLICTED ABOUT THIS BOOK. Honestly, getting my thoughts in any kind of order seems to be impossible. It's almost like I hated and loved this book in equal measure. In the end, I feel like the strengths of this book are so strong that they outweighed the negatives. The first half of this book is sensational. The second half made me mildly crabby.In an effort to make my thoughts more orderly, I'm going to impose some order on this review.I loved: The writing. How to Love is [...]

    6. Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviewsHow to Love could have easily been a 4—or maybe even 5—star book, but there was one massive problem: Sawyer. Sawyer literally stole those stars one by one. POOF! GONE! He just chipped away at them every time he pulled a dickhead move that made me want to pummel his face in with rocks.How to Love started out pretty strong for me. I had kind of a morbid interest in it, very similar to My Life After Now by Jessica Verdi. Teenage pregnancy? I was curious. I [...]

    7. Teens making out against a wall. Character makes joke about terrorists. Then asks another character "are you one of those people who are really sensitive about terrorist jokes?" The scene was pretty much left at that. I tried to continue but I'll cool it w books w privileged characters that make offhand remarks about terrorism with not a smidgen of recourse either directly or indirectly. Hard pass.Edit: I read a tiny bit more and it doesn't seem as though this character is made out to be villain [...]

    8. I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. It was gripping and adorable. The characters were definitely very flawed but I still enjoyed it none the less.

    9. REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKThe end made me so damn happy for Reena and Sawyer.This book was not perfect. It has some shortcomings, but personally I thought this book was great. I think it dealt with the topic of teenage pregnancy realistically. I should know because I have been in that situation. I have been Reena at some point in my life, and I could definitely say that most of the situations Reena went through in this book was accurate. I've read a couple of negative reviews about this boo [...]

    10. I seriously have started and stopped writing this review about 4 times. I'm sucking it up now and completing it though. Every once in a while I read a book that totally exceeds anything I was expecting… a book that leaves you practically speechless with how incredibly it is written and the story it tells. That is what How To Love was for me. I’m not entirely sure what I can say about this book right now, so forgive me if none of this makes a bit of sense. First of all, it’s told in a wonde [...]

    11. I'm sorry if this comes out as a rant You have been warnedNothing really happens exactlyIt's just day to day mundane things except at the end there was a bit of drama. There's no hook to keep you reading. I pushed this aside twice and picked it up again just so I can find out if he changes. There are chapters of her going to the mall and shopping and cooking food. It's super mundane and utterly boring. I also don't like the Before and After chapters because it breaks the momentum of whatever hap [...]

    12. This is my first book of Katie Catugno,and I must say that this author is a talented writer because she writes beautifullyI just didn't like the story line because it didn't much portrayed what the title says(and it's the title that captivated me into reading this). I'm not being judgmental but I guess,I have high hopes and expectations when it comes to contemporary. I thought,the story would flow similarly to "Before We Were Strangers" or something like the "First Comes Love"series-these are st [...]

    13. 4 starsReview to comeOMG you guys! This book totally cured my slump! Absolutely surprised at how good this one was! I really only have one rant (but it's sort of a big one) and tbh it's mostly personal preference (but it's keeping me from giving this 5 stars). I definitely recommend this book to the contemporary lovers out there! <3

    14. Okay, so this wasn't the light, cute, fun read I was looking for, but wow, this book was pretty good. What a great story that realistically portrays a situation that happens all-too-often in a way that captures your heart.The reason I liked this story so much was because it wasn't about a girl in a rough or trashy neighborhood that got pregnant by the typical bad boy. Serena and Sawyer are from devout Christian families, and they deal with issues that real teens deal with - whether it's Serena's [...]

    15. Don't let my 3 stars sway you against this one. How to Love is a pretty good book for many reasons. First it touches on a subject I personally have not often come across in books - teen pregnancy. I found this was handled realistically and fairly. I also really enjoyed the way it was told in past and present perspectives, allowing us to slowly unravel the messy, emotionally conflicting details of Reena's relationship with the father of her child - Sawyer. We learn how it started, but most import [...]

    16. True rating 2.5 A few days ago I read a review that made me think about my rating system, I don’t remember the reviewer’s name so if you’re reading this (which you’re probably not) message me so I can tag you. Okay, so the reviewer said something about how people mostly lower their ratings based on characters’ stupid decisions and not the writing-style nor the world-building. Okay, so I admit that characters have a huge role in my rating, but it’s not the only thing I look at whilst [...]

    17. THIS IS ONLY $1.99 RIGHT NOW (11/25/14)! amazon/How-Love-Katie-The perfect escape when you're dealing with your awful family this Thanksgiving weekend : )Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Reena has dreamed of two things her whole life – getting away from her hometown of Broward, Florida and getting together with Sawyer. Little does she know that when dream #2 comes true, it will be Sawyer escaping, leaving Reena left behind to raise his baby. A couple of years pass and Reena’s plans o [...]

    18. 3.75/5 stars I wasn't sure what I was going to think of this book, but I ended up enjoying it. Besides a few things, it was great.

    19. It's no secret that I struggle with romance. I'm just as prone to swooning as any other girl, but perhaps I'm just more picky about who I swoon over. Or maybe it just takes more for a romance to really click for me. Whatever it is, How to Love, failed to impress me. Not only did its love story fall flat, but its tale of redemption didn't tug at any heartstrings whatsoever. Although I believe that Cotugno's debut novel manages to cover a plethora of topics with poise, its prose lilting and imposs [...]

    20. 2 stars Writing this mini review FOR A SECOND TIME because GR is a bitch and deleted my first review--------There are a very small number of female MCs that I want to bitch slap. Really, most of the books I read (98% at least) have awesome female characters. They are either 1) badasses, 2) become badasses, or 3) Elizabeth Bennett. Our MC Reena here didn't make the 98%.And don't even get me started on Sawyer.I don't even think I can write a full review at this point. I really did not like this bo [...]

    21. So I hugged the book after finishing it For 1 minute straight while lying on my bed I just can't form the words to express how much I loved this book <3 Katie Cotugno, I love youReview:I really really don't know where to begin with this review or how to express how I felt about this book. If you already scrolled down, you would have noticed that my rating for How to Love is an "All time favorite" and if you are a frequent visitor on our blog, you'd also know that we rarely ever bring that rat [...]

    22. How To Love is by far one of the best debuts I've ever read. I truly had no idea what to expect from Katie Cotugno and I was completely blown away. How To Love almost fits into the new adult category rather than young adult. It's a much more mature story than normal YA books and I loved it. Younger readers can certainly get away with reading it (although there is drug use/alcohol use/sexual content) and older readers such as myself can truly enjoy it. While Sawyer and Reena are both in their tee [...]

    23. I don't know. The only thing I really felt while reading this was "wow is this how everyone I know felt while I was dating that ridiculous douchebag all those years ago?"The before and after perspectives worked for me in this book. Getting to see how the characters have grown yet stayed the same added to the story. I wasn't particularly bothered by Sawyer's shittyness, because honestly, I've known people like him and it happens and I don't mind seeing realistic yet aggravating characters in book [...]

    24. Beautiful & achingly realistic tale of young love & its aftermathVery rarely does a book impress me, satisfy me, and affect me emotionally as much as Katie Cotugno's debut novel, How to Love, did. This novel is a beautiful and achingly realistic portrayal of one couple's doomed teenage love affair, the aftermath, and their eventual coming to terms with one another TO LOVE stands out among the crowd of other YA contemporary novels most notably due to Cotugno's lyrical, evocative writing. [...]

    25. Maybe if I'd taken the time to read the blurb or ask what How to Love by Katie Cotugno was about, I wouldn't have read it. Or maybe morbid curiosity would still have gotten the better of me, but I'd have had an easier reading experience for being prepared.Because there are some books you read for the pleasure of losing yourself totally, of becoming an entirely different person in a different time and a different reality. And there are some books you read to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mir [...]

    26. An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence my thoughts in any way.When I give 3 stars, it usually just means "I liked it" but it wasn't that great that it could garner 4-5 stars (and oftentimes, these are the ones that are hardest to write). Or it would mean it has a lot of good, but also a lot of bad, and it balances. This one's rating is a bit more special than that.In How To Love, we're introduced to two individuals who both have their own demons to face, within [...]

    27. Reviewed @ Enticed by Books     What an utter disappointment! How To Love was one of my most awaited reads of 2013, everything about this book, from the cover to the premises to the early feedback screamed that it was the perfect book for me. Second chance romance! Hell Yeah! That is my favorite type of romance and there has never been a time where I disliked a book featuring that, but I guess there is a first time for everything. How To Love and I started off at the wrong foot; from the fir [...]

    28. 4.5 starsHow to Love was a book which took me by surprise. I’ve read quite a few books recently that have gone down the same typical path, that I’m finding reading my favourite contemporary books ever so hard. So I’m pleased to say that the initial fear I had going into How to Love was worth it, because this book delivered in so many aspects.How to Love is the story of Sawyer and Reena, who got together when they were pretty young, but things didn’t go the best possible way. Sawyer walke [...]

    29. I feel the need to open by saying that I loved this book. I gave it five stars and I mean all of them. The way I can tell a book's really got me is when I read it with a certain trepidation that it won't be long enough, and I had that feeling with this one from such an early point, and it *isn't* a short book.That said, this isn't a "universal love" kind of book. I've seen theories on what divides its lovers from its haters, and here's mine: Whether or not you love this book will depend on how y [...]

    30. I had this great plan when I got back from BEA* to chronologically work my way through the books I picked up. Then I was looking through them one day and picked up How to Love, thinking, "I'll just read the first chapter and see what this is all about." I couldn't put it down. The story of these two people and their messy, complicated relationship, climbed right inside of me, and I couldn't move from this book on until I lived inside of them and experienced their story for myself. How to Love is [...]

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