Because of Twilight

Because of Twilight A group of Arizona friends fans of the Twilight books A Halloween in Transylvania and a love story In short Because of Twilight Adventure friendship mystery love sacrifice fear hope all in a s

  • Title: Because of Twilight
  • Author: Adele Bradford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A group of Arizona friends, fans of the Twilight books A Halloween in Transylvania and a love story In short, Because of Twilight Adventure, friendship, mystery, love, sacrifice, fear, hope all in a short but intense story A delightful afternoon read, perfect for both vampire lovers and those who detest them.

    One thought on “Because of Twilight”

    1. first off I have to say thank god this book was only 60 pages or it would have been a DNF THIS WAS NOT THE BOOK FOR ME!!!!If you were a die hard fan on twilight then this would be a 5 star book. I like twilight, but they way this book was written was not close. It had the same take, but the writing was not my cup of tea.This story is about a group of people who flew to Transylvania to stay at a castle what do you think happened? well, the head vampire fell in love with the girl who hates twiligh [...]

    2. I was interested enough to finish it but was very disappointed Had high hopes when I started reading but then the farther I got into it the more and more rushed as each chapter came. By the time the story reached its conclusion I felt that the whole explanation for why That particular girl was just kinda shoved in as an afterthought.

    3. The story was interesting enough for me to finish it. However the dialog in this was so cheesy and unbelievable, and overall writing style and narration was kind of annoying. I think you have to be a very young teenager to appreciate this.

    4. Very good readBook was very good. Enjoyed it a lot I will look for more books by this author's books. It was a good vampire book

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