Song and Dance Man

Song and Dance Man Illus in full color In this affectionate story three children follow their grandfather up to the attic where he pulls out his old bowler hat gold tipped cane and his tap shoes Grandpa once danced

  • Title: Song and Dance Man
  • Author: Karen Ackerman Stephen Gammell
  • ISBN: 9780394893303
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Illus in full color In this affectionate story, three children follow their grandfather up to the attic, where he pulls out his old bowler hat, gold tipped cane, and his tap shoes Grandpa once danced on the vaudeville stage, and as he glides across the floor, the children can see what it was like to be a song and dance man Gammell captures all the story s inherent joiIllus in full color In this affectionate story, three children follow their grandfather up to the attic, where he pulls out his old bowler hat, gold tipped cane, and his tap shoes Grandpa once danced on the vaudeville stage, and as he glides across the floor, the children can see what it was like to be a song and dance man Gammell captures all the story s inherent joie de vivre with color pencil renderings that leap off the pages Bespectacled, enthusiastic Grandpa clearly exudes the message that you re only as old as you feel, but the children respond as will readers to the nostalgia of the moment Utterly original starred Booklist.

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    1. A sweet and lovingly fun romp through grandpa's past as a Vaudeville performer, this proves quite delightful, although I am at the same time also not magically "wowed" by it. Personally, I guess I would have liked (and perhaps even somewhat required) at least a modicum of historical background information, not so much within the text itself, but as an informative author's note or afterword. And thus, as much as I truly do enjoy and appreciate Karen Ackerman's Song and Dance Man, I am left with a [...]

    2. I enjoyed this warmhearted tale of a grandfather sharing a glimpse of his Vaudeville performances of yore with his grandchildren. Loved the magic (theater is magic to me!) as they all climb up to the dusty attic and open the old chest containing the Vaudeville costume, the wonder as the grandpa polishes his tap shoes and tips the lampshades to shine like spotlights, while the children gather on piled up blankets and watch with awe and appreciation as their grandpa becomes something more than the [...]

    3. A lot more fun and engaging to read than I expected based on the cover. From the cover, it looks like one of those books that is just going to be really wordy and not fun for kids. But, my 7 year old daughter enjoyed this quite a bit. It is about a grandfather performing his old vaudeville act for his grandchildren which they feel is better than TV.

    4. This book is kind of neat and just a bit sentimental to me. The title makes me think of Bob Dylan, who has called himself a song and dance man before, ha. The grandfather in this story is a retired Vaudeville tap dance performer, who puts on a show for his grandchildren. His love for performing and the fact that he performed on Vaudeville make me think of my maternal grandfather and his family. My grandfather has a love for music, was quite the piano player in his day, taught music, and still pl [...]

    5. The 1989 Caldecott Medal Winner was this beautifully illustrated book with colored pencil drawings. This story begins with a grandfather talking to his grandkids about the times before television sets were in people’s homes. In that time, people entertained themselves going to shows where he worked as a song and dance man. He then took the kids too the attic where in the corner laid a leather trim trunk. In this trunk were the grandfather’s show biz ensemble, like the tap dancing shoes, ward [...]

    6. • Book summary-This story is about three children that go visit their Grandpa. They all go to the attic to search for his old dance shoes and clothing. They all dress up in the old clothing and watch Grandpa perform a dance. They had a great time and Grandpa got the opportunity to reminisce about his life. He looked back with pride and knew that he was happy just where he was; with his grandchildren. • Caldecott Medal• Grade level, interest level, Lexile -K-2• Appropriate classroom use ( [...]

    7. 1) Book Summary: One day three little children visited their grandfather for the day. There grandfather was telling them about his old story and one day he took them to the attic and put his dance gear on he used to wear and showed them what it was like being a song and dance man. It won the Caldecott award medal for this book. 2) Grade level, interest level, lexile: The grade level for this book is preschool to 2nd grade, the interest level is 3 to 7 years old, and the lexile is 780l 3) Appropr [...]

    8. This is a picture book that will make you remember your grandparents with a fond memory or will make you want to visit them soon. This heartwarming story is told from the viewpoint of a grandchild as he visits his grandparents’ house. The grandfather used to be a tap dancer in the theater. He invites the grandkids up to the attic when they visit and gives them a show demonstrating his old dancing acts. In this book, one of the grandchildren expresses his feelings of enjoyment and connection wi [...]

    9. This was such a sweet story that many of us can relate to if we have a special grandparent in our lives. This story was about a very talented Grandpa and the day he shared his old talents with his little grandchildren. The children learn about the so-called "Song and Dance Days", the time before TV ruled the lives of youngsters. He ends up showcasing his talents in a special performance for his grandchildren one day when they visited. What follows is both funny and warms the soul of the readers. [...]

    10. Illustrations reinforce this sweet story of a grandfather performing for his grandchildren like he did when he was a dancer on the vaudeville stage. Small details from the text can be seen in the illustrations like the gold tip of the cane and the single spotlight on grandpa’s shoes. The illustrations, which look like colored pencil, are full of color, which help set the cheery and uplifting mood of the story. Through lines and shading the illustrator shows movement as the song and dance man t [...]

    11. "Song and Dance Man" by Karen Ackerman was a story of a Grandfather spending an afternoon with his grandchildren. During this time, he takes them into the attic to show them that there was once a time when people had to rely on things other than television for entertainment. He opens a chest and begins to show them all of his old things and even performs for them. Unfortunately, this story bored me a little bit, and was not my favorite. I think kids might enjoy this, but the only thing that kept [...]

    12. Its the kind of grandparent house every kid wishes for. Complete with trunks full of stuff, blankets to sit on, and an engaged and engaging grandpa ready to not only tell you about "the good old days" but to show them to you with a show! This cute book reads to me like a love letter to theater and vaudeville. And that is great. But I think kids will latch onto the idea of a grandpa singing and dancing, while the parent will latch onto the fact that grandpa holds the stair bannister for support w [...]

    13. o Summary: This book is about a grandfather who loves his grandchildren. He pulls out his old shoes, hat, and cane and shows them what it was like to be a song and dance man. He grandchildren are so impressed. You are only as old as you feel and it is obvious that this grandfather still has it!o Grade level: thirdo Appropriate classroom use would be for a fun read.o Individual students who might benefit from reading any student. They would think it was a fun book and love the illistrationso Smal [...]

    14. A fantastic book that uses charming pencil drawings to create softly illustrated pictures that really enhance the story. A grandfather takes his grandchildren up to the attic to share with them a time before TV, when he was a vaudeville performer. His story is fun, and makes you want to call up your grandparents to have them tell their stories of their youth before they are gone. We really enjoyed reading this book together.This book was selected as one of the books for the July 2016- Quarterly [...]

    15. This 1989 Caldecott medal book is a sheer delight.When his grandchildren visit, they prod their grandfather to go into the attic and find his shoes, hat and cane and to put on a show.As a vaudeville tap dancer, grandpa has many wonderful memories.Captivating the children, who respectfully sit and watch the lovely show, all deserve a round of applause -- the children for loving their grandpa so much that they are interested in his previous life, and good ole grandpa who dims the lights, dons the [...]

    16. I really liked these bright and colorful illustrations. Gammell used lots of colors that I like, bright yellows, blues, purples, pinks, aquas, grass green, etc. The illustrations were so energetic, one could almost see the Grandfather dancing. I liked how the backgrounds were almost scribbly in places. It's a wonderful family story as well, with Grandfather entertaining his grandchildren. They will have such wonderful memories of him!

    17. I love the loving relationship that is so evident between the grandfather and his grandchildren. I love his joy and enthusiasm as he shows and tells his grandchildren about the "good old days" when he was a song and dance man (a vaudeville performer). But I especially love the wonderful illustrations that accompany this lovely story.

    18. • 1989 Caldecott Winner •This is a sweet book, but something about it doesn't strike me as a Caldecott Winner. I do really like the illustrations which I think are done in colored pencil, but the shadows almost look like watercolor. It's a really different kind of look. The faces look kind of creepy though. The kids and grandpa all have bright red clown noses (they're not wearing fake noses), and it's really weird. The story is solid - the grandkids visit their grandpa, and he used to be a v [...]

    19. I loved reading about the memories of the grandpa as "song and dance" man. When three children visit their grandpa, they all go up to the attic. The grandpa finds the items he used to dance with when he performed. Surprisingly, he performed for the grandchildren, dancing, and singing, telling stories, and making his grandchildren laugh. This book won the Caldecott Medal in 1989.The book is a perfect picture book for young children! As a nostalgic book, it was lighthearted and entertaining. Most [...]

    20. The Song and Dance Man is very heartfelt and fun for the whole family. In the story, three kids visit their grandma and grandpa. The grandfather used to perform as a Vaudeville showman/magician back in “the good ole days”. He takes his grandchildren to his attic, where he shows them all his fancy hats and cloaks and props that he kept in an old trunk. He kids watch in awe as grandpa puts on his old tap shoes and top hat and performs a little dance. They laugh as he shows them magic tricks an [...]

    21. This Caldecott winning book is a sweet book about a grandpa who told stories about "the song and dance days." He told these stories to his grandchildren who were always intrigued to learn about his times on the Vaudeville stage. When he tells the stories, he goes up into the attic with all of his old costumes and props and lets the children use them. He sings, dances, and performs magic tricks for the kids. At the end, the kids understand that he misses those days, but still enjoys the ones spen [...]

    22. This book is called Song and Dance Man, by Karen Ackerman. I give this book a 5 star rating. I love this book. It is a cute story that shows the close bond a grandparent shares with their grandchildren. I think this book is appropriate for its target audience. The sentences use simple words and it tells a sweet story. It is something most young children can identify with. The artwork is so unique and allows the reader to really see the love a grandparent has. It is different seeing a pictures of [...]

    23. Summary: A grandfather who used to sing and dance in the past shows off his skills for his grandchildren. They already adore him, and when he starts tapping in his old shoes, hat, and cane, they all go crazy. It is clear that the grandfather misses singing and dancing but loves how he gets to show off a little for his grand kids. The boys beg for more as the grandfather closes the attic door which symbolizes him closing the door on his past as the song and dance man.Theme: The theme is about the [...]

    24. This is a sweet, reminiscent story of a grandfather who used to perform on the vaudeville stage. The grandfather entertains his three grandchildren on their visit and he tells them about how he used to sing and dance to entertain people before there were things like televisions. He takes them up to the attic and tries on his old dancing shoes and performs to his adoring grandkids. I love the magical tones the illustrations give off. The illustrations backgrounds were simple but rainbow colors su [...]

    25. Song and Dance Man, by Karen Ackerman is about a grandpa who used to dance all the time as a younger man. One day, the grandpa takes his grandchildren up to the attic to look through his chest of old tap shoes, hats and all sorts of other dancing accessories that grandpa used to use. Grandpa puts on a dancing and singing show for his grandchildren and shows them the fabricated show that he used to perform often as a young man. The grandchildren are amazed by their grandpa’s show and beg for hi [...]

    26. This book has won the Caldecott Medal. It is appropriate for kindergarten to third grade. This book is about a grandfather who used to dance on a vaudeville stage. He tells his grandchildren about the old days, and he puts on a performance for them. He used to be a professional song and dance man, and he still loves to perform. After, he tells his grandchildren that he wouldn't trade any of his time with them for the 'good old days.'I love this book, and I think young students would love it as w [...]

    27. This is a great story that warms your heart. Ackerman begins the book on a lazy afternoon, a Grandpa takes his kids to the attic to regale them with tales of the olden days when he performed on the vaudeville stage. However no a days many kids probably wouldn't have grandparents quite old enough to really get the nostalgic feeling one may get if they understood where Ackerman was coming from. This book is a great read-aloud, but it's Stephen Gammell's wonderful pencil drawings that make it a cla [...]

    28. Song and Dance Man is a story about storytelling and recreating old memories. This story is about three grand children visiting their grandfather and listening to his stories about his song and dance days. This story is illustrated by Stephen Gammell and he uses vibrant water color and pencil like illustrations. The illustrations and use of colors create a happy feeling when reading the story. Teachers could use this story for teaching lessons about storytelling and traditions. They could take p [...]

    29. Song and Dance Man is about a grandfather who is with his grandchildren in his home telling them about his glory days when he used to sing and dance. The children love his stories, so he takes them up to the attic where he keeps is tap shoes and his other performance clothes and props. As their grandfather puts on a little show the children envision him in his prime when he was the Song and Dance Man. The book has a sweet ending with the grandfather telling his grandchildren that he wouldn't tra [...]

    30. Song and Dance Man has many directions and descriptive moments that are describing “the song and dance man’s” dance moves. Listening to someone read aloud the dance movements would be boring. Reading the text alone is uneventful. However, viewing the illustrations while reading the extremely descriptive text provides a completely alternative experience. This book does a fantastic job of letting the reader see the emotional side of each character. The illustrations let you see deeper into h [...]

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