Rx From the talented author that brought you the Nine Lives of Chloe King series comes a timely and thought provoking novel inspired by the epidemic of prescription drug abuse among teens Thyme Gilcrest

  • Title: Rx
  • Author: Tracy Lynn
  • ISBN: 9781481429504
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the talented author that brought you the Nine Lives of Chloe King series comes a timely and thought provoking novel inspired by the epidemic of prescription drug abuse among teens.Thyme Gilcrest is an honors student Thyme Gilcrest is popular Thyme Gilcrest is on student council.Thyme Gilcrest is a drug dealer.Thyme Gilcrest is doing everything she can to stay afloatFrom the talented author that brought you the Nine Lives of Chloe King series comes a timely and thought provoking novel inspired by the epidemic of prescription drug abuse among teens.Thyme Gilcrest is an honors student Thyme Gilcrest is popular Thyme Gilcrest is on student council.Thyme Gilcrest is a drug dealer.Thyme Gilcrest is doing everything she can to stay afloat in her over achieving high school She 8217 s broken into the academic elite 8212 The Twenty 8212 but barely So when her best friend Will refuses to take his newly prescribed Ritalin, Thyme steals it With SATs quickly approaching, she must keep her self diagnosed ADHD in check.One prescription is not enough, though And soon Thyme is trading with classmates to get the meds she 8220 needs 8221 It 8217 s addictive 8212 not the pills, but the feeling of power that comes with the trade Her friends come to her for advice For 8220 prescriptions 8221 And Thyme can 8217 t help but oblige them allA fascinating look at a class superstar who is dealing with the stress 8212 by dealing prescription pills.

    One thought on “Rx”

    1. Rx certainly isn't original, and it has afterschool special written all over it, but it's not a bad book and its main character is no conventional drug dealer. The trouble for her is that she's giving away restricted medications and diagnosing her friends with mental illnesses, and it's not long before the consequences hit her like a brick wall.

    2. I started reading this "Ripped From The Headlines" novel when I was bored at work on a Wednesday night. It's a pretty quick read, so I had made enough progress in it by the end of the night to feel like I had to finish it.Basically, Rx is the story of Thyme Gilcrest, a grade-grubbing honor roll student who, succumbing to academic pressure, begins taking Ritalin as a "study aid."As with all stories that run the gamut of "after-school specials," this choice to Thyme running out, and she begins to [...]

    3. Thyme Gilchrest struggles with her homework, unable to concentrate. She tells her parents, and suggests trying Ritalin, but they don't listen. Maybe they're too busy having wine after work.Will has the opposite problem. His parents think he has ADHD, but Will is just lazy. And now he has a bottle of Ritalin he doesn't want. Thyme pockets it, and realizes she is not the only one who could use some "assistance". Soon, she's got a system set up, and is the dealer at her school for legally controlle [...]

    4. January 9- Most of the book just made me angry but there were a couple moments I found funny/endearing--really the only things saving this from a 1-star rating. My favorite was in chapter 24, right after (view spoiler)[Will broke up with Thyme (hide spoiler)].In high school, hell is not the absence of God, but communication. >Besides the few positives, I hated all of the characters. Every single one. Thyme was the only person who had any sort of dynamic (in The Twenty, but also the druggy/par [...]

    5. Rx by Tracy Lynn is about students in a New York high school that begin to take "study aids" to help them focus on the material the school gives them. The book focuses on Thyme Gilcrest, a junior in high school who starts to take Ritalin to help her complete her work and study for SATs. She becomes addicted and has to start dealing to support her drug habit. In the book, Thyme says to an acquaintance, "This isn't the answer, it won't fix anything. You're supposed to be sad. This will justput it [...]

    6. It was hard for me to get into this book for some reason. The writing was not was I was used to, and it started kind of slow. But as I kept reading it finally picked up and it wasn't a bad book in the end.

    7. This is a quick read, pretty good. It's one of those 'topic' books that's gonna age itself out because of all the (almost necessary) pop culture references and slang. Topic - prescription drug abuse.I'm a bad person to review this, since damn, I wish I'd had access/been on half those drugs in high school. And I was in the same social circle as Thyme. Fighting to stay in the "top 10%" of the class.Except I was more like Meera. And I didn't figure out till sophomore year of college that I didn't w [...]

    8. Rx by Tracy Lynn was a very interesting book to me. This book really opened my eyes to different kinds of drug abuse, not just the one's you hear about frequently (cocaine, marijuana, etc). I never thought of the perceived "good kids" or the "smart kids" being the ones to take any sort of drug. However this book really showed how easy it is to fall into the trap of prescription drug addiction. 'One time', that's what most people say, 'just this once and I will never use ritalin again. I just nee [...]

    9. It was a very quick read as Tracy Lynn has written it so well. I never thought one of these books would become somewhat addictive which is ironic as the main character overcomes an addiction to illegal prescription drugs.The book is very relevant to what is going on in schools and colleges today and shows how desperate people can get for grades and social security. I would highly recommend this to anybody mainly teens and young adults as it is not relatable necessarily but relevant.I have it a 3 [...]

    10. I was really excited to read this book as soon as I bought it I shouldn't have been. The main character is despicable on almost every level, whiny, annoying, bland. I couldn't bear to read about her perceptions, maybe this is just me but I couldn't stand it. The only reason I gave this two stars is because it was fairly realistic and it did have some elements of things that go on with prescription medications in high school. Even though I did manage to find some holes in the plot that were more [...]

    11. Was OK, I guess. Not that great of a read.There wasn't really anything that made the book stand out from any of the other drug books I've read. It was just averageIt was really drugs. Dealing, receiving, trading, using and all that. Pretty much everyone in this book used drugs.The main character was pretty stupid and annoying to me and the other characters were just really just there to be there.I don't rally know what to say to this book and I'm not sure how you could try to make it better. You [...]

    12. This book is about Thyme, a high school student who thinks she has ADHD. Her parents don't believe that, so she ends up stealing a bottle of Ritalin from a friend. She discovers that it helps her study better, so she starts trading her mom's Xanax for Ritalin with her classmates to keep up her supply. Eventually she starts dealing other prescription drugs, until a tragedy strikes the school. Then Thyme has to decide if she's really helping or hurting her other classmates.This book takes you into [...]

    13. This book wasn't the greatest. There really was nothing specifically lacking, it just wasn't that memorable. I thought it was going to be better and more exciting by the description on the back. It just seemed like one long "don't do drugs" seminar. It also seemed a little unrealistic to me, as of every character having access to perscription meds. It also was a little confusing keeping all the characters and their personalities straight. This novel was good, but I don't really recommend buying [...]

    14. Intriguing book Deals with drugs, the education system, self-definition, etc. Not really mind-blowingly brilliant in any sense but it definitely has some things to digest. It's a complicated problem, self-worth gets wrapped up in grades; grades aren't generally an accurate measure of learning; drugs help people get higher grades. (I mean pharmaceuticals, Xanax, Ritalin, Valium, that type of thing.) Complicated mess? Yes. Easy solution? No. (Also the author defined Coldplay as a goth band. I mean [...]

    15. I think this book is interesting. the plot and everything. An AP student living life secretly as a pill popper, and eventually a drug dealer. I would of never thought of this kind of story. It would always be the "bad kids" doing drugs, but in this book every one does drugs, the "twenties" , and potheads. Only the straight people of course stay drug free. but the world she lives in is very different, and she's not really enjoying life trying to impress and live for others. I read it not too long [...]

    16. Thyme Gilcrest is an overachiever. She’s in her Junior year of high school and has been racking up the extracurriculars and AP credits she needs to get into a good college. At her high school, there are three main cliques: the jocks, the rich kids, and The Twenty. The Twenty is Thyme’s nickname for the students with the top twenty GPAs in her graduating class. She BARELY made it into The Twenty, with GPA number nineteen or twenty. But, Thyme is struggling to stay in the top tenth percentile [...]

    17. I started reading Tracy Lynn’s young adult novel, Rx” because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding into the world of drug addiction. I wanted to see more of how people become addicted to drugs and why they start taking drugs to begin with. Needless to say, I was not disappointed in this novel.Rx is a young adult novel told in first-person by a high-school senior, Thyme. At first glance the only thing that seemed unusual about Thyme was her name which she explained herself in the novel. Th [...]

    18. There was no suspense or shocking events that you would assume would be included in a book about a high schooler dealing drugs. The ending is anticlimactic, and overall, the book seemed monotonous. The part where the Altoid tin is discovered doesn't cause any kind of emotional response, and Thyme's fear of getting caught is not portrayed well and doesn't have any effect on the reader. It was fairly entertaining to read in the beginning, but after a while it dragged on and wasn't very interesting [...]

    19. I struggled finishing this book because the main character, Thyme, was extremely selfish, annoying, and fake. I can see the importance of the plot and the message behind it all, But Thyme got away with everything, not really reaping a punishment for abusing prescription drugs. Also, there were a few plot holes with her friend, Suze. I honestly would not read this again, nor recommend it. There are way better books that go through the prescription drug epidemic and how it affects young teens.

    20. I had never heard of this book and picked it up at a used sale because it got me curious. I actually loved the writing. I rarely find first-person YA novels with narrators that I like this much. Definitely made me laugh out loud at some spots. I felt the plot could've used a little more meat to it, but overall it was a great read!

    21. The world of drug trade is not a place that many regular teenagers in America would know, and certainly not prescription drugs. None of us would expect the goody-goody student or the valedictorian to be doped up to help them with their academics. Furthermore, what most adults would expect is that this world wouldn’t be brought to the homeland of middle-upper and upper class society and straight to the daily environment of their kids. In the book Rx by Tracy Lynn we see that it comes true, and [...]

    22. I got this book from my friend to read to let her know if it would be worth her time. I didn't really think I would enjoy it when I first picked it up, it just didn't seem like my type of read, but it's a small novel so I figured I would read it for the sake of my friend and waste a few hours. As I read though, I was almost shocked at how interested I became in the story. The main character, Thyme, I realized was so similar to myself and her friends so similar to my own. Both of us in the top tw [...]

    23. I make no claims that this book shows the "real" life of teens or sensationalizes the less-than-dramatic reality. I simply don't know. What I can say is that "Rx" by Tracy Lynn is very timely. Last December, for example, there were numerous news stories detailing the pressures teens face to be perfect and pretty and fun while making it all look easy. This book offers one explanation of how some teens do that.Thyme Gilcrest goes to a competitive high school in a rich suburban neighborhood. It's s [...]

    24. “Thyme Gilcrest is nothing if not good at dealing” In this novel written by Tracey Lynn “RX” Thyme Gilcrest is an honors student and a drug dealer at the same time. Caught between two different friends groups but was brought into them by the same want, good grades and the ability to focus on her studies to achieve those good grades. It all started with her ‘friend’ Will, his parents thought he had unmitigated anger, he fails to behave normally. He rages. He was prescribed to Ritalin, [...]

    25. I read the book “RX”, by Tracy Lynn. RX’s main character is Thyme Gilcrest, an excellent honor student. This novel tells the story of her education throughout high school and how she earned her side job as a drug dealer. In my opinion I believe Tracy Lynn wrote this novel to inform her audience. This book is strictly for young adults because it is set in their time period of life. Thyme was in a situation where she was offered drugs. This can relate back to us as teenagers, we are surrou [...]

    26. A quick, one day read. The buildup of Thyme's stress and addiction to Ritalin are realistically portrayed, however, everyone around her seems to be addicted to prescription drugs - adults and teens alike. I felt this was severely overdone. When Thyme decides to go off Ritalin and give up dealing she does it magically. There's no description of how this happens. All in all, the book seemed highly unrealistic to me.By School Library Journal:Thyme, 17, is stressed. She is trying to keep her grades [...]

    27. Rx is about Thyme, a girl mainly in her senior year. The book starts off though in the end of her junior year, she is part of "The Twenty", which is the top 20 GPA students, her being around #19. Her smarts don't come to her naturally like it does to the other 20. She has two best friends, who aren't in "the twenty", one guy obsessed and the other a stoner. Towards the end of her junior year she starts to become friends with an used-to-be good friend, Will. He was mis prescribed and given Ritali [...]

    28. At first I expected this novel to be a disappointment. It took getting quite a ways into the book for me to think otherwise. It's one of those books that you have to read all the way through to be able to understand what the whole point of the story line is. Most of the characters started off very annoying, without any depth to them, making it hard to enjoy the book or think much of it in a positive aspect. But as things progressed, I could clearly see what Tracy Lynn was getting at by penning R [...]

    29. Alternative Title: Why Self-Diagnosis and Self-Medicating is a Horrible, Horrible Idea, For the Love of God, Don't Do It (TUMBLR, WHAT'S GOOD?)Yeah, the self-dx community on Tumblr kept coming to mind with this one, and if there's any compelling case to make for why you should always, always, always seek a professional when you think there's something wrong with you, or never, never, never take a medication you haven't be prescribed, it's this book.Thyme is an example, for me, of a protagonist t [...]

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