Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind Part 2

Scarlett The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell s Gone with the Wind Part The story of Scarlett s and Rhett s love affair begun in Gone With the Wind continues in this long awaited sequel

  • Title: Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind Part 2
  • Author: Alexandra Ripley
  • ISBN: 9785555353658
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • The story of Scarlett s and Rhett s love affair, begun in Gone With the Wind, continues in this long awaited sequel.

    One thought on “Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind Part 2”

    1. "Scarlett se pregăti de luptă. Mătușile erau terifiate de tatăl lor, dar ea nu. Singurătatea îngrozitoare pe care o cunoscuse în Atlanta o făcuse timidă, temătoare, dornică să placă în Charleston.""Ura Charlestonul. Ura societatea lor - carnețelele de bal și cozile de bal pe care trebuia să le faci când erai primit și regulile nescrise pe care le trebuia să le cunoască și nu le cunoștea, imoralitatea pe care ei o acceptau și ipocrizia cu care o condamnau pentru păcate p [...]

    2. 0,5 και πολυ του ειναι . Βαρετοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοοο, ηληθιο , χαζό , άνευ λόγου και σημασίας Ι hate this book i hate it

    3. Even though it is written by a complete different author Alexandra Ripley really did a great job continuing Scarlett's journey through life. I was very happy I read this book cause it made gone with the wind feel like it wasn't over.

    4. Because I LOVE GWTW, & the love story of Scarlett & Rhett is truly timeless, when this book came out I had to have it. In this book, Scarlett travels back to Ireland to find the Irish O'Haras after GWTW leaves off. She finds family, roots, & a purpose in bringing the family estate back to life. Somehow she becomes the head of the O'Hara clan, & somehow Rhett finds her again. They share one night in a cabin on the banks of a river after a storm, & he takes off yet again. Scarl [...]

    5. After the awful ending of Gone with the Wind that I loved none the less, I thought I'd give the sequel - written by a different author - a try. But for me personally, my own ending I made up for Rhett and Scarlett in my head was better. My advice: Don't read this one. Just satisfy yourself with a conclusion of your own. It'd probably be better than this attempt.

    6. This was a very decent attempt at telling the story of Rhett and Scarlett after the war. It held my interest but there were parts of it that I couldn't see either character doing based on the images I had of the original.

    7. If there was ever going to be a writer that could carry on the story of one of the greatest books of all times, its Ripley. This is a fantastic read and provides a nice continuation for those of us left hanging at the end of Gone with The Wind. I think that Margaret Mitchell would have approved.

    8. I hope Margaret Mitchell wrote the sequel so it could have the same "feel" with Gone with the Wind. I still loved this though because I got the ending that I wanted.One of my all-time favorites, second to Gone with the Wind (which of course, should go hand in hand.XD )

    9. You wonder if a sequel to "Gone with the Wind" could be as good as the original, but this one was. It was such a great story ~ and very consistent with GWTW.

    10. Definitely not written by Margaret Mitchell, this sequel to Gone With the Wind attempts to be as intricate and absorbing as the original but is clear to be just that - an attempt.Had I only watched the original 1930's movie, I might have loved this book, but found it to be too "Harlequin Romance" novel caliber for me. I liked it, but did not love it. The modern influence on the story line is evident in the treatment of the characters. Scarlett O'Hara is a grown woman in this novel, and I found h [...]

    11. HATE this. The worst book I've ever read, by far. I waded through it simply because I wanted to know what ridiculousness Ripley would turn my all time favourite characters into. The book lacked passion, skill, insight, and it read like it was turning Scarlett into Alexandra herself. She even had to age her deliberately That was the worst part of the book, the turning seasons in Ireland, where Scarlett aged years in half a page. Incredibly lazy writing. What were Mitchell's family thinking hiring [...]

    12. I read this when it first came out. I loved it. I really am not a fan of Gone With the Wind. But when this one came out it called to me and I wanted to see if the story I wanted to be happy would end that way and I was pleasantly surprised.Gone With the Wind is a classic for some. This one was for me.

    13. i thought this book was the greatest book i had ever read. i was only 18 at the time i read it, and i was obsessed with gone with the wind. i wonder if i would still feel the same way, now that i am 33. i think i will read it again!

    14. The book was tedious and if not for the characters I loved from Gone with the Wind the book would have been unbearable. The fact that the margaret Mitchell/GWTW group authorized this and then revoked that after publishing should be a sufficient review.

    15. akhirnya tenang juga setelah tau bagaimana akhir hubungan mereka berdua. karena di buku gone with the wind ceritanya gantung hehehehe

    16. Rotten storyline and unbelievable events. The characters Margaret Mitchell developed are mere shadows and one-dimensional beings in this book. Atrocious in every way imaginable!

    17. First and most importantly.Gone With the Wind is my favorite book. Ever. I reread it every year or so and am always amazed at everything about it, and how much more I get from each rereading. That book is my ultimate standard against which all other books are judged.I'll admit I'm writing this review YEARS after reading Scarlettd while I don't remember anything about the book itself, I DO remember my feelings of absolute disgustof literally yelling at this book "NO WAY would that character EVER [...]

    18. Gone With the Wind, a book both hated and adored, was a novel that drew me in because of its powerful depiction of a society struggling through war. (When I say "powerful", please don't do me the injustice of assuming I mean "historically accurate".)The depicted South is a land of grace and hypocrisy that crashes hard, and when I picked up Scarlett I was sort of hoping for a continuation on the thematic concerns that were the lifeblood of GWTW. Instead, the author picks up and moves the entire f [...]

    19. No where near as good as the original book. This story was written decades later by another author. It continues the story from Gone With the Wind after Rhett walks out on Scarlett. I didn't think it stayed true to the original characters. I would have done the story differently. The book was okay and I finished it, but I was disappointed that it lacked development of the characters and there really was no action. It read more like a basic predictable romance book. The booked lacked luster. I re [...]

    20. OMG! When this came out I was hopeful. After the first few pages I was in despair --- how could the Mitchell family allow this to happen!!! The sections in Ireland were beyond belief (I live here, so I can speak firsthand); the characters were shallow; the plot extensions ridiculous, the writing on a level of Cecilia Ahern, i.e rubbish held together by prepositional phrases. Disappointed to say the least.

    21. I LOVED GWTW so I waited nearly a year to read the sequel because I was afraid of being disappointed. However, I found Scarlett to be a decent attempt at what happened after Rhett left Scarlett upon her realization that she loved him too little, too late. The book read more like fanfiction, and while it was interesting to see Ripley explore Scarlett's roots, some of it was kinda out there. The book lagged but I pressed on and was happy about the ending. And now I'm a full fledged " Windie."

    22. This is a rating based off of the version of Scarlett I read, which is the Reader's Digest version. What I liked most about this book, is that instead of Scarlett getting Rett back at the end of "Gone with the Wind" after she learned how wrong she had been, it made her grow up, and actually learn and mature, which made her truly learn her lesson -in a good way.

    23. I read this book when I was about 12 or so and loved it. I pretty much loved Scarlett O'Hara and wanted to be her. I loved Gone With the Wind and it was pretty exciting to be able to continue on with the story. I remember it being very, very thick.d I stayed up all night finishing itear into the next morning.

    24. Love Ripley, hate this book!! What's the point of writing a sequel when none of the characters are acting even remotely the way they have in the first book and if you are going to change EVERYTHING about the original story. The characters are barely recognizable as themselves and the writing style is a wooooorld apart. She should have written a stand alone novel not a sequel

    25. It's been awhile since I read this book. I loved Gone With the With and was curious as to what this book would bring. If this was a stand alone book, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. However, because it was a sequel to one of the best books ever, you can't help but compare, and it is no Margaret Mitchell book. Oh well.

    26. A must read for all Rhett and Scarlett fans. This book is written matching Margaret Mitchell's style and was a joy to read. Find out what happens to Scarlett after Rhett leaves her. A wonderful adventure, taking you from Atlanta to Ireland, and showing you a side of Scarlett that you will love to see.

    27. If you love Gone with the Wind then you might just like this book. I love Scarlett O'Hara but they make her grow up in this book and she matures and I'm not sure I like that! I liked Scarlett because of the "ninny" she was!

    28. It's quite obvious that Margaret Mitchell did not do this story. This story got Scarlett her man but the trip was just a bit off. I had to wrap my head around many of the events and then turn a way from it just to proceed forward. I honestly don't not feel that Scarlet of the sequel could equal that of the Scarlett of the original.

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