My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season

My New Roots Inspired Plant Based Recipes for Every Season At long last Sarah Britton called the queen bee of the health blogs by Bon App tit reveals gorgeous all new plant based recipes in her debut cookbook inspired by her wildly popular blog Every

  • Title: My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season
  • Author: Sarah Britton
  • ISBN: 9780804185387
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At long last, Sarah Britton, called the queen bee of the health blogs by Bon App tit, reveals 100 gorgeous, all new plant based recipes in her debut cookbook, inspired by her wildly popular blog.Every month, half a million readers vegetarians, vegans, paleo followers, and gluten free gourmets alike flock to Sarah s adaptable and accessible recipes that make powerfully heAt long last, Sarah Britton, called the queen bee of the health blogs by Bon App tit, reveals 100 gorgeous, all new plant based recipes in her debut cookbook, inspired by her wildly popular blog.Every month, half a million readers vegetarians, vegans, paleo followers, and gluten free gourmets alike flock to Sarah s adaptable and accessible recipes that make powerfully healthy ingredients simply irresistible My New Roots is the ultimate guide to revitalizing one s health and palate, one delicious recipe at a time no fad diets or gimmicks here Whether readers are newcomers to natural foods or are already devotees, they will discover how easy it is to eat healthfully and happily when whole foods and plants are at the center of every plate.

    One thought on “My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season”

    1. I am seriously conflicted about this book. Some of the recipes seem so forced, containing ingredients or combinations that make me squint in confusion. The recipe introductions occasionally feel preachy or condescending. Could that be because it is revolutionary and boundary-pushing and I am struggling to understand, slow to catch on? It's possible. The pictures are appetizing, the use of vegetables, in particular, is exciting, and I'm learning interesting tips on sprouting, using chia, creating [...]

    2. There are a lot of terrific, inspiring recipes here. So why only three stars?There are so many distracting inconsistencies in this book that I might as well have read it with a red pen as with my 'to make' post-its.She is obviously well-rooted (sorry) in the new foods garde. She has credentials to back her positions—not as important to me, but some folks new to these ingredients might need that mark of authority to embrace some of the change she champions. However the information is often uncl [...]

    3. Lately we've been requesting cook books from Random House Canada (See Juicing and Salad Love) and we are so in love with every single one we receive. Random House sure knows how to pick the books and package them beautifully, interior and exterior wise. This specific post will be about My New Roots by Sarah Britton which was released recently. Sarah Britton is actually dubbed as the "Queen bee of the health blogs" and this book was inspired by her very popular blog. This book contains 100 plant [...]

    4. I recently won a copy of this book in a giveaway (not by the publisher), and I was excited to receive it. Looking at it, however, I'm beginning to think that I wouldn't have purchased it for myself, even though I'm always on the lookout for new vegetarian recipes. I don't think this cookbook is really intended for a cook like me. But, I'll explain why and you can decide for yourself how applicable my opinion is.I rarely buy cookbooks online – mostly because it's so impossible to tell what it i [...]

    5. There were some good recipe ideas in this book. I found that some of the recipes required too much effort and time for someone who is busy and wanted to eat in a healthier manner. I also found that there was too much use of maple syrup and sweeteners.

    6. The very first thing I noticed when MY NEW ROOTS arrived in the mail was its absolute GORGEOUSNESS! I mean, look at the photo -- which really does it no justice. Colorful and rustic, while still distinctly modern, this volume is the PERFECT coffee table book, for sure!But what about the pages inside? Do they match up to the brilliance of the front cover?I won't leave you in suspense here! The answer is . yes!Although I haven't experienced any of Britton's healthy blogs that she mentions in the s [...]

    7. I first heard of Sarah Britton through her blog, "My New Roots", where I fell in love with a Thai inspired coconut soup she posted. Never mind that I drove my grocer crazy seeking fresh galangal root, which suddenly was hard to keep in stock (I suspect I wasn't the only one who read that post). The soup was a burst of flavors sliding across my palate. Luckily, I've now found a source for dried galangal and birds eye chiles, if needs be, so my grocer doesn't run when he sees me coming.I'm terribl [...]

    8. I am absolutely delighted by this new, beautiful cookbook from popular health blogger Sarah Britton! As an artsy cook, I was drawn to this book by its pleasing cover and design. The interior is full of lovely photographs depicting various dishes as well. Published by Clarkson Potter, this book will not disappoint. In looks or quality of recipes. As I read through the cookbook, I was surprised and delighted by the similarities I share with author Sarah Britton. I suppose you could call me a healt [...]

    9. My New Roots is a stunning book of inventive recipes for a plant-based cuisine, written by an extremely talented and popular food writer, recipe developer and blogger.The recipes are all vegetarian, many of them vegan and many gluten-free. This is a powerful collection of healing dishes that brim with liveliness. And they are truly inspired.See my full review here - livinginthekitchenwithpuppies.

    10. B I think I'm burned out on "seasonal" cookbooks. I have a bunch (I would've loved this when I started my CSA three years ago) already, and a lot of the recipes require somewhat unusual ingredients. Vegan.

    11. I wasn't a big fan of Britton's blog, and even though this cookbook is beautiful there is not one recipe in here I am interested in trying.

    12. My new favourite cook book I love love love the recipes, the photos and all the extra tips and extra bits of information. Anything I've cooked has not disappointed. Easy to follow and not laborious either.

    13. 3.5 Overall I liked it with some fun and interesting recipes. I did find her writing voice particularly annoying so I just avoided reading the intros, etc. and also didn't agree with several of the things she had to say, but that's the way it goes!

    14. I just love Sarah's recipes and this book is by far my favorite cook book. Everything is always delicious!

    15. Meh. Too trendy for me; I am super sick of superfoods. I will file a few of these recipes away for a rainy day but, for the most part I found this forgettable.

    16. This is my favourite plant-based recipe book so far! The thing about Sarah Britton is she understands FLAVOUR, as in mouth-watering, murmur-'mm'-on-the-first-mouthful type of flavour. Some of the recipes require unusual ingredients and a trip to your local healthfood shop and some take a little time to create but the meal on your plate will have been worth the effort. Her blog is fantastic too, and there are loads of free recipes there if you want to sample before you buy.

    17. My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season, by Sarah Britton, is a good cookbook–it just isn’t a great one. It’s big on plant-based foods, and (in many cases, though not all) raw foods, things which I could certainly stand to eat more of. The pictures are lovely and the recipe layouts are decent and easy to use. The recipes certainly sound enticing: roasted red pepper walnut dip; sorrel hummus; buckwheat crepes with creamy string bean slaw; pear apple blackberry crumble; r [...]

    18. This is a gorgeous book. So much so that I almost forgive the lack of a table of contents. (Seriously, this trend in cookbooks needs to stop. This is where they're most needed!) I love hardcover cookbooks that don't have the loose-removable cover. Those just get messy in the kitchen in my opinion. I have been following Sarah's blog shortly after I became vegetarian, several years ago. I've made numerous recipes from her blog and was very excited to hear about her releasing a book. I was actually [...]

    19. “A great deal of cooking inspiration comes from following the seasons…high-water-content foods in summer…sweetly rich, starchy, calorie –dense foods fill us through winter. Spring tastes like wild leek pesto…Autumn tastes like fig and walnut jam…”Sarah BrittonAfter the Introduction, Essential Techniques is packed with essential cooking charts for dry beans and growing sprouts, including making nut and seed butters and milks. The cookbook is divided into five chapters: Spring, Early [...]

    20. Beautifully written with stunning photographs and great recipes. I am absolutely delighted by this new, beautiful cookbook from popular health blogger Sarah Britton who is from Toronto where my mother grew up and my relatives live! The cover drew me in and he concept of new inspiring healthy treats. Most recipes along with pictures are of vegetable recipes but there are some desserts too.This book will not disappoint as the author uses other types of sugars making this a must for all healthy peo [...]

    21. Het kookboek My New Roots is net zo mooi als de gelijknamige blog. De opmaak is simpel en stijlvol en de fotografie… oh de fotografie is zo, zo prachtig. Als je Sarah’s blog volgt, heb je er al van kunnen genieten. De stijl van foto’s is hedendaags en ik vind dat de periode waarin een gerecht gegeten wordt er zelfs van uitstraalt. Er zijn niet overdreven veel attributen aan toegevoegd en je krijgt er ècht zin van in eten.Om niet 100% lyrisch te zijn over dit boek ga ik meteen over naar he [...]

    22. Not long ago I REVIEWED Pure Food by Veronica Bosgraaf, and while I DEFINITELYenjoyed that book, My New Roots has everything that Pure Food lacked. The suggested RETAIL PRICE difference between the two books is $10. That’s not bad considering what you get. First of all the embossed hard cover is stunning. The use of the end papers was brilliant and eco-friendly. There are beautiful pictures on almost every page versus the 8 pages I got in Pure Food. My NEW Roots also features a techniques sect [...]

    23. De titel dekt de lading goed – deze manier van koken omvat een heel andere levenstijl. Steeds meer grijpen de recentere kookboeken terug naar de oorsprong. Naar een manier van koken waarbij je perfect weet waar je eten vandaag komt en wat er in verwerkt is. Hiernaast benadrukt Sarah Britton ook dat het niet enkel gezond is maar ook goedkoper. Met de eerste twee ben ik het volledig eens. Van het goedkopere aspect ben ik niet zo zeer overtuigd. Zelfgemaakte amandelmelk zal ongetwijfeld lekker é [...]

    24. This cookbook has absolutely lovely photos. I like good photos in a cookbook. The measurements are given in European and American measures for the most part, but I did notice that one measurement is listed as a "knob" and that is not translated to whatever amount the measurement is in American cooking. Many of the recipes are rather gourmet and labor intensive requiring quite a bit of prep time or ingredients that may be difficult to find like barley malt syrup. I made the "Fully Loaded Breakfas [...]

    25. I've been waiting for a cookbook from Sarah Britton for YEARS, so naturally when I learned this would be released I had to snatch it up as soon as I could. sure enough, it's a masterpiece in clean cooking, with relatively complex recipes broken down into easily achievable steps. Her sections on pantry, storage, shopping and prepping are especially useful, setting anyone who wants to up for success. I don't often purchase books but I am seriously considering owning this as an educational tool and [...]

    26. This is an amazing book. It provided a new prospective on plant-based eating with lots of nutrition information and cooking methods. With a family that dietary restrictions, this book made it easy to find things for everyone. The recipes are easy to follow and well detailed. The best part everything I've made from this book has been delicious! I'm excited for plum season to try my hands at the Chai Spiced Plum Upside-Down Cake.

    27. Some recipes I'm excited to try, but a bunch that don't sound appetizing / hard to source / not worth it ingredients. And the intros made me feel a little sad about my lackluster-in-comparison life (I didn't move to Denmark to be with a boyfriend, live in New York, or Northern California, or eat tomatoes at a farm in Arizona…)

    28. This book is gorgeous! I especially loved the way the author separated the recipes by season instead of by the typical apps, mains, desserts, etc. She also adds so much extra information about stocking your pantry, sprouting seeds and nuts, making nut milk and butters. I checked it out from my library, but I will be buying myself a copy for sure!

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