Without a Net

Without a Net Eva has always played it safe and where has it gotten her Betrayed by her husband left alone to raise her young son and struggling to keep head above water the last thing she needs is another phila

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  • Title: Without a Net
  • Author: JillBlake
  • ISBN: 9781311062147
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook
  • Eva has always played it safe and where has it gotten her Betrayed by her husband, left alone to raise her young son, and struggling to keep head above water, the last thing she needs is another philandering male Max has always pursued adventure until he s sidelined by an accident While recovering from his injuries, he discovers that the biggest adventure of his lifeEva has always played it safe and where has it gotten her Betrayed by her husband, left alone to raise her young son, and struggling to keep head above water, the last thing she needs is another philandering male.Max has always pursued adventure until he s sidelined by an accident While recovering from his injuries, he discovers that the biggest adventure of his life may be closer than he ever imagined in the form of Eva, his baby sister s best friend The problem Convincing Eva to risk it all without a net.

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    1. Es difícil para alguien como yo a quien le encanta hacer/escribir reseñas dar una opinión "no muy buena" cuando la autora de un libro especialmente contacta contigo para leerlo y más tarde reseñarlo. Siempre me he caracterizado por ser honesta y fiel a mis opiniones.He tratado de decir que algo me gusta o no de la manera más respetuosa posible. Así que hoy siguiendo basándome en esos principios debo decir que estoy un poco desilusionada con este libro.En cuanto leí la sinopsis no dude u [...]

    2. Me ha gustado bastante, la verdad es que me ha recordado a muchos de los harlequines que suelo leer de vez en cuando. Es una historia sencilla, sin giros argumentales y sin sobresaltos, pero creo que es perfecta para leer entre libros más densos.Los personajes me han gustado. Ella es una joven viuda a la que su marido no trató bien y además le dejó bastantes deudas, por lo que le cuesta bastante salir adelante. Me gusta que luche por su futuro y no tire la toalla y la verdad es que me ha dad [...]

    3. Yep, I wrote Without a Net. I write what I enjoy reading, and what I hope others will enjoy reading too.This is my fourth contemporary romance, and the first of a new trilogy set in Santa Monica, California. I’m a former East coast girl, transplanted to southern California, and I love it here! While the setting doesn’t play a big role in the book, it certainly provides a lovely backdrop against which the characters’ dramas unfold. For those readers who are local, you may actually recognize [...]

    4. Jill Blake's books are all delicious and eminently readable. They are erotica for the thinking woman. This fun book features a single mom of an 8 year old who became a widow after her husband died of cancer. The husband was no angel. She is on her own dealing with financial problems as a result of her husband's decisions. She has to re-enter the working world and has no time for love. Along comes gorgeous MAX. Complications ensue. Believable and fleshed out characters, delicious sex scenes, page [...]

    5. **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**Without a Net is a sweet love story. Eva has had a hard year. Her husband died, she found out truths she wasn't even looking for, she found out her husband left her with more debt than she knew what to do with. Her life was in shambles. When she runs into Max literally, in the grocery store she notices how good looking he is but Max comes with a reputation. He likes to live life on the edge. He takes chances. He doesn't [...]

    6. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.This is a really lovely story, which successfully captured my emotions, making me laugh, tear up and sigh. Good mix of characters too, and good cameo for the son, and best buddy. I loved that it was partly explaining the process that Indie writers go through, giving us some insight into the other side of the world that we so happily immerse ourselves into every day. The growing romance was well planned out, and the passion f [...]

    7. 4.5/5Fofo.Sempre temos o cara fugindo da relação e, dessa vez, temos a mocinha fazendo esse papel e eu gostei da Eva.Adorei o romance, os personagens e já quero os outros da série.O mocinho escreve um livro e toda a aproximação dos dois é por causa disso, e com tantas informações acerca do meio independente (uma mensagem que a autora quis passar para outros escritores?), pra mim faltou algum tipo de conclusão nesse ponto.

    8. Full review posted on my Blog:Without A NetCover: 4Plot: 3.5Characters: 4Overall Rating: 3.5 This is the first book from author Jill Blake which I have read and I wasn't disappointed. A mother to an 8 year old, Eva became a widow when his husband died due to cancer. After her husband's death, debts starts to arise due to her husband's decisions and she started to doubt herself when her husband confessed having affairs to her before his death. She then meets Max her best friend's brother a darede [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book and read it this afternoon. I know when I begin a Jill Blake novel I won’t do anything else until I complete it.In this story we have our gorgeous hero, 36-year old Max. He’s a red Ferrari driving, ER physician, adventure and thrill seeking man-whore to the tenth power. The man had been aroundd around! Personally, I don’t like man-whores but Max was a bit different. He had not been with another woman since his skiing accident months agowhich was not his style. He [...]

    10. Eva has played it safe her whole life. Then she meets Max, “the ultimate hit and run artist.” Of course, Max has never had any interest in settling down with a family, not with his fast, adventure-seeking lifestyle. But suddenly a broken leg and Eva’s smile could make him re-think his perspectives. Still, with everything she had to go through with her late husband’s illness, infidelities, and all his debt, the last thing Eva needs is another womanizer—you know, one of those “good-loo [...]

    11. When Eva’s husband, Roger, dies of brain cancer, she suddenly becomes a struggling single mom to their son, Ben. Mourning the loss of Roger was complicated by the fact that he waited until he was on his deathbed to tell Eva about his numerous affairs. To make matters even worse, Roger had made some illegal transactions while operating his real estate development company and now Eva is left to clean up his legal mess. After all of this, who wouldn’t be guarded and just a little bit jaded?Ente [...]

    12. This is the fourth book that I have read by author Jill Blake because I truly enjoy her fluid writing style. Without A Net is a welcome addition to the contemporary romance genre, and I was quickly engaged from the very first chapter. This is a slightly gritty romance with more than a few splashes of scorching desire. The two main characters, Eva Landry and Max Palmer are real and easily identifiable with the world we live in. I believe most readers will be able to relate in some way to their ex [...]

    13. Another winner from Jill Blake! 1. The hero, Max. He starts out as your classic commitment phobic, adrenaline-junkie, bad boy (man-whore) type. But he cleans up nicely.2. The heroine, Eva. She’s a single mom who has to get back into the workforce after her husband does some bad things and dies. 3. Eva’s son, Ben. He’s eight, and hats off to the author for doing a nice job writing a very believable 8-year-old character.4. The setting. I love southern California, and the way Ms. Blake descri [...]

    14. *I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Eva thought she had a good life. She had a husband who worked hard, a wonderful son, and the enjoyment of being a good mom and wife. It wasn’t until a deathbed confession did her world turn upside down. It changed the way she looked at her husband, her life, and her entire look on life and relationships.“It wasn’t every day that a man offered his heart to the woman of his dreams.” Trying to get on her f [...]

    15. Starts a bit slow, ends a bit quickly. But everything in between? Yummy. I love Max. Total man-whore before the book starts, but after a life-altering accident he "sees the light" and decides it's time to stop wasting his time and start making connections that matter. There's no inta-love here. Max and Eva run in the same social circles, his sister is her best friend, and so they've met and interacted over time. The attraction has been there under the surface for years, but while she was married [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this read it is a story you can relate to about a people who are pretty normal. There are trust issues, both have things they must overcome before they can think about a relationship. Max is a playboy who was in a skiing accident which made him rethink his life. Eva husband died 6 months before which was a very trying time for her with the mess he left financial as well as emotional. She isn’t looking to start a relationship anytime soon, if ever. Her husband really did a numb [...]

    17. I went in having only read the synopsis and thinking that it sounded enjoyable. What I got was a grown-up love story that just made me feel good. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the fantasy of romance novels that we miss the stories that are just about real people. Eva and Max are real. They have both been moving thru life in their own safe ways, but missing an important element - real emotional connection with someone else. While Eva thought she had that in her marriage, what she found was th [...]

    18. This is the 1st book I've read from this author, it was well written with likeable characters. Eva had the perfect safe life, wife, mother with a nice house, supportive family and friends until her husband is diagnosed with cancerhe decided to confess all his sins, he's been unfaithful repeatedly(like her father), used all their money and made bad business deals. When he dies she is left with an enormous debt, a child and feelings of betrayal and wondering how she didn't know about any of this . [...]

    19. 3.5 CocktailsA great realistic read about a widowed wife and mother who thought she had the perfect marriage until an accident left her husband wanting to tell her the truth before he died. Eva was left finding out that her husband had affairs and was involved in a ponzie scheme leaving her to deal with the aftermath. Struggling to keep her house and just making her son happy and worry free in hard enough without having feelings for the town’s hot Dr who is a player.Max is a hot ER Doctor who [...]

    20. Eva is a widowed single mom after losing her husband to cancer but the devastating discovery that he cheated on her during the marriage leaves her doubting her self worth but the ugly secret of bad business decisions leaves her financially in debt and the betrayal cuts even deeper. She is taking care of her son the best she can and carving out a new career while trying to sell her beloved house to keep afloat. When a handsome ER doctor authors a book he needs Eva to use her graphic design skills [...]

    21. Without A Net swept in from the first few pages. Between Eva's grief and Max's internal struggle, it provides a strong story. Eva has lost her husband and in his final moments he reveals hidden secrets that the family wasn't aware of. Left with his pile of bills and a child she struggles to find normalcy in the midst of chaos.Max has always been an adventure seeker but when a skiing accident puts him out of work, he struggles to find into the normal. Eva has always caught his attention and now t [...]

    22. Eva and MaxThe story begins with information about her marriage to Roger. While he was dying he confessed his infidelities to her. She continued to take care of him until he died. During that time she lost her trust in men. Max had seen her before but this time she was single. After a run-in at the supermarket they can't stop thinking about each other. This book was ok. I don't know. There was conflict for Eva trusting Max. That was it though. She treated him terribly and he kept coming back. Th [...]

    23. He's a playboy doc sidelined due to injury. She's a frazzled widow trying to piece her life back together while raising her eight year old son. No way does she have time for his kind of fun!! What an incredibly enjoyable read. Very well written with interesting characters and a story that keeps you turning the page. Jill Blake is a new to me author but I will definitely be reading her other books. I highly recommend this one!

    24. This was the first book I have read by Jill Blake and I enjoyed it alot. From the very first page I was sucked into the story and couldn't put it down. Jill has a capturing writing style, with paragraphs that made me laugh, and worry, and feel with the characters. The romance between the characters is very believable and we find ourselves on a roller coaster ride of emotions with spicy sex scene descriptions that made me read through the book in a very short time. Well done, Jill.

    25. I just got this book free as a giveaway from . It is a really good summer read. Jill Blake knows how to bring the heat that is for sure. It is a very sweet and HOT love story with likable characters. I started and finished it in one day so that should tell you that it holds your attention. Give it a try. I will be looking at more titles from this author.

    26. 4.5/5.0Ms. Blake has a wonderful steamy love story involving two thirty-somethings with real life issues and hurts to overcome.Read full review in the 2015 February issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    27. GoodWith some additional editing this story could be five stars. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

    28. "Unexpected Passion is a nice romance, cute, easy to read, to which I was pleased to receive the invitation to read. I liked it and soon will review the Doces Letras"

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