Como Tocar Um Sheik

Como Tocar Um Sheik A reden o de um sheikNingu m consegue burlar as defesas do sheik Amjad Aal Shalaan Ningu m Mas quando a princesa Maram apareceu no baile de gala de Amjad no lugar do pai dela destruindo os planos del

  • Title: Como Tocar Um Sheik
  • Author: Olivia Gates
  • ISBN: 9788539803279
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • A reden o de um sheikNingu m consegue burlar as defesas do sheik Amjad Aal Shalaan Ningu m Mas quando a princesa Maram apareceu no baile de gala de Amjad no lugar do pai dela, destruindo os planos dele de recuperar o que fora roubado de sua fam lia, Amjad ficou furioso e aproveitou se de uma estranha tempestade de areia para torn la sua amante e prisioneira Salva pA reden o de um sheikNingu m consegue burlar as defesas do sheik Amjad Aal Shalaan Ningu m Mas quando a princesa Maram apareceu no baile de gala de Amjad no lugar do pai dela, destruindo os planos dele de recuperar o que fora roubado de sua fam lia, Amjad ficou furioso e aproveitou se de uma estranha tempestade de areia para torn la sua amante e prisioneira Salva por um homem que sempre amou a dist ncia, Maram percebeu que tinha a chance de fazer Amjad v la como uma mulher Sua mulher Mas ambos n o estavam preparados para o resultado de seus desejos

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    1. It's official. Amjad is the most fun hero I've ever read. He's so thoroughly and delightfully snarky, every word out of his mouth had me giggling. And he found his match in Maram. Their 'verbal duels' as the author called them were the best I've ever read. And when it came to the sex scenes, oh my! Those were some of the hottest, most emotional smut I've enjoyed. The bargaining they did across the bed before he finally succumbed and 'devoured' her, was one for the records. I loved the two previo [...]

    2. Perfect Conclusion to a Captivating SeriesFrom the moment Prince Amjad was met in previous books of the Pride of Zohayd series, his story was one I highly anticipated. His past is exceedingly heartrending, and I wanted him to find someone who could break through the impenetrable wall he has erected around his emotions. The woman whom Olivia Gates brings into his life is someone who is just as stubborn as he when it comes to giving up on a goal, and their scenes are frequently packed with quick-w [...]

    3. In To Touch a Sheikh we finally get Amjad's story, the man everyone calls the Mad Prince ever since his wife tried to kill him and almost succeeded. Amjad doesn't trust anyone, is snarky and disbelieving and has been working on who stole the jewels of Zohayd.Maram is the daughter of the man involved in the conspiracy and a pain in Amjad's butt. She is the only one who doesn't seem scared of him, and instead delights in verbally sparring with him and tempts Amjad. Maram is someone who sees the be [...]

    4. A wonderful end to the 'Pride of Zohayd' trilogy tells the story of Amjad, the oldest of the Aaal Shalaan brothers and arguably the most interesting! A wicked betrayal has left Amjad deeply wounded and unable or perhaps unwilling to feel. His heart is so frozen in ice it seems no longer to exist and it would take someone very special and tenacious to attempt melting this dangerous, ruthless man. Maram, princess of a neighbouring emirate, has been in love with Amjad for years and decides she is t [...]

    5. Olivia Gates, author of the Pride of Zohayd series for Harlequin Desire certainly outdid herself in this the third installment! Her three Princes of the desert are hotter than the sands they live on! Amjad, the oldest and by rights, Crowned "Mad", Prince of Zohayd has a very personal reason to swear off the female species! Admonishing his two younger brothers, calling them idiots for falling into the spider's web, Amjad soon finds himself entangled in a web of desire all his own with no hope to [...]

    6. I loved this, the final part of the Zohayd trilogy. It was full of banter, angst, love, fighting, heartache and eventually the HEA.

    7. again Olivia Gates rocks u are oustanding as always u keep me hooked to the last word u never disappoint meank u

    8. You know, usually I'm not a sheikh type of girl. I tend to lean more toward the fangs and fur persuasion. Yet, there is a definite hotness factor to this book that I found fascinating. It also helps that one of my favorite random plot devices (next to amnesiac vampires) is when two people get caught in a snowstorm. Now, being that this book takes place in the desert, there wasn't a snowstorm to be seen. However, deserts make their own magic in the form of SANDSTORMS!Now Amjad knows how to bring [...]

    9. Maram Aal Waaked is in the middle of the deseret to watch a horse race put on by Amjad Aal Shalaan. Her father Prince Aal Waaked was invited but because of health reasons could not come. Also Maram has been trying to get his attention for four years since she first met him.Amjad does not trust women his first wife came to him not a virgin and he forgave her since he was not one either. Then he forgave her that she was pregnant by someone else but he would not forgive her for putting arsnic in ev [...]

    10. I loved Amjad the moment I read his first line! If you like verbal sparring, as well as physical passion, you love this couple. This book is fabulous!

    11. I have to admit that Harres and Talia's story spoiled me. I don't think anything could That being said, I loved Amjad's and Maram's story. I couldn't see how Amjad's could be redeemed, he was such an ass in the other books. But she did it! I enjoyed the story, especially after Amjad's succumbed. I felt horrible for Marjam when she discovered Amjad's plan. Great resolution!!! Read and enjoy!

    12. The Desire line at Harlequin is considered powerful, passionate and provocative and this book embodies all three. Because the hero’s (Amjad) wife tried to kill him slowly using poison, so he was very cynical. He was even considered by some as mad. But the heroine wasn’t intimated by him. I really like a strong heroine in the books. Gone are the days where the heroine waits for the hero to save her. This book contained a lot of sarcastic humour and I found this book highly amusing. I always l [...]

    13. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: August 8, 2011Publisher: HarlequinImprint: Harlequin DesireAuthor’s Website: oliviagates/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 3, Pride of Zohayd TrilogySeries Best Read In Order: Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level: HotPrince Amjad Al Shalaan once entered into a political marriage for the sake of his country. He graciously forgave the fact that his bride did not come [...]

    14. I just read that this book won Cataromance's Reviewers' Choice Award and is nominated for RT Book Reviews', too! I came back to read all the reviews and add an amendment to mine, congratulating the author for writing such books as this that seem to be unanimously loved. And I discovered I never wrote a review! How COULD I? I loved, loved, LOVED Amjad and Maram and TO TOUCH A SHEIKH! The 'verbal duels', the 'kidnapping' during the sandstorm, hiding away from its wrath for days and Maram's persist [...]

    15. I've just read the author announcing this book won one reviewers choice award and is nominated for another. And that's the least this stupendous book deserves. I read Pride of Zohayd trilogy in sequence and thought nothing could possibly top the first two books. But this books tops everything I've read in a long, loooong while. In fact, I don't remember when I've ever had more fun or felt more involved in a love story before.Amjad and Maram are unbelievable together. I've never read two more wit [...]

    16. I don't remember when I last read a book with such cleverly written dialogue, or incredible construction of story. This book felt like a sonata, the three movements so well integrated, flowing from one to another, building up to a crescendo of emotion. The first movement was that incredible tug of war when Amjad 'kidnaps' Maram in her father's stead. Believing he was only saving her from a sandstorm and that she got the chance of a lifetime to be secluded with him in his desert hideaway to work [...]

    17. An AMAZING read, from the first line in the prologue to the last one in the epilogue. I seldom read books that I can't put down, but this is one of those. Amjad and Maram took me on a rollercoaster of wit and emotion and passion I wouldn't have been able to break away even if I wanted to, and I certainly didn't want to. I wanted to keep on reading as I giggled, held my breath, and shed tears. I can't even pick a favorite scene. Is it the emotionally charged prologue where you feel Amjad's pain a [...]

    18. Really fantastic book that has everything, quick-witted banter, smoking hot love scenes, exotic setting, secrets, angst, palace intrigue and a hero to die for who does some 'mad' things for the love of his heroine. Captivating from the first line and engrossing to the last word. A keeper!

    19. Five stars times two! Yes, I think this book deserves ten stars! Just when I think Olivia Gates has just written her best book, she gives me better. And I daresay To Touch a Sheikh is her best book to date. Amjad is the most damaged, snarky, luscious hero she's ever written (OK, so Damian De Luna from her Calista St. James series remains my favorite but Amjad is a close second) and she gives him the perfect heroine in Maram. The sheer chemistry between those two is explosive. The way they switch [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsI am a sucker for a Sheikh. Don’t ask me why, because my favourite romance genre is usually paranormal, but Sheikhs always seem to do it for me. I like to believe in a past life I was devoured by one of the ruggedly sexy patriarchs and his memory has remained in the back of my thoughts as time goes by.but that’s just between me and you because I have an inkling my hubby wouldn’t appreciate it. Anyway, To Touch A Sheikh, was another of those steamy, sexy indulgences that I have com [...]

    21. "To Touch a Sheikh" is the story of Amjad and Maram.What happens when two passionate people who're obsessed with each other get stranded in a sandstorm? Meteor explosion!Witty banter, laugh out loud nicknames, super passionate and hot lovemaking forms the gist of the story- how a badly burnt by love couple, who's always had eyes for one another finally give into their attraction and find their HEA.I adored the angst and the groveling in the last 3/4th, and it totally added to the charm of the bo [...]

    22. This has got to be the best Olivia Gates book I've read. Or maybe it's Amjad the hero who makes me partial to this book. He's the BEST hero I've ever read. He is so snarky he made me laugh out loud with every word, and even thought. I loved him!! And Maram was the only woman who could stand up to him, open his sealed heart and melt the iceberg around him. And then their roles reversed and it was a rollecoaster to the end. Explosive ending to an incredible trilogy!

    23. From the moment Maram walks up to Amjad thinking she was attending his annual race in the desert and they exchanged that hilarious first exchange, I knew I was in for a ride! The fun of the Prince of Snark and his princess didn't let up for the first chapters as she works on the Mad Prince to break through the ice around his heart. And once she does it's amazingly passionate. I loved the way the tables turn on Amjad and how he becomes the pursuer in the second half of the book, when he realizes [...]

    24. Oh My Goodness! I loooooved this story. The third part of the trilogy , this book was INCREDIBLE!Amjad, the hero, is HOT HOT HOT ! Totally impenetrable, he is vulnerable only to the woman he loves.Maram, the heroine, is FABULOUS! Relentless in her pursuit of the one man she' s ever loved, she gives as good as she gets in the verbal sparring arena.The love scenes were scorching , and I do mean scorching hot. The intensity of emotions had me sitting on edge to find out what will happen next and ho [...]

    25. When I said his younger brothers were hot, Amjad is simply white-hot, searing, blinding.As the culmination to the three-part mini-series, I was filled with trepidation since the reader was given a glimpse into Amjad's character in the previous books. He was shown as cold, calculating, and ruthless. Which is understandable given his history. But I read on, and discovered that this was as good, if not the best, as the rest of the mini-series. Well-written and with a few choice words, funny at time [...]

    26. To Touch a Sheikh is an incredible ending to an incredible series, Pride of Zohayd. Amjad was my favorite hero in the series (maybe even ever!) from the moment he made his appearance in his younger brother's book, To Tame A Sheikh! But I kept wondering throughout the seires, what woman can possibly stand up to this towering iceberg of brutal wit? Enter Maram Aal Waaked, his perfect woman and the one determined to have this impossible man no matter what it takes or how long it does. I loved their [...]

    27. Wow. And I DO mean WOW!!!! This took my breath away from start to finish! Amjad is just irresistible with all of his snark and scars. And boy, when this crown prince fell, he fell ALL the way, and it was as exhilarating to see him so deeply in love as much as it was to watch him resist falling in the first place. Maram was his perfect match and it made this such a powerful, balanced romance. I am really out of descriptions to describe how much I loved this book and how perfect it was from all an [...]

    28. Amjad and Maram supplanted even Kamal and Aliyah as my most favorite Olivia Gates hero and heroine. The resolution to the Pride of Zohayd mystery in this intricate, exhilarating love story was just genius! I only hope we get to see Amjad and Maram again in more stories, or at least guest starring in the upcoming Desert Knights trilogy!

    29. Amjad Aal Shalaan aka The Mad Prince was everything and more that I hope he would be from his brothers' book, To Tame & To Tempt a Sheikh! OMG. How hot and snarky and delicious he is. And how buried in ice his heart is, and what it takes for the indomitable Maram to thaw it. And then once he's thawed—look out. He becomes an inferno! And then the table turns and he has to have offered the best struggle ever to regain his lover's trust. I loved how she wouldn't fall into his arms again as sh [...]

    30. Amjad! Ooooh, Amjad! The HOTTEST, SNARKIEST alpha male to walk the literary world! Love, love, LOVE him and every word that exited his luscious lips! Now I want a whole ongoing series starring him and his incomparable heroine, Maram!This was a roller coaster ride of fun and passion and heart break and it left me giddy with delight and upheaval. Poor Olivia Gates. I wonder how she feels after she completes a project with such depth and intensity of emotion? I could imagine since it drained me and [...]

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