The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono

The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon Yoko Ono John Lennon could be angry as he is in Lennon Remembers The Full Rolling Stone Interviews from and nasty as proven by Albert Goldman s brilliant scathing The Lives of John Lennon But he could

  • Title: The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  • Author: David Sheff John Lennon Yoko Ono
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Harcover
  • John Lennon could be angry, as he is in Lennon Remembers The Full Rolling Stone Interviews from 1970, and nasty, as proven by Albert Goldman s brilliant, scathing The Lives of John Lennon But he could also be charming, smart, and extraordinarily witty, as he is in his last interview, published in book form as All We Are Saying Co interviewee Yoko Ono is charm free butJohn Lennon could be angry, as he is in Lennon Remembers The Full Rolling Stone Interviews from 1970, and nasty, as proven by Albert Goldman s brilliant, scathing The Lives of John Lennon But he could also be charming, smart, and extraordinarily witty, as he is in his last interview, published in book form as All We Are Saying Co interviewee Yoko Ono is charm free but valuable, because she sparks the conversation and brings up fascinating stuff that Lennon wished she hadn t, like their mad plots to kidnap her daughter from her ex husband As interviewer David Sheff s tape rolls, John and Yoko s anecdotes flow effortlessly the joys of making their 1980 comeback album, Double Fantasy the mortifying horrors of John s lost weekend in L.A with Harry Nilsson John s interestingly twisted family life John and Yoko and Paul s last get together, watching Saturday Night Live the night producer Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles 3,200 to reunite on the show they almost got in a cab and did it Best of all is Lennon s song by song account of who wrote which famous tunes and where they came from Strawberry Fields contains an entire childhood memoir, and the production reflects Paul s alleged sabotage of Lennon s work Please Please Me was based on a Roy Orbison melody and Bing Crosby s punning song title Please Lend an Ear to My Pleas The element ry penguins in I Am the Walrus refer to idiots like Allen Ginsberg who chant Hare Krishna worshipfully Hey Jude was Paul s song comforting John s son Julian when John left his family for Yoko, and Paul s unconscious, reluctant farewell to his writing partner go out and get her Lennon had been publicly silent and artistically dormant for five years before these interviews, and he was just bursting with the exhilaration of the rebirth of his imagination days before his death Reading this book is like sharing a day in the life of a very happy man Tim Appelo

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    1. It's still weird to me that there are normal people who don't like The Beatles. I mean there are always boring as dirt anti-conformists who are unable to enjoy anything adopted by the masses and/or life-affirming. I wonder if I would have even liked The Beatles if I grew up in the early sixties. (I flatter myself that I would have liked The Kinks much more.)But when normal people who don't have a cultural axe to grind simply don't care for The Beatles I am shaken to my core. I fear that my child [...]

    2. Μία απόχρωση των 60ς, και των απόνερων αυτών, με επίκεντρο την ατομική βόμβα των Beetles μέσα από τα μάτια του ιδιοφυούς Lennon και της δυσκοίλιας Ono.Αν οι Beetles ή τα 60ς είχαν κάποιο μήνυμα, αυτό ήταν: Μάθετε κολύμπι. Τελεία. Και μόλις μάθετε κολύμπι, κολυμπιστε.

    3. John's other major interview as a solo artist, published in book form as Lennon Remembers, occurred at the outset of the 70s. He was sarcastic, angry, bitingly funny, and radical. His second interview, All We Are Saying, took place at the end of the decade and sadly, the end of his life. In this book, though, we see a far different Lennon.As the former Beatle reaches midlife, he comments on the apparent disparity between the lyrics of one of his early solo hits and his quite comfortable existenc [...]

    4. This book is special to me for many reasons: as a fan, because it opened up the door for me between seeing John Lennon as a musician versus a person; and personally, when I first read the book back in1983, John's words provided a stable, secure place for me to go as I was experiencing my parents' divorce. I was overjoyed that there was finally someone I could read about that thought and felt similarly to myself. I never was a child in the head, and it was quite a lonely existence. His words kept [...]

    5. 35 years after my first reading, as per usual, this time the book hit me completely differently. All that time ago, I was a heartbroken Beatles fan still mourning the loss of a life taken too soon. And I was all of 19.Back then, I could accept the somewhat spacier of John and Yoko's beliefs. I came at their words as a true believer.Now, as the father of two, much more jaded by life, but still a Beatles and Lennon fan, and still mourning his loss, as well as George's, all these years later, I com [...]

    6. This book, along with the Plastic Ono Band album, were to me what pscyhedelia and the "bigger than Jesus" comment must have been to a Beatlemaniac in the 1960's. Like taking the rug out from under you at first, the realization that John Paul George & Ringo exist apart from their cheeky grins and catchy tunes. After the initial bruising, though, you develop a greater and truer appreciation for the men underneath the moptop -- in this case, John Winston Ono Lennon. Plastic Ono Band has since b [...]

    7. David Sheff va entrevistar al John Lennon i la Yoko Ono poques setmanes abans de l'assassinat del músic de Liverpool. Durant setmanes, el matrimoni Lennon va deixar entrar al periodista de Playboy al seu pis de l'edifici Dakota de Nova York, als estudis de gravació on s'estava enllestint el seu darrer disc (Double Fantasy, 1980) i als llocs que freqüentaven a la ciutat en aquell moment. De totes aquelles sessions en van sortir més de vint hores de gravació que es van publicar de manera resu [...]

    8. unbelievably revealing insights into lennon and the beatles. the wit, the anger, the scathing putdowns. of special interest: the song by song review of almost every beatle song he wrote. and while you're reading this, why not listen to "Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur"? It's 2 CD set of various artists covering john's songs, benefitting Amnesty International's campaign to spread the news about the crisis in Darfur.

    9. A very insightful account of a man awakening to his feminine identity yet still wrestling with a former macho aggressive one. It is clear in this interview, which took place a little over a month before he was shot outside the Dakota, that John Lennon was troubled by knowing an inner beauty and peace that is still not supported or encouraged by our society.

    10. I've got less than four years to have a Playboy interview by John Lennon's age. Uh oh. Does Playboy still do interviews / exist?And yes, obviously I read it for the interview.

    11. Admittedly, I love just about anything having to do with The Beatles. The fact that I find John Lennon to be one of the most interesting and talented musicians to have ever lived made this book a fascinating and very enjoyable read. Sure, there is a lot of talk about society and his and Yoko’s superiority that gets a tad boring, but his humor, wit, introspection, honesty, and profound uniqueness shine through and show him as the charming, neurotic artist he was. David Scheff very obviously adm [...]

    12. Fascinating look at John Lennon and Yoko Ono's life at the time right before his assassination. Loved the insight into John and his time with the Beatles but reading it made me like him a lot less. Still love his music but like many artists who I've put up on a pedestal, seeing the cracks of their humanity may be more than I wanted to see.

    13. Kudos to David Sheff for getting John and Yoko to be open and honest about their lives and for focusing more on their careers than on their personal lives. I particularly enjoyed the end section n which John talks about how each of his songs got to be a recording. John and Yoko are artists in the most artsy fartsy way imaginable. It's astounding to see what they fell for and how little critical thought they gave to both external and internal ideas. It seemed to me that most of their decisions an [...]

    14. As an admirer of Lennon, I must confess that I am unlikely to give a bad review of such a book. This book, as with others I have read about John Winston Lennon, is a juxtapositioning of optimism and sadness, ex post facto his death shortly after the interview on which this book is based. From thoughtful reflections regarding his colourful and sometime troubled past and his strangely prescient notions of his future, each part of this interview has an almost unspeakable poignancy. It is hard to ce [...]

    15. Really a key book for any Beatles fan. This is a transcript of a recorded 3 hour interview made by John Lennon just days before his death. Andy Peebles has a conversational interview style that sees a relaxed, reflective and chatty Lennon. Yoko Onos presence may be intrusive to some readers but there was no John without Yoko and it may have been a very different or shorter interview without her. After his death, there were dozens of books and magazines about Lennon's life and most of them refere [...]

    16. I first read this in high school, and back then it was like a bible for me, partly because my high school was centered on the "actual" bible, and I always felt like a weirdo. It was good to read it again. High school Melissa had marked some sections with a purple pen, and found that many of them were the ones that resonated with me the most today, too. Beyond the John & Yoko specifics, it's a good book about other artists' processes, thinking, etc and looking forward to more years of making [...]

    17. A stirring conversation between two forces of nature and an adept journalist who knows when to probe deeper and when to let his subjects talk. This is wise, poetic, funny, shocking at points (particularly the parts about parenting) endlessly honest, and inspiring. The rapport between these three is dazzling. John and Yoko are at their clearest and fantastically unafraid, no defenses. Sheff incorporates detailed visuals as well as dialogue to bring the reader right into their rooms. It's haunting [...]

    18. This was a good, quick, nostalgic read. Although he was always a little quirky, I found that I really liked the John Lennon speaking in these interviews. He was honest, funny, and very human. The interviews do give the impression that all we supposed to be true about Yoko Ono probably was. These interviews are a sentimental choice. I liked them.

    19. Some interesting one-liners from the sharp-tongued wit; also Yoko is surprisingly eloquent and much more digestible here. But in the end, this is just an interview with a rock musician, whose true greatness is best experienced via their music best. The song-by-song tidbits are interesting, but out of order and the info can be found pretty much everywhere on the internet by now.

    20. "so possessions are not just physical possessions. possessions are ideas. most people are choked to death by concepts and ideas that they carry around with them, usually not their own but their parents' and society's. those are the possessions you've got to get rid of to get through the eye of the needle. it has absolutely nothing to do with physical possessions."

    21. wawancara panjang lebar dgn john lennon & yoko ono, 3 bulan sebelum john terbunuh. membahas ttg hubungan cintanya yg banyak tdk dimengerti publik, vakumnya dia dari dunia musik selama 5 tahun utk menjadi ayah rumah tangga, visi2nya menjalani hidup ke depan, flashback ttg the beatles & hubungan dia dgn personil2 lainnya setelah bubar, dll. sangat blak2an & intens

    22. Many reviewers also loved this book, but they forgot that Yoko had some great insights about she and John's relationship and about love in general. The love they shared went far beyond the controversies.

    23. i thought this was an amazing read. i took my time and really took it all in and fell absolutely in love with john and yoko. gave me a great insight into john's life and felt like i really knew him. great, great book.

    24. Really liked it, but of course it's an interview so it's not really about the writing. Knowing it was John's last interview was sad. Sheff did a great job with a difficult interview. I've read a lot of books about the Beatles and was happy to read some things I didn't know.

    25. Livro maravilhoso, completo, de leitura leve porém cheio de sentimento. John, Yoko e David estão numa sintonia perfeita onde todas as perguntas e respostas são interessantes. Li o livro em dois dias, não por ser simples mas por ser in-crí-vel.

    26. Reminded me of late-night, forever-long, deep conversations from my twenties. Gave me a much clearer picture, and more respect, for Yoko as a feminist.

    27. This interview gave great insight into John & Yoko in their own space. I remember I absorbed this book quickly.

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