Gefährliches Verlangen

Gef hrliches Verlangen Er ist jung er ist erfolgreich er ist sexy Aber er ist ihr Lehrer Und ihre Liebe ist verboten Als Sophia Rose eine Aff re mit ihrem Schauspiellehrer dem faszinierenden Hollywoodstar Marc Blackwell

  • Title: Gefährliches Verlangen
  • Author: Suzy K. Quinn S. Quinn Andrea Brandl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Er ist jung, er ist erfolgreich, er ist sexy Aber er ist ihr Lehrer Und ihre Liebe ist verboten Als Sophia Rose eine Aff re mit ihrem Schauspiellehrer, dem faszinierenden Hollywoodstar Marc Blackwell, beginnt, hat sie keine Ahnung, wohin sie ihre verbotene Liebesbeziehung f hren w rde Schon bald wird sie in Marcs d stere Welt der Obsessionen hineingezogen Doch dann maEr ist jung, er ist erfolgreich, er ist sexy Aber er ist ihr Lehrer Und ihre Liebe ist verboten Als Sophia Rose eine Aff re mit ihrem Schauspiellehrer, dem faszinierenden Hollywoodstar Marc Blackwell, beginnt, hat sie keine Ahnung, wohin sie ihre verbotene Liebesbeziehung f hren w rde Schon bald wird sie in Marcs d stere Welt der Obsessionen hineingezogen Doch dann macht Marc ihr einen Heiratsantrag Ist das ein Zeichen seiner Liebe Oder nur seiner bersteigerten Eifersucht

    One thought on “Gefährliches Verlangen”

    1. I am not quite sure what it was about this particular installment that just felt a little bit off - different than the last two. I have to admit I had higher expectations for the last installment. Sophia and Marc have struggled through the media of their coupling and the danger of Getty; but now they face a whole new challenge. As Marc proposes to Sophia the challenge of gaining not only her father's approval but his blessing becomes a problem. Now let's just say at some point Sophia needed to p [...]

    2. This was the weakest link In the story.Because of real life, it took me a few days to read this, maybe that'swhy I wasn't that into it. Quite frankly I was wanting it to be overThe demand her father made so that she would receive his blessing on a marriage was ridiculous. (view spoiler)[ the girl cleaned his house, cooked dinner and took care of her younger brother because her dad was a mess, and he tells her she can't have contact with her fiancée for 3 months? Just 1 phone call a week? Give m [...]

    3. book was such a disappointment to me, was counting down the pages til it ended, had I not read earlier stories would probably have DNFed it. It should be a crime for books like this to market themselves matching he tastes for those who liked Fifty Shades - NOT EVEN CLOSE to that category.Sophia is extremely weak in this last installment, displaying a lot of insecurity and showing poor judgment when being taken advantage of by her family. Why would she easily acquiesce to her father's reque [...]

    4. I really had high hopes for Bound By Ivy, the final (I think) installment of the Devoted series. While I really enjoyed book #1 and #2, I found myself pretty disappointed with third offering. Often times I found myself willing the book to be over. With writing there's always the adage, "Show don't tell" and I found this book to do the exact opposite. In many places the dialogue felt a little robotic to me as well.

    5. "Bound by Ivy" is the final installment in the "Devoted" trilogy by J. Lerman/S. Quinn. My expectations were, sadly, not fully met with the end of the series. I love it when a series ties whatever loose ends need to be tied and give a great send-off to the characters that readers have grown to love. While there were loose ends that were tied and There were moments that I found myself sighing in disbelief and frustration at the nonsensical choices that Sophia Rose was making throughout most of th [...]

    6. 3.5 - 4 stars Let me start off with my problem with this story, Sophia"does he love me, why does he love me, he can have any girl he wants" Good Lord girl grow a spine already. Sophia Rosede note: wasn't that a title for some kind of exorcist movie? May be not, May be I just wanted someone to exorcise her self doubt right out of her.Other than that I enjoyed the series mostly because of Marc, hot, rich, overprotective, alpha malewhat's not to like? Some action, some suspense and some spankings.S [...]

    7. I tried for the third time to like Sophia, didn't happen. And the whole letting her father basically dictate her life? Pissed me off. She needed to grow a damn backbone, it was like reading about a puppy dog crying and crying. UGH! I grew to love Marc more though, he showed a good side to him. I wish the wedding scene wasn't so rushed though. My Sophia & Marc

    8. Having a hard time even finishing this one and I did like the 1st two. Think I'll just read the last page to see what happened. Something is just not meshing for me like the other two books did.

    9. Sigh and Sigh again. Why? Simple. The first sigh is because I am closing the book (in my case closing my iPad cover) because the book is over. The second sigh is because as the little girl in the credit card commercial says “…you want more. You just want more” SKQ is one of my favorite authors and with each book she delivers. Bound by Ivy is the third installment of the Devoted series. Where just as The Ivy Lessons and Where the Ivy Grows you learn more about each character and fall a litt [...]

    10. I love strong dominant men like Marc Blackwell! (They make the best book boyfriends) He was always ready to step in a save the day and he was also understanding in certain compromising situations. Sophia’s character was a bit annoying at times but did have some redeeming qualities. She was always wandering about Marc and why he loved her when he was so rich and could have anyone he wanted and so on. At the end though…. It was the simple things in life that brought her pleasure. It wasn’t a [...]

    11. *May contain spoilers*Let me start off by saying, I have read the two books prior to this one and LOVED THEM. Book one had me hooked. I kept thinking of how Sophia was like the Little Princess up in her room with the secret money and gifts and how Marc was her Dark Knight. Then I read book 3. What in the world happened. When did we enter the dark ages, who agrees to a trial separation for a wedding blessing? What is this 1920? Marc, who is so in control agrees to this and goes along with it the [...]

    12. 2.5 stars- I rounded up. I stuck with this series, even though I spent the majority of it rolling my eyes. Honestly, I almost stopped reading in the first book when she was bemoaning leaving her village when she went to University to study acting I mean, seriously, was she planning on wasting her college education? Because I'm pretty sure she would've needed to leave to take jobs, like the one with the play. I mean, she (view spoiler)[commuted most of the run, but she also ended up with hay feve [...]

    13. 2.5 STARS~I LOVE Marc Blackwell and his dominating ways but I feel that I didn't get enough of him in this installment. Instead, Sophia and Marc spend a lot of time apart as a result of her father's stupid idea that they need to spend time apart and not rush into things and make sure that they're a right match. Sophia's father is a sorry excuse for a Dad after having left her to take care of herself when her mother passed, forcing her to move out to a shed after he remarried, then telling her sh [...]

    14. This was a great conclusion. I thought that the way the book was written was kind of slow paced, but then it got interesting. This is the third installment of the Devoted series. This book is about the forbidden romance between Actor Marc Blackwell, and his student, Sophia. Throughout the book, I began to realize more of who they are as characters. Sophia is a patient girl, who wants to be the best actress possible. Marc is the overprotective, arrogant boyfriend, who wants to continue to protect [...]

    15. Loved the suspense in the ending of the trilogy. Loved the ending. Loved interaction. Fell in love with Marc more. I knew they would be trouble. Her dad, WTH? Sad to see the end of that trilogy, will miss Marc and Sophia. Only minus point in when I was reading it was the Diaper bit it is a UK person using British language. So i would have preferred it to have been nappies. It was my only complaint.

    16. I read this only to finish the series, and it was free with Prime. I am so on the fence with this book. At times, it was HOT Then not. It annoyed me with her Dad and his terms. I felt like it was a toss up between a YA novel with each flip of the page. I could tell where the author was trying to go. Overall, it was ok.

    17. God I luvd this series so much the story is great so much happens that I hated puttin them down the characters r al great except some haha but I luv Marc an Sophia relationship gets strong in this book they face so many ups an down but they get through they great great books xxx

    18. Een spannend en mooi einde! Zeker een serie die ik nog een keer zal lezen! Ben helemaal verliefd op Sophia & Marc. ♡♡♡

    19. Wow, I'm exhausted, could not put this down, it was such a roller coaster of emotional turmoil, prayed for a HEA, wasn't sure would get one, but all good eventually, great read, highly recommended

    20. Der erste Satz"Sophia Rose", sagt Marc. Meine ErwartungenIch bin ein riesiger Fan dieser Reihe und habe mich wirklich sehr auf dieses Buch gefreut, denn dieses bildet das Finale der Geschichte rund um Sophia und ihren Lehrer. Ich habe erwartet, dass die Geschichte wieder nur so vor düsterer Erotik strotzt, romantisch, dramatisch und fesselnd ist. Ich habe erwartet, dass die Autorin noch mal sehr viel Spannung in die Geschichte einbaut, um den Leser zu verwirren, damit das Ende nicht vorhersehba [...]

    21. I really liked the first two books, but this one was kind of lame. Why would a 22 year old woman, who basically raised herself after her mother died, listen to her father who now has trouble taking care of his baby when he tells her to stay away from her boyfriend for three months? It's dumb. Then, she is told that the group that wants to kidnap her has her brother but she doesn't even think of calling to see if he's ok before she runs into the arms of the kidnappers. I love the characters but t [...]

    22. Can't wait to read more and more and, yes, more!I started with the first in this series and am hooked! So, I read the next, still hooked, and now third! I'm going to continue to the next, SO not done yet! Applause. Excellent writer!!!!

    23. Das Cover:Genauso wie auf dem Cover der ersten beiden Bände ist auch hier eine weiße Lilie auf schwarzem Hintergrund zu sehen. Die Farbe des nach unten gerichteten Dreieckes mit dem Titel ist orange. Insgesamt passt nun die gesamte Reihe sehr gut zusammen.Die Geschichte:Nachdem Marc Sophia in ‘Devoted – Verbotene Leidenschaft’ nach ihrer Aufführung einen Heiratsantrag gemacht hat, stürmt Cecile in die Umkleidekabine und zerstört die romantische Atmosphäre. Sie beschuldigt Sophia, Gil [...]

    24. I actually loved this book, I have read many reviews to the contrary but I couldn't disagree more. I loved Marc in all 3 books but have struggled with Sophia in the past 2 but I loved her in this book. I thought her father acted like a selfish child, not wanting to give his blessing, and then putting conditions on this blessing just because of what happened to him. The only reason Sophia even cared about his blessing was because of her mother's belief that a father should give the blessing befor [...]

    25. This is the final installment in the Ivy Series and I had been truly waiting to see where Marc and Sophia’s story would lead. S.K. Quinn delivered the story that brought all of the loose ends together and gave us ending to remember. Although this was not my favorite book of the series it was just as well written as the previous books.The story picks up shortly after where Book 2, Where the Ivy Grows ends. Marc and Sophia are dealing with the after effects of Giles Getty’s arrest and trying t [...]

    26. I was worried how this book was going to end. Hell, I was worried how this was gonna start. Especially after reading the synopsis. I shouldn't have been worried. SK handles the story line with such grace and amazingness. She always handles Mark Blackwell so well. I think her and Sophia are the only few who can well and me of course! At the end of book 2 Mark is asking her a very important question. And we're left hanging. Literally, holding our breath waiting for her answer. CLIFFHANGER! But hav [...]

    27. Unconvinced, 1.5 stars actually.First I have to say I really liked the first two installments of the series. So it´s a pity the ending left me discontented. My issues start with the unreasonable demand by Sophia´s father in combination with a heroine that should really grow a spine and continue with the three completely demented villains whose actions are nonexistent for the most part and then so off that in my book they did not even manage to introduce the obligatory element of angst. The cul [...]

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