Remembered for a While

Remembered for a While A vivid portrait of the English singer songwriter and musician Nick Drake Nicholas Rodney Nick Drake was an English singer songwriter and musician known for his acoustic guitar based songs Drake rele

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  • Title: Remembered for a While
  • Author: Gabrielle Drake Nick Drake Cally Callomon
  • ISBN: 9780316340625
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A vivid portrait of the English singer songwriter and musician Nick Drake Nicholas Rodney Nick Drake was an English singer songwriter and musician, known for his acoustic guitar based songs Drake released only three complete albums Five Leaves Left 1969 , Bryter Layter 1970 , Pink Moon 1972 and was not well known before his death in 1974 Yet he gained a massiA vivid portrait of the English singer songwriter and musician Nick Drake Nicholas Rodney Nick Drake was an English singer songwriter and musician, known for his acoustic guitar based songs Drake released only three complete albums Five Leaves Left 1969 , Bryter Layter 1970 , Pink Moon 1972 and was not well known before his death in 1974 Yet he gained a massive posthumous following, inspiring leading musicians such as R.E.M s Peter Buck and Robert Smith of The Cure and bands such as Coldplay and The Black Crowes.Forty years after Nick s death, Remembered for a While peels back some of the mystery surrounding his life The book will feature gorgeous color photographs, as well as original letters and interviews with family and friends As Nick s sister writes in the introduction, Remembered for a While will reveal the poet, the musician, the friend, the son, the brother, who was also than all of these together, and as indefinable as the morning mist At long last, Remembered for a While paints a portrait of a visionary musician who inspired a fanatical following and whose legacy continues to inspire future generations of musicians and the lives of his fans.

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    1. My first comment would be about the physical book itself. The book is beautifully produced, like an art book. Heavy binding, high quality paper. If there is a down side i guess it would be the weight of the book itself, perhaps four or five pounds, which makes it difficult to hold and read in bed, cus if it slipped out of your hands it would dent your head. So one must sit and read it on one's lap or on a table.Next the content. This is an Amazing book. The book gives every aspect of an amazing [...]

    2. I have only just started reading this but I love it already. It is like holding a big, traditional journal in your hands and there is such a lot of content to dip into and savour for anyone who loves Nick Drake. Lots of photos I have never seen before as well.Really enjoyed this book. I'm still dipping in rather than reading it cover to cover, but there is so much new material to discover, for anyone who is a Nick Drake fan. My only criticism would be that the cover lets it down slightly. It fee [...]

    3. The notion that a complete history of Nick Drake, a thorough biography, may never happen, but this is the closest anyone can come to it. Edited by his sister Gabrielle, this incredible anthology of anecdote, analysis and photo montage makes this book not only accessible to the neophyte, but for this long term fan of forty years a revealing experience. Nick's life was not easy and I suspect many people after reading this book may not actually come to like him, but almost anyone who reads this wil [...]

    4. This was an incredible read. Nick Drake's sister, Gabrielle, should be awarded some kind of medal for all of the interviews, memorabilia, personal effects, photos, family items, etc. that she compiled for this tribute to her brother. When I first got into Nick Drake (mid-90's), he was as mysterious and misunderstood as Robert Johnson or Charley Patton and, in some ways, probably more so. Gabrielle's book de-mystifies Nick and makes him human, showing his triumphs as well as his flaws. Everything [...]

    5. Sometimes I put a book on hold at the library expecting one thing (in this case, a typical music biography about Nick Drake), and when I go to pick it up, I find something completely unexpected (in this case an encyclopedia-sized, 400+ page master course in all things Nick Drake, featuring letters, photos, his handwritten lyric sheets, and so much more). I was only a casual fan looking for an introduction to his work, and this book looked like it was meant mainly for superfans, but I'm glad I to [...]

    6. Fantastic book, I've also just started it, but its so beautifully produced and full of such fascinating detail, right down to Molly Drake's penchant for Morris Minors. Flicking through I think Nick's Dad's accounts of his last days will make for harrowing reading, but feel so lucky to have all these minute particulars of Nick. Much more reliable and readable than the earlier biographies - clearly this points the way to a fully researched, informed and satisfying bio of Nick Drake.

    7. What a wonderful book, such care and attention has been taken to capture the fragile world Nick lived in, the letters he wrote as a boy are wonderfully eloquent and the diary of his father kept if his sons illness is so sad to read. Wonderful pictures too. I really savoured this book! A wonderful Christmas present thanks Liz

    8. A very comprehensive compilation of all things Nick Drake. Nick's sister, Gabrielle Drake, was absolutely right in describing this project as her seeking to complicate the Nick Drake story. She does, and it's remarkable. The compilation covers Nick's life, press coverage during his career and after his death, his music (including interviews with Jeff Healy, a guitarist who has written out music for nearly all of Nick's songs).Ms. Drake an Mr. Callomon pulled together all sorts of authorities--jo [...]

    9. Compiled by Nick Drake's sister Gabrielle, published in 2014, "Remembered For A While" is the first and last resource you should go to, if you want to learn who Nick Drake was, and as fully as possible, deeply connect with his three albums in their historical context of the late 60's and early 70's. His home life, school experiences, and the folk music scene he was a part of are incredibly insightful. This book is all you need. It is hard to put down, and with easy musical access on youtube, you [...]

    10. I read this large book in pieces over many months. It is split into loads of different articles by people who knew Nick, others who only met him briefly and others who came to his music long after he sadly passed away. Nick Drake was possibly the greatest musical talent of the past 45 years. I have listened to alot of music from every decade since the 30s and I find myself continually going back to the three albums he made over a short period of time in the late 60s / early 70s. This book has ju [...]

    11. This is a profoundly personal collection of essays, letters, photos, clippings, and other ephemera. I was thrilled to read Nick's own letters of his trip to Morocco, on which he met, performed for, and chatted up the Rolling Stones, in addition to absorbing the exotic Moroccan culture and music, as well as surviving a rollover car accident. The inclusion of Rodney Drake's journal excerpts, chronicling the last two years of Nick's life are nothing less than a devastating, brutally honest account [...]

    12. This is not a biography of Nick Drake in any conventional sense, but rather a book of remembrance that gathers together his correspondence, the context in which he created his music and albums, an analysis of his music, and recollections from many people who knew and loved him. I found it mostly compelling to read, particularly the letters between Nick and his parents, and the last few sections in which links between Nick's music and life and other influences, such as Buddhism and the symbolism [...]

    13. The book doesn't begin to explain what makes Nick Drake's music so great. But it does tell how he developed his writing and amazing guitar style. It's really a gathering of everyone's scrapbooks and amateur writings about him as their friend and family member. Lots of interesting background about Burma, British industrial management culture here though. Recommended if you're curious about those topics, and where this incredible music came from.

    14. Nick Drake is one of my all-time favorite artists, so I found this biography compelling. This is an informative and heartbreaking look at Nick’s life and music, which makes me appreciate his music even more. A loving tribute that is still honest and extremely well done. Even if you don’t read this book, I hope you’ll put on Nick’s records because they are decidedly great.

    15. Written by those who knew him, joyous in the descriptions of his musical skills. The section with excerpts from his father's diary documenting his spiral into depression are terrifying. A beautiful book.

    16. a real encyclopedic account of nick drake. I read the humphries biography which was a lot of rumour conjecture and we just "don't know". well researched, well designed. just well done. pick it up at your local library although if you're a musician this is a must have.

    17. The most authoritative and intimate biography ever released. His sister's influence adds the family's account to his life and tragic death.

    18. Such a beautiful celebration of a man who was, to quote Nick Drake's sister Gabrielle, "as indefinable as the morning mist." A must read for all Nick Drake fans.

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