The Evening Chorus

The Evening Chorus THE BRILLIANT NEW NOVEL ABOUT LOVE WAR AND THE WAYS OF ESCAPEResigned to living out the Second World War in a German POW camp James Hunter an English officer begins studying a pair of redstarts n

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  • Title: The Evening Chorus
  • Author: Helen Humphreys
  • ISBN: 9781443415484
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • THE BRILLIANT NEW NOVEL ABOUT LOVE, WAR, AND THE WAYS OF ESCAPEResigned to living out the Second World War in a German POW camp, James Hunter, an English officer, begins studying a pair of redstarts near the camp His interest in the birds captures the attention of the Kommandant and gives James cause to fear for his life Meanwhile, back in England, James s young wife, RoTHE BRILLIANT NEW NOVEL ABOUT LOVE, WAR, AND THE WAYS OF ESCAPEResigned to living out the Second World War in a German POW camp, James Hunter, an English officer, begins studying a pair of redstarts near the camp His interest in the birds captures the attention of the Kommandant and gives James cause to fear for his life Meanwhile, back in England, James s young wife, Rose, falls headlong into a passionate affair with another man When James s sister, Enid, is bombed out of her London flat, she comes to stay with Rose, and the two women form a surprising friendship that alters the course of both of their lives.With wonderfully developed characters, exquisitely shaped by and reflected in the natural world, The Evening Chorus is a brilliant, beautiful evocation of place and a natural history of both the war and the human heart.

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    1. I am hoping to write an amazing review for this one to try to explain how fantastically this author writes. So I need to think about what I want to say and will finish this review tomorrow.A relatively simple story about three people, James who will spend five years as a prisoner of war in a German camp, his wife Rose, left alone in a small cottage in Ashton Forest and James's sister, Enid, who will lose her house, job and lover during the London Blitz. Yet, in this simple story told in straight [...]

    2. The Evening Chorus is a contemplative book, sparingly written, without a false or an extra word. Although it’s set primarily in 1940s war time, it is not a war book; it’s more of a primer about how we fit into the grand scheme of things and what it means to live a meaningful life. In terms of tone, I would compare it to the late, great Kent Haruf – confident yet quiet prose.First, we meet James, shot down by the Germans during his first mission. As the endless war wages on outside the POW [...]

    3. 4.5 starsWhat a beautifully written book! Under normal circumstances, I avoid books about World War II like the plague. By and large, they do not appeal to me. But how could I resist a book in which one of the main characters, James, a POW in Germany, studies a pair of Redstarts (those are birds, for the non-birders out there) as a way to see himself through the war. Birds are one of the ways to my heart and this book wiggled its way in quickly. I found it amazing how well I felt I knew the vari [...]

    4. I can't quite put my finger on why I liked this book so much. It might be that it is not typical of books set during the war. It's not all drama, and heightened emotions. It's the other side of war. A prisoner in a German camp fills five years of long days studying a pair of redstarts. His wife back home carves a life for herself without him but it is not all straightforward. His sister pursues a lonely and complicated life in London. And the Kommandant of the camp resents being dragged away fro [...]

    5. A topnotch, engrossing historical romance.There are three main characters and their stories unfold during WWII and later in the 50's.To be honest, part of me sometimes felt like I was seventeen again, reading a short story about a love triangle. Or riveted to an episode of my favorite soap-opera back in the day, All My Children.I celebrate those memories. I enjoyed those experiences, and so I enjoyed them again with this book.Along the way, I picked up little historical details about WWII that I [...]

    6. Beautiful novel, simply written. Heartbreakingly emotional honesty. In WWII, James Hunter, in a German POW Camp, finds his way of coping with camp life; he studies meticulously a family of redstarts. The Kommandant, Christoph, shows him a bit of kindness regarding birds. Meanwhile, wife Rose, back home in England copes with her lonely life. James's sister Enid is bombed out in the Blitz and lives with Rose for awhile, the two becoming friends. But after the war we see what has happened with each [...]

    7. This war-time (and its aftermath) story is broken into two parts: 1940 (the larger part) and 1950. There aren't many chapters within each part, but flow of the story works well, and even without marked places to stop, there are places in the story where it feels natural to pause and breathe. When a voice changes, a new chapter, fittingly named, emerges. Three voices tell the story: James, who in the first part in 1940 is being held as a prisoner of war in a German camp; Enid, James' older sister [...]

    8. The Evening Chorus on Twitter – and promptly pre-ordered a copy. I started it within days of its arrival – such was my anticipation – and I really wasn’t disappointed.The novel is set in 1940 and 1950 – and explores with delicate, subtlety how lives and relationships were torn apart by the war.James Hunter is a prisoner of war, held with other officers in a German Army camp. The officers are not required to work and so must find other ways of occupying themselves. Among James’s fello [...]

    9. I think the most reasonable reaction to this book is that it is bitter- sweet. Much of the novel progresses at a leisurely, organized pace, but much exists below the surface for the characters gripped by the chaos and insecurities of war.Humphreys writes of three people, who forced from prewar lives, adapt to great losses in World War II and the results following the conflicts. James, a science teacher and air force officer,shot down and captured by the Germans,in attempts to preserve his peace [...]

    10. A lovely novel, about war and how it changes everyone, whether they are in the war or living on the home front. Helen Humphreys' prose is delightful. Her voice is clear and simple, yet include details that truly invoke the time and place. This is the story of four people and the effects of their war time experiences. Two of the people, both women, were home in England, and two o them are in a German prisoner of war camp filled with British soldiers.This is not a lengthy novel, but Humphreys is a [...]

    11. This is a beautiful read that explores the healing power of nature even during war. James "escapes" the German POW camp by his intense study of a redstart family and makes a surprising connection with the camp Kommandant because of it. His new and young wife Rose misinterprets his bird fixation in his letters home as lack of interest in her. As she veers off into a passionate love affair, James's sister Enid who is raid-stricken moves in with her from London. Despite herself, Enid finds solace i [...]

    12. Not one unnecessary word in this touching,exquisite novel.While this book takes place primarily during the second world war andin 1950 in the UK it is not a war story. These times serve merely as a catalyst that causes the characters to act or react to the circumstancesit puts them into.We are drawn into the interior lives of a small group of ordinary human beingswho are just trying to carry on carrying on!!!!There are small acts of kindness along the way for some that actually broughttears to t [...]

    13. This was a simply & elegantly written book about people who let life happen to them. The first portion, where James is in the camp, was a bit slow going and lacking in any of the tension I would expect of life in a POW camp. But once the story shifted back to England, to Rose & Enid's stories, I quickly became engaged and fully immersed in the novel. I found everyone's passivity and acceptance of what life handed them a bit frustrating but not unrealistic and I thought the ending was qui [...]

    14. Stunning prose, elegantly composed imagery, characters to fall in love with every choice that Helen Humphreys made in telling this elevating story was made with clear intention and was impactful. The type of book that makes a reader occasionally pause, exhale and sigh, "wow, that's perfect".Without a doubt, one of the best Canadian novels of 2015.4.5/5

    15. Helen Humphreys writes the most perfect books. I know this isn't a proper review, but it's how I feel every time I read one.

    16. Seventy years after VE Day, I think an author needs to have something new to say about WWII in order to go to the bother. With Coventry I thought that Helen Humphreys did a wonderful job of memorialising the German bombing of that cathedral city – a less wonderful job of splicing a coincidence-rich human interest story onto the grit and horror of that bombing – but with The Evening Chorus, Humphreys revisits wartime England and focuses on the human interest angle while ignoring (for the most [...]

    17. I was bummed bc I thought this book would have the "husband goes away so sister looks after wife and then they fall in love" trope, but it didnt.

    18. " The miracle of birds is not that they can fly, but that they touch down." Helen Humphreys is a wonderful author. Her books are not written on a grand scale for mass audiences of readers and they do not get the recognition they richly deserve. What Humphreys is able to accomplish is to capture humans in specific times and specific places and turn these small and seemingly silent spots of time into moments of brilliant insight. I could not help but hear Blake's desire for us all "to see the worl [...]

    19. This is a book about some very unsettling themes. However, the author delivers her story in a meditative, poignant and almost soft manner. She leaves it to the reader to discern what is behind the words. She never tells us what to think or how to judge. I appreciate that immensely in a novel.The book starts out with Jim Hunter, a British RAF pilot, being shot down, surviving the war in a German POW camp. While there, he studies Redstarts, a type of bird, and ends up writing a book about them tha [...]

    20. My friend, Jill, recommended, "The Evening Chorus", by Helen Humphreys, saying that it was a "gentle" read, and she was so apt in that description. It was the perfect novel to read the weekend before Christmas when everything on the "outside" of life was hustle and bustle and traffic. The lush descriptions of the natural world: forests, fields, birds and flowers, were as calming as they were mesmerizing. But don't take that to mean that this is merely a contemplation of nature - there is quite a [...]

    21. I read an advance copy of this. It tells the story of three people's experience in World War 2 in England. James Hunter shot down on his first flight assignment, spends the war in a prisoner of war camp. Camp Kommandant follows the Geneva Convention, but prisoners are strictly watched and subjected to random acts of cruelty. James survives by cataloging a family of birds living just off the edge of the camp. Rose married James following a short courtship because he was leaving for the war. She l [...]

    22. What a lovely, lovely book this is. I seldom finish a book with tears in my eyes, but this small beautiful novel is so affecting I simply held it in my hand after I read the last page and marvelled at it.The combined stories of James, Rose and Enid are poignant portraits of ordinary people in extraordinary times. In 1940, James is a POW in WWII who passes his time studying a nest of birds near the security fence in his camp. He forms a tenuous respect for Christoph, the Kommandant, who is a relu [...]

    23. "a beautiful, astonishing examination of love, loss, escape, and the ways in which the intrusions of the natural world can save us." I READ IT WITH PLEASURE! The period before something learns to be afraid is the most dangerous period of all. (55)Forgetting takes practice. You have to work at it. (200)If you pretend to feel a certain way, eventually you do feel that waya surprisingly pleasant lesson to learn. (200)It's hard to get life right.e small balances are impossible to strike- and then th [...]

    24. A small jewel of a book. War affects all the characters in the book with loss and unrecognizable patterns of life. Nature and birds, the most ethereal of beings, give hope that the people will endure and find their way back to life. The story between James the captured soldier and the kommendant of his prison camp is truly touching. They come together in their affection for birds. The authors prose is scarce and beautiful.

    25. This book was an absolute pleasure to read, and I devoured it in a single day. It starts during the Second World War, and tells the intersecting and overlapping stories of a gentle POW who watches birds, his young wife back home who has fallen passionately in love with another good man, and his sister who seeks refuge and connection. It's about how we all fit together as individuals, families, species, collectives. It's about refraining from judgement, since there can be more than one good guy, [...]

    26. Deceptively simple story, enjoyable. Although a lot of the story is set during the Second World War, it's not about the war. Would happily read more by the author.

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