Fatal From The Sisterhood Michael Palmer s first New York Times bestseller to The Patient his ninth reviewers have proclaimed him a master of medical suspense Recognized around the world for original t

  • Title: Fatal
  • Author: Michael Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780553583618
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • From The Sisterhood, Michael Palmer s first New York Times bestseller, to The Patient, his ninth, reviewers have proclaimed him a master of medical suspense Recognized around the world for original, topical, nail biting suspense, emergency physician Palmer swork has been translated into than thirty five languages Now he reaches controversial and startling new heightFrom The Sisterhood, Michael Palmer s first New York Times bestseller, to The Patient, his ninth, reviewers have proclaimed him a master of medical suspense Recognized around the world for original, topical, nail biting suspense, emergency physician Palmer swork has been translated into than thirty five languages Now he reaches controversial and startling new heights in a terrifying tale of cutting edge microbiology, unbridled greed, and murder, where either knowing too little or trusting too much can be FATAL.In Chicago, a pregnant cafeteria worker suffering nothing malevolent than flulike symptoms begins hemorrhaging from every part of her body In Boston, a brilliant musician, her face disfigured by an unknown disease, rapidly descends into a lethal paranoia In Belinda, West Virginia, a miner suddenly goes berserk, causing a cave in that kills two of his co workers Finding the link between these events could prove FATAL.Five years ago, internist and emergency specialist Matt Rutledge returned to his West Virginia home to marry his high school sweetheart and open a practice He also had a score to settle His father died while working for the Belinda Coal and Coke Company, and Matt swore to expose the mine s health and safety violations.When his beloved Ginny succumbed to an unusual cancer, his campaign became even bitterly personal Now Matt has identified two bizarre cases of what he has dubbed the Belinda Syndrome caused, he is certain, by the mine s careless disposal of toxic chemicals All he needs is proof.Meanwhile, two women, unknown to one another, are drawn inexorably to Belinda, into Matt s life and into mortal danger Massachusetts coroner Nikki Solari comes to attend the funeral of her roommate, killed violently on a Boston street Ellen Kroft, a retired schoolteacher from Maryland, seeks the remorseless killer who has threatened to destroy her and her family.Three strangers Rutledge, Solari, and Kroft each hold one piece of a puzzle they must solve, and solve quickly If they don t, it will be far than just their own lives that are at risk.Michael Palmer has crafted a novel of breathtaking speed and medical intricacy where nothing is as it seems and one false step could be FATAL.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. So, my job is medical coding. I work with ICD-10 and do outpatient charts at a hospital and I sincerely love my job. And since starting my job, I love medical dramas. My sister started me on Grey's Anatomy and I have plans to watch House soon and I know there are more "medical" shows to binge on. So I figured if there are medical shows, there's gotta be medical books right?!Fatal by Michael Palmer is a fascinating and well written medical thriller (the author is a doctor himself!). The United St [...]

    2. Well what can I say? I had heard a lot about Michael Palmer’s books over the years, so when I found this one in my stacks I picked it up. I was extremely disappointed in this book.The story starts out with a good premise, the possibility that toxic waste in a mine is causing serious illness in a number of people. Dr. Matt Ruttledge has an axe to grind with the mine owner’s and is bound and determined to prove his theory. When a doctor from Boston comes to town for a friend’s funeral an att [...]

    3. I had to read this book for one of my classes. It was my first time reading anything by Michael Palmer, and at first, I really enjoyed it. How the entire mystery started off with an accident, and the way it could possibly be related to the protagonist's wife's death a few years back But I started having a few problems with the book as I read it.One thing was the million of characters that appear, and disappear into thin air. I had to write down every name that came up in the story, just in case [...]

    4. I loved this books as I love all of Michael Palmer's books that I read. As Palmer trained as an ER physician and I'm a medical writer, I ate up all the medical detail, including his hero's performing dicey surgical procedures on the fly. This book follows the adventures of ER doctor Matt Rutledge, who returned to his hometown of Belinda, West Virginia, to marry his high school sweetheart and open a practice. After his wife Ginny dies from an unusual cancer, he starts to suspect that some unusual [...]

    5. 4.5/5 stars.I truly adored this book overall! As a very seasoned & experienced RN (20+ yrs already!), I tend to really pick apart any story written in or about any type of healthcare situation. Obviously, the fact that Michael Palmer is a physician himself lends a whole entire level of credibility and "realness" to his writings; there isn't a bunch of silly or exaggerated medical situations that are glaringly unbelievable or just not accurate (which makes me CRAZY! Lol). Instead, the things [...]

    6. It took me quite a while to really get into this novel - probably somewhere around the 100 page mark. There is a possibility that what kind of through me off in the prologue was the bit about "explosive diarrhea" I had dinner shortly before I began the story. Anyways, of the three lead characters I particularly enjoyed reading Matt and Nikki; I found that I wasn't really all that interested in Ellen; she did grow on me to some extent near the end. However, one thing that irked me about Matt and [...]

    7. Only half way thru & it is very tough to keep reading bought this book as it got so many good reviews, however, I find it boring there are too many stories going on at the same time & he goes into detail with all the medical & scientific terms hoping it gets better soon, but doubt I will be reading any other books by him

    8. Two mysteries in one. A coal mine dumping toxic waste and a vaccine that hasn't been properly tested and could kill like a time bomb. Great book.

    9. As a physician myself, I really enjoyed this fast-paced story of conspiracy, action, and murder. Palmer painted a realistic picture of the scene and characters.

    10. This book was on a shelf in our home for years. My husband read it a while back. I read a lot but don't tend to leave my comfort zone. I read for entertainment. Usually chick flick books. A little super natural. The regular best sellers. I was moving stuff around and read the jacket of Fatal and since I was waiting for our small local bookstore to get a book in for me. (yes, most of the time I wait for books to help make sure these little bookstores survive in the day of monster online store) I [...]

    11. I liked the book. It had several stories going on at the same time. This made it a bit distracting at times but, in the end everything meshed together. Didn't see the villain until the end, so it was not predictable story. It had some action, thrill, and suspense but nothing that made me stay up all night reading it to see what happens next. I am not in the medical field, so the over the top medical focus of the book was a bit boring to me. It's hard to explain but after reading it you will know [...]

    12. If I don't get back to do a full review, let me warn you that the major hero (a doctor) faces near-death from stupid the whole book long (517 pages). He finds a feisty lady doctor who is as hell-bent on courting death as he is. If there's a life-threatening decision to be made, this pair will make the wrong one. There's a secondary story about a potent vaccine that is really the main story that drives the plot. I was wondering what it was doing plumb dab smack in the middle of the medical thril [...]

    13. This is a medical mystery book about a new vaccine that has some potential fatal results. A West Virginia family doctor investigates some patients with strange facial growths and psychiatric issues that is connected to this vaccine. A NYC medical investigator and mother who's son passes away possibly from a vaccine investigate also. I'm from wv and I thought this book was fairly respectful and real about how wv is like. Parts of this book were a bit far fetched but I enjoyed it.

    14. Very goodGood intrigue with different stories within the story before it is all tied together. Interesting way for two diverse topics to be tied together.

    15. Another good medical thriller about a corrupt pharmaceutical company. Lots of action in this one, plus some great characters. 4.25/5 stars.

    16. Well, successfully put it down several times, exciting, yes for some parts, but don’t see why it was a bestseller.

    17. A very involving story with numerous twists and turns and hidden agendas among the characters. A gripping read that was difficult to put down until the last page. Well worth reading.

    18. I enjoy medical dramas, so when I saw the title and the review that it was about a West Virginia coal mine, I quickly grabbed it off the large print shelf at the library for an escapist beach read. I was mistaken. SPOILER ALERT: Author Michael Palmer is not on par with Michael Crichton or Robin Cook, he doesn't have the skill or creativity. However, he does have something to say about the bias and corruption that is inevitable in corporate-political associations, and about the medical issues con [...]

    19. Overall, it was a good 'story'ying to link what everyone thought were three random medical issues, despite the fact that these three cases were located in different parts of the country. It started out really interesting can a case of paranoid patients with neurofibromas (one in W. Virginia and the other in Boston) be linked to a pregnant woman in Chicago who thought she had the flu, but ended up with a fever and diarrhea that caused bleeding from every part of her body? What I like about Mr. Pa [...]

    20. Five years ago, emergency physician Matt Rutledge returned to Belinda, West Virginia to Marry Ginny and to open his practice. Things were not all that rosy, however. Ginny succumbed to an unusual cancer. Furthermore, Matt’s father died in Belinda’s coal mines. Thus Matt has made it a mission to expose the Belinda Coal and Coke Company’s health and safety conditions. Matt has identified two bizarre cases of what he has dubbed the Belinda Syndrome--caused, he is certain, by the mine’s care [...]

    21. I decided to take a break from medical thrillers by Tess Gerritsen, so what do I read? A medical thriller by Michael Palmer, a new author to me. This was perhaps not the best book to be read by a new grandmother whose grandchild is in the process of going through all those baby vaccinations.The country is about to release an "omnivirus," which will protect everyone against some 30 diseases. Ellen Kroft, a grandmother whose granddaughter suddenly because autistic after receiving one of the baby v [...]

    22. Michael Palmer is a medical doctor with vast experience in Emergency medicine and currently practicing in addiction. He is also the gifted writer.This novel focuses on lead character Matt Rutledge M.D. Dr. R has been suspicious of mining practices causing fatal disease outbreaks for years. Another story is that of a new vaccine that is fast tracked through studies to get to market. With the help of the first lady and police chiefs on the take, the drug Omnivax will be administered to thousands a [...]

    23. This book took me a week to read unlike most of Palmer's books I go through in a couple hours -- because of interruptions, not because I wanted to put the book down. if I believed in guilty pleasures, Palmer would be mine, but since I don't, it's just a favorite form of escapism. Fatal didn't disappoint, but to be fair I haven't been picking up the ones that sound like they will. (Obviously, these are social networking notes far more than real 'book reviews.' I'm sure people are glad to not have [...]

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