Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why WINNER DAVITT AWARD READERS CHOICE Picturesque Daylesford has a darker side Melbourne writer Georgie Harvey heads to the mineral springs region of central Victoria to look for a missing farmer Th

  • Title: Tell Me Why
  • Author: Sandi Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780992329662
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • WINNER 2015 DAVITT AWARD READERS CHOICE Picturesque Daylesford has a darker side.Melbourne writer Georgie Harvey heads to the mineral springs region of central Victoria to look for a missing farmer.There she uncovers links between the woman s disappearance and her dangerous preoccupation with the unsolved mystery surrounding her husband.Maverick cop and solo dad John FraWINNER 2015 DAVITT AWARD READERS CHOICEPicturesque Daylesford has a darker side.Melbourne writer Georgie Harvey heads to the mineral springs region of central Victoria to look for a missing farmer.There she uncovers links between the woman s disappearance and her dangerous preoccupation with the unsolved mystery surrounding her husband.Maverick cop and solo dad John Franklin is working a case that s a step up from Daylesford s usual soft crime a poison pen writer whose targets are single mothers.Georgie s investigation stirs up long buried secrets and she attracts enemies.When she reports the missing person to the local cops, sparks fly between her and Franklin Has he dismissed the writer too quickly A country cop, city writer, retired farmer and poison pen stalker all want answers.What will they risk to get them What will be the ultimate cost

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    1. Sandi Wallace spins a good tale in her debut mystery novel. She has a good feel for Australian characters as well as the Australian countryside, farms and small towns and seems right at home writing of this environment. Her main character copywriter Georgie Harvey is asked by her much loved elderly next door neighbour Ruby in Melbourne if she could take a run down to Daylesford to check on her old friend Susan. Since Susan's husband disappeared in a fire at their farm some years ago they has rel [...]

    2. Tell Me Why: Rural Crime Files 01 is the first book in the Georgie Harvey and John Franklin thriller series by Australian author, Sandi Wallace. With her live-in lover pressuring her to commit, an expensive run-in with a pedantic judge and her current work less than stimulating, writer Georgie Harvey needs to escape from Melbourne. As a favour to her sweet old neighbour, Ruby, she heads to Daylesford to track down the lifelong friend Ruby is worried about, Susan Pentecoste. As a Senior Constable [...]

    3. The beautiful Daylesford region of rural Victoria (Australia) sets the scene for this crime mystery where the protagonist, Georgie Harvey, a writer from the city, embarks on a tentative private investigation into the supposed disappearance of the friend of someone very close to her- her elderly neighbour Ruby, who is like a grandmother to Georgie.Ruby hasn't had her usual phone call from her long time friend Susan and swears it is very out of character, she is convinced that something has happen [...]

    4. 4.5★sGeorgie Harvey’s next door neighbours, Ruby and Michael Padley were her pseudo-grandparents; elderly and kind, Georgie still felt put out when Ruby kept asking Georgie to look for a friend of hers who seemed to be missing. Susan Pentecoste hadn’t made the usual and very regular call to her friend and Ruby was concerned. But Georgie was busy; plus her boyfriend A.J. was putting pressure on her to commit to something she wasn’t prepared to commit to. Finally, in part to get away from [...]

    5. Sandi Wallace is a new voice in Australian crime fiction, very much reminiscent of Peter Temple in her description of very familiar landscapes both in Melbourne and Daylesford where most of the story is set. I was very excited to read about these places, which I could clearly picture and relate to. Initially I did find the unfolding of the storyline a little sloweferring my crime fiction a bit more fast paced but by the end I found that I was eagerly turning the pages in anticipation of what was [...]

    6. Disclaimer's First: I'm one of the publisher's minions, and whilst I don't always participate in considering possible submissions, in this case I was fortunate enough to read an early draft - and well did a bit of barracking.So think of this as less of a review and more a restating of the reasons why I was really pleased that Clan Destine Press decided to publish TELL ME WHY.There's been a tendency in Australian Crime Fiction to skew the use of rural settings to historical, sometimes the amateur [...]

    7. As a police officer who has served in a rural town myself, I was interested on what Wallace would make of crime in the country. An intriguing plot involving a missing woman wound through with a 'poison pen' subplot keep the tension high and the pages turning. But where Wallace really nails it is on the characterisations. The portrayal of country cop and single dad, Sen Con Franklin is just spot-on. I actually know officers like this, it completely rang true for me. This also applies to the other [...]

    8. A very good rural crime book by Sandi Wallace. I could relate to the characters, see them as drawn and understand their wins and frustrations. Two great crime plots kept the story moving along with clever twists and a hint of romance to keep us on our toes. I'm looking forward to reading book two in the rural crime series.

    9. ‘Tell me why’ is a stand-alone novel set in Victoria but it is also the first in a proposed Rural Crime series. The main character, Georgie is a young impetuous writer who is very likeable as she is fearless, full of spunk a bit foolhardy but is also a kind person and drives a “spider” which is a 1984 Alfa Romeo (p19) which “cost less than a brand-new buzz box but looked a million dollars, had capital-A Attitude and lots of go.”Georgie and her boyfriend A. J. (a solicitor) live in a [...]

    10. I love Australian stories and this one introduces a new character, Georgie Harvey who is a bit of a heroine in spite of herself. There's romance, times two? - guess that will be settled in future books. Well written, nicely paced , mysterious and quite thrilling. The background of the country towns and country policing is well handled.

    11. A well crafted crime novel that invites the reader to understand and imagine its Australian setting and characters.

    12. 4.5 starsThis first novel from Australian crime writer Sandi Wallace is a solid debut that promises to be an intriguing series.Georgie Harvey’s bad day is made worse when her kindly neighbour, Ruby, is taken ill and Georgie is guilted into searching for Ruby’s friend who may or may not have gone missing from her home near Daylesford, Victoria’s premier resort district. Susan Pentecost hasn’t been seen for a few days, which is unusual, but no one seems unduly concerned, least of all Senio [...]

    13. I had the pleasure of meeting Sandi at the Upwey Grassroots Market and buying the book directly from her. I found the beginning of the book a little slow but this directly correlated with Georgies' frustration at having the authorities take her concerns seriously. I enjoyed the story from both perspectives and like Michael Connelly, Sandi uses the sense of place really well. Particularly the laborious drive from Melbourne up the freeway! I'm not averse to a little 'will they/won't they' in my ro [...]

    14. Tell Me Why was like a block of chocolate I couldn't leave aloned I have to confess to having improper thoughts about John Franklin!

    15. Not bad for a first novel. 3.5 really. Great to read a book set in a place you have visited. I enjoyed reading an Australian mystery.

    16. The twin elements that will win the hearts of crime fiction fans are setting and an interesting sleuth. In Tell Me Why Wallace has both. The setting is Daylesford, a small country town east of Melbourne famous for its proximity to Hepburn Springs, rendering the locale a lure for the rich and famous, an area of luxury hotels and spa retreats. Knowing this before opening Tell Me Why, the reader may be forgiven for anticipating an Agatha Christie cosy mystery, or a sort of corporate crime conspirac [...]

    17. Tell Me Why: Rural Crime Files 01, is the first in a series by Australian author, Sandi Wallace. I loved the sense of place,a country tourist town, which was both contemporary and yet not the usual cliches.There is a strong sense of place, especially for those of us who know the areas. Slower to start as we learn about the lives of the two main characters; city based, strong willed and commitment shy writer and editor Georgie Harvey,and Senior constable John Franklin ,a single parent of a teenag [...]

    18. Well written Aussie rural crime debut. Can't wait for the next one!Tell me why by newcomer Sandi Wallace engages from the first pages.About a freelance writer. Georgie Harvey who gets involved in some amateur sleuthing looking for the missing friend of her elderly neighbour, and is enticed away from her home in the city to chase the missing woman on a trail through the Central Victorian countryside, finding herself crossing paths with dishy Daylesford cop, John Franklin, rather more often than s [...]

    19. Loved the book it felt like I was there with the main characters. Eagerly awaiting the next one to see where the storyline goes.

    20. This is definently an author to watch out for! Loved this book. Fantastic mystery with characters I could see myself becoming attached to. Awaiting book #2!

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, particularly as I knew the places! Well worth reading, can't wait for the next book to come out!

    22. I will be honest and say Victorian based author Sandi Wallace has been on my radar for some time. As an avid reader of crime novels, and having recently met her in Melbourne I had no excuse to put off reading her debut novel anymore. And what a first novel it was, with mystery, intrigue, and even a bit of sexual tension thrown into the mix. Within the first few pages, I knew I was in accomplished hands. While most of the time I am not a fan of multiple narratives, here the prose runs effortlessl [...]

    23. A brilliant read from start to finish, I couldn't put it down. A full and accomplished novel within itself but also a great opening to what I hope will be a long running series of Rural Crime Files books featuring Georgie Harvey and John Franklin. Both protagonists are likable and well developed and as much I'm looking forward to reading about their next case I'm also excited to catch up with their personal lives.

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