Evernight Holly Evernight belongs to a very special family of inventors They have nobly served the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals for generations And Holly may have the most special creative power

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  • Title: Evernight
  • Author: Kristen Callihan
  • ISBN: 9780349406077
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Holly Evernight belongs to a very special family of inventors They have nobly served the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals for generations And Holly may have the most special creative powers of them all But her skills are about to be tested as she tries to save the life of a half man half machine whose clockwork heart is ticking down to the bitter endWilliHolly Evernight belongs to a very special family of inventors They have nobly served the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals for generations And Holly may have the most special creative powers of them all But her skills are about to be tested as she tries to save the life of a half man half machine whose clockwork heart is ticking down to the bitter endWilliam Thorne was a rebel, a hired assassin for the SOS s greatest rival, before he was taken, tortured, and transformed Now his mind and soul battles with his body as he becomes less and less human But the true fight for his humanity will be waged within his heart.The fifth book in Kristen Callihan s critically acclaimed Darkest London series set in Victorian London will appeal to fans of New York Times bestselling authors Amanda Quick, Gail Carriger and Hannah Howell.

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    1. Another great story from the Darkest London series. I would have loved for the guy on the cover to actually resemble Will Thorne. I imagine Will has to look something like this: One thing I didn't quite get was what was the bid deal with (view spoiler)[ Will losing his memory if he was simply going to get it back within moments of just seeing her? And just b/c he got his memory back, why is he suddenly restored to his demon powers. Did I miss something?(hide spoiler)]Looking forward to Soulbound [...]

    2. What to say? What to say?- I loved it? Sure. Which is why I've given this a 5-star-rating.- I like the author's style? I've already stated that in more or less every review I've written about a book by Kristen Callihan, especially in the Darkest London series.- The story is compelling? Of course, why would I continue with the series.- I adored the heroine? It's a Kristen Callihan book; of course, I'll love the heroine.Okay, I'll try it this way as most of my GR friends are hero-centric (and I'm [...]

    3. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Evernight is book 5 in the Darkest London series that is romance, paranormal, historical, supernatural, mystery, suspense, and steampunk. I'm not usually a big reader of paranormal, supernatural, or steampunk but I am starting to love each book in this series more than the previous; do not be scared away if you also don't usually read books with these elements. [...]

    4. 4.5 stars rounded up.May’s prompt for the TBR Challenge was “Something Different”, with the suggestion of reading a book with an unusual setting, non-fiction or something out of my comfort zone.  I gave it a lot of thought… and then thought about it some more, because I had trouble finding something that fit the bill.  I have plenty of books on my Kindle or in the house that might have done the job, but not many that that I actually wanted to read and were thus on my TBR pile. I know t [...]

    5. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsLately it seems that many of my favourite paranormal romance series have written all of their main characters’ tales, and have started adding secondary ones in order to be able to crank out more installments. The main problem with this is that it’s hard to introduce new couples this late in the game, and still have readers connect with them, because they weren’t part of the author’s original world. Kristen Callihan has succeeded where countless others have failed [...]

    6. Our heroine, Holly Evernight is a metal elemental and an inventor. Cool, right? A heroine who is smart and she fights too! One of my favorite scenes was when she fought a raptor.  Anyways, her life is about science and order, then, William came along.  They have a history together and not a good one.  Better read the book to find out what it is.  William became her protector for there's a contract on her life.This is my second book with this series. I've read book 1 and liked it. I enjoyed t [...]

    7. Wonderful addition to the wonderful series! What I appreciate the most is the fact that, even after 5 books, the series is still solid, interesting, intriguing and excellent!There's no weakness showing. On the contrary: it becomes more complicated and this last book leaft me wanting to read the next installment immediately!Each next character is fresh and their stories are each different than the previous. For me that's the sign of masterful storytelling!

    8. By far my favourite of the series.10 ‘Never trust the Fae’ Stars. When they ripped out his heart, and he finally succumbed to blissful oblivion, he held onto one thing: his hate for his tormentor and the one with the angel’s face and the devil’s mind. Evernight.We meet Will Thorne in Shadowdance and well he didn’t have my sympathy but he totally won me over in this book. He is a sanguis demon who worked for the Nex the opposite of the SOS. He has his loyalties to Jack and that is what [...]

    9. SpoilersI wasn't expecting to like Evernight after reading the synopsis but it turned out to be a rather entertaining if cheesy PNR read. Summary: Will (emo demon) wants to kill Holly (scientist/elemental), instead he ends up protecting and sexing her. Aw yea. Also, bad guys.-Holly was quite a decent heroine, I didn't think I'd like her because she was so stiff and dull in the previous book but she was actually really fun to read about. She wasn't TSTL or insufferable, she was calm and logical e [...]

    10. “Before he could say a word, she moved closer and pressed her smooth palm to his scar.He nearly swooned. Clutching the chair at his side, Will swayed into her space, lured by the luscious heat and pleasure that she gave him with that simple touch. A moan escaped him."Interesting," she murmured.He would kill her. Just for that. "I do believe I hate you, Miss Evernight."Firelight caressed her skin as she gave him the smallest of smiles. "Your sense of humor is odd."He hadn't been joking. After t [...]

    11. Initial Thoughts: Another satisfying addition to the Darkest London series. This installment focuses on Holly Evernight and her love interest Will Thorne. These two are sizzling hot together, even if it does take a little time for their romance to develop. Update 12/5/14 Christal and I discuss this book over at Badass Book Reviews as part of the Jumble Your Genres reading challenge. Check it out!

    12. Solid 4.5I don't know I might need a reread. I can't put my finger on why this fell a little short of 5--when they are separated, (view spoiler)[ I thought oh, I wish I got to read a whole extra book on Will falling for Holly again(hide spoiler)] so maybe it was the neat ending. Maybe it was that I didn't want it to end.

    13. I'm reading this one and judging it as a standalone, considering I only read Book 1 Firelight (because of the Beauty and the Beast theme) two years ago and didn't manage to catch up with the subsequent books. First and foremost, I need a little time to get used to the world building, the 17th century of London filled with demons, faes, elemental. There is a touch of steampunk-ish in the world with our heroine being the genius inventor. Holly Evernight is an inventor and the person behind William [...]

    14. I have been a fan of the Darkest London series since day 1, but I honestly never thought I would love another installment the same way I loved Firelight. That was, of course, before I read this book. Evernight blew me away. It’s sexy; it’s emotional. The action is great. The pacing is great. The romance is… fan-freaking-tastic. Simply put, this is one of the best books I have read this year.Kristen Callihan did an incredible job setting the stage for this story in Shadowdance. Inventor and [...]

    15. I was just a bit confused when I started this - with a Darkest London and a London Steampunk book coming out so close together, I started out thinking I was in that other world - but I came back up to speed fairly quickly. I really loved this story, Will is sort of anti hero and he comes back into Holly 's life when he tries to kill her in revenge for her part in the incident in the previous book which had her witnessing his torture and him ending up with a platinum clockwork heart. I reality, H [...]

    16. Evernight and WillRight, so this book was freaking awesome. I love this series and this one will now be my favorite. It was that awesome. Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

    17. Well. I obviously did not read the synopsis for this book when requesting it very well! I always state that I don't read paranormal romance or anything involving demons or vampires. Hah! This book had all of this and more and guess what? I actually enjoyed it. Will wonders ever cease? I guess that's a classic case of trying something new and having an open mind. It was a fun ride this book. What's the book about then?Holly Evernight belongs to a very special family of inventors. They have nobly [...]

    18. 4.5 StarsARC ReviewOriginally posted at loveaffairwithanereaderspEvernight is book 5 in the Darkest London series. I started reading this series after the 2014 RT Convention. I attended a session where Kristen Callihan was on the panel and I won a copy Shadowdance. Having never read any of the books, I decided to start from book 1. I quickly became immerse in the world of shifters, elementals, demons and other immortals. But more than anything, I became enamored with the stories. Kristen Calliha [...]

    19. Kristen Callihan seems to excel at bringing together couples who really don’t like each other at the start of these novels in the Darkest London series (which seems to get a bit darker as this series progresses).William Thorn and Holly Evernight are an extreme example of that talent since their first meeting in this novel he is trying to kill her, not a great opening line in most instances since her feelings are close to his, but this is Darkest London and it only raised the bar a bit higher t [...]

    20. I admit I wasn’t sure if I would like Evernight as much as I adored the previous four entries in the Darkest London series. This is one paranormal series out there that hooked me from the start and compelled me to read it patiently in a suggested reading order. I am glad that Evernight didn’t disappoint. Cheers:DHolly is a scientist working for SOS (The Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals) and man, she is definitely NOT a damsel in distress.“You may have more power, and perhaps on [...]

    21. I am so incredibly disappointed in the story given to Holly and Will in Evernight. There was so much potential sooooooo much. And instead of getting a unique story with real character development and a full plot set in a robust steampunk world that was well built over the last FOUR and a half novels, we got this.First of all, if you have not read Shadowdance then you will likely not understand Evernight. That was massively disappointing because the details about what Holly and Will went through [...]

    22. Well, that certainly put the steam in "steampunk.". In perhaps a different measure than I expected. *coughs*I need to get my head out of that space before my mind goes to the gutter, but in sum - I liked this book, but not as much as previous entries in the series. I will start this review saying that I love Callihan's writing and worldbuilding in this series. It draws me in so much that I find myself drawn to the pairing of the characters, their charming banter, their steamy interludes, and ult [...]

    23. Ms.Callihan pulls out all the stops on this one. Will, after wanting to kill Holly for so long now needs her touch to keep himself sane. Holly, who needs Will's protection from all the parties having a nefarious interest in her talents. Multiple povs, lots of twists and unexpected turns.Except, it sounds waay better on paper than it really was. As a reader, the monumental buildup leading to some critical point fizzled out and was resolved too quickly. In some cases, it needed a bit more buildup [...]

    24. Callihan has the ability to create some of the quirkiest, loveable characters ever. Holly and Thorne are her newest opposites attracting “experiment” and boy did it work. Holly (I always kind of pictured Abby from NCIS in my mind ) had appeared briefly in several of the earlier books and I was so pleased to see that this crafty, quirky inventor finally got her chance to shine in her own storyline. I’ve read all the books in this series and they were all 5 star reads for me, this one being [...]

    25. Evernight4 StarsAfter being tortured and mutilated by a deranged supernatural, William Thorne is living a nightmare as he slowly loses his grip on reality. The only thing Will does know is his undying hatred for the woman he holds responsible for his condition - Holly Evernight. Held captive by fear, Holly has become a prisoner in her own home, but when Will arrives on her doorstep to fulfill the contract on her life, one touch is all it takes for them both to realize how much they need each oth [...]

    26. Book five in the Darkest London series by Kristen Callihan is a book that I was highly anticipating after the suspenseful ending that the last book finished with. In EVERNIGHT, William Thorne seeks revenge against his maker, Holly Evernight. After working on him, they are forever bound, but probably not in the way they think.When a contract on Holly’s life puts her in a bad position, Will offers to find the killer if he can ease her pain with her touch. What starts off as a hostile relationshi [...]

    27. Dark, romantic, and filled with danger and secrets, Evernight was a fantastic romance that I really liked. It was a wonderful addition to an already delightful series and I really enjoyed it.Holly was a great heroine, though she didn't have the best first impression. At first, she came off as cold and somewhat apathetic about the fact that she played a hand (though unwillingly) in destroying Will's life. However, as the book went on, the mask of logic she wore came down. She proved to be kind an [...]

    28. Bloody Awesome!!Kristin Callihan continues to kick butt in this series. The author consistently creates such a unique world full of mystery and the supernatural, set in a historical time period. And the chemistry that exists between her characters never misses. Opposites definitely attracted in this book. The banter between Will and Holly was fun and when they realized their feelings for each other, it was hot and very touching.Adam's book is up next, can't wait!!

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