Maidens in the Night

Maidens in the Night It is Whitechapel in London November Young attractive prostitute Mary Kelly is stalked by someone but who Former client Joe Flemming the serial killer Jack the Ripper who has murdered four or

  • Title: Maidens in the Night
  • Author: Mark Morey
  • ISBN: 9781613092019
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
  • It is Whitechapel in London, November 1888 Young, attractive prostitute Mary Kelly is stalked by someone, but who Former client Joe Flemming, the serial killer Jack the Ripper who has murdered four or five prostitutes already, or someone else She knows any man she meets could kill her, but she has no choice other than to work the streets.

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    1. The stories of two very different women intersect at the height of Jack the Ripper's killing spree. Michelle Finlay's husband died on her wedding night, leaving her in a fortunate position with money to spare. Michelle takes up the cause of helping destitute women by training them for other available jobs. She also discovers very young girls who were kidnapped from their homes to work in brothel's. Upon trying to expose the fate of the young girls Michelle is set-up for the murder of one of the [...]

    2. It's wonderful to see the characters from The governess and the stalker weave their way into this tale in such a intricate and important fashion. We see Brian and Michelle and explore their love for one another and where they go together. Her sister in law makes a appearance as well in helping her with her newest venture of helping women have a alternative to working the streets to survive. Michelle is just as headstrong and stubborn as ever with a strong compassionate side as well. Here she is [...]

    3. An excellent story set 150 years ago based on real events, with tragedy, triumph and a fatalistic ending. The book is unusually paced with two, quite separate story lines interwoven, and even though there is success in one campaign, that success is tinged with controversy. The second story line of Mary Kelly is quite astounding, and for the first time we live and breathe the air of one of many of her time. Mary Kelly’s story had to be real, because it is very much a case of fact being stranger [...]

    4. Until I read this novel I had never heard of the Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, and looking back from today’s perspective it’s hard to imagine that such a campaign needed to be waged. It’s even harder after coming near face-to-face with one innocent young victim of the time. We also come face to face with another young woman who was also a victim of the time, and her story is explored in more detail. Good and bad, right and wrong, sometimes tragic and sometimes humorous. Mary Jane Kelly [...]

    5. This is a classic historical fiction novel combining true events which are truly terrible, and a real-life character who lived the most difficult life imaginable. This is a dark story of Victorian times, but in reality the nineteenth century was a dark time. Skillfully the threads of fact and fiction are woven together to a finale that makes as much sense of tragedy that was possible.

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