The Soul Winner

The Soul Winner English evangelist C H Spurgeon one of the most popular preachers of the late th century was so renowned for converting nonbelievers to Christianity that he earned the sobriquet the soul winner He

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  • Title: The Soul Winner
  • Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  • ISBN: 9781602067707
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • English evangelist C H Spurgeon, one of the most popular preachers of the late 19th century, was so renowned for converting nonbelievers to Christianity that he earned the sobriquet the soul winner Here, in his classic work on the process and power of preaching, Spurgeon shares his anecdotes and advice on bringing hearts to God He discusses what it means to win aEnglish evangelist C H Spurgeon, one of the most popular preachers of the late 19th century, was so renowned for converting nonbelievers to Christianity that he earned the sobriquet the soul winner Here, in his classic work on the process and power of preaching, Spurgeon shares his anecdotes and advice on bringing hearts to God He discusses what it means to win a soul what it takes to make a soul winning preacher how to earn the respect of the skeptical the kinds of sermons that are likely to win souls overcoming obstacles to soul winning and much British preacher CHARLES HADDON SPURGEON 1834 1892 frequently delivered sermons to audiences of than 10,000 people He also wrote The Treasury of David and Around the Wicket Gate, among many other works.

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    1. wow!!! what a great book! oh, for old-time biblical, baptist doctrine! convicting, practical, doctrinal, and interesting. spurgeon nails this one. Thank you, Jeremy, for recommending this book to me. I recommend this book strongly to every preacher, and also recommend it to all servants of God. a top ten book out of my last hundred read.

    2. One of the most pleasurable, exciting, and convicting things I have done lately is to begin reading "The Soul Winner" by C. H. Spurgeon. The book is a collection of lectures and talks Spurgeon gave on the subject of evangelism, mostly from his vantage point as a pastor. Spurgeon writes with utmost conviction, and his writing is laced with witty humor and honest insights into the nature of God and humans. In fact, I am somewhat saddened that no one gave me a copy of this book earlier. To give jus [...]

    3. This book is a collection of sermons and talks given by Charles Spurgeon on the subject of evangelism. I not only found it informative, but also convicting. It caused me to examine my own heart for evangelism. Spurgeon, who is known as the 'Prince of Preachers' as a way with words that is eloquent, to the point, and truthful all at the same time. I especially appreciated his reminder that our lives must be in accordance with our message. This book impacted me in a big way. I highly recommend thi [...]

    4. When I first got this book I was told it was superseded by Spurgeon's "Lectures to my Students". As a more rounded studying of what a minister should be, perhaps that is the case, but the single-minded focus of this book is on winning souls for Christ.It is excellent! Challenges to duty. Real encouragements too.It seems to be written down from addresses where he spoke, so I also appreciated the man's own gifts and abilities and the spectacular use of illustration.One I really liked was where he [...]

    5. This is doubtless the best book one can read on evangelism. Spurgeon has authority and imagery that is rarely read, especially in modern literature. To be told so clearly and so eloquently what the Christian life looks like breathed new life in my soul.

    6. "I ask every Christian worker to see to it that he never turns aside from shooting at this target. His aim should be at the center of this target, too, namely that he may win souls for Christ and see them born to God and washed in the fountain filled with blood. Let the workers' hearts ache and yearn and their voices cry until their throats are hoarse. Yet let them judge that they have accomplished nothing whatever until, at least in some cases, men are really saved. As the fisherman longs to ta [...]

    7. I started reading this because I wanted to be a better evangelist, but it comes with no tips, except for praying for the Lord to bless one's minsistry and to be completely dependant on Him for any and all results. At one point, he talks about how to get a church moving toward evangelical excitement, and he says that (this is a paraphrase), 'there are different ways of setting a house on fire: you can dump gasoline in the middle of the floor, or you can start at each of the edges. Personally, I'v [...]

    8. Probably the most powerful book I've ever read on Evangelism and preaching and what it means to be a witness. Not exaggerating. I recently put out a blog post on my 11 favorite books of all time and this book might have to be moved into that echelon. Spurgeon reasons with you Biblically in this book but the power is in Spurgeon spilling his guts and just pouring out his heart on why we need to elevate the Great Commission in our hearts and how it needs to be second to none in what we're living f [...]

    9. This compilation of Spurgeon's writings is an encouraging read to those who have a desire to evangelise, and impresses the type of heart they ought to have for their fellow men. As other reviewers have commented, it is somewhat light on exegesis, and I woud suggest it doesn't adequately distinguish the evangelical work to which Gospel minsters alone are called, from the general duty of all Christians to be witnesses on the side of Christ.

    10. this is one of the best books i have ever read. each chapter is Spurgeon's insight into how preachers should preach and how someone who is seeking to bring people to the Lord ought to. Considered the greatest preacher of all time, this is a must read for anyone seeking to make an impact for God's kingdom.

    11. This is a must-read book for preachers and teachers, although all believers will benefit from it. I only give it 3 stars because it is limited in the audience who would benefit the most. Spurgeon has given us a wealth of wisdom for those willing to dig. If that is you, I would totally recommend this.

    12. Deeply convicting, motivating and, at times, funny this classic will be in regular rotation for me throughout the years. Though the messages contained in this volume were addressed to seminary students, there is gold here for anyone whose heart is slightly moved to bring the hope of the Gospel to their world and needs spurring.

    13. Charles Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers, has done a wonderful job with this book. Written in the late 1800's to early 1900's, you would swear that he is writing to todays culture from back then.A must read.

    14. This book was one that gives you a fire for pursuing the lost and bringing them to Christ. Spurgeon aimed most of it to preachers, but there's a lot that any Christian can use. Certainly a profitable book.

    15. This is like a handbook for preachers and evangelists, even Christian leaders. I love reading this one over and over again.

    16. Excellent reading. Charles Spurgeon is unmatched in his ability to open timely wisdom in a passage of a Scripture. Every believer should read this book and get back to the task of soul winning!

    17. This is a classic on soul winning by one of the greatest soul winners. So excellent, that we translated it into spanish and make it required reading for our ministry!

    18. Book of sermons by Charles Spurgeon. If you don't have a problem with reading older books, you need to give this a shot. Lots of good insights and can be read in small pieces.

    19. [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Aneko Press.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]In understanding and evaluating a book like this, one needs to know both the author and the intended audience of such a work.  Like several other great books, this volume is published under the Aneko Press Christian Classics Series [1], and unlike many books in this series (at least those I have read so far), this book is aimed clearly at an audience of teachers of the Word.  As someone invol [...]

    20. Though this book was originally published years ago it reads like it could have been written yesterday. This is one of those books that is too good to miss. I was challenged in every chapter with how I am doing in my own life and ministry at looking at others and trying to give them the good news of Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter if someone is in vocational ministry or any other profession Spurgeon does a great job of helping everyone to better fulfill Jesus' final command to his disciples, "Ma [...]

    21. Solid words for pastoral motivation to win souls through preaching. Spurgeon uses scripture, humor, and strategy for preaching sermons and to win souls. This book is full of great tops and you will find yourself agreeing out loud with his conclusions on regeneration ("don't count your chickens before they are hatched"). Spurgeon is not looking for notches on his belt but rather fishing for disciples. Did I mention this book is loaded with scripture? I'd recommend this book for hardcore evangelis [...]

    22. When it comes to training people to be "Soul Winners", I can't think of a better book to recommend than "The Soul-Winner: How To Lead Sinners To The Saviour" by Charles Spurgeon. This book is filled with wonderful insight, both from The Bible and from Spurgeon's own personal experience. The book is aimed at pastors and open-air preachers, but I found a lot of the information to be transferable to any type of person who wants to be a witness for Christ.

    23. Well rounded readAn excellent work that well spurs one on in the good work of calling men back to God. Highly recommended

    24. One of the best books on ministry I've ever read. Plain, simple truths and reminders that I needed to read.

    25. Soul stirring for soul winning This is a great book. No doubt it is from the pen of the Prince of preachers. I have learnt new things and encouraged where I was getting discouraged in reaching out to the lost.This book is not only a good instruction on soul winning. It is also a good read for personal sanctification for anyone who seeks to win the lost must himself take care of himself.

    26. Timeless I read this a few decades ago. It was good to read it again. The book mostly speaks to the heart of the Christian worker, lay and clergy, but it does offer some timeless insight into church growth methodology as well. Spurgeon "being dead, yet speaketh, offering much needed rebuke and encouragement to the modern minister.

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