Unraveling Chase

Unraveling Chase The Chase Series Book Four Warning Mature content Liam Collins was finally getting comfortable with his job as the face of hermit author Chase Preston But when his curiosity gets the better of him Li

  • Title: Unraveling Chase
  • Author: J.J. Scotts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: ebook
  • The Chase Series Book Four Warning Mature content Liam Collins was finally getting comfortable with his job as the face of hermit author Chase Preston But when his curiosity gets the better of him, Liam is thrown into a dangerous situation Through the ordeal, Liam realizes that deep downhe s in love with Chase After Liam somehow manages to escape fatal danger, insThe Chase Series Book Four Warning Mature content Liam Collins was finally getting comfortable with his job as the face of hermit author Chase Preston But when his curiosity gets the better of him, Liam is thrown into a dangerous situation Through the ordeal, Liam realizes that deep downhe s in love with Chase After Liam somehow manages to escape fatal danger, instead of having time to recover emotionally, he s forced to come face to face with the fact that his father has passed away Will Liam s journey home give him the courage to face Chase and prevent the same heavy regrets he holds for his father Or will Liam s internal turmoil change everything This is book four of a gay erotic romance novella series Book one Being Chase , book two Following Chase , and book three With Chase have already been released.

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    1. Unraveling Chase is another nice addition to the series. It's not my favorite book, but I still found it enjoyable to read.This book picks up directly after the last book ended. Liam has to come to terms with a huge loss and deal with some issues from his past. We also get him confessing his feelings to Chase, which was really nice. But that wasn't all that happened in this story.In Unraveling Chase, we finally get something from Chaes's POV, and we find out his story. It wasn't easy and it kind [...]

    2. 'Unraveling Chase' is the fourth installment in J.J. Scotts’s series 'Chase', and if it's anything similar to the previous three books, there will be revelations, arguments, hot and sexy physical attraction, some gentleness, and a cliffhanger at the end. So far, I've been fairly forgiving about these endings, mainly because I knew the next installment would snag me back again. But beware, Ms. Scotts, I won't be so understanding indefinitely! *muah hah ha*This is a sad episode for Liam as he tr [...]

    3. ** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.So I must say that I absolutely scream and giggle when I found this book in my inbox. I love this series and can't believe that it is near the end of The Chase Series. I might have said this in the past but I must say it again that this author knows how to make each word count. The beginning of course starts where the last book ended with the death of the MC's father. So the focus in the first half was focus on Liam and him getting closure. T [...]

    4. First I must disclose I received this novella as an ARC in exchange for an honest review here is the review! And while I've tried to avoid them, there are a few spoiler-type bits here and there in this review. I have read the previous novellas, and enjoyed all of them. The two main characters are intriguing, one so dark, damaged and complex; the other, full of light, naive and straight-forward. In the previous books, we have received scattered hints as to how Chase received a very noticeable sca [...]

    5. Unraveling Chase-The Chaser Series book 4 by J.J. Scotts! I recommend this series to be read in order to fully understand and appreciate the characters and their stories!Liam was getting to a place of comfort at his job as the face of author Chase Preston. Now he is thrown into a very dangerous situation as his noisiness and curiosity totally gets the better of him. Liam now knows after everything he has been through with Chase that he is completely in love with his boss. Liam some how manages t [...]

    6. We were left (previous books) with alarming news that could change the course of Liam's life: his father had died. The main point of it was that Liam had left his hometown because his parents did not accept his sexuality. They argued and after that had no more contact. And now Liam would have to deal with all the guilt for not having been in contact with them before.Returning to his hometown for his father funeral, Liam eventually discover that their parents were struggling to accept the new con [...]

    7. An ARC was provided by the author for a fair and honest review.Unraveling Chase is the 4th book of a 5 book series by J.J. Scotts. Each book should be read in order. The action picks up where the previous installment ended. After being released from the hospital and spending an unexpected night of passion with Chase, Liam gets the news that his estranged father has passed away. He decides to return to his hometown for the funeral.We learn about Liam's pre-Chase life and how his parents handled h [...]

    8. This is a serial series of Novellas that must be read in order as each book is a constant continuation of the last. Be warned.In the previous instalment of the series, Liam had been hurt and hospitalized and finally consummated his relationship with Chase. Only to get home and learn his father has died. Liam drops everything and rushes home to be with his mother, with Eli in tow. Liam is beside himself that he never got to make things right with his father, even more so when his mom gives him a [...]

    9. The long awaited fifth installment in the Chase series is finally here. Considering the major cliffhanger that was left at the end of the fourth book, this was one book I was on pisn and needles to read and I'm glad I did. There was a lot to like in this book. After much speculation, readers are finally given some insight in to how Chase came to be scarred and what makes him tick. The answers are as heartwrenching as they are satisfying. It was also nice to see Liam get some closure with regard [...]

    10. 3.5* Ultimately, I did enjoy Unraveling Chase, but I was a little worried at first. First off, there wasn't much Liam/Chase time. Chase and Liam are apart for nearly 2/3rds of the book, and what time they do spend together was in bed, which I'm not complaining about, exactly since JJ Scotts knows how to write a sex scene, but I'd like to see more of them outside the bedroom, especially considering the revelations made in this book. Which takes me to my second problem -- we finally find out how C [...]

    11. Liam's world has changed his father has died and he never got the chance to fix things between them. Going back home changes his views on how things were with his parents after he left and it gives him the courage to talk to Chance to see how things really are or can be between them. We see more of Liam's world and how things were before he came to the city. And we finally find out more about Chance and the Pierce family and see the past that has made things the way they are. We also FINALLY get [...]

    12. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review.The story continues with the news of Liam's father passing. He rushes back home to be with his mother. Revelations about the Preston children childhood are finally revealed to readers.This intsallment finally allows readers to see everything unfolding from Chase's perspective in the second half of the book. It was a wonderful installment in the series and I loved learning about Chase and the experience that changed him. I am worried ab [...]

    13. This series has become so much more than the original premise that I read. The layers that the author has brought to each installment have been surprising and intriguing. It has become this complex, multi-dimensional saga that leaves me craving the next installment.Liam has grown so much as a character from the bumbling hick that he was in the first installment, to this confident man who has been hurt but is stronger for it.We learn so much more about Chase in this book and it WRECKED me to read [...]

    14. I truly enjoyed Unraveling Chase, but I have to admit I found the first half to be somewhat lacking. The storyline was a little slow, and Liam’s thoughts and words seemed at times to be a bit feminine. The editing was also less than stellar. The second half, however, was great. I have been waiting for the story behind Chase’s scar, and it did not disappoint. The cause of the scar was a surprise though. I had always envisioned it as totally different type of scar. Nonetheless, Unraveling Chas [...]

    15. Please note: I received an advanced reader's copy for an honest review.We've had to wait a while for this chapter in the Chase series but it was definitely worth while. Only 87 pages in length so it is a quick read but we learn a lot about Liam and Chase. To me, this instalment is one of revelations. We learn why Liam was forced to leave his family and we learn how Chase got his scars and what happened to make him so cold. We also learn more about the Preston family - and what a family it is.Thi [...]

    16. This series gets juicier with every book.The story of Chase and Liam is a complicated one and in this installment we get deeper into the reasons why Chase behaves the way he does .It starts with Liam dealing with devastating news and from there he has a revelation about Chace.J.J. Scotts is a real talent with the ability to lure you in and keep you interested from start to finish.These books are M/M with erotica in the background and emotions plus amazing storytelling at the forefront.I love thi [...]

    17. Each new part of Chase and Liam's story is better than the last. The story starts where With Chase ends, Liam just finding out about his father's passing. Unraveling Chase gives us more of both Liam's and Chase's histories, particularly with their fathers, and finally dealing with how they feel about each other.The 5th installment will be the final book and I can't wait to see how it ends! I have loved the story of Chase and Liam so far.

    18. This was the book I was waiting for. We find out about chase and the scar. I love him more now I adore his sister. Liam defended him which apparently no one had ever done before. They made sexy hot love. A tragedy in Liam's family left Liam with bridges unmeanded. But his parents really tried to understand his homosexuality I loved that so much. Liam confessed his feelings for Chase but is he able to reciprocate them? I'm not so sure. Which is heartbreaking.

    19. A 5 star rating Oh how I've missed Chase and Liam it seems like it's been forever since I've gotten to read them. This book I think was just as good as the rest. Plus we get some of Chase's perspective which is awesome these book just keep me hanging on for the next one. J.J. keep up the amazing books and hurry on number 5 pretty please lol. received a complimentary copy from the author for an honest review.

    20. Got this ARC and though it took me forever to read - damn work and summer blackouts! - it was fabulous.LOVED it. I never want Chase to end. It is one fabulous present opening after the other. I am glad Liam was able to make peace, if only with his Mother. And to get Chase's perspective, wow, that threw me for a loop. How did he and Nicole stay quiet all those years?Continue the good work. I will be there to read and enjoy.

    21. Not only does it pick up right where we left off (not 6 months later like some do) but now we start finding out stuff about Chase and his family.And I HATE Nick!Once again, in just a few chapters J.J. Scotts was able to pack a whole lot of punch! We get tragedy, family drama, SMEXY male love, inner demons, and ghost from the past.

    22. Anyone who has loved brings a scar (Alfred de Musset) Chase, here, are really deep *buuuuu*The only one who can save him is Liam.Undisclosed Desires by Muse made me think, the two of them, it's like it was written for them!the story gets more and more exciting, I can not wait for the next chapter Thank you JJ I love this series.

    23. I seriously love this series. This novel is setting us up for the final novel in the series. We finally get to learn why Chase is so jaded with a heartbreaking backstory. He hardens his heart due to these events with the people closest to him betrayed his trust. Now Liam had to break his walls down and bring out the true Chase, the romantic reflected in his novels.

    24. #engaging, #full of drama, #smexy times = highly enjoyable read.In my opinion Unraveling Chase is (tied with book 1) the best so far in this series, it also answered a couple of questions you too might still have had. Yup, I can't wait until next book is out :)

    25. Just like the other 3 books, once I started I couldn't put down until I had finished. This book answered a couple of questions I had. Can't wait until next book

    26. Short story packed with tons of background information about Chase. I'm anxiously waiting for the final book!!!

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