Ads For God

Ads For God If you liked MAD MEN you ll love ADS FOR GODIn this comic novel a jaded adman gets a chance for redemption when God taps him for his marketing campaign

  • Title: Ads For God
  • Author: Tony Vanderwarker
  • ISBN: 9781942882008
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you liked MAD MEN, you ll love ADS FOR GODIn this comic novel, a jaded adman gets a chance for redemption when God taps him for his marketing campaign.

    One thought on “Ads For God”

    1. I didn't know that God had such a since of humor! This story is funny and it shows that the author knows what it is like to be in the ad business! This book is about a man who is burned out and down on his luck with the ad business when one day he gets a call from God to do ads for him. How does one deal with God and do a good job? How do you convince people you work with to go along with this crazy idea and not have them think you are losing it? I found it kinda strange how God was like a Genie [...]

    2. In Ads for God, Dinsmore Rein is an aging, depressed adman. He used to be an integral part of the agency, able to come up with fresh ideas off the top of his head to keep clients happy. Now he is a bit of a has-been at the office, only holding on to two accounts, with crazy clients no one else wants. He is getting mysterious calls concerning a prospective job, who quickly turns out to be God, in need of help advertising His religion in the modern world. Rein takes the job, which includes the per [...]

    3. This a funny, funny book. It is well written and keeps you involved until the very end. It is unusual when God takes religion into the ratings game. I thought Dinny had the right idea that we are selling good old fashioned religion. Instead the promotional angle sells religion in exchange for free stuff. Pepsi, McDonalds, Gallo, are just some of the sponsors inside the church. The twists and turns within the advertising agency is real cut throat and you keep pulling for Dinny but God is not coop [...]

    4. Dinsmore Rein is an advertising exec who has been jaded by today’s cynical world. But just as it appears he has written and sold his last copy, he lands a major new account…with God. With attendance at church dwindling, the Almighty hires Rein to get his market share back up. Rein launches an ad campaign that brings people back to the church in large numbers, but then other ad execs want in on the action and the campaign takes some crazy twists and turns. Told in a quip-filled, conversationa [...]

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